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They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore…

‘Pandemic Emotions’ Create ‘Opportunity’ to Push Climate Fear – WEF


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Beast Wound (plague in Greek) was healed, therapeutics called “God miracles”

Here is more information from Leeland Jones, showing you why I believe Donald Trump is the antichrist. As you can see Bible prophecy doesn’t always unfold as we think it will.

This is transcribed by international best selling author, Jennifer Heath. You can find her work at

Beast Plaguē was Healed [Therapeutics] God’s Miracles:

Leeland Jones website:

Leeland Jones video posted on October 4, 2020, transcribed:

Wow!  This is crazy!  We first saw the Beast Wound!  We told you about this Wound, and this plege in  the Greek where we get the word Plague in English, and COVID-19.

Now the Beast Plague, now he’s saying he’s being healed by the Therapeutics!  In Greek the word for Healed is Therapeutics.  On top of that, he’s calling these God’s Miracles!  Listen, he is saying it from his own mouth, you can hear it!

{.30 second mark, Trump} “If you look at the Therapeutics, which I’m taking right now, some of them and others that are coming out soon that are looking like…..franckly, they’re Miracles, if you want to know truth!  They’re Miracles!  People criticize me when I say that, but we have things happening that look like they’re Miracles Coming Down From God!”

{.49 second mark, back to Leeland} “Miracles Coming Down From God!”  Oh my goodness!  Look at this! Healed, he’s actually using the word in Greek, Therapeutics that he was healed.

And let’s remember what 2 Thessalonians 2:8 says, And then shall the Wicked be revealed: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.  That’s what we’re listening to what the Beasts say, Signs and Wonders, “Miracles from God!”

Revelation 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those Miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast.

So THIS IS the Beasts MIRACLES!!! Let’s look at his Twitter page.

Here we see official Twitter page, and here’s this video.

And we’re gonna to look at the usage of the word there. But again, here:

“Doctors, Nurses and ALL at the GREAT Walter Reed Medical Center, and other’s from likewise incredible institutions who have joined them are AMAZING!!!  Tremendous progress has been made over the last 6 months in fighting this PLAGUE. With their help, I am feeling well.”

So here we see the usage of the word PLAGUE, he hasn’t been using this word up until now.  But now he is using this word PLAGUE, which we see in Revelation 13, right in your face!

Now these are Dark Sayings!  It says that the Antichrist will speak in Dark Sayings, and like Parables.

And that’s why he’s using these very words that are in Revelation 13:  PLAGUE, Therapeutics, God’s Miracles!

{2:30 min mark, Trump}  “I came here, wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now.  We’re working hard to get me all the way back!  I have to be back, and I’ll be back, I think I’ll be back soon!  And I look forward to finishing up the Campaign, the way it was started, and the way we’ve been doing.  And the kind of numbers that we’ve been doing, we’ve been so proud of it.

But this is something that happened, and it’s happened to Millions of people all over the world, AND I’M FIGHTING FOR THEM!!!  NOT JUST IN THE U.S.!  I’M FIGHTING FOR THEM ALL OVER THE WORLD!

We’re going to beat this Coronavirus or whatever you want to call it!  And we’re going to beat it “Soundly”!  So many things have happened!  If you look at the Therapeutics, which I’m taking right now, some of them.  And others are coming out soon that are looking like, frankly they’re MIRACLE’S, if you want to know the Truth.  THEY’RE MIRACLES!  People criticize me when I say that, but we have things happening that look like they’re MIRACLE’S COMING DOWN FROM GOD!”

{3:25 min mark, back to Leeland} “The Therapeutics, the Miracles from God!”  This is most likely, he’s referring to the Vaccine and we know that this IS the Mark of the Beast:

The PLAGUE, the Pharmakeia!   We’ve been telling you that this is the Mark of the Beast!  Now, it’s happening before our eyes, where the Beast is giving us these Codes:

Plague, Therapeutics, God’s Miracles!








We do have a whole playlist on this!  This is just a few minutes, we’re sharing with you on the Plague, the Therapeutics, his own Mouth: “God’s Miracles!”

Thanks for watching, and God bless you!


Mark (cháragma) of the Beast, know them by charaktēr:

Plague 》Pharmakeia 》Mark of the Beast:

Trump is the AntiChrist:

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When is the Great Harvest of the Great Multitude?

group of people raise their hands on stadium

This was transcribed and sent to me by International best selling author Jennifer Heath. You can find her work at

I love it when Jennifer transcribes these videos. It makes it easier to review and understand. Time is short, please watch the video and pray for understanding.

When is the Great Harvest of the Great Multitude?:

Leeland Jones website:


Leeland Jones video posted on December 27, 2020, transcribed: 

We’re pleased to announce the Timing of the Great Harvest!

