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Kiev used US-supplied vehicles to invade Russia

US authorities are struggling to explain the images showing American weapons in Russian territory.

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

The US claims that the weapons sent to Ukraine are only used within the borders of the conflict zone, but it is increasingly clear that this equipment is being used by Ukrainian forces to carry out terrorist attacks in the undisputed Russian territory. Photos and videos shared on the internet show that US armored vehicles were used by pro-Kiev forces to attack Belgorod during recent terrorist hostilities. As expected, US officials are denying their involvement and suggesting the images are fake. Now, Washington needs to find a “justification” for the undeniable fact that its proxy regime is inappropriately and illegally using military aid provided by NATO.

The images are being published by Russian war correspondents who covered hostilities in Belgorod. It is possible to find among the equipment captured by the Russian forces several American-made weapons, including some armored vehicles such as M1151A1 Humvees and MaxxPro MRAP. The vehicles were mostly destroyed by Russian artillery or left behind by enemy soldiers as they tried to evade Russian fire.

Reacting to the case, the US authorities argued that there is not enough evidence to confirm the veracity of the photos and videos circulating on the networks. Speaking during a press conference, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller emphatically expressed his skepticism about the veracity of the images, indicating that they could be some “fake” deliberately spread by the Russians to accuse the Americans. He made it clear that an official statement by Washington will only occur after the images are analyzed and there is absolute confidence on their accuracy.

“We’ve seen some of the reports circulating on social media and elsewhere making claims that US-supplied weapons were used in these attacks (…) I will say that we’re skeptical at this time of the veracity of these reports (…) We’ve seen a lot of reports on social media and fuzzy pictures on social media and a lot of kind of armchair intelligence analysts making claims (…) We’re skeptical that they’re accurate (…) We don’t have perfect clarity on the information (…) We’re looking at the same pictures you see, the same fuzzy images, and at this time, we are skeptical of their veracity”, Matthew Miller told journalists during a press conference.

Miller’s argument is vague and weak. Confirmation on the veracity of the images can be obtained in a short time through an expert analysis, which is enough to eliminate any doubts about the case. What Miller seems to be doing is avoiding giving a verdict on the subject, postponing the final assessment to a future that may take a long time or not even happen. With this, the US avoids giving a public response about the participation of its weapons in an illegal attack against Russia.

Some other American officials, however, are already using another argument. In an interview with journalists, the Pentagon’s press secretary, Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder, stated that his country has not approved any transfer of weapons to “paramilitary groups” outside the Ukrainian armed forces.

“So we’ve seen those reports [on images], something that we obviously continue to monitor very closely. I will say that we can confirm that the U.S. government has not approved any third party transfers of equipment to paramilitary organizations outside the Ukrainian Armed Forces, nor has the Ukrainian government requested any such transfers. So again, it’s something we’ll keep a close eye on”, he said.

His words come amid the current discussion about who really carried out the attack on Belgorod. Kiev alleges that those responsible for the attack were exclusively the neo-Nazi groups ‘Freedom of Russia Legion’ and ‘Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK)’, which are militias formed by expatriate Russian-born mercenaries.

The Ukrainian government believes it has no responsibility in the case, as it was not its regular troops who operated the attack. Consequently, the American government wants to avoid any accusation of co-participation due to the use of its weapons, claiming that Washington delivers this equipment only to Kiev, not being responsible in case of use by paramilitary groups.

However, these arguments are inconsistent with reality and international law. These paramilitary groups are at the service of Kiev and directly obey the Ukrainian state, regardless of whether their legal status is one of regular troops or not. These militias are excluded from the norms of humanitarian law, but it means nothing regarding their affiliation with Ukraine, which is why Kiev must be seen as directly responsible for the Belgorod attack.

Accordingly, Kiev’s sponsors are also co-participants in the crime. If pro-Ukrainian terrorists use US weapons to attack Russian civilians in demilitarized territory it is because Washington gives such weapons to Kiev even though the US knows that there are terrorists working for that regime. So, as much as they want to deny it, the US and NATO are in fact co-authors of the attacks on Russia.

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US mulls complete withdrawal from New START

The No START Treaty Act would effectively ban any future arms control talks between Russia and the US if it didn’t include China. This issue is most likely the main reason why Washington DC did everything in its power to undermine the New START in the first place. 


Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Back in late February, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow will suspend its participation in the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), the last remaining nuclear arms control agreement between Russia and the United States. Putin cited several major reasons for such a decision, including the illegal sanctions imposed by the political West. These restrictions led to an effective halt of the treaty’s implementation in early 2022, as Washington DC refused to honor it by allowing regular mutual inspections, which was an integral part of the New START. As Russia had no legal or practical way of verifying any of the Biden administration’s claims about the state of the US strategic arsenal, it was forced to suspend its participation in what essentially became a mere formality.

“Russia did its best to solve the problem in Ukraine peacefully, but the statements of Western leaders turned out to be fraudulent and untrue,” Putin slammed the behavior of Western political elites during his February 21 speech.

And indeed, the Eurasian giant simply had no other choice as the treaty became largely ceremonial. In addition, considering the series of recent admissions by various Western leaders that nearly all treaties with Russia were there to “just buy time”, Moscow has every reason to doubt every single word uttered by any US/EU/NATO official. However, Putin also stated that his country would continue abiding by the New START limitations on its strategic arsenal and that the suspension concerned only the mutual inspections and further direct cooperation with the political West in matters of nuclear disarmament. However, as per usual, the belligerent power pole saw this as a perfect opportunity to escalate instead of doing the opposite.

On May 18, Tom Cotton, a Republican senator from Arkansas (and an aspiring warhawk), introduced a bill that would formally accuse Russia of breaching the New START and use that as a pretext for the US to completely withdraw from the agreement. Worse yet, Cotton’s No START Treaty Act would also introduce plans to expand America’s strategic arsenal while placing major limits on US participation in any potential arms control negotiations and treaties in the future. As of this writing, at least 10 other senators (all of them Republican) supported the bill, so this piece of legislation is yet to get any Democrat co-sponsors, but given the recent bipartisan support for escalation virtually everywhere, including the sending of US F-16 jets to the Kiev regime, this is only a matter of time.

“The New START Treaty handcuffed America while Vladimir Putin has taken advantage of the treaty’s flaws for years. President Biden should never have extended this treaty that has only made Russia and China stronger and America weaker. We should withdraw from the treaty and bolster our nuclear forces,” Cotton said in a public release.

The No START Treaty Act would also effectively ban any future arms control talks between Russia and the US if it didn’t include China. This issue is most likely the main reason why Washington DC did everything in its power to undermine the New START in the first place. The bill would further “prohibit unilateral reductions and prohibit the bargaining away of US missile defenses”, as well as “prohibit the use of funds to implement the New START Treaty or any future arms control agreement unless it meets the bill’s required stipulations”. Such requirements would put severe constraints on America’s ability to ever negotiate a potential arms control agreement with both Russia and China, either separately or otherwise.

Very influential senators such as Florida Republican Marco Rubio and his Idaho counterpart Jim Risch publicly supported and spoke in favor of the bill, with Risch stating: “Our legislation will correct these mistakes by conditioning future arms control agreements with Russia to include all classes of nuclear weapons as well as China. We must be prepared for a strategic environment in which the United States faces two nuclear peers – China and Russia.”

Russia’s response to the No START Treaty Act shows clear confidence in its deterrence capabilities, but Moscow’s top-ranking officials still expressed concern with Washington DC’s incessant escalating rhetoric and actions. Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that “we can now only state with regret that there are no serious, substantive contacts on these issues between Moscow and Washington”, adding that “the last remnants of the international legal framework in this area are slipping away”. It should be noted that this is only the last in the long line of US violations and unilateral withdrawals from crucial international arms control agreements, starting with the 2002 ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty under former president Bush.

In addition, Washington DC’s obsession with including China in potential future nuclear arms control treaties is perhaps the best proof of the rising strategic schizophrenia in America’s foreign policy, where the belligerent thalassocracy is creating enemies wherever it can and then continuing to escalate to a point where it now faces two global superpowers, both of which are either already heavily armed (Russia) or have the potential to get heavily armed in the foreseeable future (China). 

While Beijing’s thermonuclear arsenal is nowhere near that of either Russia or the US, it has been growing steadily, precisely in response to America’s “geopolitical containment” policies directed against China. Taking this into account, China has already started revamping its strategic posturing, a move Russia already implemented in response to similar US/NATO aggression on its borders.

Belgorod attack helps Kiev to disguise its military disaster in Bakhmut

The purpose of the operation was to distract the world’s media and prevent the newspapers from reporting Russia’s territorial progress.

