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MANKIND IS PLAYING GOD Once Again as Scientists Make Synthetic self-Replicating Cells

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! To go along with the synthetic cells we will also talk about the Quantum Dot tattoo vaccine delivery and identification systems that are coming soon! These will make you a human antennae with your data ready to be scanned by the authorities who have the right smartphone and app. Then we will cover the head scientist at Moderna admitting to the world that yes, these vaccines are an OPERATING SYSTEM, designed to reprogram your cells to do their bidding, whatever that may be!

All of that and more is in todays video report along with my source links below. God bless and please share this with everyone you know.

Don’t Take The Jab!

Moderna Playing God

Anthony Patch File

Self Replicating Cells

This is the same type of stuff the Watchers were playing around with, God’s creation. It is also one of the biggest reasons the flood had to happen because mankind and creation itself had become so corrupt with manipulated DNA. The scientists of today are doing the same things with fallen angel technology. Things are moving very fast now, stay ready!


Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test being used to diagnose Covid19 today not only said it wasn’t meant for testing for a disease, but also said that Dr. Fauci didn’t “know nothing about anything” and should NOT have been in the public position he’s been in for decades.

But now this same Dr. Fauci stands as the unchallenged medical dictator on the federal level. His policies have been nothing but destructive and now he says your child needs to remain masked up in order to play with children from another household. He says this despite overwhelming evidence that children are NOT “super spreaders” of this so called disease and are a minimal threat to one another or to adults. Here’s a report from the BMJ on that issue. Below is my video report on the issue.

In this next clip Kerry Mullis destroys Dr. Fauci.

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In today’s video report we cover the AstraZeneca jab and why it’s been halted in many European nations and how the EU medical authorities, the WHO and AstraZeneca themselves are insisting it’s safe despite reports of abnormal blood clots! Essentially they’re saying that the benefits outweigh the risks including death for some patients. Really? Do you still believe these people care about you?!?

Also we cover what happens when they’ve tested these mRNA vaccines on animals. They ALL DIED. All of that and more is in todays video report below along with links to the material used. God bless and share this with anyone you know who is considering this experimental gene therapy.

Primary article

Report on Suspension of AstraZeneca Vaccine

EMA Says Shots are Worth the Risk

White Paper on Covid Vaccines

Bitchute Channel

Germany’s Parliament Has Ratified GAVI’s Digital “Agenda ID2020”

The use of nanotechnology in vaccines in order to control you is now official in Germany and will soon be in Switzerland as well. They vote on the issue in March 2021.

You can be that this is coming to the US and UK soon as well. Today’s video podcast is below.

Todays video podcast 2-15-21

28 Year Old

CDC Withholding Evidence

German Parliament Approves

Vaccines used to Harvest Biometrics

Fauci Statement on Asymptomatic Transmission being RARE

Doctor: COVID Kills Thru Blood Clots, NOT Pneumonia

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Around the world, a serious diagnostic error has been made in the fight against COVID-19. As Italian scientists have established, it turned out that the terrible disease is not pneumonia, and people die, to a greater extent, from diffuse venous thrombosis (thrombosis). 

In this regard, the protocols for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Italy have been urgently changed. Along with antibiotics, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants began to be used. 

According to information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were unnecessary. As if to confirm the conclusions of the Italian doctors, an impressive case is documented in the United States, where an entire family was treated at home. 

The treatment consisted of three 500 mg aspirin tablets dissolved in a hot drink made from warmed lemon juice and honey. The next morning the whole family woke up as if they had no symptoms! 

Medical researcher from Italy: “Through 50 autopsies of COVID-19 deaths, pathologists have found that this is not exactly pneumonia, as the virus not only kills lung cells, but also provokes endothelial vascular thrombosis. 

As with diffuse thrombosis in blood vessels, the lung is primarily affected because it is the most inflammatory, but there is also heart attack, stroke, and many other thromboembolic diseases. 

In fact, the protocols have shown the futility of antiviral drugs alone without the use of anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory treatments. 

If the Chinese, along with conventional anti-inflammatory treatments, used aspirin, a blood thinner (usually prescribed for the elderly to prevent thrombosis), and invest in home care, they would save the lives of many affected people around the world without the need for intensive care! 