You can see I am standing on an actual winepress.  A real winepress, it actually works.  You can see  you stand here, and here are the boots.  You press the wine and the wine comes out right here {in the front of winepress}, into your container.

Now, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the Wedding Supper.   The Wedding Supper and what people traditionally call the Rapture, IS NOT JUST ONE EVENT!  They are 2 Events, and they are typified by the Great Harvest that we see.

The Great Harvest, there’s two Wheat Harvests.  There’s one, you see the Angel with the Sickle.  The Angel with the Sickle is called the Angel of the Covenant. We can see the Angel of the Covenant in Daniel chapter’s 10 and 12, as we’ve been going over, he holds the Sickle!  He holds the Sickle for the Harvest of Revelation chapter 14, there is a Wheat Harvest.

So you have a Wheat Harvest and you have a Grape Harvest, a Winepress, in Revelation 14. As it relates to the Wheat Harvest, we’re going to announce the Timing of the Wheat Harvest, as we can find it IN the Prophecies of Daniel 10 and 12, conferring to Revelation 14.  Now, most of you think that there is a Single Rapture, but that is not!

There is a lot of deception about the Rapture, it’s actually called the Resurrection!

The Resurrection is what is going to take place.  IN the Resurrection, it is those with the Seal of God, the 144,000.  Then afterwards, there’ll be the Great Multitude that has the Great Harvest.  So, this is clear that IN the Wedding Supper there are those that are Poor, Lame, Blind, and Halt.  They are the 1st Guests to the Wedding Supper.

Then afterwards it says, Bring in both the Good and the Bad.  That means that there is a Harvest.  There are 2 types of Harvest: the Harvest of the Wheat, which is the Good Harvest.  Understand?  This is what it is talking about in the Wedding Supper, bring in Good, the Good Harvest, and the Bad, the Bad is the Winepress, the Grape Harvest.

There’s 2 types of Harvest that you can clearly see that in Revelation 14, and that happens in Matthew 22, with the Wedding Supper.  Understand?  It’s not One Event, that’s the Rapture that everybody’s talking about, NOT everybody is going to make that!  We’re doing these video’s so that you’re Encouraged, so that When the Resurrection happens, IF it doesn’t happen the way you Think: you thought the Rapture would happen, you will have to Endure longer: a Times, Time and a Half of Time.

And we can see the starting point of that in Daniel chapter 10. That’s what we’re going to go over the details in this video, to solidify this Fact, with the Times that we are IN. So we must Endure to the End, the End of certain points.  Those certain points are outlined to us in Daniel chapter 12.  We’re going to go over these details, even if you don’t follow this channel, a lot of this you don’t really understand, there is no way I can explain the same things over and over.  I will link the video where we explain the Great Harvest, and the difference between that in the 7th Trumpet.  {Links are at the bottom of this video}

But, the Most High has led me to this place, to show you an actual working and operating Winepress so as to tell you this message.  To actually give me a Sickle…

to tell you this message.  Actually I will show you right here, we also have a Net. {4:39 min mark}  See, next to our Winepress.   See where the wine comes out, and look, right next to it is the Net.

This is the Harvest.  It says, Cast the net into the sea and separate them.  So he’s going to separate the Sheep from the goats.

Now, another way this Harvest shows itself, is through the Garments.  We can see there that there is a Wheat Harvest, we could see the Net.  And the other way we understand the Great Harvest, is that the Great Multitude MUST PREPARE THEIR GARMENTS.

The High Priest, he will prepare his Garments, particularly, on One Day of the Year, that is Yom Kippur {The Day of Atonement}.  And this you can see in Zechariah chapter 3, we have other video’s on this, on Getting Prepared, Preparing your Garments {Link at the bottom of this blog post}.

This principal is really important for us as we go about explaining this, in the Timing of when is the Yom Kippur.  When is the Precise Date and Feast of when the Great Multitude must prepare their Garments.

In a previous video we went and saw, how in Daniel chapters 10 through 12; we see the Lord Jesus Christ appearing, we see the angel Gabriel. We see this Timing of Gabriel appearing in the Evening {Daniel 9:21}, the 3rd Year of Cyrus {Daniel 10:1}, 24th Day of the 1st Month {Daniel 10:4}, by the Great River.

Then we also see the angel Michael {Daniel 11:13}. Definitely go over this previous video, if you haven’t already.

We also had the Angel of the Covenant.  So, those are things you MUST Understand, before you understand the things that we are gonna go over in this video.  And, we’re going to get into more amazing things.

We’ve determined that through 1948, the 62 Weeks {Years} brings us to 2010 {1948 + 62 = 2010}.  And the 7 Weeks {Years}, to 2017 {2010 + 7 = 2017}. Now it says, Unto the Messiah the Prince will be 62 Weeks and 7 Weeks {Daniel 9:25}. One of the names of the Kings of Persia is Cyrus, who was called the Mashiach, Cyrus the Anointed.

