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BREAKING NEWS 3-24-23 US Forces Fighting with Iranian and Syrian Regular Army Forces

Something HUGE is going down as the US just sent up 3 refueling tankers in Iraq as well. A larger attack on Iran may be coming very soon if the escalation continues. All of the links are below todays video.

Main story with updates


US relocating Fighter Jets

UK Sending DU Munitions to Ukraine

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US to relocate its warplanes to intimidate Moscow and Beijing

Warplanes previously stationed in the Middle East are being transferred to regions nearer Russia and China.

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

US weapons abroad are being relocated in line with Washington’s new strategic priorities. According to recent reports, the US will send old and outdated attack aircraft to the Middle East, replacing the modern and advanced aircraft that are currently stationed in the region. The goal is to transfer the most efficient military equipment to Europe and the Pacific, where it can eventually be used against Russian and Chinese forces – which are currently the main concerns for the US government.

The data was shared in an article published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on March 21. According to information obtained by the authors, there is a plan to redistribute the planes in April. It is planned that aircraft of the type A-10, an older and less efficient model, will be sent to American bases in the Middle East. WSJ sources inform that the Pentagon considers such planes to be strong enough to protect US interests in the Middle East, therefore there is no need for more modern and equipped jets.

“The imperative is to get the most suitable aircraft to the Pacific for the higher threat challenges (…) The A-10 is still relevant to the mission CENTCOM (United States Central Command) flies over the Middle East”, Larry Stutzriem, a retired Air Force major general, told WSJ.

There is still a lack of official and more concrete information on the subject, but, in fact, this move was already expected. The Middle East is no longer part of the focus of attention in American foreign policy today. In the midst of a proxy war with Russia and the imminent emergence of a conflict with China in Taiwan, it is expected that more and more modern war equipment will be transported to regions close to Russian and Chinese territories.

According to the most recent issue of the National Defense Review, published by the Pentagon last year, China would be a kind of “pacing threat.” This means that the US sees China as a danger, but at the same time considers the threat “under control” – suggesting that Beijing is being closely “monitored”. Also, in recent speeches, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin repeatedly corroborated this thesis, emphasizing the “Chinese threat”.

Regarding Russia, a country that is already the victim of American aggression – through the Ukrainian neo-Nazi proxies -, the same document states that Moscow would be an “acute threat”. This means that the rivalry between the countries would be something far beyond the mere collision of strategic interests, being also related to an antagonism of values. This would “justify” exceptional measures in search of increasing American military capacity against Russia.

For these reasons, it is likely that the next few months will see a wide redeployment of forces by the Pentagon. All sorts of modern, sophisticated, and efficient weapons may be located as close as possible to Russian and Chinese borders. Some sources claim that F-35 fighters are about to be sent on a large scale to Europe and the Pacific. This happens, of course, in addition to the official and regular arms supply that already takes place with the enemy states of Russia and China. So, a new wave of militarization is starting, and certainly will not end anytime soon.

Obviously, this wave will not end US military campaigns in the Middle East – nor in other regions where Washington maintains troops. There is a concern on the part of the US to avoid the loss of territories that are already under its military domain. After victory of the Taliban in Kabul, the image of the American Army among global public opinion was strongly shaken. And given the imminent defeat of pro-NATO forces in Ukraine, there is concern on the part of the Pentagon that anti-US rebellions will arise around the world, demanding an end to territorial occupation or the handover of military bases to local governments. For this reason, certainly these moves are calculated in a very careful way. It means that, in the face of the emergence of possible new conflict situations, more redistributions of weapons may be made, always in accordance with the updates of American strategic interests.

On the other hand, with these mobilizations becoming clear, the tendency is for Russia and China to prepare themselves for an eventual situation of open conflict. More than that, the greater the American pressure, the more the two countries tend to deepen their bilateral cooperation, which may adopt clearer military contours soon. And given the many reports of problems with the US defense industry and cases of corruption and financial speculation in the military-industrial complex, there are many doubts about the US capacity to face the integrated Russian-Chinese alliance.

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China’s success in reconciling Saudi Arabia and Iran huge blow to US hegemony

Reconciliation opens the path for Saudi Arabia and Iran to join BRICS.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

After agreeing with Saudi Arabia in December to buy its oil for Chinese yuan instead of just US dollars, while at the same time Russia is successfully cooperating with Saudi Arabia and Iran in the oil sector, Beijing is helping a historic reconciliation between the two major Muslim countries.Chinese efforts are all the more impressive when consideringthe persistent efforts of the US to cause conflict between thetwo countries instead of reconciliation.

