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The West has been Programmed to be stupid and naive

Why do people appear to be dumber than ever? Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about what’s going on in the world? Find the answers to those questions and more in today’s video.

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Kiev’s military official believes conflict will go beyond Ukraine

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Kiev’s officials continue to spread baseless narratives about the conflict, predicting that hostilities tend to expand to other territories in Eurasia, as the fighting has supposedly become a “war of resources”. Although there is a real risk of the conflict spreading to other regions, the rhetoric is wrong and this narrative helps to spread anti-Russian paranoia.

Lt. Col. Sergey Naev, commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces, revealed his thoughts during an interview with ABC News. For him, with Russian stability and decreasing military support for Kiev, Moscow could go beyond Ukraine in its military maneuvers, involving more countries in hostilities. Naev claims that Russia currently receives weapons from North Korea and Iran and that it is producing enough military equipment to remain active in the conflict.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is losing Western support, receiving fewer and fewer weapons and money. Naev is worried about this scenario, since, for him, only with a strong Ukraine facing Russia will it be possible to prevent Moscow’s alleged expansionist plans. In this sense, he makes it clear that, despite difficulties, the Ukrainian armed forces are already preparing for the future of the conflict, improving defense lines to prevent the Russian advance.

“We are preparing for this. We build defenses, lay mines and train our forces”, he emphasized.

There are some different points in Naev’s words that need to be analyzed. First, it is necessary to emphasize that he is right in his assessment of the critical Ukrainian situation. With the reduction of resources given to the country by the West, Ukraine has terrible expectations for the near future in the conflict. Since the start of the war in Palestine, the Western focus has been on supporting Israel in its campaign of ethnic cleansing against the people of Gaza, which is why the “endless” source of resources for Ukraine is “drying up”.

As we know, Kiev no longer has enough strength to maintain hostilities in the long term and at some point the regime will be forced to surrender, even if this does not please Western sponsors. Having received numerous military packages, the Ukrainians were at least able to continue fighting (even without any chance of victory), but without this continuous help, not even this prolongment will be possible.

However, Naev is wrong to claim that the conflict has become a mere “resource war”. He spreads rumors by claiming that Moscow is supplied with Iranian and North Korean weapons. There are several accusations of this type, but no official confirmation has been given so far. Furthermore, even if Russia eventually purchases weapons abroad, the country is evidently not dependent on this military cooperation to achieve its objectives on the battlefield, being self-sufficient in its defense industry. On the other hand, as far as Ukraine is concerned, this self-sufficiency obviously does not exist, as the country depends on weapons and money from the West to fight.

Another problem in Naev’s assessment is the unfounded belief that Ukrainian failure will motivate Russia to start conflicts in other countries. By saying so, he disseminates the narrative that Russia has expansionist interests and will continue to fight to gain new territories, which is a lie. The Russian-majority territories were only reintegrated into the Federation because Kiev did not give any guarantee that it would protect the rights of the local people.

The liberation of territories is a reactive measure by Russia to simultaneously protect its citizens and guarantee security on its borders. Hostilities could have ended last year without any territory being added to the Federation, but the Kiev regime opted for war, so the Russians have no other alternative than to fight and reintegrate the new regions.

Therefore, it is not correct to say that an expansion of the conflict will occur as a result of Russian acts. If hostilities begin in any other country, it will certainly not be on Russian initiative, but by NATO itself, which has repeatedly shown interest in internationalizing its aggression against Russia, involving new territories in the war.

For a long time, the Western alliance has been causing chaos and destabilization in regions around Russia’s strategic environment, such as the Caucasus, Moldova, Belarus and others. Faced with the impossibility of defeating Moscow in a symmetric confrontation, the West is betting on the creation of multiple fronts, thus enabling a strategy of prolonged attrition to “wear down Russia”. So, although the possibility of expanding the conflict zone is real, it is not Russia’s fault.

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Kiev regime trying to prevent escapes on Transcarpathian border

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Ukraine is having difficulty in convincing its citizens to stay in the country. According to a recent report, the regime’s soldiers are focusing their efforts on preventing citizens from leaving Ukrainian territory on the Transcarpathian border. The case clearly shows how Ukrainian citizens are dissatisfied with the situation in the country and do not support the war with Russia, trying to evade military obligations.

Ukrainian border service officials are located at the region of Transcarpathia trying to control the large flow of Ukrainian citizens who try to cross every day in order to avoid conscription. Many Ukrainian citizens want to enter neighboring nations, such as Hungary, Poland and Romania, as they believe this is the only way to save their lives from the devastating consequences of the conflict.

Unable to convince their compatriots to fight in the war, Ukrainian soldiers are using illegal and anti-humanitarian methods to prevent escapes. Real military operations are being conducted in the region and there is even the use of landmines on the border, showing the intention to injure or kill those who try to enter neighboring countries. Kidnappings of local citizens for forced recruitment have also become commonplace.