The Italian pathologist also said that 50 autopsies were performed at a hospital in Bergamo. in Milan – 20 (that is, the Italian autopsy series are the highest in the world), and in China only 3 deaths were opened. These autopsies seem to fully support the information that the coronavirus causes diffuse thrombosis in the blood vessels. “Therefore, this is not pneumonia, but pulmonary thrombosis. There is a very big difference between them, which means that we are talking about a serious diagnostic error, as a result of which we have doubled the number of recovery sites in intensive care units, with unnecessary high costs. ” 

Later, we have to rethink these x-rays of the chest, which had many clots in the veins discussed a month ago, and despite this, they were diagnosed as interstitial pneumonia. 

In fact, this may fully correspond to metastatic thrombosis in the blood vessels. 

Treatment in an intensive care unit is meaningless if thromboembolism is not treated and resolved first. If we ventilate a lung in which no blood is flowing, it is of no benefit, in fact, nine (9) out of ten (10) patients die. 

The problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory. Venous thromboembolism, not pneumonia as diagnosed by Chinese doctors, determines the death rate. 

Why do blood clots form? The inflammation causes great tissue damage, this creates an environment conducive to the formation of clots, which in turn causes the collapse of the respiratory system due to the clotting of blood vessels and the loss of blood in them, since the main problem is not the virus, but a hyper-immune reaction that destroys the cell into which the virus has entered. 

According to numerous analyzes and accurate autopsy of a number of deaths from this virus, as well as based on modeling the behavior of the virus and its direct effect on human cells, we can conclude that death occurs due to blood clotting. 

In fact, patients with rheumatoid arthritis did not have to go to the intensive care unit as they are being treated with corticosteroids, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. This is the main reason why the number of hospitalizations in Italy has declined and has become a treatable disease at home. 

With this important discovery, you can return to normal life. And the time has come to publish this data so that the authorities in each country can conduct their own analysis of this information and prevent more deaths.

 (By Cem Jamil Ahmed) Pass this information, make people happy.

In Germany, this doctor appeared on TV [23.10, 13:45] Rusana:  ◉  Due to the collapse of the healthcare system, we, the health professionals, have prepared this message for the public in case you do not want to risk it and go to the hospital right away; ____  ◉  Symptoms appear from the third day after infection (virus symptoms). ➙  1 phase; ◉  body   pain ◉ eye pain  ◉  headache  ◉  vomiting  ◉  diarrhea Runny or stuffy nose  ◉  burning sensation when urinating  ◉  feeling of fever  ◉  Scratching the throat (sore throat)   It is very important to count the days of the onset of symptoms: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. ◉  Act before the onset of fever. ◉  Attention, it is very important to drink plenty of fluids, especially purified water. Drink plenty of water to relieve dry throat and clear your lungs. ____  ➙  Phase 2; (from 4th to 8th day) inflammatory. ◉  Loss of taste and / or smell  ◉  Fatigue with minimal effort  ◉  Chest pain (chest)  ◉  Chest tightness  ◉ Lower  back pain (in the kidney area) ____  ➙  The virus infects the nerve endings;  Difference Between Fatigue and Shortness of Breath: • Shortness of breath is when a person is sitting – without making any effort – and they are short of breath; • Fatigue is when a person tries to do something simple and feels tired. ____ 

➙ You  need a lot of fluid and vitamin C. ____ Cov Covid-19 binds oxygen, so the quality of the blood is poor, there is less oxygen. ____  ➙  3 phase – healing; ◉  On the 9th day, the healing phase begins, which can last up to the 14th day (recovery). ◉  Do not delay treatment, the sooner the better! ____ 

➙  Good luck everyone! It is better to follow these recommendations, prevention is never too much! 

• Sit in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes. • Rest and sleep for at least 7-8 hours. • Drink one and a half liters of water a day. • All food must be hot (not cold). ➙  Please note that the pH of the coronavirus ranges from 5.5 to 8.5. Therefore, all we have to do to eradicate the virus is to consume more alkaline food that exceeds the acidic level of the virus. 

Such as the; ◉  Bananas, green lemon → 9.9 pH  ◉  Yellow lemon → 8.2 pH  ◉  Avocado – 15.6 pH  ◉  Garlic – 13.2 pH  ◉  Mango – pH 8.7  ◉  Mandarin – 8.5 pH  ◉  Pineapple – 12 , 7 pH  ◉  Watercress – 22.7 pH  ◉  Oranges – 9.2 pH ____ 

➙  How do you know you have Covid-19 ?! ◉  itchy throat  ◉  dry throat  ◉  dry cough  ◉  high fever  ◉  difficulty breathing  ◉  loss of smell and taste – temperature may be 37 

Do NOT keep this information for yourself, give it out to your family and friends.