It is hoped that reconciliation will lead to a huge blow to the hegemony of the US dollar. In Beijing on March 17, followingnegotiations in Iraq and Oman during the previous two years, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia announced an agreement which includes the restoration of diplomatic relations, a confirmation of respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs, and agreements on security, economy, trade, investment, science and culture.

In short, with the mediation of China, the two regional powers, often framed as having a Sunni-Shi’a rivalry, made it official that they are embarking on a new path of improving relations instead of further spoiling them for the sake of serving Western interests that are contrary to the interests of the Islamic World. 

Therefore, it is quite clear who the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had in mind when it announced that overcoming differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia will have a “beneficial effect on freeing the countries of the region from external interference” – evidently this is in reference to the US. As Beijing highlighted, these two countries have now “taken their own destiny into their own hands,” adding that their agreement “corresponds to epochal development trends.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was recently in Moscow and confirmed that Russia-China relations are reaching new frontiers in building a multipolar world,emphasised that the agreement between Riyadh and Tehran represents “a victory for dialogue and peace.”

In a China Global Television Network (CGTN) article published on March 13 and titled: “Why Iran and Saudi Arabia trust China?”, the author highlights that “dialogue between Tehran and Riyadh has unfolded as negotiations took place in Iraq, where the two countries reached an important consensus. Meanwhile, the main regional

allies of Iran and Saudi Arabia, such as the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, have restored diplomatic relations in 2022. Hence, the resumption of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia also is only a matter of time.”

The author’s belief in the resumption of diplomatic relations proved to be true only days after the article’s publication. The resumption signifies that a new era has dawned in the Middle East, and even more broadly when we consider the effects this could have on the hegemony of the US dollar. 

The US has been the dominant force in the Middle East since the end of British and French colonialism in the 1940’s. The region has been in a constant state of war since then, with the US now maintaining 30 military bases in the Middle East – five of them in Saudi Arabia.

For the US that relies on its global network of military bases to maintain hegemony, Beijing is showing non-Western countries how a multipolar world can function with great power diplomacy based on agreements and reconciliation, and not rooted in the idea that “might is right,” like Washington adopts.

It is noted that the day before the reconciliation in Beijing, the head of Saudi diplomacy, Prince Faisal bin Farhan al Saud, visited Moscow unannounced. And a week earlier, on March 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi, who visited Beijing in mid-February. After that, Wang Yi was in Moscow. This suggests that although China was the main broker of peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russia certainly played a role in reconciliation efforts. 

Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are three leading oil and gas producers and are accelerating their search for payment mechanisms to bypass the US dollar. China, for their part, is already discussing such arrangements with Saudi Arabia and Iran. 

The decline of the US dollar as a world currency will weakenthe American economy and military power. This in turn willcripple the US’ ability to wage perpetual wars abroad and impose its global hegemony.

Just as importantly, reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran can be seen as a precursor to eventually joining BRICS in the near future. It is recalled that BRICS plans to decide this year whether to admit new members and under what conditions. 

Although BRICS collectively accounts for 42% of the world’s population and 24% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), they collectively hold less than 15% of voting rights in both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which are Western dominated. By admitting Saudi Arabia and Iran, BRICS’s global status will be elevated even higher as a symbol of not only peace and reconciliation, but also a path to prosperity independent of Western domination. 

ICC’s Putin arrest warrant signals long overdue unraveling of so-called ‘rules-based world order’

Perhaps the most adequate way to describe the ICC is to paraphrase Voltaire’s definition of the so-called Holy Roman Empire and say it’s neither international nor a court. However, it certainly can be considered criminal given its history of blatant violations of actual international law.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On March 17, the so-called “International Criminal Court”, at this point no more than a glorified NGO financed by Brussels, issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putinand Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova, Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, with the controversial institution citing alleged “war crimes” in Ukraine as the reason for the indictment. The announcement, first thought of as satire by many, unleashed a torrent of ridicule from the world, ranging from regular people (probably billions at this point) making memes and practical jokes at the ICC’s expense, to Russian and other officials mocking the decision in various, should we say creative, but hardly unexpected ways, including Dmitry Medvedev’s “environmentally friendly” advice to use the indictment for “hygienic purposes”.

President Putin still hasn’t commented on the decision and who could possibly blame him, given the increasing irrelevance of organizations such as the ICC, as well as the fact that he has much more pressing concerns, such as visiting the newly-rebuilt Mariupol (barely ten months after it was destroyed by occupying Neo-Nazi forces) and meeting his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping. Strictly legally speaking, Russia is in no way affected by the decision, as it simply doesn’t recognize any de jure or de facto jurisdiction of the ICC, making its decisions in regard to Moscow completely legally void. Thus, the Eurasian giant is quite unconcerned and mostly uninterested (albeit amused) by the actions and opinions of the Hague-based “court”, the pertinence of which is bound to become increasingly questionable, especially after this decision.