It is also important to remember that the Transcarpathian region is a repeated target of Kiev’s ethnic cleansing practices. Being a region of majority of Hungarian ethnicity, Transcarpathia has become a kind of “Western Donbass” in Ukraine. A process of genocide against the local people has been implemented in an increasingly open and public manner in recent years.

This genocide happens on both a cultural and physical level. Hungarian schools have been closed and the native language banned from official documents. In parallel, ethnic Hungarians are recruited en masse and taken without adequate training and poorly equipped to the front lines, where they become easy targets for Russian artillery and die in large numbers. Kiev is taking advantage of its martial law to use non-Ukrainian ethnic citizens as cannon fodder in NATO’s war of aggression against Russia, and there currently clearly appears to be a focus on using the situation to accelerate ethnic cleansing in Transcarpathia.

It is possible to understand the practices of the neo-Nazi regime by remembering its main political inspiration, which is Hitler’s Germany. During the war, Nazi Germany implemented the so-called “Volkssturm”, a mass recruitment measure with forced conscription to form a large national militia. In Ukraine, this is exactly what is being done, giving priority to ethnic groups that the Zelensky government wants to eliminate as quickly as possible, such as the Hungarians.

Militia units are being created in Transcarpathia and called “centers of national resistance”, where, in addition to the forced recruitment of local citizens, sabotage operations are also carried out against any type of resistance from the Hungarian people. Peaceful protests are quickly repressed and data from local anti-war activists is sent to Ukrainian intelligence to enable attacks. There is a clear objective on the part of the regime to eliminate any type of “Hungarian threat” in Transcarpathia, which is why these illegal practices are becoming gradually frequent.

These facts show that the Russians have always been right in their allegations. The current Ukrainian government is really a neo-Nazi junta that hates and persecutes ethnic minorities. Kiev does not respect the Hungarian people and their right to self-determination, in the same way that it never respected the Russians of Donbass, having always promoted violent acts against the local population. Racism, xenophobia and ultranationalism are a vital part of the ideology that became hegemonic in Ukraine in 2014, which is why crimes against non-ethnic Ukrainian citizens are recurrent.

In the same sense, it is clear that local citizens are fatigued of living under the terror of war and want to leave the country as quickly as possible. There is no patriotic motivation that convinces Ukrainians to remain in the country, simply because it seems increasingly clear that Kiev is not fighting for its own people or territory, but for foreign interests that in no way benefit the local population. This awareness is leading many young men of military age to flee the country across the border in Transcarpathia. Kiev reacts using unnecessary violent methods, but the correct path to follow should be another.

Instead of forcing its citizens to fight, Ukraine should change its policies and adopt a humanitarian and sovereign stance, stopping serving as a proxy and leaving its citizens free to choose whether or not to undertake military service. The problem is that these proposals of respect for humanity and democracy are contradictory to the hegemonic neo-Nazi ideology in today’s Ukraine.

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Source: InfoBrics

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Errors of Zionism and 12 Tribes of Children of Israel

white concrete building

Transcribed by international best-selling author, Jennifer Heath. You can find her work at

Leeland Jones website:

Leeland Jones video posted on November 12, 2017, transcribed:

We’re going to get into one of the most controversial subjects, Zionism.

We hope you have an open mind, we’re gonna try to achieve some balance here. We’re gonna get our scales and we’re gonna try to get them as even as possible, because we’re on a series, and we’re talking about False Prophets.

Probably the most difficult area of extreme right now that we’re experiencing, is Zionism; is one extreme or the other.

There are Christian Zionists that have this belief that the Jews are:

  • the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel,
  • and God is restoring their land,
  • and God is gonna bless Israel,
  • and whoever comes against them, God is gonna curse them.
  • And the Jews are going to reign in Jerusalem forever.

Really?  That’s NOT what the Book says.

Then you have the other extreme, and the other extreme is that:

  • none of them are Jews,
  • all the Zionists are Europeans,
  • and there are no Jews,
  • and everything that’s happening in Israel is just Zionism, and is evil.

Well, that’s the other extreme.

What we’re trying to do is achieve some balance here. And I just want to get that seed in you are thinking that we need to achieve balance. Many of you, if you’re like me, I was viewing the End Times Prophecy in light of Israel. ‘Israel is the center of everything.’  Then you kind of learn about all the inner workings of Zionism, and you see how it’s doing all these evil things and everything, and you just are like, ‘Wow, Zionism is evil.”  And it is!

But how do we achieve some balance here? Those of us that are Believers in Iésous Christos, Alpha and Omega, Aleph and Tav, He Who Was, Who Is, Who Is to Come. I think the Book of Revelation gives us our approach here for this one to achieve some balance. Think about this:

Who are the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel?

Think about that. This is very important, because this is ultimately the full debate of what’s going on.

The 12 Tribes are children of Israel, obviously, we know are named. Let’s start from the end; instead of starting from the beginning, let’s start from the End:

  • the End is New Jerusalem,
  • the End is the Mountain of God,
  • and the End is the Bride of the Lamb.

