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bionic hand and human hand finger pointing

This is a must see interview! Celeste Solum covers everything including the spiritual warfare side of things. This is where the real wars are going on and you need to know these things.

If you don’t know what the enemy is doing to you how can you defend yourself? Some of you need to get stronger spiritually or else you’re not going to be able to stand against these things.

Original link. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xWzfy3AXNQB0/

Pray over everything because Even the food you grow yourself is tainted! It’s tainted because of what they’re spraying on it, what they’re spraying on all of us.

Disclaimer! I’m grateful for the information Celeste gives us but she is a bit too new age for my taste.

The jab is also the mark of the beast and she should come straight out and say it.

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Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” Author Promotes Genocide of 86% of the World’s Population

Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth, is a member of the World Economic Forum

Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth, is an honorary member of the Club of Rome and a member of the World Economic Forum. If you thought his ideology had softened and become less anti-human since the publishing of his book, you’d be wrong. 

Here’s a 2017 video of Meadows musing over his hopes that the coming inevitable genocide of 86% of the world population could be accomplished peacefully under a “benevolent” dictatorship. He said:

“We could [ ] have eight or nine billion, probably, if we have a very strong dictatorship which is smart … and [people have] a low standard of living … But we want to have freedom and we want to have a high standard of living so we’re going to have a billion people. And we’re now at seven, so we have to get back down. I hope that this can be slow, relatively slow and that it can be done in a way which is relatively equal, you know, so that people share the experience.”

As will become apparent at the end of this article, it is no coincidence that Meadows’ words echo the words in the 1995 Global Biodiversity Assessment first presented at the United Nations climate change conference COP1 which stated:

An ‘agricultural world’ in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people … In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialised world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion.

Global Biodiversity Assessment, UNEP, 1995, pg. 773

What the advocates of this ideology seem to omit mentioning is that, according to Worldometer, the population of the world is currently over 8 billion which doesn’t stack up with their fear-mongering predictions. There’s a good reason they avoid real-world scenarios because their models are a sleight of hand, they manipulate the data.

While many are now familiar with the manipulation of predictive modelling by Neil Ferguson during the covid-19 crisis, a network of powerful Malthusians have used the same tactics for the better part of the last century to sell and impose their agenda.

Davos 2023: Fragmenting the World

Malthusians are the disciples of Thomas Malthus (1766 – 1834).  Malthus promoted the mathematical thesis that population levels will always tend towards geometric growth, while agricultural resources will tend to arithmetic growth resulting in relatively forecastable “crisis points.” Malthus believed that social engineers representing the British Empire must use these “crisis points” to scientifically manage the “human herd.” Malthus believed that nature bestowed upon the ruling class certain tools that would allow them to accomplish this important task – namely war, famine and disease.

Established in 1968, the Club of Rome quickly set up branches across the Western world with members whom all agreed that society’s best form of governance was a scientific dictatorship.

It is a globalist non-governmental organisation (“NGO”) that convenes meetings between heads of state, members of royal families, business leaders, international financiers, academic scholars, laboratory scientists, and administrators of global governance institutions, such as the United Nations (“UN”), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”), and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”). Modelled after the “Round Table” structure of the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (“RIIA”), and the Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”), the Club of Rome facilitates meetings where delegates plan the global economy through public-private stewardship of the world’s natural and human resources in accordance with the Malthusian ecology of sustainable development.

In 1972, the Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth published the results of computer-simulated forecasts calculated by a team of statisticians recruited from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”).   It was the culmination of a two-year study undertaken by the MIT team under the nominal heading of Jay Forrester and Dennis Meadows.  The Limits to Growth is arguably the most influential book about “sustainability.”   It became the bible and blueprint of the new anti-humanist movement that birthed today’s Green New Deal agenda.

The Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth is not only Malthusian in principle, but a survey of its bibliography reveals that it is also backed by extensive citations from an array of Malthusian-eugenicists and affiliated institutions that have been dedicated to population control.

A 2012 article celebrating the book’s 40th anniversary stated: “It is worth revisiting Limits [to Growth] today because, more than any other book, it introduced the concept of anthropocentric [human caused] climate change to a mass audience.”  It’s worth revisiting Limits to Growth for other reasons as well.

One reason is that The Limits to Growth was the first of its kind to fuse global temperature with economic variables like population growth, resource loss, and the under-defined category of “pollution.” By utilising linear equations to extrapolate trends into the future, Meadows and his co-authors, one of whom was his wife, had set the stage for two major fallacies:

  • The fabric of physical space-time shaping the discoverable universe is intrinsically non-linear and thus not expressible by any form of linear equations regardless of the computing power involved. Human creative mentation is most explicitly non-linear as it is tied to non-formalisable states of existence like inspiration, love of truth, dignity, and beauty which no binary system can approximate.  The Club of Rome programmers ignored these facts and assumed the universe was as binary as their software.
  • The data sets themselves could easily be skewed and re-framed according to the controllers of the computer programmers who aspired to shape government policy. We have already seen how this technique was used to drive fallacious results of future scenarios under the hand of Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson and the same technique has been applied in ecological modelling as well.

