War between Iran, Israel and the US is Here as the World Sleepwalks into WW3

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Also in today’s video a leaked plan had the US and Israel planning to pump nerve gas into the Hamas tunnels in the Gaza strip, a war crime since the chemicals in question are supposedly banned. All of that and more are in today’s video report.

Tucker Carlson

Elon Musk

Talking is over

Nerve Gas in Gaza Tunnels

22 Things that will happen when Israel invades Gaza

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  • It’s horribly sad that we back Israel no matter what the cost. I think more ppl need to read the O.T. concerning “God’s chosen”, why He took the kingdom of God away from them (Matthew 21:31-43) & understand the truth is that we are ALL Gods people that believe & have faith in Him, that we are Abrahams seeds and are heir to the PROMISE. I wish everyone could understand the New Covenant we are under & follow it and also understand that God was speaking to Abraham regarding his seed, not seeds, that Christ is the seed that He said He’ll bless those that bless Him and curse those that curse Him! Not the nation of Israel! He said there is no Jew, nor Greek, no free or bond, male or female, that a Jew is one inwardly in the heart, not outwardly. He made a New Covenant/Nation, as they rejected Him! So much to say but I’m not very good verbally. So many innocent women, children and men are dying a horrific death.
    Genesis 12:3 (KJV)
    1John 2:18-23
    1John 4:1-6
    2John 1:7-11
    Galatians 3:16
    Galatians 3:28
    Romans 2:28-29
    Romans 9:6-8
    Romans 9:24-33

  • Jonny , just got off the phone with my brother, who’s a truck driver, he’s freaking out trying to explain everything he seen and heard last night and all morning. Start with he was flirting with a woman flatbed team driver for… Hauling wood crates on flatbed, NO HAZMAT CARDS NOTHING, anyway things lead to him asking her what she’s hauling in those crates finally said smaller missile systems she said they’ve been hauling them for several weeks she said they haul them to CERTAIN places that air shipped out of country. She said she’s made $80,000 in a few months. To understand why she told my brother, in a polite way her hormones needed leveled out. She said they can only stop long enough to fuel and use the bathroom this was in the shower. Just trying to get you to know how and why she told him. She , besides needing attention, said she is scared with the shear amount they are shipping over seas, what will we use she asked. I know my brother and when he’s just telling a story and we were cut. Off 3 times B4 he got it all out. Then while he was telling me this he seen 4 separate groups of military “trucks” not with trailers, heading toward WPAFB DAYTON. He said that’s wisrd till I said not if they have to move other missiles and systems that are flown into the base. Everytime he calls to say what he’s seeing we get cut off . He just called again as I’m typing this he seen more trucks without trailers B4 he got off I70 west they were heading east we are about an hour plus west of WPAFB. Seen another low huge transport plane heading west . Jonny he said he can hear something on the line when he calls me.
    I don’t know but my gut tells me SHTF IS VERY CLOSE. watch for elite to get away from our coasts, others like Hal Turner to make his wife and son go to Pennsylvania
    Be a very good time to get meds from the farm store for livestock. Forget gas when this goes down last thing you want is to be on the road and running a loud generator buy food and water filters

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