In New Jerusalem:

  • there are 12 Gates,
  • the 12 Gates have 12 Foundations,
  • and the 12 Foundations are Named after the Twelve Apostles and the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.

Now obviously we also have names; naming is very important. Let’s just talk about names really quick. When God called Abram, not Abraham, He renamed him Abraham after His Covenant. God made a covenant with Abram, and God changed his name. His parents called him Abram, and God called him Abraham, the Father of Nations.

God promised him a son, and He told him that the name of the son is Isaac. God picked Abraham’s name and Isaac’s name. Isaac has 2 sons, one of his son’s was named Jacob, which means supplanter or ankle grabber, and God changes Jacob’s name to Israel.

Then Jacob names his sons, and each son is the right name except for Benjamin. Benjamin was Named, after his mother {Rachel, who} was suffering {during child birth and died, she gave him the name Ben-oni}, but then Jacob changed the name to Benjamin {Genesis 35:18}.

Then what you have is all these Names.  And these names are not really changed, though they named the son, and that was the name. God didn’t say, ‘You’re called Benjamin; I’m gonna call you something else.’ These are the Names of the 12 Tribes, and these Names of the 12 Tribes continue up until Moses. Then you have the time of Mount Sinai; you have the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.

I’m gonna suggest to you, is the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel will continue up UNTIL Solomon.

Follow me here; this is very important because once we get to Solomon, we have the building of the 1st Temple. The 1st Temple, as well, had Gates at a position, and they’re also 12 Gates. Nehemiah also at the Rebuilding of the Temple had 12 Gates, just like New Jerusalem.

But what happens is Solomon FORSAKES the Lord, and he has many strange wives, and he has idolatry, and God divides the Nation from 12 Tribes to:

  • 10 Northern Tribes
  • and 2 Southern Tribes, Judah, and Benjamin.

Judah and Benjamin is essentially the name: Jew, and then the Northern Tribes are called Ephraim.

What I’m gonna suggest to you, is at the point of Solomon, it’s not the 12 Tribes anymore; it’s the Division of the Tribes:

  • you have 10,
  • and you have 2.
  • Then we know that at the dispersion, the 10 Northern Tribes were dispersed by Assyria, and they never came back really. Now they’re dispersed all over the world, and to prove you’re One of those 10 Tribes, you’re just not gonna do it.

All over the world there’s this False Belief System that, ‘We’re the 12 Tribes or One of the Lost Tribes. We’re one of the lost tribes of the children of Israel.’  This is another great error, because anyone that believes they can achieve any kind of Spirituality outside of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in Error!

If you think that you’re One of the Lost Tribes, be careful of that. It says that, ‘In Christ, there’s neither Jew nor Gentile {Galatians 3:28}.’ We are all One in Him. Look, even at the time of the Babylonian captivity, the Jews were already completely intermixed with the Babylonians, and they’re like, ‘We’ve taken strange wives.’ So they had to do this straightening out again.

What I’m trying to suggest to you is, that the Naming of the 12 Tribes relates to, obviously what we see in Genesis and in the Torah, and the leading up to the building of the 1st Temple with David and Solomon. Then when the 2 Nations are divided, you don’t really have the 12 Tribes anymore, especially at the Dispersion; you have One Tribe, it is Jew…. Judah.

Then the next fulfillment of the 12 Tribes is New Jerusalem.

So in the Last Days what we have, is we have the Bride….. the end times New Jerusalem bride, these people. That’s what I’m saying, that when we’re looking at the Book of Revelation; the Lord Jesus says this. He says, ‘There are the 12 Tribes at the time of the wilderness.’

And then we also have John’s vision of New Jerusalem coming down as the Bride.

  • The size of New Jerusalem is 12,000 furlongs times 12, which is 144,000 furlongs.
  • And we know that there are 12 Gates of the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.

What you’re seeing in Revelation 7, is the 12 Tribes of children of Israel have nothing to do with Jews; it has to do with New Jerusalem.  Because these people are at the 12 Gates, and they’re named after the New Jerusalem.

  • New Jerusalem precedes the Jews; it’s always been the Bride.
  • New Jerusalem always is for the King.

New Jerusalem is in the future, when God makes a new heaven and new earth, but we know at Ezekiel’s Temple, the Messiah will reign in Jerusalem.

This is where we have a problem, because we have Zionist Jews saying:

  • ‘We’re the Jews!
  • We’re the 12 Tribes of children of Israel.
  • This is God’s promise to Abraham, and we’re gonna reign here forever.’

No, you’re not!  Yes, God had a covenant with Abraham. And Faith in Iésous Christos {Jesus Christ} is the promise to Abraham’s seed.

Those that have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are Abraham’s seed. It says that clearly.

But that doesn’t mean that the Jews that are in Israel, the people that are in Israel, I don’t even know what to call them, anyway, there are people there.  And, I’m staying in a hotel that’s a very popular place for the Jews or the Israelis to come to, and I have no problem; I always greet them, and I like to learn some Hebrew, and I say, ‘Shalom’, and always greet and everything. But I want to laugh because they’re ‘Jews’, right? And some of them are kind of Orthodox, and they have Shabbat Shalom, and they do a bunch of stuff here, but I want to laugh because you see blonde hair and freckles and light, light skin.  You’re like, ‘You do not look Middle Eastern at all.’  So I kind of laugh.