Another reason to revisit The Limits to Growth is to highlight the influence it had and still has on supranational organisations.  For decades, New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard – who called for one-fourth of the human population to be culled to usher in a New World Order – championed transhumanism and Malthusian sustainable development, which is the crux of The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Hubbard’s Malthusian overpopulation theories were partly inspired by The Limits to Growth. In fact, in Hubbard’s Book of Co-Creation, there are multiple passages which warn of Malthusian “limits to growth” that could lead to ecological catastrophes. She also met personally with Club of Rome co-founder, Aurelio Peccei who prompted the World Economic Forum to adopt the Malthusian tenets of The Limits to Growth at the World Economic Forum’s Third Annual Meeting in 1973.

Last, but not least, we have Club of Rome member and author of Limits to Growth, who manipulated his predictive modelling, hoping that a dictatorship will slowly and “peacefully” cull 86% of the world’s population. 

No one should be celebrating The Limits to Growth or the agenda it’s promoting because it’s promoting your demise.


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Dennis Meadows [Club of Rome] ‘6 billion People Have To Go’, Why Not News, 21 April 2022

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Featured image is from The Expose

The original source of this article is The Expose

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Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive Minds, Artificial Intelligence and Mind Control

This is a continuation of the nanotech mind control series I’ve been doing. The nanotechnology war and the spiritual war have combined to create the real war that we face, the war for where we’re going to spend eternity!

Keep in mind we’ve been inhaling this stuff for decades now so you had better be prayed up and right with God because you don’t want to be on the wrong end of this thing when it’s activated!

Main story link

Nanobrain, how they make artificial brains using nanotech

Project Soul Catcher

No Touch Torture

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“Resistance is Futile” Star Trek Picard is Predictive Programming at its Finest

The Borg are one of Star Trek the next generation‘s greatest enemies . they are cold, malevolent trans human creatures, whose only goal is to assimilate every alien being they encounter.

They achieve the assimilation of alien races that they encounter by injecting nano probes into their bloodstream. As you will see in the video below these nano probes then start changing the very DNA of the person they’re injected into and then that person becomes something more than human, and has become trans human.

Notice also in the video that the Borg queen is asking her worker to make nano probes that can be deployed over an entire planet, thereby infecting the entire species of that planet at once. They’ve been spraying nanotechnology on us for years now so they’re telling you how it’s going down!

Last, but not least don’t forget the Marburg virus that attorney Todd Calendar keeps talking about. When the 5G signal is given, and the people who have had the vaccine are activated, this Marburg virus will turn them into zombies and begin the zombie apocalypse. Also, people have had visions of the vaccinated turning on the unvaccinated once the signal has been given and yes, they will be eating the faces off of those who have not been vaccinated and then they’ll also turn on each other as well.

In the video clip, you’re about to watch, you’ll see that the Borg nano technology only affects those who are 25 and younger. I’m not saying that that’s the way it’s going to go down with the nanotechnology in the COVID jabs but those affected will turn on you according to the research I’ve done. Those links are below.

Attorney Todd Calendar and the Marburg Virus Signal

Transhumanism, Nanotechnology, and Cybernetics…Going Back to the Beginning

grayscale photo of an alien figure

All of what we see going on today with the nanotechnololgy/graphene oxide based shots and how they’re turning humans into hybrids has been done before. Jesus told us that as it was in the “days of Noah” so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. Matthew 24: 37. What you’re going to see and hear is what happened then and how it continues to this day via the evil 14 bloodline families. These families dedicated their bloodlines to Satan and the fallen ones for all time at the Tower of Babel.

Some of you always ask me “Who are THEY Johnny?” If that’s you today you will find out. The links are below the video as always.

More info about who “they” are is in this video clip.

Transhumanism Blog post

The Hybrid Age

Altered humans video

13 Ruling Families

Worldwide track and control grid

Vaccinated and Bluetooth

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Cash is being PHASED OUT IN UNISON all Over the World!

person paying using her smartwatch

Just as the UN rolls out a plan to seize more power in case of “global emergencies”. Combine all of this with the new WHO Pandemic Treaty rules that are coming out and you have your NWO system ready to roll. All of that and more are in today’s video report. Prayed up and prepped up, time is short!

There’s the IMF digital currency

UN Seeks More Power

Pandemic Situation added to WHO powers

USA Fed Now program leads to CBDC

Central Bank of Brazil announces CBDC

Bank of England Hires staff for new “Britcoin”

France Limits Cash purchases to 1000 Euro

No cash in Australia

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UN Seeks Vast New Powers for Global Emergencies

earth blue banner free

Editors Note: First we had the WHO pandemic treaty and now here comes the UN seeking new emergency powers. Gee you’d almost think all of this was planned?!? Of course it was. They put the finishing touches on their BEAST systems while everyone was locked down “flattening the curve” 3 years ago. From theepochtimes.com.