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Two days after the Russians took control of the Donbass’ key city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), pro-Ukrainian saboteurs invaded the undisputed sovereign space of the Russian Federation and created moments of terror among local civilians. The case once again shows the real nature of the Ukrainian state, in addition to working as a “psychological operation” (“psyop”) of mass distraction to prevent the media from reporting Russia’s territorial advance on the battlefield.

The intrusion of Ukrainian forces took place on May 22 in the border zone of Belgorod oblast. Some armored vehicles and soldiers invaded the city and started an attack using terrorism tactics, causing at least eight civilian casualties according to information published by the local government. An anti-terrorist operation was implemented in Belgorod with the joint action of the Russian armed forces, the local police and the border guards.

Security in the city was quickly restored after the neutralization of enemy soldiers. There is still mobilization of Russian forces in the region to check the possible presence of enemies and take other necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the local population, however the risks of an escalation of violence in the city seem low.

Spokesman of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, Andrey Yusov, confirmed the attack. However, Yusov stated that there was no mobilization of the Ukrainian armed forces in the operation, having the attack been organized by Russian saboteurs linked to the so-called Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ and to the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), two dissident Russian organizations that sent neo-Nazi volunteers to fight for Ukraine. There is still no concrete data to confirm Yusov’s words about the participation of Ukrainian citizens, but in any case, these saboteurs are not only in Kiev’s service, but also invaded Russia coming from the Ukrainian territory, so it really does not matter if they are Russian-born citizens.

American officials commented on the case and denied any involvement in the operation. The US State Department’s spokesman, Matthew Miller, stated at a press conference that his country does not approve or encourage attacks outside “Ukrainian borders” (which for the US includes territories like the newly integrated oblasts and Crimea). However, Miller clarified that Kiev has autonomy to decide how to conduct its military maneuvers, since, according to him, in this war the “aggressor” side would be the Russian one.

“We have made very clear to the Ukrainians that we don’t enable or encourage attacks outside Ukrainians’ borders, but I do think it’s important to take a step back and remind everyone, and remind the world, that it – of course it is Russia that launched this war (… )So, it is up to Ukraine to decide how they want to conduct their military operations, but it is Russia that has been the aggressor in this war”, Miller said.

As well known, it has become common practice for the US to deny involvement in Ukrainian attacks carried out outside the combat zone. US officials claim that the Ukrainians alone operated all maneuvers carried out within the (undisputed) Russian territory, and therefore there is no US responsibility for the deaths of Russian civilians in terrorist attacks. Washington does this for a simple reason: it needs to maintain the narrative that NATO’s weapons are used only to “repel the invader”, otherwise direct Russian military responses against the alliance would be legitimized.

However, it is hard to believe that these attacks do not have some level of participation by NATO agents, considering that the Ukrainian state does not have any real sovereignty to decide what to do, depending on direct orders from its American sponsors to conduct any maneuver. Kiev’s intelligence is controlled by Western agencies, so there is certainly Western involvement in all attacks carried out by the regime.

In fact, the attack on Belgorod was weak and militarily unfeasible. The number of troops sent to the region was insignificant, with no possibility of the invasion being successful or resulting in a long-term occupation. It was just a small-scale terrorist incursion, without any strategic gain for the Ukrainian side and which only caused damage to the civilian population, without affecting the Russian military forces.

Analyzing it from a psychological perspective, however, it is possible to say that Kiev profited from the work of the media. Newspapers around the world reported the event as if it were something extremely relevant. With this, it was possible to remove the media focus that was being given to the liberation of Bakhmut by the Russian forces, announced two days before.

Kiev launched a kind of “smokescreen” to disguise the military disaster of its troops in Bakhmut, being successful in promoting a “psyop” by making the western public believe that the country would be “reacting” with the attack in Belgorod. However, the lie was short-lived, as the neutralization of the terrorist threat was achieved by Russian agents within a few hours.

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Liberation of Bakhmut shows Russian forces work cohesively towards victory

Despite Western, Ukrainian propaganda, the reality of the battlefield shows Moscow militarily controls the conflict.

Lucas Leiroz, journalist researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

After more than 290 days of intense fighting and tens of thousands of casualties, the Battle of Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut in Ukraine) is over. On May 20, Moscow’s officials announced that Russian forces had taken full control of the province, with no more Ukrainian units in the region. With this, the bloodiest infantry battle since World War II ended. The case once again shows how Moscow militarily controls the conflict, leaving no doubt as to which side is winning on the battlefield.