So when it’s talking about the Anointed, it’s talking about a number of Years for Cyrus. We have to understand those Years of Cyrus, in order to determine the Years of the Prophecy. We’ll explain that in a minute, but we want to talk about this very, very important detail {1948 + 62 = 2010 + 7 = 2017 + 3 = 2020}, before we get into this. What are we talking about?

Daniel 12:7, it says, Unto a time, times, and half of time, which is 3 1/2 Years, When he completes the scatter or shattering of the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished. So it says, After 3 1/2 Years, all these things will be finished. We are going to see that this Scattering relates to the Harvest.  Basically, what it’s saying, it AFTER 3 1/2 Years there will be the Harvest.

We also understand that we have the Angel of the Covenant makes this statement, here in Daniel 12:7, he says that!  He also appears in Revelation 10:6, And there shall be a Time No Longer. So he’s saying there’s a Time No Longer or there’s a Completion, in Revelation 10.  But he says, In the Days of the Voice of the 7th Angel when he shall begin to Sound.  What that is, is that is the 7th Trumpet!

So at the 7th Trumpet, there shall be Time No Longer.  There’s a Completion of One of the periods of Time that it Completed.  That’s completed with the 7th Angel, but there’s Another One, which is the Scattering, which is AFTER 3 1/2 Years.  We’ll get into this later, if it seems a little confusing.

But let’s observe this extremely important detail, where it says in Revelation 10:5, He lifted up his hand. The reason he lifted up just one hand, is he had a Book in the other hand.  We are ‘suggesting’ that because it’s one hand, that hand represents 3 1/2 Years. Because, in Daniel 12:7, we see him and he lifts up his Right hand AND his Left hand to Heaven.

So here he is lifting up both his Right hand and his Left hand, now there is a reason for that, which may be actually a whole other message in itself.  But basically, if each lifting up the hand is 3 1/2 Years, we have something important to understand here in Daniel 12.  But why is it that he lifts One hand {Revelation 10:5}, and then Two hands here {Daniel 12:7}?

This distinction is important for us, because in Revelation 10 we see this Angel standing, and he has a little Book in his hand.  We don’t know which hand the Book is in?  It doesn’t say specifically which hand.  But let’s just for example here, when you get sworn in, what do you do?  You put your hand on the Book, and you raise your Right hand.  This Principal of being sworn in, it comes from this idea.

So he has a little Book in his hand, let’s say that the little Book in his Left hand, just for a matter of example.  He has the little Book in his Left hand and he raises his Right hand, in this example, and he swears by Him that lives forever.  This is important because he gives this little Book to John, in a little bit in Revelation 10, and John what?  John eats the Book!

Well, we see the same Principle of the same Angel touching Daniel’s lips. So Daniel also eats the Book. When we see this Angel in Daniel 12, he raises BOTH hands.  He is not holding the Book, he raises BOTH hands.  And what we are ‘suggesting’ is the significance of the hands is related to also TIME, because in Revelation 10 he said, It is Time NO Longer while raising his Right hand.

‘Time No Longer’, meaning the 3 1/2 Years were Completed!

What Daniel sees, Daniel sees that same Angel and he has another: Times, time, and a half of time, or another 3 1/2 Years.  So it’s Another 3 1/2 Years from that same point.  Hopefully that makes sense?

So again, the raising of the hand in Revelation 10, thus Completing 3 1/2 Years.  And then at the same point, the other hand is lifted up, and we have ANOTHER 3 1/2 Years.  These Years that it is talking about, how do we know when these Years are?  It says, 3 1/2 Years, but how do those Years start and begin?

In the Prophecy in Daniel, we have Daniel 9:1.  We have certain Years of king Cyrus, and these Years begin AFTER something called the Cyrus Decree.  And that Cyrus Decree, we announced, which was December 5th, 2017.  It was that NEXT Day that Donald Trump announced moving the U.S. Embassy, or Establishing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

Those Years are DETERMINED in Daniel 9:1, because it says, In the 1st Year of Darius. In our Prophetic understanding of these Years and these kings, Cyrus and Darius are the Same Timeline. So the 1st Year of Cyrus, is the 1st Year of Darius, so these are the Same!

And we can also see this by Daniel understanding These Years, because Daniel understood AFTER 70 Years were accomplished {Daniel 9:2}.  After those 70 Years were accomplished, Gabriel visits him and says, Your prayers were heard at the Commandment {Daniel 9:23}.  Those precise 70 Years came when Gabriel visited Daniel, precisely at the Commandment or Decree.

We determined that same Decree would play itself out in our Day, and that precise Date was the 24th Day of the 9th Month, 2017, which was December 5th.