But I also like to learn things from them and talk to them; I ask them questions about Zionism and different things, if I can.  Because I want to learn.  But to think that……I mean look, God dispersed in 70 AD the Jews. Now they are all over the place, and then they come back again; they’re really representative of whatever nation they come out of.  Because, obviously, they’re not the 12 Tribes because there’s no way that they maintain consistency with every single person they marry.

  • They always intermarry,
  • they always have,
  • and they always will,
  • and there’s no way they can prove that they’re one of the 12 Tribes; you can forget it.

Essentially we say, Jew, but I’m not doing DNA testing on each one to see what percentage.

But even if it is .111 percent, God is faithful to His covenant with Abraham. You have two kinds of fulfillment:

  • Faith in Lord Jesus Christ as the seed to Abraham.
  • But He also did bring back people from many Nations to the land of Israel. Even if there’s just such a slim portion of actual Hebrew roots, Hebrew ancestry. That’s amazing, and the Scriptures did come into fulfillment. They were overwhelmed by the numbers of the Arabic nations around them, and God delivered them with mighty victory in Battles in 1948, 1967, and many others. But you have this kind of Underdog Situation, and Angels and Supernatural Things happen to bring them victory. It’s almost like in the Old Testament.

Now they have a powerful military, the IDF is very strong:

  • They are a nuclear superpower and everything else.
  • They’re completely influenced by Zionism,
  • and covertly influencing the West,
  • influencing the United States to destroy all the Arabic nations around them.

The Jews have always been one extreme or the other: God is with them, and then they become Comfortable and Prideful, and then they get Judged.

That’s what’s going to happen again; they’re gonna get Judged again.

Many of the Scriptures that deal with this have these Prophecies on Edom. If you listen to the rabbis and you listen to their actual Belief System:

  • they hate the Goyim;
  • they think the Goyim are second-class citizens and all this stuff. That’s why this religion is evil, because of its superiority.  Any kind of superiority in the flesh, watch out!  False religion all over the place, every time.

They say that Christians are Goyim, and Christians are Edom.

That’s actually the opposite:

  • they are Edom,
  • and we’re gonna reign with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in Jerusalem. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. If you’re not gonna do that, I don’t know, but you better confess the Lord, you better believe that Iésous Christos is the Son of God, He is gonna reign in Jerusalem.

There’s gonna be Great Judgment again in that Nation, on the Zionists.

They say, ‘Well, the Christians have replacement theology.’ No, it says Abraham’s seed are those that Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Abraham’s seed is the 12 Tribes. As I said, there’s been NO 12 Tribes since Solomon. Yes, there were 12 Tribes then; Now, the 12 Tribes in the future are New Jerusalem, and that’s God’s promise to Abraham.

God’s promise to Abraham, is God’s promise to His Son, because Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac his son, just as the Father was willing to sacrifice His Son for ALL of Humanity.

The Promised Land to Abraham and his seed, was always to God’s Son; remember that.

We know He’s going to reign; He’s gonna take the promised land. But the Zionist Jews are saying, ‘No, we’re the 12 Tribes.’ No, they’re not.  Yes, there may be a slim chance that they’re actually not a hundred percent European or Russian, or whatever.

But what we’re trying to do is achieve some balance in this:

  •  So Yes, God sided with the Jews,
  • and it was necessary for the 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to have them as a Nation. The early Apostles spoke of this; there would be a Regathering there.

But that doesn’t mean that their Belief System is right!

  • Their Belief System is Mystery Babylon.
  • And they will build a temple.
  • And they will prepare for the son of perdition.

The Lord Jesus said, ‘You won’t receive me, but you’ll receive another one.’  We know that the other one is the son of perdition, it is the one that will sit on that seat.  And so then the Jews will be Judged. The Zionist Jews that have a part in the One World Religion, One World Government, One World Everything, to build this, to build this for the son of perdition, for the Beast.  THEY WILL BE JUDGED!

They will all be Judged, and then once they are Judged, then the preparations will be made for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to reign in Jerusalem.

Let’s think about these things, most of us have been influenced by this kind of Zionist Belief System, because in our lifetime, the nation of Israel has been there. But let’s go back earlier; let’s remember that New Jerusalem is the 12 Tribes. Right now, there are NO 12 Tribes of those people living there, in the nation of Israel: it’s Jews, that’s it!

But that doesn’t mean God has completely forsaken His covenant with Abraham.

They will be judged as Edom.

I’m doing all this to reinforce and to get you thinking, because we want to have balance. The reason we want to have balance, is we don’t want to get into one extreme or the other. If we get into one extreme or the other, then we’re gonna have a problem with our Father, which we don’t want to do.

