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US Economy Showing signs of a CRASH and More War Rumors

stock exchange board

All of that and more are in todays video.

Money supply Crashing

Dow Drops 500

US and Russia Hold Nuclear War Drills

British Soldiers in Ukraine

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British soldiers in Ukraine would be legitimate target for Russia

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Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

UK’s new defense secretary, Grant Shapps, is already involved in controversy, publicly proposing escalations in the Ukrainian conflict. During an interview to a Western media outlet, Shapps revealed that he plans to send British soldiers to Ukrainian territory, where they are expected to train Kiev’s troops. The case generated a Russian reaction and a failed attempt at clarification by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The newly appointed secretary stated that there are plans for the British training program for Ukrainian soldiers to be conducted inside the Ukrainian territory. Furthermore, he said that British production of weapons and military equipment for Kiev could also be relocated to Ukraine, mainly in the west of the country, where the damage from the conflict is not so significant.

“I was talking today about eventually getting the training brought closer and actually into Ukraine as well (…) Particularly in the west of the country, I think the opportunity now is to bring more things ‘in country’, and not just training… but also we’re seeing BAE [an UK defense firm], for example, move into manufacturing ‘in country’, for example. (…) I’m keen to see other British [military] companies do their bit as well by doing the same thing. So I think there will be a move to get more training and production in the country”, he told The Telegraph’s journalists.

In the interview, Shapps also claimed to have spoken with President Vladimir Zelensky and other Ukrainian state officials about the possibility of British Royal Navy assisting Ukrainian “civilian” vessels, protecting commercial ships from attacks launched by Russian armed forces. He did not clarify how this “help” would be possible, but his words suggest that the British Navy could use direct deterrent methods against Russia, which sounds like a serious threat.

Obviously, all the measures suggested by Shapps will significantly escalate the conflict if they are actually implemented. British soldiers on Ukrainian soil would be a legitimate target for Russian attacks, even if their role on the battlefield is only to instruct Ukrainian troops, without directly participating in the fighting. All foreign military personnel working on Kiev’s side in Ukraine are legitimate targets, regardless of their role.

In the same sense, British weapons factories would also certainly be targeted by Russian artillery. Enemy military infrastructure will always be a target for Moscow, which is why British defense companies planning to move to Ukraine must be aware that their facilities will be at great risk due to the high-precision strikes regularly carried out by the Russian armed forces.

As far as vessels are concerned, the situation seems even more delicate. Russia decided to neutralize all Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea because Moscow’s intelligence discovered that many allegedly civilian vessels were carrying weapons and ammunition hidden in containers of grain and food items. This is a strategic decision by the Russian authorities and no country is able to prevent these attacks from occurring. If the British Navy becomes involved in hostilities in the Black Sea to “protect” Ukrainian ships, the consequences could be disastrous, as Moscow will not accept any type of Western direct “deterrence” within the special operation zone.

Russian authorities commented on the case, emphasizing the consequences of Shapps’ plans. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev even observed on how this could lead to World War III, as the Russians would be forced to attack NATO military personnel – no longer as mercenaries, but as UK’s official troops.

So, reacting to comments on the topic, the day following Shapps’ irresponsible statements, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made a declaration trying to “clarify” the situation. He said that no UK instructors will be sent to Ukraine now, asserting that Shapps only meant that “it might well be possible one day in the future for us to do some of that training in Ukraine.”

“But that’s something for the long term, not the here and now, there are no British soldiers that will be sent to fight in the current conflict. That’s not what’s happening,” he explained.

Sunak however failed to clarify how the British Navy could play a more active role in “protecting” Ukrainian ships, as promised by Shapps. It appears that Sunak just tried to minimize the public impact of Shapps’ irresponsible words, but, in practice, the Prime Minister’s “clarification” was not enough to ease tensions and rule out the possibility of escalation.

Also, by stating that British soldiers could go to Ukraine “in the future”, Sunak is also making it clear that the UK will continue to promote a bellicose policy in Ukraine. One of the objectives of the Russian operation is to make Ukraine a neutral country after the demilitarization process is completed. Obviously, a neutral country cannot receive NATO troops to train its soldiers, so Sunak is just making it clear that London will not cooperate for peace at any time.