The announcement was made around noon on the 20th, in a statement published on social media by Evgeny Prigozhin, head of the Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner Group. A few hours later, several Russian state officials confirmed the news and publicly congratulated the Wagner’s fighters for their victory on the battlefield.

As expected, Ukrainian spokespersons and Western media initially reacted by denying the news. For a few hours, Ukrainian officials claimed that Kiev’s forces were still in the city, but then the narrative changed, and officials admitted that Russian control had been achieved. As it would become impossible to maintain the lying discourse for a long time, the Ukrainian tactic became that of admitting defeat in order to try to use a “victimist” narrative to raise more Western support.

At a press conference on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky recognized the defeat by stating that there is “nothing” in Bakhmut now, and that the city is only in Ukrainian “hearts”.

“You have to understand that there is nothing (…) For today, Bakhmut is only in our hearts. There is nothing in this place”, he told journalists, trying to use emotional techniques to move Western public opinion.

Zelensky’s words, however, sound hypocritical when the case is analyzed in depth. Bakhmut’s fall was imminent, with several military experts claiming it was only a matter of time before it happened. The Russians were very close to victory and obviously the Western intelligence services which control the Ukrainian forces knew this, but they ignored the reality of the battlefield and chose to bet on a lying and irresponsible narrative about a “spring counteroffensive” to try to boost the international support for the regime.

As an argument to justify the “possibility” of a Ukrainian victory, the mainstream media intensively reported the existence of an alleged internal conflict in Russia between the forces of PMC Wagner and the Ministry of Defense. The narrative was created taking advantage of speeches by Prigozhin himself, who is known for always using psychological warfare techniques, trying to appear weak and disunited in the face of the enemy. Both Ukrainian and Western intelligence certainly knew that Prigozhin’s words were a kind of “trap”, but they chose to adopt Western media discourse and ordered troops to remain in the city, rather than strategically retreating to save lives in the face of imminent defeat.

As a result, the last days of the city under Ukrainian control were marked by intense fighting with the use of heavy artillery and incendiary thermobaric weapons. Zelensky, even having the necessary intelligence data to predict the defeat, not only did not authorize any evacuation, but he also stayed at a safe distance from the frontlines during the most difficult days of the conflict. His international tour has been lasting long, which is why he hasn’t even been in Kiev to take emergency measures or welcome and award the survivors.

The end of the battle also reveals the military expertise of the head of the Wagner Group, who successfully used psychological skills to confuse the enemy and accelerate victory. This is the first time that a PMC has won a large-scale infantry battle against a regular army. The southern command of the Russian Army helped in the last days of combat, mainly with the supply of artillery, but the protagonist of the victory was the Wagner Group, contradicting the Western discourse that the PMC would be weakened and close to collapse.

It is necessary to mention that the Ukrainian forces work together with western mercenaries and receive huge support in arms and intelligence. This makes the control that the Russians maintain over the conflict even more evident, since they were able to win an enemy so well equipped in an intense battle using practically only a PMC, without any great mobilization of its combat potential.

In fact, the victory on the 20th shows that the inconsistent and weakened side is the Western-Ukrainian one, where the intelligence services do not communicate directly with the military and induce them to maintain unsustainable positions on the battlefield, which results in the death thousands of Ukrainians. On the part of Russia, PMC Wagner, Ministry of Defense and intelligence act visibly cohesively and obtain significant victories using few resources, betting largely on psychological warfare tactics to deceive the enemy.

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Volcano in Mexico

Russian Border Town attacked by Ukrainian Tanks

41 Volcanoes are currently erupting in the world

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Did Russia just obliterate depleted uranium munitions delivered by UK?

Russian issued repeated warnings that the hazardous effects of munitions containing depleted uranium would be impossible to control or even assess the exact areas that would be affected. However, the UK’s response has been almost completely Pilatian, as London officially rejected bearing responsibility for any possible consequences of the use of depleted uranium munitions.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On May 13, Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) launched a massive all-out strike against numerous targets under the control of the Kiev regime forces. Among other things, the VKS hit several key munitions depots in Western Ukraine, including one in the city of Ternopol. According to the official announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) on May 14, at least one other munitions storage facility of the Neo-Nazi junta forces has been destroyed in close proximity to the city of Khmelnitsky. The Kiev regime’s Ministry of Energy also confirmed that “a massive Russian barrage damaged an energy facility in the city in the early hours of May 13”.

