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Microplastics are Killing EVERYTHING!

close up photo of plastic bottles

These are Nanotechnological Self Assembly Polymers and they Are Everywhere, Poisoning Our Biosphere, Food Supply And Humans!

Here is Dane Wigington’s video on the subject as well.

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Microplastics article

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Funding Goal has been met and a Russia/NATO war update

Thank you 🙏 so much for your prayers and support. I’m always humbled when God moves and things change in a day or even a “in a twinkling of an eye” !

Thank you once again and here is a war with Russia update.

Here’s NATO and US troops in Moldova 🇲🇩 and it’s dated 2 days ago. This was a scheduled exercise and it doesn’t seem to show thousands of troops but rather hundreds.

I found this official press release that says it’s just a small scale exercise. https://www.europeafrica.army.mil/ArticleViewPressRelease/Article/3522645/news-release-us-romanian-and-moldovan-forces-conduct-exercise-rapid-trident-in/

Meanwhile as I reported the other day Russia is saying that NAT9 is now directly involved, not only with their intel and guidance but also with tank crews, snipers, special forces and more. More info as I get it but I am of the belief there’s been a lot more build up of NATO troops than we think.

Prayed up and prepped up!

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore…

‘Pandemic Emotions’ Create ‘Opportunity’ to Push Climate Fear – WEF


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The Globalists have a new shock event planned and more War News

silhouette of fireman holding hose

The people of the world are catching on to what the global Klaus Schwab crowd is doing and so now they’re going to crank up their 4 D’s which are Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation. All of those are to lead us into their new world order utopia that will really be a nightmare DYSTOPIA for the rest of us. Thank goodness God has other plans.

Also in today’s video is more WW3 rumors and how much trouble the US military has fixing their own aircraft and other equipment needed to fight wars.

The 4Ds article

US Military Cant fix equipment

NATO Article 5 exercises

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You can support this ministry and keep us on the internet using the links below.  Patreon is gone so now we havePayPal, Cash App and Buy me a Coffee as our online options.  The new buy me a coffee link is below. 

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My Friend Dr. Lindsay Talked to an FDA Official About Plasmid DNA and SV40 in Vax Vials

phrase stop killing us on signboard

Learn the art of eloquent denial of reality and masterful use of the PREP Act shield while committing mass murder from the FDA “experts”

From Sasha Latypova at Due Diligence and Art

Editors Note: This is an excellent view of how the PREP ACT works as you’ll see it in action in this blog post. The PREP act is what gives FEMA, HHS, DOD and other executive branch agencies legal immunity against criminal and civil liability for any damage caused by the “emergency protocols” aka the jabs. They CAN’T admit to wrongdoing or they’ll lose said immunity and then they can be prosecuted. This is why top FDA officials resigned when the jabs came out, they didn’t want to participate in a mass murder experiment. Johnny

There is a faction among “health freedom” community that still believe that the FDA/HHS simply haven’t seen the data, are too busy and preoccupied, and they are not intentionally lying and pushing poison onto the public, but just confused and need to really look at the data! The latest example of this is #plasmidgate related drama. Dr. Buckhaults is one of the scientists who replicated Kevin McKernan’s finding of DNA plasmids in Pfizer and Moderna vials. There are 5-6 labs so far that have done the replication tests and found the same results – this is as “gold standard” as it gets in science. (Peer review does not include replication of the results, and so about 90% of peer reviewed studies are unreliable as science).

The analyses of Pfizer and Moderna vials show that the DNA found was not only hugely over the allowable limits for this process related impurity (up to ~100 times), but also contained undisclosed genetic components such as SV40 promoter that just so happens is a nuclear targeting component for transfection of human cells! After finding and confirming this, Dr. Buckhaults started backpedaling. His rationale – Pfizer was in a hurry and grabbed something off the shelf that had SV40 without realizing what they are doing! This is not a valid excuse. I would love to be able to just grab things off the shelf without validation when commercially producing new drugs or devices. No actually, I don’t, because I don’t want to kill people. But if one wanted to…. Hm.

The problem with this position is that by excusing the FDA as “just busy or incompetent” does nothing to help stop this crime and help the victims. It only delays any resolution of this horror, and while everyone is pulled back and trying to find a non-captured journal to publish a peer reviewed study, the state governors are free to pursue their quarantine camp dreams and the federal government is gleefully signing our rights away to the WHO slavery and endless biodefense racket. Let’s make another excess mortality graph, shall we? Let’s try to rationalize the clearly criminal behavior with another peer reviewed paper! This time it will really convince them!

