The Antichrist Was Just Referred To At The COP26!!!

Who was Prince Charles referring to when he made that statement “A vast military style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector with trillions at HIS disposal??? If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know who I believe it is and I also believe that he will be on the world stage sooner than we think and probably in a way not expected!

I do not agree with everything they say in this video but they make some very good points about the Antichrist and what the Bible says about him. The biggest point here is the fact that “HIS” has to be referring to the one who is waiting in the wings or “the one who comes”, the one I believe to be Donald J Trump.

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  • There Was a lot of These references from Many Other Countries, and I Thought,…. Wow… They’re Actually Saying This In the Open … But The So Called Free World ….. Didn’t Watch the COP26

  • I think when he causes the sacrifices to stop, he’ll make the mandates stop and/or he’ll use military to stop the human trafficking/ child sacrifice everywhere. Just my opinion

  • I know your right, because I CRIED INSTANTLY. Please keep us safe in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Our LORD, KING of kings, and GOD.

  • Jonny, please check this out:

    Apparently, the “mosshiac” is going to give a message at 12:15pm Israeli time….?

  • The writer of this article says that he believes D. Trump to be the Anti-Christ. I’d like to understand why he believes that to be the case, especially since D. Trump isn’t close to have trillions at his disposal, at least not according to his current networth as it’s portrayed in the media. I’m new to this topic and willing to learn.

    • How about 45 BIBLICAL Reasons for it?

      • The Antichrist is NOT Donald Trump my dear. It is in fact the very man who said “A vast military style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector with trillions at HIS disposal. He is that man of sin. He is the head of the WEF (he started it not Klaus Shwab(sp?). He is head of all the elites…they do his bidding…best believe this. His heraldry reflects this to the “T”. He was crowned in 1969 the Prince of Wales. Wales’ symbol is the Red Dragon. No other person comes close to this. The RF believe they descend from the throne of David (Israel). He is evil to the core. Don’t be fooled…he is not a baffoon.

      • Really? Then WHY did Israel praise Trump as the second coming of God? Why is Trump the one Israel named the Golan Heights after and streets after him? Why is it Trump who got the Abraham peace accords started (and they’re not done)? Why do you think it’s Charles? Because that’s the LIE that all of the dispensationalists like Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsay have been misleading people with for decades. Charles being the AC is no more real than the pre trib rapture which is NOT going to happen since we’re already well into it.

      • Trump is not the antichrist…..

      • Yes he is. “The chosen one” the “second coming to the Jews, the king of Israel” and the self proclaimed “father of the vaccines” doesn’t need Gods forgiveness etc. i could go on and on and on. What proof have you got that he isn’t?

  • Donald Trump already has his image and superscription on an Israeli coin and whilst I don’t believe he is the antichrist, I do believe he is an Angel of light to deceive the carnal minds

  • He could be talking about the Pindar who is the father of Prince Charles, and the Pindar all through history is always a Rothschild. Francis the Pope is also possessed by Satan, they both have trillions. The Catholic church is the wealthiest, only the Hindu temples have more wealth.
    The Pindar can go from one soulless body to another.

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