In reaction to this, it remains for the Russians not only to seek absolute victory through military means, but also to liberate even more territories, preventing Ukraine from returning to being a NATO occupation zone after the end of hostilities. For Moscow, the absence of NATO troops in Ukraine is an existential and non-negotiable condition, which is why all necessary measures to achieve this objective will be taken.

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Source: InfoBrics

Congress Passes 45 Day “Stopgap” bill to prevent Government Shutdown

white house

About three hours before a midnight deadline, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill Saturday evening to keep the government funded for 45 days, on a vote of 88 to 9, just before a government shutdown was to go into effect.

The bill, which funds the government through Nov. 17, was signed into law by President Biden late Saturday night, the White House confirmed.

“Tonight, bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate voted to keep the government open, preventing an unnecessary crisis that would have inflicted needless pain on millions of hardworking Americans,” Mr. Biden said in a statement after the passage. “This bill ensures that active-duty troops will continue to get paid, travelers will be spared airport delays, millions of women and children will continue to have access to vital nutrition assistance, and so much more. This is good news for the American people.” (Hmm is it really good news?)

No Democratic senators voted against the measure, with all nine no votes from Republicans.

“It’s been a day full of twists and turns, but the American people can breath a sigh of relief,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor after the vote. “There will be no government shutdown.”

Source CBS News

Johnny’s commentary

I’m surprised they didn’t let the government shutdown but they only extended things for 45 days to let some pressure off, probably by instruction of their quantum super computers. Expect more chaos, probably economic as well as greater drum beats for war in Ukraine meaning direct NATO involvement. NATO can’t hide active duty troops fighting and dying in Ukraine forever, eventually this war will spread out to NATO nations.

Keep your eyes focused on Christ and not on the chaos of this world. Be aware of what’s going on but not obsessed with it. In these times we need faith that can move mountains. Here is a link that can help you do that: Blessings to you all.

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Microplastics are Killing EVERYTHING!

close up photo of plastic bottles

These are Nanotechnological Self Assembly Polymers and they Are Everywhere, Poisoning Our Biosphere, Food Supply And Humans!

Here is Dane Wigington’s video on the subject as well.

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Microplastics article

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Nagorno-Karabakh separatist Republic ceases to exist

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

The history of the breakaway Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) appears to be coming to an end. After the humiliation suffered by the local people with yet another military defeat by Azerbaijani troops, the local government opted for the dissolution of the secessionist state, dissolving public institutions and handing over the local territory to Azerbaijani forces.

On September 28, Artsakh President Samvel Shahramanyan issued a decree to end the state’s existence by January. In an official statement it was literally said that “the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) ceases to exist”. Regarding the local people, it is said that ethnic Armenian citizens must “familiarize themselves with the conditions of reintegration offered by the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

The measure was taken “in connection with the current difficult military-political situation” and aims to save the lives of local citizens amid the growing process of ethnic cleansing promoted by Azerbaijani troops. To cease hostilities once and for all and guarantee conditions of coexistence between Armenians and Azeris, the authorities decided to give up political separatism, concluding a definitive process of capitulation.

As a region with an ethnic Armenian majority within the Azerbaijani territory, since 1991, Nagorno-Karabakh has struggled for international recognition. Seen by the global community as part of Azerbaijan, the Republic has only been officially recognized by other similarly separatist governments. However, relations with Armenia have guaranteed some level of stability for the region over the decades, avoiding direct conflicts with Baku.

This situation began to change radically in 2018, when Armenia experienced a pro-Western color revolution. The result of the local regime change was the rise of the current prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, whose policies focused on reducing ties with Russia and moving closer to Western powers. With Moscow being the side most interested in maintaining peace in the Caucasus, the worsening of relations between both countries could have no other end than catastrophe.

In 2020, Armenia/Artsakh and Azerbaijan had a new military confrontation in which the Armenian forces were defeated, and there has been a strong regional security crisis since then. Victorious in the war, Baku increased its anti-Armenian policies several times in the following years, including by imposing a blockade on humanitarian aid to Artsakh between 2022 and 2023.