Perhaps the most adequate way to describe the ICC is to paraphrase Voltaire’s definition of the so-called Holy Roman Empire and say it’s neither international nor a court. However, it certainly can be considered criminal given its history of blatant violations of actual international law, which also includes the horribly one-sided treatment of countries and groups targeted by the political West. This also refers to the brazen convictions of Yugoslav and Serbian generals and officers for mostly false flag “war crimes” or outright fabrications, while setting free all those working for the political West, including openly Neo-Nazi regimes and terrorist groups who participated in the destructionof former Yugoslavia.

And speaking of the Holy Roman Empire, we should note that its de facto successor state declared it would arrest President Putin if he were to ever set foot on German soil. At least that’s what the country’s top tabloid Bild is claiming, citing the Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann. Such rhetoric doesn’t only indicate the lack of diplomatic etiquette (to say the least), but is also completely unnecessary considering that Putin certainly isn’t planning to visit Berlin anytime soon. Especially not after the shameless comments of Germany’s (former) leadership which essentially admitted they’ve been lying to Russia for years just to “buy time” for the Neo-Nazi junta. This admission alone should be enough for an actual international tribunal.

However, this would require a truly impartial international justice institution, meaning that the ICC is out of the question. In more recent times, the Hague-based “court” completely ignored the horrendous Kiev regime war crimes and mass murder of civilians and POWs (prisoners of war) in Donbass in the last nearly ten years. Virtually incessant shelling by the Neo-Nazi junta forces left approximately 15,000 dead and tens of thousands wounded and maimed for life (not including those killed in 2022 and more recently this year). And unlike the bogus charges against president Putin, there is very convincing and conclusive evidence to indict virtually all former and current members of the Kiev regime. If one is to ask what evidence is there for this, what more do we need than the former Neo-Nazi junta frontman Petro Poroshenko openly stating that “their [Donbass] kids will be hiding in basements, while ours will go to school”?

Unfortunately, that threat was one of the few promises Poroshenko actually kept, as generations of Donbass children spent their entire lives knowing nothing but constant shelling, death and destruction. Many of them are teenagers and young adults now, but countless others were less “lucky”, never even getting the chance to grow up. Where was the ICC for nearly a decade while all this was happening? Where was the ICC when millions of people were being killed and tens of millions of lives destroyed by the US-led political West’s brutal and truly unprovoked aggression against Yugoslavia/Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela and dozens of other countries across Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, etc?

Considering their treatment of Arabs, Afghanis/Pashtuns, Africans, Latin Americans, virtually the entire world, the ICC and NATO as a whole (including the numerous vassals and satellite states) have been morally bankrupt since their very inception. And all these peoples and countries are perfectly aware of this, as they’ve directly experienced it. Thus, they will all immediately see through the blatant hypocrisy and the double standards of the so-called “international institutions”. The decision to issue an arrest warrant for Putin and Lvova-Belovafor their key role in evacuating thousands of children from an active warzone will certainly backfire and cause the ICC and similar Western-dominated organizations to lose the little credibility they have left (provided they ever had any in the first place).

Perhaps the most hypocritical reaction to the announcement came from the US. Washington DC doesn’t only reject the ICC’s jurisdiction, but has even threatened to sanctioninvade it and arrest its judges. Still, this didn’t stop the Biden administration from supporting the decision on Putin. In addition, considering this specific indictment, the US hypocrisy becomes even more glaringly obvious, as its own terrorist proxies in Syria are currently holding thousands of children in camps, against their and the will of their parents and legal guardians. Worse yet, consecutive US administrations have been starting wars for decades, but not a single one has ever been prosecuted, while one has even gotten a Nobel Peace Prize despite authorizing illegal invasions and thousands of drone strikes across the globe.No wonder the Russian embassy in the US dubbed the Biden administration’s comments “sluggish schizophrenia”.

However, on the whole, this decision isn’t necessarily bad for the world, as it will ultimately prove completely self-defeating for the political West, signaling the inevitable (and long overdue) dismantling of the so-called “rules-based world order“. It might very well prompt the rapidly expanding BRICS nations (soon to include virtually the entire actual world) to finally start creating truly independent institutions based on international law. This will leave the political West isolated and increasingly irrelevant, while also serving as a deterrent against further NATO aggression against the world. As we see this imperialist, neocolonialist system is finally unraveling, it gives hope to all truly independent nations that it’s still possible to create a world where cultures and civilizations can freely develop and cooperate without any foreign power being able to impose its own (often extremely damaging) societal models.