For example, we don’t want to completely be Zionist, and completely behind Israel.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything Israel does; it doesn’t matter how evil and wicked it is, it’s God’s; these are God’s people.” Really?  What God?  I think it’s a small g.

At the same point, we don’t want to be so against it.  And the reason for that, is because it says in Romans 11, that there are Elect Jews that God has chosen.   And He still loves these people and wants to bring them back. That’s happened.

Another way of looking at this is like the Lord Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry; when He was on the earth, He talked about these serpents and vipers, and these Pharisees and Sadducees. The Pharisee kind of religion, False Religion, False Judaism, exists to this day. That’s what the rabbis and everything teach; that’s the Zohar and Kabbalah and all this evil and wicked stuff. The Lord rebuked them!

But then when there was a woman that was suffering or in pain, and the Lord healed them like this one woman on the Sabbath, He said, ‘Why are you giving this woman a hard time, and why are you giving Me a hard time, when even on the Sabbath if your sheep or goat is stuck you get him out of a ditch? But here this daughter of Abraham.’ He called her a daughter of Abraham.

So even in His time, He’s always teaching this distinction between:

  • a daughter of Abraham,
  • and one that is part of this evil, wicked Zionist…..False Judaism.

He had it in His time, and it’s also in our day.

And of course, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation also speaks very, very strongly against the Jews, “This synagogue of Satan.” {Revelation 2:9 and 3:9}

A synagogue is only one thing, Jews!

  • It’s not like, “Oh, is a synagogue Hindu.” No, it’s Jews.
  • It’s not Christian; it’s Jews.
  • The synagogue of Satan, He says it twice, ‘These are those that say they are Jews, and are not.’

He speaks strongly about this, and He says, {Matthew 24:30 and Revelation 1:7} ‘When the Son of Man appears in the clouds, He’ll be seen by every tribe, kindred, nation, and tongue, and by those that pierced Him.’ Those that pierced Him are obviously, they are Jews.

As well it talks about the 2 Witnesses, and it talks about the place where the Lord was crucified. Throughout the Book of Revelation, and it speaks mostly harsh criticism to the Jews in the Book of Revelation. So, that’s why we don’t want to have this great emphasis, “Oh, everything in the last days is Israel.”  No!

The nation of Israel is part of it, but now watch out!

Because the Zionists are saying:

  • “Oh, it’s the Gog and Magog War; Russia and Iran they’re gonna attack Israel, and God is gonna bring great victory.”

No, the Gog and Magog War is NOT till the End of the Millennium.

  • These are again False Teachings of Zionism,
  • the Zionism that influences the Christians,
  • and influences End Times Prophecy.

That’s why I want this balance. If you were very pro-Israeli and all this stuff, then do some research on Zionism, do some research on all this stuff. Many are familiar with the Rothschilds and all that stuff, and that’s true, Hollywood and all that. But also do some research on its influencing on the Christian beliefs of the End Times. It’s very, very strong. We want balance;

  • there would have to be a nation of Israel,
  • and there have to be people in there.

Are they the 12 Tribes? No, they’re NOT the 12 Tribes of Israel.

We also don’t want to get caught up in, ‘We are the Lost Tribes of the 12 Tribes of Israel.’ We don’t want this either, because IF you believe that you can obtain Spirituality according to the Flesh, you’re already in Deception. We’re talking about False Prophets; that’s what people will do.  Based on the Flesh or some minute chance that you’re One of the Lost Tribes.  No!

Like here in Ethiopia, there’s a place that Jews come to, and they kind of keep a separate Judaism from the nation of Israel and the rest of the Jews, but they are black as night; they are Ethiopian’s. They don’t look Middle Eastern, is what I’m saying here. So can they achieve anything special from God based on the flesh? No!

In Jesus Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile {Galatians 3:28}.

What I’m trying to get at, is Please don’t have this strong emphasis on Jew and Gentile. In Jesus Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile. This Jew and Gentile belief is Zionism. Let’s not have this. Yes, this existed in the early Church, where the message of Jesus Christ and the seed of Abraham was still new. But now it’s not new; it’s 2000 years from then, we know what this is:

The seed of Abraham is belief in Lord Jesus Christ.

Now we have the people dispersed into all of the European nations and everything else, and they’ve come back. But that doesn’t mean they’re the 12 Tribes; that doesn’t mean they are really Jews. It means that God was faithful to do this.

So, don’t think of yourself as a Gentile; think of yourself as the Bride of Christ.

As God’s promise to Abraham, the seed of Abraham of New Jerusalem.

That’s who you are, IF you are a Believer in Iésous Christos.

They make themselves, “Oh, we’re Jews, we’re superior!  You Gentiles, you’re less.” Don’t fall for any of that stuff. But don’t also say, ‘Well, I am a Jew, so I’m superior to you!’  No, no, no, let us have balance, please.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough, Who are the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.

  • We have it existing up until a Time, and then it Ended at Solomon.