The deterioration of local security reached an extreme point when earlier in September the Azerbaijani government ordered the start of an “anti-terrorist operation” with the alleged aim of neutralizing Armenian military facilities in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The strikes killed dozens of ethnic Armenian civilians, but even so Yerevan cowardly refused to protect its people, claiming to have no troops in Artsakh and demanding military action against Baku from Russian peacekeepers.

Since 2020, Moscow has maintained peacekeepers in Artsakh under the terms of the trilateral agreement that ended hostilities that year. These troops, however, are few in number and their work is focused on peaceful and non-violent operations, such as rescue, demining and humanitarian aid. The Russians are not allowed to act militarily against either side in the conflict, which is why Pashinyan’s claims that it would be “Russian responsibility” to prevent the Baku operation are absolutely unfounded.

The Armenian government also requested Western help but did not receive any security guarantee – which was already expected, since the best scenario for Western interests is precisely chaos in the Caucasus. So, without any international support, the defense forces of Nagorno-Karabakh became absolutely incapable of protecting their claimed territory, leaving no option other than military and political capitulation.

Obviously, the decision to end the existence of the Republic was not accepted by all local politicians and separatist activists. For example, Artak Beglaryan, a former state minister and human rights ombudsman of Artsakh, said in social media: “Artsakh President’s decree on dissolving the Republic is illegal & illegitimate: 1. No President has the power to dissolve the Republic formed by the people with referendum; 2. That decree was signed as a result of Azerbaijani harsh aggression & threat of force. It’s null & void.”

From a legal point of view, this type of argument can be valid. Obviously, it is not a president’s right to dissolve an entire state by decree. But the particular case of Artsakh must be analyzed carefully, as it is a non-recognized separatist republic, and therefore does not have a conventional legal state structure.

Furthermore, even if “invalid”, Shahramanyan’s decision only admits the reality of Artsakh’s current situation. The Azeris already control the territory and if there is resistance on the part of the Armenians there will be greater chances of hostilities escalating. So, in practice, the government’s decision works as a conciliatory attempt to peacefully reintegrate the Armenian people into Azerbaijan and stop ethnic cleansing by Baku.

The problem is that this is unlikely to work in long term. Azerbaijan is a Turkish proxy and Ankara has expansionist interests in the Caucasus that will not be limited to the retaking of Nagorno-Karabakh. Indeed, there is a great possibility of Baku carrying out raids against Armenia’s undisputed territory in the future.

NATO’s objective is to place as many troops as possible close to the Russian border, which is why a Turkish incursion against Armenia would be “useful” for the West as it could “legitimize” the sending of forces under the excuse of “peacekeeping” – resulting in practice in the mere division of the Caucasus between Turkish and Western NATO forces. Only a responsible policy of friendship and military cooperation with Moscow will be able to avoid this.

 You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

Source: InfoBrics

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Funding Goal has been met and a Russia/NATO war update

Thank you 🙏 so much for your prayers and support. I’m always humbled when God moves and things change in a day or even a “in a twinkling of an eye” !

Thank you once again and here is a war with Russia update.

Here’s NATO and US troops in Moldova 🇲🇩 and it’s dated 2 days ago. This was a scheduled exercise and it doesn’t seem to show thousands of troops but rather hundreds.

I found this official press release that says it’s just a small scale exercise.

Meanwhile as I reported the other day Russia is saying that NAT9 is now directly involved, not only with their intel and guidance but also with tank crews, snipers, special forces and more. More info as I get it but I am of the belief there’s been a lot more build up of NATO troops than we think.

Prayed up and prepped up!

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore…

‘Pandemic Emotions’ Create ‘Opportunity’ to Push Climate Fear – WEF


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The Globalists have a new shock event planned and more War News

silhouette of fireman holding hose

The people of the world are catching on to what the global Klaus Schwab crowd is doing and so now they’re going to crank up their 4 D’s which are Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation. All of those are to lead us into their new world order utopia that will really be a nightmare DYSTOPIA for the rest of us. Thank goodness God has other plans.

Also in today’s video is more WW3 rumors and how much trouble the US military has fixing their own aircraft and other equipment needed to fight wars.

The 4Ds article

US Military Cant fix equipment

NATO Article 5 exercises

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The TSA will use facial recognition in over 400 airports

portrait photo of man with laser lines on his face

AI-ethics advocates say there’s evidence the program is already violating travelers’ consent.