We’re going to go over a lot of Dates, and I know a lot of you struggle with this.  Look, this is How the Bible is written.  The Bible is NOT written on your Beast calendar!  You have to come out of Babylon, and get onto the Proper Calendar to understand the things that we’re saying.

In the Proper Calendar you have certain Years, you have Years of the King.  The Years are determined by the KING!  And, those Months are determined by a Calendar!  A Proper Calendar has to be the Enoch Calendar, when you come up to 1,260 Days, all the Times that we are looking at here of 3 1/2 Years, etc.

Daniel understood that the 70 Years were accomplished, in Daniel 9.  In Daniel 10:1 you can see, In the, what?  In the 3rd Year of Cyrus, king of Persia.  We had Daniel 9:1 representing the 1st Year of the Decree of Cyrus.  And then we have the 3rd Year of Cyrus, coming up in Daniel 10:1.

Then {Daniel 10:2}, Daniel was mourning in sackcloth.  The King James Version {KJV} is gonna say, 3 Full Weeks.  BUT, if you look at the Hebrew, something very important takes place, you can see what it says, Three Days {Yomim} Weeks {Shabu’im}.  In the KJV it says, Three Full Weeks.  Full in the Hebrew is Yomim.  Yomim is DAYS!

So if we read the original language, what it’s saying, it’s saying, Three Days {Yomim} Weeks {Shabu’im}.  What does that mean? It means, it’s Three Weeks AND Three Days. We understood that these Weeks are Years.  Now what we have, is we have an additional 3 Years.

Previous we had showed you how Daniel 9:25, from 1948 we have 62 Weeks or Years. Count those Years from 1948, we come to 2010.  That’s the 1st Year of Messiah.  The Messiah there, is the KING that sits on the Throne in the Book of Esther, so that’s Year 2010.  Then it says, In the 7th Year of Messiah. Well, that’s 2017.  That relates to, now what we can see, is king Cyrus.

So we have the Years of Cyrus coming in the Year 2017, now we have 3 Years later.  So this is the 3rd Year of Cyrus {Daniel 10:1}.  What Year is that?  It’s 2020!  Once again, we have 1948, we have the 62 Years to 2010.  And 7 Weeks, {2010 + 7 =} 2017.  Then it says, 3 Weeks!  3 Years + 2017, brings us to 2020! THIS GIVE US THE PRECISE YEAR of What Daniel is talking about, here in Daniel 10:1.

The 3rd Year of Cyrus is what?  2020!

So, the important distinction of these 3 Days Weeks or 3 Weeks and 3 Days, now we know is 3 1/2 Years.  These 3 Weeks…..Shaov’im, im is plural, and Shobua {Weeks}, and Days ….Yomim.  Daniel says this Twice!   He says it in Daniel 10:2 and verse 3, emphasizing the importance of these 3 Days Weeks.

Then it says, Daniel went into mourning, like sackcloth {Daniel 10:2}. So Daniel is a type of one of the two Witnesses, because he goes into sackcloth and he mourning 3 1/2 Weeks.   But, those 3 1/2 Weeks are 3 1/2 Years.  Those 3 1/2 Years in Revelation 11:3 says it’s 1,260 Days, or 3 1/2 Years. From when?  Well, this is what we’re going to get into, and the whole purpose of this video is to determine these Years of the Great Harvest.

So once again, when it’s talking about Weeks, just like we have 3 Weeks here {in Daniel 10:3}, these Weeks are Years. Why?  Because there is a Feast called the Feast of Weeks that happens Once a Year.  So you count every Feast of Weeks, and you thus have 3 1/2 Years.

And look, I know a lot of you are gonna say, Leeland, who are the 2 Witnesses?  Well I’m watching just like you.  I’m not announcing who I think they are, but I’m watching, and we’ll see.  But basically, I’ll put it like this, those 1,260 Days BEGAN at December 5th, 2017.  That’s when it started, and then it’s 1,260 Days. That’s what Daniel is doing, is being a Type of the 2 Witnesses.

We have the Counting, when it says Weeks in certain places, we can see those Weeks are Years.  {Daniel 9:25} Unto Messiah the Prince shall be 7 Weeks and 62 Weeks, those are Years. And again, in Isaiah 45:1, The Lord says to His Anointed…..Mashiach or Messiah, to Cyrus.  Cyrus had the Decree, we know in 2017, those 7 Weeks {2010 + 7 Weeks = 2017}. There we can see the Precise Years of Cyrus.

We have the Angel of the Covenant, we got the Years of Cyrus, now let’s talk about the Angel Gabriel.

And with the Angel Gabriel, we have to come up with a very important detail as it relates to the Angel Gabriel in Christ’s 1st Coming.

