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US Drones Capture Turkish-Backed Forces MURDERING Cuffed-Prisoners in Syria

A new report in The Wall Street Journal has found that Turkish-backed Syrian forces currently fighting US-backed Kurdish groups as part of ‘Operation Peace Spring’ are guilty of war crimes, including summary executions of Kurdish civilians

“U.S. military officials watched live drone feeds last month that appeared to show Turkish-backed Arab gunmen targeting civilians during their assault on Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, attacks the Americans reported to their commanders as possible war crimes, according to current and former U.S. officials familiar with the incidents,” reports the WSJ. 

What the report fails to mention, however, is the blatantly obvious and relevant recent history that the Islamist militants carrying out such atrocities are the very same militants which were a few short years ago funded, armed and trained by the CIA and Pentagon.

Look at what the US has created and weep America. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to what your government is doing.


Founder of White Helmets Found Dead in Turkey

Former British Army officer James Le Mesurier, who founded the “White Helmets” volunteer force in Syria, was found dead in Turkey Monday.

The White Helmets were repeatedly implicated in PHONY, FALSE FLAG “Chemical weapons attacks” inside Syria, to be blamed on the Assad government. It now looks as though dirty governments who used those “attacks” as justification to attack Syria, are tying-up loose ends of anyone who can PROVE what was done, so dirty government leaders cannot be prosecuted for what they did in Syria.

Authorities said they found Le Mesurier’s body near his home in central Istanbul Monday.

Le Mesurier in recent days has been accused of spying for Britain. The Russian government called him a “former agent” of British intelligence agency MI6 and said he has “connections to terrorist groups … back during his mission in Kosovo.”

Le Mesurier founded the White Helmets, or Syria Civil Defense, in 2014 to protect civilians during the nation’s civil war.

“Police are investigating the case and have drawn no conclusions yet,” said SCD leader Raed al-Salah. “James is a close friend to us and to the Syrian people.”

The White Helmets organization was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 and has received funding from Britain and the United States.

Le Mesurier also founded the Mayday Rescue group, a United Nations-supported nonprofit organization with offices in Istanbul and Amsterdam.

Column of US Troops Heads BACK to Syria

The development comes after Washington decided to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria following the start of a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces on October 9.

A column of US troops has returned to northeastern Syria’s al-Hasakah Province from Iraq, Syria TV reports.

The news outlet claimed that “the column of American occupation forces entered […] the province through the illegal al-Walid border crossing” and that the column, which includes “dozens of soldiers and military hardware” is covered by US combat helicopters.

This comes a day after US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said that the US would maintain a “reduced presence” in Syria, citing concerns about Daesh terrorists taking control of nearby oil fields.

Almost two weeks ago, Esper pledged that the US would withdraw all of its force of 1,000 soldiers from northeastern Syria, after Turkey launched its military operation in the area to drive Kurdish militias and remaining Daesh militants away from the border.

Russia Concerned Over US Military Returning to Northern Syria

Commenting on Esper’s statement that some US troops will remain in north-eastern Syria, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the statement did not come as a surprise.

“What Washington does now – the capture and holding under its armed control of oil fields in Eastern Syria is, simply speaking, international state banditism,” he stressed, adding that Syrian oil reserves and other mineral resources belong solely to the Syrian Arab Republic, not to Daesh or to “American protectors from Daesh terrorists”.

He also said that “neither international law, nor the American legislation itself can justify the US troops’ goal to guard Syrian hydrocarbon reserves from Syria itself and its people.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov suggested that the fresh contradictory signals the US has sent regarding Syria may indicate Washington’s desire to maintain conditions that allow for continued pressure on Damascus.

“We are very definitely worried that the signals from the White House may reflect the same attitude: to preserve the conditions for continuing multi-component pressure on the legitimate authorities in Damascus”, he pointed out, adding that “this is the moment we don’t agree and we can’t agree with the United States on the situation.”

He said that Moscow “would not like new complications” on the Syria issue, touting the work that “has been done at the level of the leadership of Russia and Turkey in recent days.”

“The results of the negotiations in Sochi should not tempt anyone to reformat or change something again,” Ryabkov emphasised. From Sputnik

UN: First local polio case found in Zambia since 1995

It appears that the VACCINE ITSELF is the culprit here as the polio virus has spread to 9 different nations in Africa. More cases have been reported in China, Myanmar and the Philippines. It appears that the virus it has been mutating in the wild and now the WHO is concerned it will spread and possibly spark new outbreaks.

Jesus Himself talked about the pestilences in the last days in Luke 21:11 and Matthew 24:7. There are all kinds of viruses that are mutating daily and bacteria (super bugs) that are becoming immune to whatever type of antibiotic we throw at them. Now imagine society breaking down to the point where we don’t have power or running water for an extended period of time, say 1-3 months. What happens then?

We can’t prepare for every single event but do your best to make sure you have masks, gloves, disinfectants and other first aid items on hand. Do the best you can but there are all kinds of prepping lists you can look at for free online. Here is a list for “Zombie Preparedness” from the CDC you can check out! There’s a lot of good material HERE.