Lawmakers and critics are sounding the alarm, but the White House supports the agenda

The United Nations is seeking vast new powers and stronger “global governance” tools to deal with international emergencies such as pandemics and economic crises, a new U.N. policy brief has revealed, and the Biden administration appears to support the proposal.

The plan to create an “Emergency Platform,” which would involve a set of protocols activated during crises that could affect billions of people, has already drawn strong concern and criticism from U.S. policymakers and analysts.

Among those expressing concern is House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), whose committee oversees U.S. foreign policy and involvement in international organizations.

“We must be sure that any global protocol or platform operated by the U.N. respects U.S. national sovereignty and U.S. taxpayer dollars,” McCaul told The Epoch Times.

He also noted his concern that the proposed platform expands the authority and funding of the U.S. and the definitions of “emergency” and “crisis” to include, for instance, climate change.

U.N. documents and statements released in March by key leaders of the global organization make clear that climate change is a major piece of the U.N. emergencies agenda.

Other critics who spoke with The Epoch Times expressed concern about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) within the U.N., the global organization’s well-documented corruption problems, and its track record of dealing with previous emergencies.

“Allowing the U.N. to deal with this is the equivalent of putting the CCP in charge of global emergencies,” former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Kevin Moley told The Epoch Times. Read the rest by clicking here.

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A New Direction

yellow arrow led signage

First of all I’d like to say THANK YOU to those of you who responded with your kind comments and emails on my post “Why Do I bother anymore?” I must admit I was surprised by the response and my prayers about what to do next were answered pretty quickly. My biggest concern was APATHY, or lack of concern but I see now that isn’t the case with my subscribers, just the world at large.

The website and videos will continue but we will be going in a slightly different direction with my videos in particular. I will be much more focused (at least for now) on the spiritual war going on vs the physical ones. As I said in my last video, the war we don’t see is where the real danger lies! This is where all of the plans are formulated and agreed upon, in the dark dingy meeting places of the so called elite. It’s where they perform their rituals and commit themselves and their families to Satan and his will for gain in this life.

In the upcoming videos I will be going back to before the flood to discuss the evil that was perpetrated then and is here again now as Jesus said it would be “As in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:37. We will also focus on the tower of Babel and there I will show you how 14 families committed their bloodlines to Satan for all time! These are the same families that remain in power to this day, with changes made to the names over the centuries.

Once again, thank you for the kind words and support. Blessings to you all,


Here’s what happens when you investigate why young people are dying

From Steve Kirsch’s Substack

You find that the vaccine killed them. But here in the US, we don’t want to look. That’s how science works: don’t ask, don’t tell.

Executive summary

As Dr. Ryan Cole has said many times, “You can’t find what you don’t look for.”

In Japan, they decided to investigate the death of a 14-year old girl who died two days after she got the “safe and effective” booster shot for kids.

What they found is that the vaccine attacked multiple organs and killed her.

Now ask yourself, was this the ONLY child in the world to get “unlucky”? I don’t think so. I think this is the norm for kids who die and we just don’t want to look.

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s the abstract

A 14-year-old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the BNT1262b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Autopsy findings showed congestive edema of the lungs, T-cell lymphocytic and macrophage infiltration in the lungs, pericardium, and myocardium of the left atria and left ventricle, liver, kidneys, stomach, duodenum, bladder, and diaphragm. Since there was no preceding infection, allergy, or drug toxicity exposure, the patient was diagnosed with post-vaccination pneumonia, myopericarditis, hepatitis, nephritisgastroenteritiscystitis, and myositis. Although neither type of inflammation is fatal by itself, arrhythmia is reported to be the most common cause of death in patients with atrial myopericarditis. In the present case, arrhythmia of atrial origin was assumed as the cause of cardiac failure and death. In sudden post-vaccination deaths, aggressive autopsy systemic search and histological examination involving extensive sectioning of the heart, including the atrium, are indispensable.

Read the rest here: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/heres-what-happens-when-you-investigate

This is partly what I was talking about in my last post about why should I continue. No one in America seems to even WANT to know the truth about the vaccines and the surge in “sudden death”. It’s as if everyone wants to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. It’s the “stay positive no matter what” mentality that has brought us into the mess we have today! REALITY CAN BE NEGATIVE AND HARD TO DEAL WITH BUT YOU STILL NEED TO DEAL WITH IT! You can’t just wish it away with your “positive affirmations!” Sorry but I am DONE with the social media positivity/deny reality police! Johnny

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The Zombie Apocalypse, Mt. Hermon, Fallen Angels, Occult Rituals and the Jabs

zombie attack

They are all related and tonight I will show you how. The jabs are not just about the mRNA and graphene oxide! The jabs are not just full of nanotechnology designed to change our DNA but it’s WHAT they’re changing people into that matters more! There are legions of demonic bloodline DNA in these shots that tie them all the way back to Mt. Hermon and the pre-flood world of Noah! As in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. Matt. 24:37 All of it is in today’s video.

Bitchute link

Rumble link

Satans instructions at Mt. Hermon

Book on Mt. Hermon and Rituals

Attorney Todd Callendar on the Marburg “Virus”

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