Another thing I want to mention as well, about Solomon, about this, is another thing that can kind of give us some insight, if we follow the Ark of the Covenant. Obviously we know the 12 Tribes were in the wilderness and Sinai, and they built the Ark of the Covenant with Moses. The Torah, they also have great emphasis on this Judaism and Torah; the Torah is incomplete, because the Torah testifies to the Messiah, to His 1st Coming and 2nd Coming.

Now the reason it’s incomplete, is when you have the Ark of the Covenant, there are only 2 Angels.

God’s Throne has 4 Angels.

What happens is, the Ark of the Covenant is the Torah, is a moving thing, building to the time to build the house of David, the 1st Temple. The Tabernacle is a temporary thing, moving with the Ark of the Covenant, which is only 2 of the 4 Angels, up until the time of the 1st Temple.

When you have the 1st Temple, then you have a Structure; you have a Pattern, another representation of New Jerusalem. In it, there are instructions that God gives to David to have 2 more Cherubim as a part of the Holy of Holies. This completes the Pattern of 4. Now we have the completion.

Then what happens is, it’s only 390 Years from the time you have Solomon, and then at the Babylonian captivity, the Ark of the Covenant is taken. Jeremiah hides it in a cave, and it never comes back, at all.

When they build a 2nd Temple, there’s NO Ark of the Covenant; they can’t make Atonement.

These are important things to think about. That’s why you have much Apostasy;

  • is that God’s seat is not there,
  • His Holiness is not there,
  • and they can’t make Atonement.

That’s why the 12 Tribes of Israel, again, they would really be ending at Solomon. And really after the Babylonian captivity, you don’t have the 12 Tribes of Israel anymore:

  • You have the 10 Northern Tribes;
  • the Southern Tribes,
  • you have the dispersion,
  • and you have Judah, which is Jews.

That’s very important for us to understand.  So when you talk about the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel in the Book of Revelation, that’s what I’m saying. I’ve been telling you over and over:

  • These are New Jerusalem,
  • and the seed of Abraham….faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Jews will also say, “Oh, that’s replacement theology, you can’t do that.”  No, we exist:

  • and we are Born from Zion;
  • we were Born from the Foundations of this Earth,
  • we were Born in New Jerusalem. That happened before Adam and Eve. That’s what it means to be Born from Zion. Read Psalm 87. We’re Born from New Jerusalem; we just come to this earth and go back.

Don’t fall victim to all this false stuff. Chew on the Light; chew on the Truth. I strongly encourage you to study Ezekiel’s Temple, because when Lord Jesus Christ reigns in Jerusalem, it’s the Place of the Seat of His Throne. That’s what all this is; it’s all His:

  • it’s His promise,
  • and the Promised Land of Abraham is the Promised Land of the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s gonna reign, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, He is Lord.  To the glory of the Father.

These are just some thoughts and things I wanted to share with you. This is my second recording, and I forget if I got everything in here, but let’s have balance. Let’s not fall to extremes; if we do, then we will have False Doctrines, and we will fall into various extremes.

But God is amazing to allow us to live in this time. Now we can see these things.  These things were even Hidden from our early Christian fathers; the early Apostles didn’t know these things. But the Lord promised to them, He told the 12 Apostles, “You will sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

Again, the 12 Tribes of Israel is New Jerusalem.

But Zionism has clouded our Thinking, so we Think that the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel are Jews.

No, no, no, it’s Not! But:

  • God is faithful, and there are people there.
  • He said He would bring this Nation back.

I’m gonna have some more on this, trying to make it as clear as possible. Let’s learn, let’s share.  And all I can tell you is just watch some documentaries, watch some stuff, but let’s not fall into extremes. Let’s have some balance, let’s let our scales be even, and all things to the coming of His glorious Kingdom. That He will sit as King of Kings and have a reign IN Jerusalem. “The place of the soles of his feet”, as it says in Ezekiel.

We’ll have Ezekiel’s Temple, and then after 1,000 Years, we have New Jerusalem.

Let’s have balance here. God bless you; thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any comments or anything you want to share. Hopefully, you have balance.

Watch and pray that you escape all these things, in Iésous Christos’ Name, Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen.


Rom 9 For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel: Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: 

Gal 3:16 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise

Mystery Babylon playlist:

Heavenly Order of the Camp of the Saints:

The Precious Cornerstone:

Knock at the Door to East Gate:

Video posted on January 15, 2017: Gen14 Abram (type of Christ) defeats 9 Kings (Timeline Pt20) Melchizedek:

Video posted on October 20, 2023: This is Armageddon! This is Joel 3:

Video posted on October 10, 2023: Gaza War in Zech 9 and Amos 1:

Video posted on April 20, 2021: War [WW3] Desolations Determined – Cup of Indignation – 62 Weeks:

Video posted on July 17, 2020: Show the Inheritance and Census Pattern:

Errors of Zionism and 12 Tribes of Children of Israel: Errors of Zionism and 12 Tribes of Children of Israel – Overcoming Lyme Disease – Jennifer Heath – #1 International Bestselling Author

10,000 Palestinians Killed in a Month of IDF Bombing in Gaza

grey jet plane

In the meantime the Palestinians have been betrayed by the very Muslim leaders that have been talking big for the past week, just as I stated this past Saturday. In today’s video I also have more on the compromised leaders of the Muslim world, such as Egypt’s Al-Sisi (Trumps favorite dictator) who is really Jewish and a defacto citizen of Israel through the “right of return”. In other words don’t expect Egypt to put up much real resistance to Israel unless Al-Sisi is deposed which is always possible.