This won’t be the end of outbreaks of both new viruses and old ones that have mutated. They’re mutating because they’re designed to do so. Remember the Georgia Guide-stones? If you don’t know what they are you better go take a look HERE. The goal of the “illuminated” elite is to get the population of earth down to 500 million. Weaponized viruses and bacteria are a very effective way of doing that and it comes with built in deniability. They establishment will blame an outbreak on “those damn anti-vaxxers” or other such nonsense while never having the light put where it belongs, on them!

I’ll link to the article on this polio case HERE. No we can’t prevent what’s coming during the end times but we can be ready for it. Spiritually first (Prayed up) and physically (prepped up) at all times! You never know when it’s your time to leave this world and move onto the next so staying right with God is crucial, both for your salvation and for instruction from the Holy Spirit! When it gets rough or looks impossible you’re going to need some supernatural help! Remember it might be impossible to you but NOT to God, Luke 18:27. Look at Psalm 91 and remember those promises!

That’s it for now. God bless and stay ready!


The Fog of War and Civil Unrest Worldwide!

The world as we know it is shaking with violence on a scale not seen in quite some time! It seems as if all of South America is erupting in violent protest with Ecuador and Chile being the latest cases. The same can be said for much of Africa and parts of Europe as well. The world at large is starting to wake up to all of the corruption and deception that surrounds them.

In essence people are sick and tired of the elites of the world telling us how we’re the ones killing the planet, as they travel in private jets and own mansions around the world. In tonight’s video I summarize the rising tide of rebellion and the state of the war in Syria.

War, What Was it Ever Good For? Or Better Yet Who is it Good For?


Stories like the one I’m about to share with you HERE disgust me as an American and as a believer in Jesus Christ. However facts are facts and the truth can be ugly. America has needed to face these ugly truths for quite some time. The war in Afghanistan has been the longest in American history and yet you hardly hear a peep about it on the news. Now supposedly there’s peace on the horizon between the Afghan government, the USA and the Taliban.

This “peace process” is nothing more than the US trying to get out without anymore casualties while trying also save face. The national government that they put into place won’t be able to stand without the US backing them up. According to this story the Taliban aren’t really obligated to much other than letting the US leave without more casualties. I suppose they (the US) also want some guarantees the opium will continue to flow uninterrupted. How that works out remains to be seen but it has been a huge cash cow for black ops.

You see the opium trade was almost wiped out under the Taliban. They wanted nothing to do with it due to their version of Sharia law. Once the USA went in there back in 2001 the opium trade started to explode once again. Once that began some US combat troops where assigned to watch over acres of poppy fields. Very little of that news was able to trickle out but then along came Pat Tillman. He was a star NFL defensive player but decided to give that up to serve his country after 9-11. He was killed by “friendly fire” and the US Army has changed it’s story multiple times. The rumor is that he was going to expose what was really going on in the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and the Bush administration wasn’t going to let that happen. You can watch his story HERE and decide for yourself if you’re not familiar with it.

Getting out of Saigon 1975

Now here we are 18 years later and we have to ask ourselves what did we accomplish? It’s almost a mirror image of 1975 as the North Vietnamese were closing in on Saigon. The videos of the US helicopters taking off with people hanging off the skids are still haunting to this day. Now we are seeing history repeat itself in Afghanistan. The videos maybe won’t be as dramatic but we’re going to be leaving behind a war torn nation that will be worse off than when we came. The Taliban will overrun the national government in short order, probably weeks. The status quo from before the US went in will be re-established and all of it will have been for nothing. The Afghans aren’t better off and now they will be abandoned by the world once again. The US has spent billions of taxpayer dollars and lost over 3,400 lives with many more wounded and maimed for life. The cost continues at 22 veteran suicides and counting daily.

The only ones who will have benefited from all of this war will have been the military industrial complex, the bankers, the spooks (CIA,MI6 ETC) the contractors and of course the drug lords. Everyone else loses in war. Everyone. It always takes the highest toll from the civilian population both in blood and in coin. We in the US are paying the price in not just taxes but a crumbling infrastructure and a rapidly decaying social structure. We stand on the precipice of possible civil war whereas 18 years ago on 9-11 we were supposedly united. How ironic, dontcha think?

I rambled on a bit more than I thought I would but it’s time we face the hard truth about this war and others like it. The US has no right to keep imposing it’s will on everyone else and face no repercussions. You can bet your bottom dollar that those repercussions will be coming. God is not mocked. He will repay the US and others (Israel, Saudi Arabia) for their war crimes and other numerous crimes against humanity. I’m not looking forward to that day and I mourn for the USA I used to know. Yes I know it was the great “experiment” but it’s too bad it didn’t last. Now the US has become a police state in every sense of the word and this “war on terror” hasn’t benefited anyone but those in charge.

God bless and stay prayed up and prepped up! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords return is soon at hand! Revelation 3:3.

China Invades Hong Kong 8-11-19, So it Begins…..

Folks if you haven’t done so already, the time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior is NOW! The entire world sits on the brink of war not only in China but India/Pakistan, Ukraine/Russia and many wars raging in Yemen, Africa and on it goes. This will continue to increase in frequency and intensity quite a bit over the next few weeks. Please stay prayed up and Prepped up and if you don’t know Jesus NOW is the time!

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