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There is a Big Possibility of War with Iran this Weekend 9-18-20

Of course nothing is for certain in today’s world but everything has lined up for things to start this weekend, including the lockdown of Israel as they became the first nation to do so a second time. It’s NOT for the Corona virus and may say it’s because of the big war starting tomorrow. We shall see. More info from Hal Turner and my video on the subject are below. Prayed up and prepped up!

Nimitz Enters the Gulf

Iranian President Rouhani told media outlets earlier this week “The United States will suffer a humiliating defeat this weekend.”  He SEEMED to be talking about the expiration of UN sanctions against Iran, but his words seemed ambiguous. Sooooo . . .

The United States has deployed an Aircraft Carrier Strike Group into the Persian gulf.

The USS Nimitz is pictured above as it entered the Strait of Hormuz earlier today.

The Nimitz is accompanied by the Guided-Missile cruisers Princeton and Philippine Sea, and the Destroyer Sterett.

The New Channel is LIVE at brand new tube!


I have opened up a new channel on Brand new tube! I will be posting videos there and to the back up channel for now but if this works out I will eventually move everything over here. YouTube is going down eventually and I still can’t access the main channel with my computer.

Here is the LINK TO DONT SPEAK NEWS AT BRAND NEW TUBE! I hope to see you all over there now and in the near future! I will keep trying new things like this and in the meantime let’s pray it’s a viable alternative because we sure need one!


Make no mistake about it folks, THIS IS NOT NORMAL! We are setting records from Spokane to Los Angeles to Phoenix and there’s no end in sight! We have record setting BAD AIR which I’m finding has been weaponized! It’s no different than the nanotechnology they’re using to mimic a virus (Covid19), they’re setting these fires to create maximum death, carnage and chaos both during and after the fires are over. Below is a video from Deborah Tavares made in Dec. 2019 explaining how they are weaponizing these fires and the SMOKE with nanotech, to later activate it to MIMIC THE FLU/COVID19, whichever one they want to call it.

Deb explaining it late last year (12-19)

In another story the Oregon officials warned they are preparing for a “mass fatality event” in their state. Here’s part of a report from the Daily Mail:

“Four people have been arrested for arson for deliberately starting blazes along the West Coast including one man who livestreamed the encounter on social media as the death toll from the devastating wildfires climbed to 29 and Oregon officials warned they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality event’.

Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing arson charges for setting fires in areas that were already grappling with deadly blazes.

At least 20 have now been killed in California, eight in Oregon and one in Washington state as thousands of firefighters struggle to bring the blazes under control and the governors of California and Oregon told residents to expect more fatalities in the coming days.”

And of course here is the story out of Spokane, where yours truly happens to reside. The air quality here is NO JOKE, I’ve NEVER seen it this bad and neither has anyone else! We have set a new record (don’t know what the old one was) and we were at 499 out of 500 this morning, Sunday 9-13-20! Here is the story from local channel KHQ6:

“Sunday marks the worst air quality Spokane has seen in history. 

According to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, the highest “Air Quality Index” Spokane reached was 499 Sunday morning. The “Air Quality Index” only goes up to 500. 

Sunday morning, the City of Spokane opened the Convention Center for people to seek shelter from the smoke. 

The center will be open as long as the air quality index remains above 250. 

According to the City of Spokane spokesperson Brian Coddington, about two dozen people are at the shelter. “

And my short video on our air today is below. God bless and stay ready!

9-13-20 Worst Air Quality on Record Spokane WA

Chinese soldiers Armed with New Hand to Hand Weapon along border with India

The Chinese Using a New/Old Weapon System

It appears the Chinese are using a new/old weapons system along their border with India! It appears to be a crude version of the Guandao, an ancient Chinese weapon used in battles of old. Here is a wikipedia definition and short explanation of this weapon.

A guandao is a type of Chinese pole weapon that is used in some forms of Chinese martial arts. In Chinese, it is properly called a yanyuedao (偃月刀; lit. “reclining moon blade”), the name under which it always appears in texts from the Song to Qing dynasties such as the Wujing Zongyao and Huangchao Liqi Tushi. It is comparable to the Japanese naginata and the European fauchard or glaive and consists of a heavy blade with a spike at the back and sometimes also a notch at the spike’s upper base that can catch an opponent’s weapon. In addition there are often irregular serrations that lead the back edge of the blade to the spike. The blade is mounted atop a 1.5 m to 1.8 m (5–6 foot) long wooden or metal pole with a pointed metal counter weight used to balance the heavy blade and for striking on the opposite end.

On modern versions, a red sash or tassel is attached at the joint of the pole and blade. Variations include having rings along the length of the straight back edge as found in the nine-ring guandao, having the tip curl into a rounded spiral as in the elephant guandao, or featuring a more ornate design as exemplified by the dragon head guandao. However, apart from the “elephant guandao” none of these variations seem to have historical ground.