Make no mistake WW3 is here and it will expand and engulf the West as well, it’s just a matter of when. Stay ready because when the shtf there will be very little warning. Prayed up and prepped up as always.

We are entering WW3

Arab Regimes have betrayed Gaza

Egyptian President is a Jew

Major Cucking by Muslim Leaders

Deagle Forecast

Israel to Conduct Full Ground Assault in Gaza

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Israel’s objectives unfeasible without civilian deaths – US general

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Analysts are debunking Israel’s narrative about neutralizing Hamas without generating civilian casualties. In a densely populated region and with the Resistance’s forces knowing the terrain much better than the Israelis, the IDF will certainly have serious problems to achieve its objectives – at least in an ethical, legal and humanitarian way.

According to retired US Army general Robert Abrams, it is highly “unlikely” that the IDF will be able to defeat Hamas without creating a bloodbath in Gaza. He says the fighting will be hard and intense in the midst of a highly populated area, making Gaza a scenario unlike anything the IDF or American troops have seen in recent decades.

“I think it’s going to be what I would consider nearly impossible, to destroy Hamas, to eliminate their capability to do harm to Israel and Israeli people, while simultaneously protecting what some people have estimated as to be a million Palestinians who are in harm’s way and they can’t get out of harm’s way (…) This is going to be a very difficult task for the Israeli Defense Forces, that the defense that Hamas will put up in that very dense urban terrain, unlike anything that we’ve seen in recent years, is going to require some very siege fighting, and simultaneously trying to ensure that the Israelis do not target unwittingly the locations of the hostages (…) This is going to prove to be a very difficult task and we’ll just have to see how their plan plays out here over the coming days”, he said.

These difficulties were previously predicted by other analysts and currently appear to be the main concern of the American armed forces. The US wants to prevent its ally in the Middle East from promoting a massacre that would make it even more difficult to circumvent international political and diplomatic pressure against Tel Aviv. Therefore, despite supporting Israel militarily, including sending special troops, the US repeatedly insisted that the ground invasion plan should not go ahead.

In addition to the massacre of Palestinian civilians, which has become commonplace in Gaza, there are risks for Israeli citizens held as prisoners by Hamas fighters. Both in its incursions on the ground and in its incessant bombings, Israel puts the lives of prisoners at risk, with dozens of them having reportedly died as a side effect of these attacks. The result of this is that Israeli society itself tends to criticize the government for its actions and demand an end to the attacks on Gaza, since, instead of “destroying Hamas”, Israel is only killing Palestinian and Jewish civilians.

The main problem, however, is that Netanyahu has promised real revenge and is in a politically uncomfortable situation. All paths seem to result in unfavorable scenarios for his government. Military actions, if carried out, will lead to the death of civilians and damage the international image of the Zionist regime. On the other hand, a military retreat will make Netanyahu look like a weak leader incapable of defeating his enemies – which could lead to an unprecedented political crisis in Tel Aviv.

The most rational attitude on the part of Tel Aviv would be to obey the requests for a total ceasefire and begin to change its policy towards Palestine, stopping apartheid, ethnic cleansing and expansionism so that there is no longer a military reaction against Israel. But irrationality and anti-strategic revanchism seem to be more prominent in Tel Aviv than political realism.

It is also necessary to emphasize that even Israeli experts are already warning the Netanyahu government about the catastrophic consequences of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and demanding a change in the strategy against Hamas, asking that, instead of military measures, political actions be implemented to facilitate a dialogue with Palestine.

For example, IDF veteran and political activist Benzion Sanders recently wrote:

“For years, many of us on the left in Israel have been warned that we will never have peace and security until we find a political agreement in which Palestinians achieve freedom and independence (…) It isn’t just human rights activists taking this position: Even Ami Ayalon, the former head of the Israeli security service Shin Bet, has argued for years that Palestinian terror can be defeated only by creating Palestinian hope.”

Regardless of his government’s delicate situation, Netanyahu should pay attention to the experts’ analysis and prioritize a humanitarian solution. It remains to be seen how Netanyahu will react to critical opinions, although evidence indicates that he will ignore them.

You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

Source: InfoBrics

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Yemen Declares War on Israel as the war in Gaza Expands!

white concrete building

This war will soon engulf the whole world. Look for major announcements from Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran this Friday Nov. 3 2023. There is a TON of war news in today’s video, prayed up and prepped up, time is short!