The Bank Crash is a Psyop Designed to Bring in Digital Currency

gold round coin on top of a cellphone

And when they do this they will control EVERYTHING that you do! If you don’t like their dictates they will just shut you off from the system. In today’s video learn HOW they will do all of this and how fast it is all coming!

Off Grid Desert Farming Link

Federal Reserve lends $150 Billion in one week

Russian Digital Ruble

Fed Payment System starts in July

Russia Introducing Digital ID

Psyop to crash the markets

Bluetooth Challenge Explained

Worldwide Track and Control Grid

Internet of Bodies

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Off Grid Desert Farming has been Taken Down from YouTube

Paul Mills, the owner of the Off Grid Desert Farming Channel has notified me and others that his YouTube channels have been taken down by YouTube. In the meantime you can find him on his Rumble Channel at the link below. They are taking us all down and they’re not giving us any kind of legitimate reason other than “multiple violations” that they don’t even list.

Here is the Rumble Channel Link:

Blessings to you all, and stay ready time is definitely short!

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scam alert letting text on black background

The answers are in today’s video and I highly recommend you watch the full version below as well. This “Hebrew Roots Movement” is something that has needed exposure for a long time and today is the day for me.

Like the title says the short answer is NO! They didn’t even speak Hebrew as a living language at the time Jesus was here, that ended in 200 BC at the latest! They all spoke GREEK, the same language used for the New Testament! Also God the Father has NO FIRST NAMES! Who authorized you to call Him Yah??? Time to get back to basics everyone! Time to get back to Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

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The REAL Sources of Wokeism, BLM, LGBTQ Movement and more in America and the West

crowd of protesters holding signs

America is divided beyond belief and it’s all been done through the lies and manipulation of the mainstream media and government. Over the last 80 years America has been under a massive assault on everything it used to hold dear. All of America’s jobs have been sent overseas so it has no industrial base left to speak of which has left American cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and so many others in ruins.

Then over the last 12 years or so there’s been a massive assault on anyone who is straight and white. It’s all about the LGBTQ people now, especially the trans folks who are being weaponized against all of us. Now there is a “accept us or else” mentality in America and people who rightly see this as insane are starting to push back. It’s also all about ANTIFA and BLM now as well as the Black population in America has also been weaponized against the whites. Look at what Tim Wise, Democrat Activist has to say about it.

The one thing about all of this is that there is truly “nothing new under the sun” and all of the things happening to American society today happened to Germany after WW1 and leading up to WW2. Some of you will see this video as “anti-Semitic” and that is exactly how the “Jews” want you to see it. Yet there are rabbis in this video who CONFIRM EVERYTHING IN IT so are they also anti-Semitic? That is a weaponized term that the fake Hebrews from Ukraine (Khazars) have used to stifle the truth of the things they’ve done to manipulate the masses. They do this in conjunction with their Gentile puppets the Freemasons. The Freemasons think they have power but they’re really tools of the Khazars.

As you just saw and heard, even from the rabbis themselves said the Jews were up to some horrible things in Germany. That included the communist party, all of the pornography, transgenderism and other things we see going on in America today! Don’t get me wrong here, I’m NOT SAYING HITLER WAS GOOD OR RIGHT but what I am saying is that you have NOT been told the real history of things. We have been lied to about everything and now they want us to destroy each other and not focus on the real enemy, the fake Jewish puppet masters.

 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9

That scripture also applies to fake Christians as well since we are all one family under Jesus Christ. I identify as a Jew more than I do a Christian because I’ve been grafted into the family, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and NOT justified by works lest anyone should boast! Romans 11, 11-31 explains the grafting in and how the Jews in Israel who repent when Jesus returns will also be grafted back in!

The Deliverer will come from Zion,
    he will banish ungodliness from Jacob”;
27 “and this will be my covenant with them
    when I take away their sins.”

Be blessed and stay ready! Jesus Christ is returning soon! Prayed up and prepped up!

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US ‘diplomacy’ – bottomless pit of hypocrisy and double standards

The unprecedented US hypocrisy is seen in attempts to portray others as supposed “war criminals”, while America’s central role in starting numerous wars is ignored. Virtually the entire establishment in Washington DC is involved in warmongering and war crimes.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Diplomacy has always been one of the cornerstones of the so-called “soft” power projection. Countries have used it throughout human history to negotiate issues that otherwise would have been resolved on the battlefield. The United States of America, the world’s most aggressive imperialist (and neocolonialist) power, is rather unique in this regard, as it is essentially using its “diplomacy” as a form of arm-twisting instead of actual dialogue and negotiations. For the warmongering elites in Washington DC, utterly barbaric behavior seems to be a given, while mutual respect and taking the other side’s legitimate interests into account is clearly considered a “foolish weakness”.