Many years ago, when I did the Enoch Calendar, one of the main reasons Why I wanted to do the Calendar was to find the Order of the Priests and the Order of the Priesthood.  In Revelation, you see the 24 Elders.  Who they are, is they are 24 Priest Courses.  You can see that in 1 Chronicles 24, and I knew that there was some importance and significance to having the Proper Order of these Priest Courses.

Let’s look at the Order in Christ’s 1st Coming, with the Angel Gabriel.

The Angel Gabriel visits Zacharias, John the Baptist father, he visits him in the Priest Course called Abijah, you can see that in Luke 1:5. Then it says {Luke 1:11}, the Angel of the Lord is by the right side of the Altar of Incense.  The Angel Gabriel, it’s Gabriel, because in verse 19 he says, I am Gabriel.  So that is the Angel of the Lord at the right side of the Altar of Incense.

I will explain more of that in a future video, but what we’re talking about is Gabriel visits Zacharias, he’s acting in the Priest Course of Abijah, he’s going into the Holy Place.   He’s offering the Incense in his Order.

Then what it says in Luke 1:26, it says in the 6th Month, or it can be viewed as the 6 Months AFTER Elizabeth, Zacharias wife became pregnant with John the Baptist, Gabriel THEN visits Mary. So Gabriel visits Zacharias in the Priest Course of Abijah.  Now 6 Months later means, that Gabriel visited Mary IN THE SAME PRIEST COURSE!

The 24 Priest Courses, what they do, is they happen Twice a Year.

So these 6 Months is a distance between the Time that Gabriel visited, in the Priest Course of Abijah to Zacharias, and Gabriel visited Mary IN also the Priest Course of Abijah, 6 Months Later!  So, we have this association with the Angel Gabriel, of the 24 Elder Priest Course with Gabriel and Abijah.

So, IF our Information is Correct and we have the Proper Calendar, we will see certain alignments and synchronicities with the Calendar and the Priest Course: Abijah.  So here it is.

You can see the Year is 2020.  And I know,  as soon as I get the Calendar, a lot of you are just gonna glaze over, but let’s look at it.  What it said, it said in the 1st Month, so this is the Time period of Passover.  I am going to try to speak simply to some of you.  Passover in 2020 was March 31st.  Then we can see that Daniel mentions the 24th Day of the 1st Month.  You can see that {Daniel 10:4}, In the 3rd Year of Cyrus, in the 24th Day of the 1st Month.

But remember, we also had this Mystery of Daniel saying, there were 3 Weeks and 3 Days. If we have the 24th, and we have another 3 Days, we count 1, 2, 3, now we end up in another Week.  The reason we’re making point of that, is if you look closely, you’ll see that’s Precisely the Priest Course of Abijah.

That’s right!  In that Calendar we’ve submitted, in 2020, 3 Days AFTER the 24th Day {27th Day}:

Here’s the 24th Day:

And if we count the other 3 Days, we end up in the same Priest Course of Gabriel {Abijah}. So this is confirmation that we are right in our Time period and assessment of the Prophecies, relating to Gabriel, relating to Daniel chapter 10 and 11 and 12.

So let’s talk about that once again, Daniel 10:4 In the 3rd Year of Cyrus.  So we know the Year, 2020.  And the 24th Day of the 1st Month, Daniel said, I was by the great river Hiddekel.  Verse 13 says, 21 Days.  Those 21 Days, we know Prophetically ended up, the 24th Day of the 1st Month.

BUT, we also saw in the Prophecy ANOTHER 3 Days, and it comes precisely on the Priest Course of Abijah in the Enoch Calendar for the Year 2020!   That’s amazing, that possibility is only 1 in 24.

So, back to the 24th Day of the 1st Month and it’s significance. We know our Calendar is right, we know we’re on the right Time, we know we are in the right Year, we know that this is VERY Significant, this Day: 24th Day of the 1st Month. {Daniel 10:21} And Gabriel said, I will show you what is in the Scripture of Truth.  It’s from this Date that we must measure and calculate.  Well, calculate what?

It’s the Great Multitude.

In Daniel 10, 11, and 12, it’s All the Same Vision and Prophecy!

In Daniel 11:33 They that understand among the people shall instruct many, yet they shall fall by the sword, by flame, by captivity, spoil many Days. How many Days?  Well, we’ll see!  But remember it’s many Days, it’s gonna happen.

Daniel 11:35 Those of understanding shall fall, to what?  To Try them!  To Purge them!  And to what?  Make them White.  If you go to Make them White, what this is talking about is Garments. Remember how we talked about earlier in the video, we talked about the Garments. Then what it says is, Even to the Time of the End: because it is yet for an Appointed Time {Moedim Feast}.