My friend Dr. Lindsay provided the notes below of a recent phone conversation with one of the high-ranking FDA staff. I added links for references. This conversation did happen, and it reads like a parody, but I assure you it was real:

Scientists to FDA: We are very concerned that several labs across the world have verified that there are DNA plasmids contaminating the COVID mRNA vaccines and packaged in the LNPs, some with SV40 sequences that would be expected to confer a high risk of genomic integration that by mechanism is known to cause cancers as well as have the potential to permanently alter the human gene pool in progeny as well as possibly confer antibiotic resistance to billions of people. Studies have shown that the DNA are in the LNPs with the mRNA, and if intact and could replicate as well as cause auto immune reactions to the RNA and DNA. This means existing regulatory standards on naked non- replicating DNA would not be an appropriate risk mitigation strategy for potential harm. Also, the manufacturers hid the SV40 sequences from you! When are you moving to recall these shots for any of the above reasons, as these are being injected into pregnant women, infants and children???

FDA and other Global Regulatory Agencies: Oh that.. yes we think it’s just contamination in each of these separate labs across the globe with SV40 .. .. artifact.. besides, we’ve seen no peer reviewed studies to support such a claim. DNA plasmids in these shots have not been proven to be significantly above regulatory standards.. by peer review…

Note: cGMP violations DO NOT need to be proven by peer review, because they do not belong to the realm of science but rather to the realm of law enforcement. When adulterated heparin arrived in the US from China, the FDA did not require peer reviewed studies to prove it. Several lab tests are highly sufficient evidence of adulteration and no manufacturing control.

Mr. FDA: …and anyway.. we have done experiments with lots of other naked plasmids in milligram quantities in neonate mice and we didn’t get any cancers in these mice models not appropriate to answer the specific question, not in peer reviewed studies but of course we at the FDA etc.. are above peer review anyway.. what we say is good enough. Also, we “feel” neonatal mice are a good model for a competent human immune system and of course a good surrogate to study human promoters and other human specific sequences and their risk for integration into the human genome.. which we never studied.. ahem. Well you know those primate experiments are expensive anyway and they are already likely contaminated from other experiments and likely already harbor SV40 so there is that. Nothing like the real thing eh? The best study model of course is humans and we have that. No children have died from these shots you know.

Note: VAERS death and injury reports in children (under-reported by ~40-100 times):

Mr. FDA continues:

Cancers from these shots in humans? No, we haven’t seen any signals of this in the peer reviewed literature that we would infer are causal.. well you know that there are so many causes of cancer it would be hard to find a “true” signal anyway. VAERS? Oh well now that’s just anti vaxxes clogging up the database.. what you say over 80 percent are medical professionals reporting? No.. no.. we told them they would lose their license on this one.. not possible. No one who wants a paycheck takes that kind of risk. Hey.. when is lunch? Antibiotic resistance? Well that’s only to one class of antibiotics .. tuberculosis you say? This is “probably” not significant. Oh, did we test “those” plasmids or “those” COVID shots? No! Of course not! they are proprietary— owned by the manufacturers— we can’t do that- not allowed! The naked versus LNP packaged DNA plasmids.. well others have looked at this, just not in “that way”… the integration way.. for these shots .. but don’t worry, we asked Pfizer and Moderna and they said it’s not there, no integration and not an issue. Do we have the studies? No! That’s proprietary, but, you can see them in 75 years. Thank you, have a good day!

You get the idea.

Since my readers are fully educated on the wonders of the PREP Act, I invite you to spot the instances when Mr. FDA is using it. If you spotted those instances in every single word that came out of his mouth, you are correct! You can clearly see why Mr. FDA’s narrative is so laser focused on denying any data or evidence that violates the sanctity of the HHS narrative and his liability shield. If that includes denying that the sky is blue and the sun rises in the East, he will absolutely do that. Do you think another piece of “data and science” will change his position? Remember, that changing his position will only lead to loss of his liability protection extended to him from the “sovereign” US government on condition of following orders. There is no data at all required to deploy the covid “countermeasures” onto the targets (people), only “maybe effective” opinion of the HHS Secretary. There are also no stopping criteria. Therefore, there is NO DATA IN THE UNIVERSE that can compel these criminals (including this particular snake from the FDA) to stop deploying poisons onto the public.

I am not against gathering data, but I am very much against “experts” pulling everyone back from stating the obvious truth because “we just need one more study and one more definitive experiment”.

Art for today: Still Life with Rose and Grapes, oil on panel, 6×12 in.

