“Men Will Seek Death and Not Find it” Graphene Oxide, Jabs and 5G Activation Jan. 5th 2022

Crossing the blood brain barrier

Here we go again with more research into nanotechnology, the jabs and now we will incorporate 5G AND other radio frequencies the scientists can use to REMOTELY CONTROL THE CELLS that are infested with these nanobots! They can cross the blood brain barrier using this technology which means they can now REMOTELY CONTROL YOUR BRAIN CELLS as well as any other cell they can get these things into. I have all of that and much more in the video below.

All of the links for the research material I used will be below as well.

Remote control of your brain cells is now possible!

Think of what they could potentially DO with this stuff once they have it inside of everyone! Is it any wonder how the Zombie Apocalypses will happen now??? Is it any wonder that the CDC has a manual on that exact thing happening???

Confirmation of Graphene Oxide in Vax

Sneaking into the brain with nanoparticles

Crossing the blood brain barrier

US Airline Group Sue to Stop 5G Near Airports

Video from Twitter of the protester in Israel is posted separately below. CAUTION GRAPHIC SCENES!!!

And this shall be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths. Zechariah 14:12

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  • Alot of us believe Jan 5th ,is the beginning of horror

  • come yeshua come. just to think of the calamity when this all goes down. pray to yeshua for all to come to repentance for my love and knidness goes out to everybody. FRIEND AND FOE WE LOVE ALL THROUGH YESHUA. ONLY HIS GRACE AND MERCY MATTERS THE MOST. not just for ourselves only. jus that 1 video alone was mind blowing.

  • I love you dear brother & thank you so much for humility & kindness. Prayers for you ✝️🙏🕊
    Great work you & our Father do.

    • Last Crowhican

      lvermectin=no spike protein or
      (which is responsible for main
      damage and shedding)
      NAC= no graphene oxide
      Nattokinase (Natto-K)=no
      Cardio miracle=no myocarditis
      Fenbendazole (panacur-c)=no
      Coseva Advanced TRS=no
      Chlorine dioxide=no blood

      Brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. Be healthy, fear the LORD. Amen.

      (Can’t imagine how long it took to get those cures in such a simple format)

  • Susan Marie Henning

    I was told this was from the launch of a smoke grenade in a terrorist attack that went into this man’s head on October of 2019 but I have no idea if that or the 5G story is true. I tend to wonder about the 5G story, only because I would think that others would be affected as well if it was that… and I only see this one man in trouble. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Researching the 5G – depending upon the location and the the tower it’s anywhere from 1G to 95G and the modulation matters too. If this man was hit with a smoke grenade – he would be unconscious on the ground and bleeding profusely. My guess is that he was hit with a directed microwave energy weapon. Military uses these for putting down protestors just like what is described happening in the scene. Directed energy weapons are 300G microwaves directed at individuals and they can cook you on the inside. If it was 5G – would likely only warm him up. But the amount of graphine oxide in his head might make it more deadly – guess we will all find out soon. 1/19 is the new rollout.

  • we witnessed the writing on the 57 motherboards going up by regular line men, COV was part of it. The British 20£ note has a carona motif above queens head, and a 5-7 tower radiating 🖐ghee wizzz to her left , they mean to illuminate us all.

  • Yep.. and eastern Christmas is on Jan 7. Also Venus becomes the “morning star” (Rev reference) on 1/7-1/8.

    Buckle up, ARMORED up!! It’s about to get very bumpy.. aka CRAZY!!! 🙏📖✝️❤️

  • This is Genocide. Preacher claims over 2 billion will vanish worldwide from the jabs by March/April 2022, who were the first to receive the jabs. Many more to fallow. Pray for a full armor of God 🙏

    • 100 village square Glen Cove New York unit 335 houses genocide team Hispanic ms13 run from private security company and this is organized gang stalking Cointelpro Gangstalking Harassment Program Enforced Disappearance Domestic Run Extraordinary Rendition Black Site electronic torture program electronic concentration camp an extermination program Stasi Zersetzung operation stingray technology dirtbox technology illegal backdoor key iOS piracy hacking to chase here and all venues as access granted using recruits in all venues. Murder to animals as well as humans. Hit at 404 Forest Avenue in Locust Valley.

  • Max Igan Has Video On This and It Is Said These People Got Shot in The Head With a Smoke Grenade . New Video At The Crow House

  • It’s happening

  • Thanks, Johnny, for all the hard work you do, hope you’re feeling better, and things are going well for you.
    God Bless

  • I heard it was a smoke bomb that got lodged in his head. You can find videos of these. They are real small & can be thrown at people.

    • You heard…but do you know?

      • Brother, It’s Still a Great Example of The Control of the Mind and Body….
        We Who are Awake Can See That This is metaphorically Correct….
        No Matter What Any of us Think 🤔 This is !!!
        Either way…..
        It’s a Great Picture of The Truth 👍💯🙏❤️

      • Like I said in the video, I don’t know if that video was legit or not but I do know I received it AFTER I asked for confirmation on what I heard in prayer a few days prior to receiving the link.

  • lots of really great info. here, on these , nano dna changing vaxxines., ect. , is it true?, that in antartica, island called omega?, and , smaller islands , along the outside of it, called coronation, delta ,omicron, deception, rockerfeller, ect.?, , wickapedia and a very few others, claim, course dont trust wickapedia either of course, but, if this is true, , just more and more proofs, in our faces, as to this deception., also, interesting, is from sattelite, views, , these islands, in omega island, look like a serpents head., nothing should surprise us at this point., , also realize that, nasa was founded by satanists, so any satellites, , are what they want us to see and think., heard older maps from magellans time, show a wider land mass, and no serpents head ., and especially thank you for the , scriptures, and at the end of your video, for we all need that, encouragement, the viels been lifted, for sometime no matter what happens, , in near future, ect., that phsalms 91 scripture , has been coming up in my mind, for a while now,

  • Today I pretty much received confirmation of what you posted about 5G setting off things Jan 5.

    Don’t know if it will be exactly like the vid from Israel though… but something terrible for many people.
    We can pray that some may be delayed if possible.

    Could also be related to 5G releasing and setting off the Ebola and Marburg encapsulated inside the nano tech as reported by Ariyana Love on her WordPress website.

    Pray pray pray, and beware of cellphones etc that day.

  • Christopher Horner

    “And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.” Zechariah 14:12

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  • In that verse in Zachariah, we have to consider that Jerusalem is probably the current Body of our Savior, YaHuShua, not the physical place. I have heard some good teachings on this. Also supposedly the true amount Zion is at the north pole, so where Jerusalem is today was where our Savior lived and taught, but today it is spiritual Jerusalem, the Body. The new Jerusalem will be at the north pole that means then. I’ve been told, but I haven’t looked for myself yet, that on Google earth you can’t see certain places, and that’s one of them. Great channel. Thank you for all that you post. I learned about Leeland Jones over a year ago, and I’m glad that you share his things, too.

  • Maybe the ones wishing for death are the people put on a vent an slowing murdered? Some are put in induced comas, maybe they all are aware and are wishing for death. What they eventually get…99% vented die!

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