According to their statement, the local power supply wasn’t affected by VKS strikes, effectively admitting that the targeted “energy facility” was used by the military. The Khmelnitsky military administration issued a similar announcement, noting that “multiple drones had targeted critical AFU [Armed Forces of Ukraine] infrastructure”. On the other hand, the city mayor, Oleksandr Symchyshyn, was tasked with parroting the usual propaganda points and stated that “schools, residential buildings and industrial facilities were damaged” in what he said was a supposed “terrorist attack that left a number of civilian residents injured”.

Such unsubstantiated claims are certainly expected, as the infowar aimed to demonize and denigrate Russia has been going on for close to a decade before the start of Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe. However, the military authorities themselves inadvertently confirmed that civilians were certainly not the target of Russian strikes. The still largely restrained nature of Moscow’s SMO (special military operation) has been a testament to that for over a year now. However, munitions depots are a priority target for the Russian military and will be neutralized without hesitation.

As previously mentioned, on the same day (May 13), a VKS long-range missile strike obliterated a munitions storage facility in the city of Ternopol, located just over 100 km west of Khmelnitsky. Several videos of both strikes are circulating, although official sources are yet to confirm the authenticity of either, as well as the location itself. The supposed CCTV footage shows a blast destroying a facility within city limits. The massive explosion clearly implies that it was a munitions depot, as virtually no conventional weapon could cause such damage, indicating that the ensuing blasts were in fact secondary explosions caused by the stored ordnance.

The scope of the blast shown in the video has fueled speculation on several Ukrainian media sources (particularly local Telegram channels) that the Russian VKS used a tactical nuclear warhead to destroy the storage facilities. Such claims were further fueledby reports claiming that sensors registered heightened radiation in the area. Numerous military experts almost unanimously and patently reject such rumors. However, if the reports about the radiation increase are true, it could indicate that the targeted storage facility housed the depleted uranium munitions supplied by the United Kingdom.

Back in March, London officially announced plans to provide depleted uranium shells for its “Challenger 2” main battle tanks (MBTs) destined to be used by the Kiev regime forces. Reportedly, 14 of these MBTs have already been sent to the Neo-Nazi junta, although their current whereabouts are unknown. Depleted uranium shells are known for their AP (armor-piercing) abilities, as they can effectively penetrate virtually any type of armor, primarily due to the shells’ extreme density. However, as they are made with components that contain radioactive materials, they also pose a significant health hazard for all life forms and ecosystems in the affected area.

Moscow quickly responded to the UK’s massive escalation. This officially included the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, although the move was more closely tied to Poland’s insistence that American nuclear weapons be placed there. Nonetheless, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued repeated warnings that the hazardous effects of munitions containing depleted uranium would be impossible to control or even assess the exact areas that would be affected. However, the UK’s response has been almost completely Pilatian, as London officially rejected bearing responsibility for any possible consequences of the use of depleted uranium munitions.

Taking into account such irresponsibility of the political West (or simply a complete lack of care as to what happens to the Ukrainian people), the belligerent power pole is certainly not doing this for the first time. The unfortunate country has been used as a testing ground for “biological research”, as Victoria Nuland ever so euphemistically put it, while recent revelations show that even “sensitive US nuclear technologies” have been used in several Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Worse yet, there are reports that the US and its NATO vassals are preparing a nuclear false flag operation that would later be used to blame Russia for it. This includes the installment of US-controlled radiation sensors across the country.

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The Covert War in Ukraine

Today we are going to talk about the covert or secret war going on in Ukraine between the Russians and the Khazarian Jews, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism out of necessity. What they were really practicing was Babylonian black magic aka the Babylonian Talmud.

This is where the real war is going on and it goes back over a 1,000 years as the Khazars never forgot what was lost to the Russians back in the days of the Kharzarian empire. All of this animosity broke out in 1048 AD when…

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For more details on the Khazars and what they’ve been up to since the 1870s here is a documentary about it on YouTube (surprising I know). Here is the link:

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Why American and Kiev regime media keep insisting Russian ‘Kinzhal’ hypersonic missile was shot down?

The political West is decades behind Russia in hypersonic weapons development, so this propaganda story accomplishes at least two objectives – promotes US-made air defenses after  humiliating failures and “tarnishes” the reputation of Russian hypersonic missiles.


Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

For approximately a week, the Kiev regime has been claiming it shot down one of Russia’s hypersonic missiles, specifically the 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal”. According to the unsubstantiated (to say the least) claims, on May 4, air defense units deployed in and around Kiev shot down one of the air-launched hypersonic missiles allegedly fired by Russian Aerospace Forces. Various local sources published images supposedly “proving” the incident took place. In the first two days, the news went largely unreported by non-Ukrainian sources, but on May 6, CNN, the infamous neoliberal mouthpiece and the flagship of the mainstream propaganda machine among news networks, broke the story in the political West.

According to CNN, commander of the Neo-Nazi junta’s air force, three-star General Mykola Oleshchuk, announced in a Telegram post that “a Russian ‘Kinzhal’ [commonly designated as Kh-47M2 by various media sources] was inbound until being successfully intercepted using American ‘Patriot’ missiles”. The intercept supposedly took place on Thursday night, with the Kiev regime forces claiming this is the first time the much-touted US “Patriot” SAM (surface-to-air missile) system shot down a target, and no less than a hypersonic one. The aforementioned images published by various sources show an object which indeed seems to have been hit by the “Patriot’s” kinetic kill vehicle.

“Yes, we shot down the ‘unique’ Kinzhal,” General Oleshchuk stated, adding: “It happened during the night time attack on May 4 in the skies of the Kyiv region.”

Oleshchuk claims that “the missile was launched by a MiG-31K jet from the Russian territory and was then shot down” with a missile fired by a battery of “Patriot” SAM systems. In a separate statement from Neo-Nazi junta’s air force spokesman Yurii Ihnat, given to Kiev-based Channel 24, he was boasting about the US-made “Patriot’s” supposedly “proven” capabilities:

“They were saying that the ‘Patriot’ is an outdated American weapon, and Russian weapons are the best in the world. Well, there is confirmation that it effectively works against even a super hypersonic missile… …successful interception of the ‘Kinzhal’ is a slap in the face for Russia.”

However, no military analyst worth his salt has ever taken these claims even remotely seriously. The images presented by the Kiev regime show an object that doesn’t even resemble the air-launched hypersonic “Kinzhal”. While it remains uncertain what sort of weapon the Neo-Nazi junta forces shot down, images show what looks like a KAB-1500L or perhaps a BetAB-500 ShP, both of which are laser-guided bombs. It’s also unclear which of “Patriot’s” several versions were used. The Kiev regime is known to have received one of the PAC-2 variants (MiM-104C, D and F), all of which have proven unable to shoot down even the old Iraqi “Scud” ballistic missiles during the First Gulf War in 1991.

There are reports that one of the newer PAC-3 versions has been delivered as well, but these claims are yet to be supported by any actual evidence. What’s more, this variant is also nowhere near the capabilities to shoot down even older supersonic missiles the Russian Aerospace Forces have been using extensively, let alone a maneuvering hypersonic missile such as the 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal”. On the other hand, even basic knowledge of how physics works makes Western and Kiev regime claims ridiculous. The images show that the Russian weapon was struck by the aforementioned kinetic kill vehicle, which in the PAC-2 variant flies at approximately 4000 km per hour.

The 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal’s” speed ranges from over 12,000 km per hour to almost 16,000 km per hour. If we were to imagine an interceptor missile flying at 4000 km per hour hitting another missile flying three or four times faster than that, can anyone really believe there would be anything more than a bunch of sparks, let alone a wreckage of any kind? Worse yet, the alleged “Russian ‘Kinzhal’ hypersonic missile” fell to the ground in a relatively good condition and was then even photographed and presented as supposed “evidence”. So, again, if nothing more than basic physics is taken into account, the claims become extremely difficult to even consider, let alone take at face value.

Even some Kiev regime media, such as The Kyiv Independent, almost immediately refuted the claims. Only a day after the incident, this outlet published that the Kiev regime forces have denied shooting down the “Kinzhal” over the capital city, because there were neither MiG-31K/I strike fighters nor 9-A-7660 “Kinzhals” in the air that night. However, this didn’t stop mainstream propaganda outlets from parroting the story. Considering the fact that the political West and its Kiev puppets are primarily fighting an infowar, this is the only viable explanation as to why they keep insisting that a Russian hypersonic missile was shot down.