Dr.  Michael Koifman

Source: HalTurnerradioshow.com

New CDC Death Statistics From Experimental Covid Shots as More and More Healthy People Die from them!

The new CDC stats are out and they don’t look good! Keep in mind that less than 1% of adverse events from vaccines are ever reported, so the numbers are likely quite a bit higher!

Also perfectly healthy people from their teens up to age 45 are also dying or being hospitalized from these experimental vaccines! What do they have in common? Cardiac Arrest and heart inflammation! All of that in more is in the new video below!

45 Year Old Doctor

Israeli Teenager

CDC Data


I’ve been trying to post this on Bitchute with no luck so I am putting it here on the website.

Listen/watch this short excerpt featuring doctors David Martin and Judy Mikovits (who have both been very outspoken thus far in exposing the COVID plandemic) who are speaking with Robert Kennedy Jr. and lawyer Rocco Galati, who is representing a Canadian freedom group suing the government for the entire COVID scam. David Martin makes some extremely important points about how we can’t accurately label the device Moderna and Pfizer are pushing as a vaccine, because both medically and legally, is not a vaccine.

Tiffany Dover “The Fainting Nurse” Dead? USA Today Says That’s Fake News

Many of you will believe she’s alive because you just can’t fathom a government and media that would lie to you about everything, especially deaths by vaccines. Wake up they are lying to you nonstop. First up is my report, then below that is the video about Tiffany and her death not being reported.

My Report
Is Tiffany Dead?

Here is the bitchute link as well since the video I uploaded here is being messed with. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dbZekM6E6aQG/

UPDATE 654PM Pacific Time! Here is another video showing more evidence she’s no longer alive.

The source materials are listed below.

More Casualties

Covid Theater

Immunity Passport Needed

No Exemptions

USA Today Says Tiffany Dover is Alive

“CHI Memorial Spokesperson Karen Long, Dec. 23, emailed statement.” They say that is proof of life as well as the Tweet. If you believe that I have oceanfront property in Bismarck ND to sell you.

Big Pharma Suiing Whistleblower Over Side Effects From Vaccine Trials

You just can’t make this stuff up. Big Pharma in India is suing a man who got severe side effects from a Covid 19 vaccine trial that put him in intesive care for 8 days and in the hospital for a total of 15! Now that he has come forward The Serum Institute of India is suiing him for $13.5 million. He went public with his account of suffering a “neurological and psychological” breakdown after being stuck with the dangerous shots. Of course SII says that his conditions were not caused by the vaccine and that he defamed them by saying so in public.

Also in the video below we cover the DISASTER that is called Dengvaxia, a newly FDA approved vaccine that was tested in the Philipenes on children who were essentially guinea pigs. The results? Over 600 dead kids and counting. The Philipenes have now BANNED the vaccine. I also cover the story about scientists having to hide their identities for coming forward about Covid19 vaccine side effects and how the WHO deleted natural aquired immunity from their website.

Big Pharma Sues Whistleblower

My sources are listed below.

The Denvaxia Disaster

Big Pharma Suing

Scientist Hides Identity

WHO Deletes Natural Immunity From Website

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Back in early October 2020 we reported that there was a leaked email from a Canadian government official making the rounds on the internet. In that email he told us the plans that the elite in Canada and around the world had/have for us moving forward. In that email he discussed vaccinations being mandatory and refusers would be sent to camp among other nasty things!

Now we see all of it starting to take place just as that email predicted back in October. England is expanding their tier 4 lockdowns and other nations are doing the same thing. Here in the US many states are still under some form of lockdown with “non-essential” businesses closed, mandatory masking etc. First up is today’s news report and video and below there are links to other videos I’ve made on this subject. God bless and stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up!

And below is the video I did in early October 2020 regarding what we are seeing now, new mutant strains of Covid and new lockdowns worldwide.

As Leaked in October

God bless and have a great week with your family and friends. I will be keeping watch…

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England Expands Tier 4

Fauci Says Asymptomatic People Don’t Transmit

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