From Fast Company and the Verge

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is preparing to expand its controversial facial recognition program to around 430 airports over the next “several years” after finding “extremely promising” results from its pilot program, an agency spokesperson tells Fast Company. The expansion comes amid allegations by rights advocates that the agency is improperly coercing travelers to participate.

According to a TSA assessment of a pilot program that’s now under way at 25 airports, the agency has determined that its facial matching algorithms are 97% effective “across demographics, including dark skin tones,” says TSA press secretary Robert Langston, adding that the agency would not be publicly releasing the final results of the tests, which span two years of data. 

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says there are reasons to be concerned about facial recognition software being used by government agencies that go beyond its efficacy among different demographic groups. EPIC says the US has no overarching laws when it comes to its use of facial recognition tech, putting travelers’ civil rights and privacy at risk.

Eventually, the TSA would like biometric recognition to be mandatory. During a South by Southwest (SXSW) fireside chat earlier this year, TSA Administrator David Pekoske said it would eventually be required across the board, citing effectiveness and efficiency. He also said “in our own testing, we show no statistically-significant variation across demographic groups,” going on to say the TSA wants to be as transparent as it can about the program. However, the agency told Fast Company it will not release the results of its two years pilot testing publicly.

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My Friend Dr. Lindsay Talked to an FDA Official About Plasmid DNA and SV40 in Vax Vials

phrase stop killing us on signboard

Learn the art of eloquent denial of reality and masterful use of the PREP Act shield while committing mass murder from the FDA “experts”

From Sasha Latypova at Due Diligence and Art

Editors Note: This is an excellent view of how the PREP ACT works as you’ll see it in action in this blog post. The PREP act is what gives FEMA, HHS, DOD and other executive branch agencies legal immunity against criminal and civil liability for any damage caused by the “emergency protocols” aka the jabs. They CAN’T admit to wrongdoing or they’ll lose said immunity and then they can be prosecuted. This is why top FDA officials resigned when the jabs came out, they didn’t want to participate in a mass murder experiment. Johnny

There is a faction among “health freedom” community that still believe that the FDA/HHS simply haven’t seen the data, are too busy and preoccupied, and they are not intentionally lying and pushing poison onto the public, but just confused and need to really look at the data! The latest example of this is #plasmidgate related drama. Dr. Buckhaults is one of the scientists who replicated Kevin McKernan’s finding of DNA plasmids in Pfizer and Moderna vials. There are 5-6 labs so far that have done the replication tests and found the same results – this is as “gold standard” as it gets in science. (Peer review does not include replication of the results, and so about 90% of peer reviewed studies are unreliable as science).

The analyses of Pfizer and Moderna vials show that the DNA found was not only hugely over the allowable limits for this process related impurity (up to ~100 times), but also contained undisclosed genetic components such as SV40 promoter that just so happens is a nuclear targeting component for transfection of human cells! After finding and confirming this, Dr. Buckhaults started backpedaling. His rationale – Pfizer was in a hurry and grabbed something off the shelf that had SV40 without realizing what they are doing! This is not a valid excuse. I would love to be able to just grab things off the shelf without validation when commercially producing new drugs or devices. No actually, I don’t, because I don’t want to kill people. But if one wanted to…. Hm.

The problem with this position is that by excusing the FDA as “just busy or incompetent” does nothing to help stop this crime and help the victims. It only delays any resolution of this horror, and while everyone is pulled back and trying to find a non-captured journal to publish a peer reviewed study, the state governors are free to pursue their quarantine camp dreams and the federal government is gleefully signing our rights away to the WHO slavery and endless biodefense racket. Let’s make another excess mortality graph, shall we? Let’s try to rationalize the clearly criminal behavior with another peer reviewed paper! This time it will really convince them!