Berkey Water Filter Maker Sues EPA Over Claims That Its Products Are ‘Pesticides’

person holding drinking glass

From the Epoch Times

Texas-based New Millennium Concepts says the EPA has issued stop-sales orders for its silver water filter product to vendors without warning or due process.

The maker of Berkey water filters, New Millennium Concepts, is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over what it says are false claims by the federal agency that its products are “pesticides.”

Using COVID-19-era regulatory powers, the EPA issued a stop-sales order to several Berkey vendors and distributors in May, resulting in mounting financial losses for the Texas-based company, which was founded in 1998.

On Aug. 3, New Millennium Concepts filed a lawsuit in a Forth Worth federal court that challenges the EPA’s stop-sales order as “unjustified persecution.”

“They’re going after the vendors. It’s really a way of starving Berkey in the market so we have nothing available—that’s the problem,” the company’s attorney, Warren Norred, told The Epoch Times.

“The sad reality is [government] control is its own reward. That’s where we are.”

The 49-page complaint argues that Berkey has done business in the United States without incident or regulation by the EPA for 25 years. 

In 2022, the agency demanded the company register its mechanical filter as a “pesticide device,” and then recently as a “pesticide,” without compliance with Administrative Procedures Act (APA) guidelines, the lawsuit argues.

‘EPA Fail’

“The EPA’s failure to operate using plain language and follow APA guidelines has caused plaintiffs devastating damage,” the suit claims.

“What the EPA is doing is attacking the vendors to Berkey products,” Mr. Norred said. “They’re interfering in the supply chain.” 

The EPA has been regulating pesticides since 1947 under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). However, the lawsuit argues that Berkey filters don’t use chemical pesticides to treat water—its purification process is entirely mechanical.

“FIFRA is exactly what it looks like—a law that seeks to regulate chemical pesticides,” according to the Norred Law website. “But the law distinguishes between actual pesticides, ‘substances or mixtures of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest,’ and ‘treated devices,’ which use registered pesticides in their construction, e.g. seeds that are sold after being treated with a registered pesticide.”

In February, the EPA issued a compliance advisory announcing changes in regulations governing the production, distribution, and sale of “pesticide devices.”

“There has been a significant increase in the number of devices being distributed or sold in the United States,” the advisory stated. 

“EPA has found substantial non-compliance with FIFRA in the device and pesticide marketplace. Examples of non-compliance include unregistered pesticides claiming to be devices, devices bearing false and misleading statements, and devices being sold and distributed that were not produced in an EPA registered establishment.”

The EPA said examples of pesticide devices include water or air filters, ultraviolet light systems, ozone generators, and sound generators.

“If a device incorporates a substance or mixture of substances to perform its intended pesticidal purpose, then it is considered a pesticide, not a device, and would require registration under FIFRA Section 3.”

Silver-Protected Filters

New Millennium Concepts agreed to an EPA condition designating Berkey water filters as treated devices, because they use silver to protect the filters that remove pathogens by means of a “tortuous maze of micropores.” 

The use of the antiviral silver in Berkey filters has been found to trap more than 99 percent of COVID-19 strains, Mr. Norred said.

“Silver is often used in pesticides for pesticidal purposes. The EPA has latched on to the use of silver to protect the filter, and said you’re using silver and you are making pesticidal claims—poof, you’re a pesticide.”

“We do use a registered pesticide that has silver in it. So the filters are technically a treated article because there is a pesticide Berkey uses to protect its filters. But that pesticide does not have any pesticidal purpose for the water. It just protects and lengthens the lifetime of the filter,” Mr. Norred added.

Not Enough

But the company agreeing to brand its Berkey water filters as treated devices “wasn’t enough,” the legal website added.

‘The EPA recently decided that the filters are actual pesticides, again without notice or warning, issued orders preventing Berkey filters from sale in some parts of the country, and preventing their export.”

“If the EPA wants to regulate gravity-fed mechanical water filters, it has a process to follow, at the very least. Berkey’s water filters have never caused any harm to anyone, and the removal of Berkey filters from the market inexorably means that the demand will be met with untested knockoff and counterfeit filters.”

The lawsuit regards the EPA’s actions as “arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion,” and asks the court for an injunction to block the stop-sales order.

New Millennium Concepts partner James Shepherd told The Epoch Times that the EPA crackdown on Berkey water filters is costing the company $2,500 in daily storage costs—$1 million yearly, by his estimates.

The EPA sent stop-sale orders to at least half a dozen vendors, which means New Millennium Concepts can’t move its products to many of its customers, he said.