A Chinese Guandao

Meanwhile Al Masdar is reporting that tensions along the LAC between China and India are increasing and the talks between the 2 nuclear powers are not making progress.

“Government sources in New Delhi said that around 40-50 Chinese troops have moved near to an Indian position in the Rezang La on the southern bank of Pangong Tso, and the images accessed by Russia’s Sputnik show types of weaponry resembling those used during the brutal clash that resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers in June this year.

Sources said that the situation is on a “knife edge” and “not stable”.

On Monday, troops from both sides were within shooting distance of each other near to a key ridge height occupied by India on the south bank of Pangong Lake. Since Indian troops occupied these strategically crucial heights on 29-30 August, China has made several accusations claiming that India’s frontier forces crossed the border. India has categorically refuted the allegations.

Meanwhile, fresh unverified satellite images appear to show that India has set up a number of tents to the South of Pangong Tso, near the Table Top.”

Tensions around the world remains high. We are living in Matthew 24:7, literally 24-7. Yep you just can’t make this stuff up. God bless and stay ready!


Both Sides of the Aisle Are Equally Cuckoo

Just to show you how crazy the US has become due to the GMOs, fluoride, vaccines and schools that dumb you down here are a couple of tweets that illustrate it.

First the Trumpers.

Next up the democrats who are “clearing the air of Covid” using plastic bags…

Is it any wonder America is sinking fast?

The Dark Winter is Looking Like it Starts in the Fall…

Emp Radius Map

The electrical grid in the United States will go down at some point and it’s already begun. In California they are having regular blackouts thanks to the record setting heat wave and drought. From Reuters:

Sept 5 (Reuters) – The California Independent System Operator (ISO) declared a “Stage 2” power emergency late on Saturday, warning that rotating power outages were possible amid a record heat wave.

A Stage 2 power emergency means the ISO has taken all mitigating actions but can no longer provide its expected energy requirements.

Temperatures of up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit (49 Celsius) were set to punish California through the Labor Day weekend, raising the risk of wildfires and rolling blackouts.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday declared a state of emergency, a proclamation that allows power plants to operate beyond normal limits through the three-day holiday weekend.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast a heat wave carrying “rare, dangerous and very possibly fatal” temperatures across Southern California for the holiday weekend.

State officials urged Californians to turn off unnecessary appliances and lights to help avoid blackouts from an overwhelmed power grid.”

Not only that but we have DHS warnings of an EMP attack on the US right before the elections on Nov. 3rd. Here’s part of the report from Zerohedge:

DHS’s warning published Thur. (Sept. 2), or about 60 days until the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3, indicates there are “evolving threats against the American homeland, most recently highlighting efforts to combat an Electromagnetic Pulse attack which could disrupt the electrical grid and potentially damage electronics.”

The department released an EMP status report via the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that said the “key actions to address known EMP-related vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.”

Last but NOT least is the fact China has been planning an EMP attack on America for some time now. They experts claim it would kill millions of Americans as there would be no running water, sewer systems etc. Starvation and disease will settle in and America will be dark as Chinese troops invade. Here is an article from June of this year at the Sun:

CHINA may be plotting to use an electromagnetic pulse weapon that would plunge the US into darkness and kill hundreds of millions, a new report has warned.

Campaign group the EMP Task Force on Homeland and National Security released the paper which details the threat that it warns could come in the form of a nuclear strike from space.

Task force executive director Dr Peter Pry penned the report – first released on June 10 – which warns of a possible “Pearl Harbor-style” preemptive strike in a confrontation between the US and China.

It comes as relations between the two powers remain frosty amid the coronavirus pandemic, which President Donald Trump continues to blame on China.

EMPs use low-yield nuclear weapons detonated in the atmosphere to create a wave of energy that fries electronic equipment and may knock out the power grid.

With no power, the nation would be plunged into chaos which could lead to rioting and famine – potentially killing millions.

There you have just a sampling of many different news sources saying basically the same things. Folks time is short, seek Jesus Christ NOW while there’s still time. Keep praying and keep prepping. God bless and stay safe!

The EMP Threat is REAL


Stability in the Storm…

Photo by Andre Furtado on

Life seems to throw a storm our way almost daily now. As the tribulation continues we know things are going to get even worse so it’s super important to have a spiritual and emotional anchor in the storm. That anchor’s name is Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus in my life there are many storms I wouldn’t have made it through on my own. During the darkest hours of my life Jesus has always been there to scoop me up off of the floor. We all need to lean into His strength and wisdom now more than ever before! Lay your cares at the cross and let go and let God deal with them! When you finally release all of that stress you will feel IMMENSE RELIEF! Lay your cares down now and let Jesus give you strength! Below is the video I made on this issue. God bless and stay prayed up!

Stability in the Storm

The inspiration for my video and blog post came from my daily devotional at Bayside. Check them out HERE.

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