So there is a perfect Timing of the Trying, the Purging, and the Making White of Garments.  We saw the Making White of Garments, was what?  Yom Kippur.  What it says, is because it is yet for an Appointed Time.  Appointed Time in Hebrew is a Moedim!  It’s a FEAST!

There is only certain Feasts throughout the Year that are Precise Days!

One of them of course is Yom Kippur {Day of Atonement}!

So it’s talking about making Garments White, that’s the Feast, principally the High Priest had to have White Garments on the Day of Atonement {Yom Kippur}.  So we see these people {Daniel 11:33}, they will Try them, the will Purge them, they will Make them White!  We see the same thing in Daniel 12:10 Many shall be purified and made White.  Again, alluding to the Garments, and they’ll be Tried…..but the wicked won’t understand, and the Wise will Understand.

So that is Why THIS Information, most of you won’t understand, because it’s a Heart Issue!

You have to REPENT of your Wickedness, of your Evil Ways, in order to understand the Prophecy!

You can’t be living in Sin, and talk about Bible Prophecy!

You will be Deceived, and you will Deceive others!

So what it is saying here, the Wise will understand!  Well, who’s that?

The Wise is the WISE SERVANTS!


They really are the only one’s that understand this.

So that’s who this Message is, it’s to the Wise!

BUT to the Great Multitude we can announce Precisely, from the 24th Day of the 1st Month when those Garments must be Prepared, for a Precise Date!

We can see it in Revelation 16:15 Behold I come as a Thief.  Blessed is he that Watches, and what? Keeps his Garments! So you have to Have your Garments, you have to Prepare your Garments, on what?  The Day of Atonement!  Least he walk naked and they see his shame.

Read {Revelation 3:3, 4}, to the Church Sardis, it talks about the same thing: Watching, Keeping your Garments!  Also, the Church of Laodicea, the same thing {Revelation 3:18}. Buy from Me gold, that you may be clothed. THIS we know to be THE GREAT MULTITUDE, because in Revelation 7:14 we see Great Multitude come out of what?  The Great Tribulation!

The Great Tribulation is taking place during the Bowls!  This Prophecy here, in Revelation 16:15 Behold I come as a Thief.  Blessed is he that Watches, that’s during the 6th Bowl!  It says the 6th Bowl in verse 12.  The Great Multitude, they have to go through Great Tribulation, and what have they said?  They have Washed their Garments, they have Washed their Robes, and what?  Made them White!  That’s just like what we saw in Daniel 12:10.

Daniel 12:10 Many will be purified, and what?  Made White!

How?  By the Blood of the Lamb!

We can clearly see that we have a window of Time of the 6th Bowl!

If we look at our Diagram, what we’re talking about, is we have the 7th Trumpet here {right before 11 or 2021, December 14, 2020}:

The Revelation 10 Angel is appearing at the Sounding of that 7th Trumpet, in this Time period.  THEN what it says, at the 6th Bowl there is the Harvest.

That appears in the Fall, or Yom Kippur, in the Year 2023.  So you see here the Year 2023, and this is the Beginning of the Year, which begins in the Spring. We go into the Spring, and we enter the Fall, and in the Fall we have the Harvest taking place: Those that have to Prepare their Garments. You can see here, this is the Harvest, and that comes in a Time period of Armageddon!  We’ll explain that in a future video, it’s too much information, I can’t fit it all here.  I just want you to see in the diagram of the 7 Years, where that falls.

What happened is, that began in the Year 2020. The 1st Month of 2020, the 24th Day is here:

Now opposite of that is exactly 3 1/2 Years, which will bring us here:

Now, how do we know those are 3 1/2 Years FROM that Date?

Well, it says it specifically in Daniel 12:6 How Long to the End of these Wonders? {verse 7}  He said, a Time, Times and a Half, that’s 3 1/2 Years.  We know that 3 1/2 Years, IF we want to find the Days, it’s 1,260 Days.  And what happens?  He says, When he shall accomplished to Scatter.  Scatter relates to the Harvest.  When he shall accomplish to Scatter the Power of the holy people, all these things are finished.

So these 1,260 Days, if we Count them, 1,260 Days from the 24th Day of the 1st Month in the 3rd Year of Cyrus.  That was April 10th, 2020:

If we count 1,260 Days from April 10th, 2020, we fall Precisely on Yom Kippur in the Year 2023, per the Enoch Calendar!  Perfectly, we have the Precise Day you are to what? Cleanse your Garments!

In Leviticus 16, it talks about Yom Kippur.  It talks about the High Priest comes with Clean Garments. {Leviticus 16:3, 4} Aaron shall come into the Holy Place, he will put on the Holy Linen Coat, the breeches, the Linen Girdle, Linen Mitre.  All of this you can see in Zechariah chapter 3.  And he shall wash his flesh and put on the Holy Garment.