“It appears to me what they want me to do is go bankrupt. Basically, when they shut down our dealers, we started working with the EPA,” Mr. Shepherd said.

“No company can sit there and continue with their expenses with no income. You can’t walk into a company, give it a bad name, and then two or three years later say now, it’s a pesticide.”

EPA spokeswoman Shayla R. Powell told The Epoch Times, “Because this is pending litigation, EPA has no further information to add.”

‘Biggest Loser’

Mr. Shepherd said the biggest loser in his company’s legal battle with the EPA is the consumers of Berkey products who desire a nonchemical method of purifying drinking water.

New Millennium Concepts recently issued a statement to its customers assuring it was working to resolve product availability issues.

“Due to an EPA stop-sale order, Black Berkey Filter Elements are currently unavailable. As a result, all systems which include Black Berkey Filter Elements (Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, etc.) are unavailable as well. Products without Black Berkey Filter Elements (such as Fluoride Filters, shower filters and accessories) remain available on our website.

“We understand the importance of access to reliable, filtered water and the peace of mind that your Berkey products provide. Rest assured the entire Berkey Filters Team is dedicating all resources and investing heavily in resolving this product availability issue as soon as possible.”

Mr. Shepherd said the EPA gave the company three choices: register Berkey devices as pesticides, a lengthy process that could mean “death” to the company; remove all previous marketing language around the world—a challenging, if not impossible task; or create a new water filter that doesn’t use the Berkey name or patented technology.

Option three would mean introducing a new product with no brand recognition in a highly competitive market, he said.

“We think something rogue is going on. I don’t know if I’m dealing with a rogue organization,” Mr. Shepherd said.

“We still do not know to this day what is the specific issue that makes [Berkey filters] a pesticide. They will not tell us.”

Editors note: I can tell you exactly why they are doing this to Berkey filters…BECAUSE THEY WORK AND DON’T HARM ANYONE! The Berkey filters also stop the Covid poison in it’s tracks and we can’t have that! After all the government has gone to great lengths to poison the water supply and they can’t have Berkey filters screwing up their mass depopulation plans. Keep in mind that the government provided water in Maui was POISONED and made people deathly sick!

In the meantime the EPA has no problem with Bayer (monsanto) pumping TONS of deadly cancer causing chemicals like roundup on your food daily. And some people still believe that the American government gives a sh*t about them? Yes they do, I see them everyday with their stupid face diapers on and lining up for their next vaccine. There is no hope for them. Come soon Lord Jesus.

A Transhuman Dystopian Future Brought to you by DARPA

person holding prosthetic arm

Changing you one shot at a time into something other than human, that has been the goal of these shots all along and it’s also why they’re the mark of the beast.

DARPA and the so called elites may have their plans but God has His own as well. Repent because the return of Jesus Christ is at hand! A ton of information on these bioweapons is in today’s episode.

Quantum Dot Delivery System

Transhumanization via DARPA

Dr. Steve Hotze

5G and Bluelight Specials that Kill

The Mark of the Beast is the Jab

Airport Body Scanning

LED purple street lights

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Testimony! Trump is the antichrist “fulfills all Bible prophecies”

In this video, brother James shares some testimony he received from a sister in Christ via email. In her testimony, I think you’ll find some things that we can all relate to, such as watching our entire families turn against us because of their strong beliefs in Donald Trump or his war seed vaccines.

None of this should really surprise us as Jesus Christ told us these times would come in Matthew 10, verses 35 to 39

For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

The last few minutes of this video really sum up a lot of the reasons I first started believing that Trump was the antichrist back in 2018. As you listen to those descriptions of the antichrist, keep in mind that none of those descriptions fit Prince Charles, Obama, Macron of France, none of those people fit the parameters that the Bible clearly spells out. The only person on the world stage who fits the bill is Donald Trump.

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We can hack humans-Dr Yuval Noah Harari and Klause Schwab

In the short video, they tell you exactly what they’re doing how they’re doing it and what their plans are with the shots. It doesn’t get any plainer than this. Share this with those who still have their doubts, and pray that their eyes will be opened.

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CDC, NYC and the White House Train for Marburg Virus Outbreak

As well they should since it’s been programmed into the Covid shots/bioweapons. It’s all in today’s video and the links to the information are below.

Guys time is so short! Seek Jesus Christ NOW and REPENT and COMMIT your life to Him before it’s too late!

Marburg Exercise in NYC

Dr. Buttar Poisoned

Operation Warp Speed Logo

Attorney Todd Calender

Mingling of the Seeds part 1 (About the shot/mark of the beast)

War on the Seed Part 2 Tying it all together

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