This has resulted in numerous wars around the world, further leading to hundreds of millions of dead, wounded and expelled people, or in simpler words, countless lives destroyed due to unparalleled US aggression against the world. And while such a belligerent foreign policy approach is expected from Washington DC when it comes to smaller countries that cannot match US power, they certainly do not attempt to behave similarly toward global powers and superpowers. But America is doing exactly that, with the US State Department issuing open threats to China, accusing it of alleged (planned) arms shipments to Russia. Top American officials also added that Beijing will suffer “very real consequences” if it goes ahead with the supposed deal.

Obviously, the Asian giant wasn’t even given the chance to deny the accusations as the US resorted to directly threatening Beijing. However, China is anything but intimidated. Increasingly confident due to its meteoric rise to superpower status, Beijing was quick to fire back at the blatant threats. During a press briefing on February 27, Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of China, stated that the Asian giant is fully prepared to retaliate if illegal US sanctions against Chinese companies operating in Russia are not removed. Mao also dismissed allegations that Beijing is planning to send weapons to Russia, rejecting the questionable (at best) US mainstream propaganda reports as disinformation.

“The US, however, has been fanning the flame and fueling the fight with more weaponry,” she (quite correctly) indicated at the blatant American hypocrisy, adding: “This is out-and-out hegemonism and double standards, and absolute hypocrisy. The Chinese side will continue to do what is necessary to firmly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies. We will take resolute countermeasures in response to the US sanctions.”

Mao also reiterated Beijing’s official position on the Ukraine crisis as one of peace, seeking a solution through negotiations rather than the force of arms. She stressed that “China has been actively promoting peace talks and the political settlement of the crisis,” adding that Beijing has been much more constructive than Washington DC. Mao once again indicated that the US is fully responsible for the incessant escalation in its relations with China. This is certainly true, particularly in recent times, as Washington DC has used even the most trivial matters to denigrate and antagonize Beijing, while also illegally arming the Chinese breakaway island province of Taiwan, exacerbating US-China tensions to a boiling point.

“In addition to pouring lethal weapons into the battlefield in Ukraine, the US has been selling sophisticated weapons to the Taiwan region in violation of the three China-US joint communiqués. What exactly is the US up to? The world deserves to know the answer,” Mao concluded.

Mao also remarked that America is spreading disinformation about China’s alleged supply of weapons to Russia in order to use it as a pretext to sanction Chinese companies, thus eliminating competition by using such underhanded tactics. One of the affected Chinese companies, Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Research Institute, has already been sanctioned based on unsubstantiated claims that it is supposedly supplying the Wagner Group PMC (private military company) with satellite imagery of Ukraine. US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland stated last week that sanctions were targeting Chinese companies that “have been observed sneaking up to the edge and trying to provide weapons to Russia”.

The unprecedented US hypocrisy is also seen in the attempts to portray Russian President Vladimir Putin as a supposed “war criminal”, with US President Joe Biden already accusing him of being one and even saying “evidence needs to be gathered for a war crime trial“. This is despite Biden’s central role in starting numerous wars under several US administrations and despite virtually the entire establishment in Washington DC being involved in warmongering and war crimes, regardless of political affiliation. Perhaps an even better example would be the May 2022 speech made by former US president George W. Bush, whose Freudian slip about the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I mean Ukraine” clearly showed the entire world the sheer scale of US hypocrisy and double standards.

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Psychotronic Warfare, 5G, Chemtrails and Nanotechnology


This is an all out war humanity by the Lucifer worshipping powers that be who believe that they are the rightful rulers of this planet and they have no respect for any of God’s creation. In today’s episode I’ll be covering everything listed above and also another weapon you may not have heard of yet called “The Lilly Wave” also known as “the Madness Frequency” and it was first used in the 1992 Los Angeles Riots!

This is a war for your mind, body and SOUL just as described in Ephesians 6:12 in the Holy Bible.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

AR15s, AK47s won’t do you any good against this enemy. For this war you need the FULL ARMOR OF GOD and you need to have God’s seal or you will be tortured by these weapons during the tribulation hour. All links will be below.

The Lilly Wave

The Real Man in Black Video Interview

USAF Facial Recognition Drones

Geoengineered Transhumanism Book

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