When you wash your flesh, what that means, is you wash yourself….you Purge yourself from the Works of the flesh……from sin and wickedness, and all of our evil ways.  That is Prophetically, what it’s talking about, with Clean Garments and Washing your Flesh.  {Leviticus 16:29}  This shall be a statute unto you Forever.  In when?  In the 10th Day of the 7th Month.

The 10th Day of the 7th Month is Yom Kippur {Day of Atonement}.

This statute of cleansing the Garments, relates to what we saw in Revelation.  Revelation 16:15 Behold I come as a Thief.  Blessed is he that KEEPS HIS GARMENTS, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.

Revelation 7:14 The Great Multitude came out of Great Tribulation, and they have Washed their Robes and Made them White by the Blood of the Lamb.  That’s what it’s talking about, Yom Kippur, precisely. So we do know that this is the Time of the Great Harvest.

{Matthew 3:12; Luke 3:17} It says of Christ, Whose fan, which means to Scatter, is in His hand and He will thoroughly Purge His Floor.  Remember we saw that in Daniel? It said, Many will be Purged and made White.  Daniel 12:10 Many shall be purified and made White {Garments}.  So this is the Purging of the Floor of the preparation of the Great Harvest.  Whose fan is in His hand and He will thoroughly Purge His Floor, and Gather His Wheat.

This is the Wheat Harvest!

Into the Barn.  Well, that Wheat Harvest, as we mentioned earlier in the video, is Revelation 14:14-16. And He will Burn up the Chaff with unquenchable Fire.  That’s those that go into the Lake of Fire from the Grape Harvest, you see in Revelation 14:17-20.

So, there we can see the Importance of the Garments.  The Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  Those are the Time, Times, and Half of Time, AFTER the 1st Month and 24th Day of the 3rd Year of Cyrus.

If some of these concepts of Time go over your head, I encourage you to go over the video a few times, go over some of the links that we are going to have in the description field for the Great Harvest.  The Great Harvest is understood by this Time period, you can see in Revelation 14 of the Winepress.

And then Daniel said, How long to Scatter the Power of the holy people?

The Scattering is the Wheat Harvest.

The Wheat Harvest is what it’s talking about there in Daniel chapter 12, referring to Revelation 14 and the Great Harvest.

This is very, very exciting!  We can see proof of this by the Angel Gabriel, when he visited Zacharias on the Priest Course of Abijah.  Then, 6 Months later through the Priest Course of Abijah, he visits Mary.  Then we could see the Priest Course of Abijah in our Day, on the 24th Day of the 1st Month…..actually adding 3 Days, we come to the Priest Course of Abijah, in the Year 2020.  Proving that we are in fact in the 3rd Year of Cyrus.

And it’s FROM that Date, THAT’S the ONLY Date…..the Only Day and Month in the Book of Daniel!

The 24th Day of the 1st Month is the ONLY Day!

He talks about Years, he talks about Weeks, BUT that’s the ONLY DAY!

And THAT Day is determined the HARVEST!

The DATE Leading to Yom Kippur in the Year 2023, of WHEN the Great Multitude MUST HAVE their Garments READY: SEPTEMBER 22, 2023!

I will make the notes available to you.  Get the notes, follow the previous video.  We’re going to have more where we’re going to explain this Harvest.  We couldn’t fit it all in this video, and other very, very important Prophecies about the Time that we are IN.

Thanks for watching, and as we say, “Fear God, give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come, worship Him that made the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.  Amen”

Great Harvest of Great Multitude:

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When is the Great Harvest of the Great Multitude?: When is the Great Harvest of the Great Multitude? – Overcoming Lyme Disease – Jennifer Heath – #1 International Bestselling Author

Nanotech Found in Both Vaxxed and Unvaxxed

Here is a quick video summary of the latest reports from Dr. Anna and others from the Reese Report.

Interview with Dr. Ana

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Headline News 8-3-23

Today’s video has a ton of information packed into it to include:

  1. WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them rights over EVERYTHING
  2. Ukrainian Troops QUIT using NATO tactics because THEY DON’T WORK LOL
  3. Israeli reservists refusing to show up
  4. Dr. David Nixon confirms nanotech in long term insulin
  5. 79 year old white farmer murdered in S. Africa and much much more!

Dr. David Nixon

Right Wing Govt. Israel

Biden to Arm Taiwan

IDF Reserves Not Reporting for Duty

Ukraine Abandoning West Military Tactics

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Zelensky to be assassinated?

79 Year Old White Farmer killed in S. Africa

Rumble Video Link

Bitchute Video Link

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WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them power over everything

Telegram link:

⚡️⚡️⚡️Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to “take over everything in the world, stating that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health.”

In addition to this, it would abolish human rights protections, introduce censorship and digital passports, require governments to promote a single “official” version, and allow the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. “We are undergoing a soft test… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and a biosafety program.”