It was only in late April that the Neo-Nazi junta confirmed the delivery of its first “Patriot” batteries from the US, Germany and the Netherlands. The system has had an atrocious track record against any sort of target, be it the Iraqi “Scuds” over 30 years ago or Houthi/Iranian drones nowadays. On the other hand, the political West is decades behind Russia in hypersonic weapons development, meaning that this propaganda story accomplishes at least two objectives – promotes US-made air defenses after decades of humiliating failures and “tarnishes” the reputation of Russian hypersonic missiles. The previous is also aimed to help the sales of US systems, just like the hype about the alleged successes of the HIMARS.

Warsaw escalates tensions by transferring 10 MiG-29 fighter jets to Kiev

Poland deepens servitude to Washington in delusional bid to attain great power status.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

In preparation for the expected Ukrainian spring offensive, Poland announced on May 8 that it had transferred 10 MiG-29 fighter jets to Kiev. Following Kiev’s plea for fighter jets, Poland became the first country to make the pledge and transferred four in April. In this way, it is evident that Poland is becoming a staging ground for providing military aid to Ukraine. Warsaw wants to show the US that it is a faithful partner in serving its hostile policies and actions against Russia.

Warsaw is also pumping Ukraine with weapons and is sending Polish mercenaries to battle on the frontlines. According to Polish media, Warsaw delivered military aid to Kiev worth around 2.2 billion euros as of February 2023. In addition, Poland is developing a military infrastructure for storing NATO equipment, and the US military presence is increasing in the country.

Poland dreams of restoring its status as a great country and a major power in Europe, something it was for a very short period over four hundred years ago. However, Poland’s delusions of grandeur have always been linked with wanting to destroy Russian civilisation. For this reason, throughout Poland’s history, they searched for another power that could help destroy Russia – in the 17th century, it was Lithuania; in other periods, it was Britain, France, and Sweden, and today it is the US.

Each foreign power has suffered defeat each time. Still, the Poles, likely out of frustration that they could never achieve great power status, now believe that the US is their best choice for opposing Russia and elevating its status. Due to this, Poland has become a stronghold of American influence in Europe and a military staging ground in which weapons are delivered to Ukraine.

Poland today serves as the most important logistical centre for the delivery of military aid to the Ukrainians by the West. However, Poland has only become a tool of American policy because Warsaw is a subjective player in these situations. The US does not believe in equitable relationships, except perhaps only with other Anglo powers, and for this reason, Poland has only become a puppet despite their intentions to show the Americans that they are their loyal friends and essential in the NATO bloc.

Poland is one of the most active supporters of Ukraine and one of the largest donors of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even though the Far-Right Kiev regime has a long history of opposing and pressuring the Polish minority in the country. Specifically, Poland has delivered 250 tanks to Kiev and plans to deliver another 60 RT-91 tanks (Poland’s modernised version of the T-72), 14 German Leopard 2 tanks and about 100 Wolverine armoured personnel carriers.

Polish authorities have also handed over Soviet self-propelled artillery units “Gvozdika”, multi-barrel BM-21 “Grad” missile systems (MLRS), anti-aircraft missile systems 9K33 “Osa” and S-125 “Neva”, as well as self-propelled howitzers “Krab”, along with a large amount of ammunition for various types of weapons to Kiev. In addition, Polish authorities intend to deploy infrastructure in the country to maintain American Abrams tanks.

Provocations by Poland is not only reduced to militarily opposing Russia but also involves cheap stunts, such as disrupting Victory Day celebrations. Protesters blocked the path of Russia’s ambassador to Poland on May 9 when he tried to place a wreath at a Warsaw memorial to Soviet soldiers who defeated the Nazis in World War II.

The Polish government was informed in advance of the ambassador’s plan to visit the Red Army cemetery and memorial site but made no effort to ensure his safety so that he could pay his respects.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the incident demonstrates “the duplicity of Warsaw’s policy in assessing the events of World War II and trying to forget about the role of our nation in saving European countries enslaved by Nazi Germany,” adding that the incident “will not remain without a proper reaction.”

At the same time, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland said following her meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence of Poland, Mariusz Błaszczak, that they “discussed how to continue holding Russia accountable for its illegal and barbaric invasion, including through further sanctions and using frozen Russian assets to pay for the rebuilding of Ukraine.”

Effectively, the pair discussed how they could use frozen Russian assets to finance Ukraine, something which will have considerable repercussions for Canada and Poland, especially when noting that as of the end of 2022, about $330 million of Russian assets were frozen in Canada.

It is demonstrated that Poland is making everything effort to oppose, pressure and antagonise Russia, as it has done for centuries, and this will continue unrelentingly so long as the US emboldens the country.

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