My friend Dr. Lindsay provided the notes below of a recent phone conversation with one of the high-ranking FDA staff. I added links for references. This conversation did happen, and it reads like a parody, but I assure you it was real:

Scientists to FDA: We are very concerned that several labs across the world have verified that there are DNA plasmids contaminating the COVID mRNA vaccines and packaged in the LNPs, some with SV40 sequences that would be expected to confer a high risk of genomic integration that by mechanism is known to cause cancers as well as have the potential to permanently alter the human gene pool in progeny as well as possibly confer antibiotic resistance to billions of people. Studies have shown that the DNA are in the LNPs with the mRNA, and if intact and could replicate as well as cause auto immune reactions to the RNA and DNA. This means existing regulatory standards on naked non- replicating DNA would not be an appropriate risk mitigation strategy for potential harm. Also, the manufacturers hid the SV40 sequences from you! When are you moving to recall these shots for any of the above reasons, as these are being injected into pregnant women, infants and children???

FDA and other Global Regulatory Agencies: Oh that.. yes we think it’s just contamination in each of these separate labs across the globe with SV40 .. .. artifact.. besides, we’ve seen no peer reviewed studies to support such a claim. DNA plasmids in these shots have not been proven to be significantly above regulatory standards.. by peer review…

Note: cGMP violations DO NOT need to be proven by peer review, because they do not belong to the realm of science but rather to the realm of law enforcement. When adulterated heparin arrived in the US from China, the FDA did not require peer reviewed studies to prove it. Several lab tests are highly sufficient evidence of adulteration and no manufacturing control.

Mr. FDA: …and anyway.. we have done experiments with lots of other naked plasmids in milligram quantities in neonate mice and we didn’t get any cancers in these mice models not appropriate to answer the specific question, not in peer reviewed studies but of course we at the FDA etc.. are above peer review anyway.. what we say is good enough. Also, we “feel” neonatal mice are a good model for a competent human immune system and of course a good surrogate to study human promoters and other human specific sequences and their risk for integration into the human genome.. which we never studied.. ahem. Well you know those primate experiments are expensive anyway and they are already likely contaminated from other experiments and likely already harbor SV40 so there is that. Nothing like the real thing eh? The best study model of course is humans and we have that. No children have died from these shots you know.

Note: VAERS death and injury reports in children (under-reported by ~40-100 times):

Mr. FDA continues:

Cancers from these shots in humans? No, we haven’t seen any signals of this in the peer reviewed literature that we would infer are causal.. well you know that there are so many causes of cancer it would be hard to find a “true” signal anyway. VAERS? Oh well now that’s just anti vaxxes clogging up the database.. what you say over 80 percent are medical professionals reporting? No.. no.. we told them they would lose their license on this one.. not possible. No one who wants a paycheck takes that kind of risk. Hey.. when is lunch? Antibiotic resistance? Well that’s only to one class of antibiotics .. tuberculosis you say? This is “probably” not significant. Oh, did we test “those” plasmids or “those” COVID shots? No! Of course not! they are proprietary— owned by the manufacturers— we can’t do that- not allowed! The naked versus LNP packaged DNA plasmids.. well others have looked at this, just not in “that way”… the integration way.. for these shots .. but don’t worry, we asked Pfizer and Moderna and they said it’s not there, no integration and not an issue. Do we have the studies? No! That’s proprietary, but, you can see them in 75 years. Thank you, have a good day!

You get the idea.

Since my readers are fully educated on the wonders of the PREP Act, I invite you to spot the instances when Mr. FDA is using it. If you spotted those instances in every single word that came out of his mouth, you are correct! You can clearly see why Mr. FDA’s narrative is so laser focused on denying any data or evidence that violates the sanctity of the HHS narrative and his liability shield. If that includes denying that the sky is blue and the sun rises in the East, he will absolutely do that. Do you think another piece of “data and science” will change his position? Remember, that changing his position will only lead to loss of his liability protection extended to him from the “sovereign” US government on condition of following orders. There is no data at all required to deploy the covid “countermeasures” onto the targets (people), only “maybe effective” opinion of the HHS Secretary. There are also no stopping criteria. Therefore, there is NO DATA IN THE UNIVERSE that can compel these criminals (including this particular snake from the FDA) to stop deploying poisons onto the public.

I am not against gathering data, but I am very much against “experts” pulling everyone back from stating the obvious truth because “we just need one more study and one more definitive experiment”.

Art for today: Still Life with Rose and Grapes, oil on panel, 6×12 in.

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