A “soft coup”, for now. You can bet the beat downs will commence when people start rioting and looting because they’re starving. That’s what’s next in the USA after the big market crash. Stay tuned


Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

two test tubes

And more news about a potential NUCLEAR WAR between NATO and Russia after Ukrainian drones attack the financial district in Moscow yesterday. All of that and more are in todays video podcast.

Rumble Video link

Bitchute Video Link

Main Story on Chinese Biolab

Russian forces repel Ukrainian attacks

Ukrainian terror attack on Crimea by drone stopped

Russia threatens use of nuclear weapons…again

US Troops given combat pay for serving in Ukraine

Ukrainian troops surrender to Russians by the hundreds!

US Hunts for Malware put in place by China

Funding for July 2023

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US-Saudi deal to normalize Israel ties may be on the way, Biden confirms

US officials have sought for months to reach what would be a historic agreement between the long-time adversaries but the Saudis have been resistant. From the Jerusalem Post.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday a deal may be on the way with Saudi Arabia after talks his national security advisor had with Saudi officials in Jeddah aimed at reaching a normalization in relations between the kingdom and Israel.“There’s a rapprochement that may be underway,” Biden told contributors to his 2024 reelection campaign at an event in Freeport, Maine.Biden did not give details about the possible deal.

US officials have sought for months to reach what would be a historic agreement between the long-time adversaries but the Saudis have been resistant.

The US-Saudi pact could involve normalization with Israel

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in a piece published on Thursday, said Biden was considering whether to pursue a US-Saudi mutual security pact that would involve Saudi Arabia normalizing relations with Israel.

US officials see a potential deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia as possible after the administration of former President Donald Trump reached similar agreements between Israel and Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates under the rubric of the 2020 Abraham Accords.

In an interview with Fox News published Friday, Netanyahu said an Israeli-Saudi deal “could be very close if the Saudis want it, it’s up to them.”“I think this is a great thing if we have it. We will have tremendous economic benefits, it will have tremendous strategic benefits. It will be a blow to Iran and a boon to Israel and the US and the Arab world as well,” Netanyahu said.

An Israel-Saudi deal would “be a pivot of history. It will effectively end the Arab-Israeli conflict and enable us to end the Palestinian-Israel conflict,” Netanyahu said.Netanyahu has long believed that Israel must first make peace with the Arab world and only then with the Palestinians.

“The Palestinians, who refuse to recognize Israel in any boundary, are only 2% of the Arab world. If we make peace with the other 98%, the Palestinians will stop believing that one day the broad mass of the Arab world will destroy or dissolve Israel and that will bring them into a more realistic position,” he said. Source click here

Johnny’s Commentary

Guys this is HUGE prophecy news. Notice what it says in the story above regarding how this would affect the entire Middle East. An Israel-Saudi deal would “be a pivot of history. It will effectively end the Arab-Israeli conflict and enable us to end the Palestinian-Israel conflict,” Netanyahu said. End the Palestinian-Israel Conflict. The question is will it happen under the Biden administration or will it be derailed a bit longer?

No matter what happens you can bet Donald J Trump will be on center stage for getting the Abraham Peace Accords started. Remember he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for putting his name on all of it.

Saudi Arabia may be hesitant to agree to this under the Biden administration but God’s will will be done regardless of who occupies that office. The problem Israel is going to have it giving up some of the settlements in the West bank areas so this isn’t a done deal yet.

I’m going to link you up to a couple of blog posts I put up with Leeland Jones a few years ago that show you how this is all working together to bring about the return of Jesus Christ! Prayed up and prepped up, time is short!



Also here is a video from Leeland Jones regarding the Abraham accords and “the covenant with many”:

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Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon, see her Abominations

close up of the flag of israel

This is an eye opening video from Leeland Jones that shows you that Jerusalem is anything but holy these days and it truly is mystery Babylon. Prayed up and prepped up, time is short.

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Antichrist Trump is a Descendant of the King of Jerusalem

silhouette of statue near trump building at daytime

This video from Brother James is 6 years old but it explains the lineage of Trump’s bloodline and how he and his family are connected to the old king of Jerusalem. Now it makes sense why the Jews officially crowned him as the King of Jerusalem on July 10, 2023. Many Rabbis consider Trump to be from King Davids lineage so look out, the Antichrist is here and he’s almost ready for center stage! I don’t believe there will be any election in the USA in 2024. More on that later.

Here is Trump from 2019 saying he’s like the “second coming of God” to Israel based on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital etc. Look for that statement around the 2:25 mark of the video below.

Finally here is the full length video of Trump’s speech and his being presented with the crown of Jerusalem. The speech begins around the 19 minute mark and Trump is presented with the crown at the 47 minute mark. Yes I watch these things so you don’t have to do so!

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