Yemen Declares War on Israel

Be Ready for a false Flag in USA

Israel Rejects Truce or Ceasefire

US Quietly Building Secret Base in Israel

Kiev Neo-Nazis responsible for airport riot in Dagestan

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Kiev neo-Nazi regime reportedly behind uprising in Dagestan

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Anti-Jewish unrest took place in Russia’s Dagestan, generating concern among authorities. Muslim protesters stormed the local airport and attempted to attack Israeli Jews who had reportedly emigrated to the Russian Federation. Apparently, the case has links with Ukrainian intelligence, but it is also notorious how Israel’s criminal actions are favoring the emergence of reactive antisemitic sentiments around the world.

The incident happened on October 29th. The Makhachkala international airport in the Republic of Dagestan was taken over by angry protesters screaming “Allahu Akbar!” and “hunting” Israeli refugees who had supposedly arrived there. Many of the protesters carried Palestinian flags. Instead of a peaceful demonstration, the unrest looked like a rebellion by fanatics seeking revenge. However, Russian authorities were effective in neutralizing the threat and preventing damage.

Previously, some other cases of anti-Jewish attacks had been reported in Dagestan and other Muslim-majority Russian regions. For example, the day before, there was an invasion against a hotel where Israeli citizens were supposedly staying. There was also an attempted vandalism against a Jewish cultural center in the Nalchik region. But none of these cases was on the scale of the airport attack.

In fact, Russian authorities firmly condemned the demonstrations. Of particular importance were the pronouncements of Islamic authorities in Russian regions such as Chechnya. Both Muslim and non-Muslim officials spoke quite clearly in their position, affirming support for the Palestinian people, but condemning all anti-Jewish hatred and criminal attacks against Israeli citizens.

It is known that the protests were the result of online rumors spread by the administrators of a Telegram channel called Utro Dagestana (‘Dagestan Morning’). Allegations about the possible arrival of Israelis in Dagestan and encouragement of attacks were occurring openly on the channel. Both Russian authorities and the Killnet hacker group consider the channel an asset of the Ukrainian intelligence service.

Interestingly, Ilya Ponomarev, a prominent expatriate Russian politician based in Kiev, has sometimes stated that Utro Dagestana is a part of his personal network of resources in the information war against Russia. As an opposition leader and working highly against Moscow, Ponomarev obviously has an interest in the destabilization of Russia, which shows the reasons why the violent protests were motivated.

The attempt to foment chaos in Russia through ethnic and religious separatism is not new. Western intelligence has been trying for years to make Russia’s non-Christian majority regions real battlegrounds against Moscow. Russia has been effective at neutralizing threats and maintaining national cohesion, so it appears that foreign agents are changing their strategy. Now, instead of Moscow, the targets of attacks are foreign citizens. With this, Ukrainian intelligence manipulates popular and religious emotions to attack innocent Israeli citizens, damaging the international image of Russia – which could be seen as an “antisemitic” country.

Indeed, there is nothing capable of justifying attacks on civilians and racist attempts to punish ordinary Israeli citizens for crimes committed by the IDF. However, it is clear that Tel Aviv’s anti-humanitarian actions are helping to fuel antisemitic sentiments around the world. The actions of Ukrainian intelligence were only effective because a strong anti-Israel mentality began to grow among Muslims as a consequence of the IDF’s crimes.

The work of intelligence agents consists precisely in transforming these legitimate opinions of indignation into uncontrolled hatred against ordinary people. Therefore, it is possible to say that the successful operation of networks like the Utro Dagestana group is made possible by Israel’s illegal actions. In other words, the Zionist State is helping to spread antisemitism around the world.

Just as Russian officials must remain alert to the role played by Ukrainian intelligence agents in fomenting social instability in the Federation, Israeli officials should pay attention to the negative effects of their actions on the Jewish people abroad. The Israeli government needs to know that its actions have consequences. The more the people of Gaza are massacred, the more there will be a negative reaction – and it is inevitable that some of these reactions will go out of control and take on an extremist aspect. Outside of Israel, this could pose a threat to innocent civilian Jews.

Russia will certainly work in order to ensure that Jews are protected on its territory. As a multi-ethnic country with a large Jewish population, this is a priority for the Federation – and Moscow has the necessary means to achieve this. However, in countries where Jews live in vulnerable circumstances, the situation can be really disturbing. Israel, as a Jewish State, should take these analyzes into consideration before ordering its troops to carry out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

Source: InfoBrics

BREAKING NEWS! Turkey Sends 100 Warships through Bosporus Strait to Israel!

german navy ships

The Turkish Navy is, right now, transiting ONE-HUNDRED Naval Warships through the Bosporus Strait from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. All of that and much more are in today’s war update video!

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Turkey Sends 100 Ships

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Israel Says “Ground Forces Expanding Operations Tonight” As Gaza Comms, Internet Cut

black smoke coming from fire

According to a financial and war cycle expert, 2 billion plus will die in the next war cycle. All of that and more are in today’s video report. Prayed up and prepped up, time is short!

IDF expanding ground invasion tonight

It’s about depopulation!

2 billion to die in war cycle

New Speaker of the House is a Zionist

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