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Wars and Rumors of War 9-6-23

USA, China, Russia, North Korea and more are in today’s news report.

Russian TV talks about first strike on USA

Kim Jong Un Tells North Korea Troops to be ready

Russia, China and N. Korean Wargames

Russian MOD Says 66,000 Ukrainian Troops dead in counteroffensive

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Neo-Nazi junta raising its Volkssturm

In the last several months, there have been reports about people with severe physical disabilities getting conscription notices, including blind people, as well as those with no extremities. However, the madness doesn’t stop there. People with severe mental disabilities are not spared either. Their apparent “physical fitness” makes them “the perfect cannon fodder” for the criminal Kiev regime.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Anyone remotely familiar with the history of the Second World War knows about Nazi Germany’s desperate attempts to stay afloat, with the monstrous regime even forcing its elderly, underage children and people with various physical and mental disabilities into peculiar armed formations called Volkssturm. These units were officially part of the Wehrmacht, but were effectively used as suicide troops to slow down the advance of the Red Army and Western Allies. Needless to say, their military effectiveness was subpar, to say the least, leading to unnecessary loss of life among people who were essentially civilians forced into military service virtually overnight. And while they may have slowed down Allied advance by several weeks, the ratio of their losses was such that it was completely unjustified from a purely military standpoint, to say nothing of the (im)morality of such madness.

After the end of WW2, it’s safe to assume that nobody thought such formations would ever again be used in Europe, especially not in the much-touted 21st century. And yet, people also believed that the despicable Nazi ideology would forever be left in the dustbin of history, but here we are. The Kiev regime never hid its Nazi affiliation, a state of affairs that was always a huge PR inconvenience for the political West, particularly its propaganda machine that has been trying to whitewash the Neo-Nazi junta for well over a year and a half, despite reporting about this for years after the Maidan coup.  True to its ideological forefathers, the Kiev regime seems to be copying every aspect of this deranged ideology, including by mimicking it when losing. The Neo-Nazi junta is so enamored with the German WW2-era monstrosity that it’s literally emulating Volkssturm.

It’s important to note that this process started nearly a decade ago, right after the NATO-backed Maidan coup that brought Neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine. Since 2014, there has been a systematic nazification of Ukrainian youth, including underage children. The raising of hundreds of thousands of kids into a sort of Bandera-Jugend created the basis of the Kiev regime forces that were later used to wage war on the Donbass republics. Many of the children initially brainwashed into this rabidly Russophobic ideology (among other forms of hatred) are now in their early 20s, forming the core of the Neo-Nazi junta troops. Unlike the mainstream propaganda machine that at first tried ignoring the issue, while it’s now trying to justify and “normalize” such a state of affairs, independent media have been covering the story about this sort of indoctrination for years.

However, the difference between Bandera-Jugend then and Zelensky’s Volkssturm today shows that the Neo-Nazi junta has indeed come full circle. Namely, the Kiev regime recently established a new “legal” category that allows the mobilization of people with severe mental disabilities. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, announced the establishment of the conscription category named “conditionally fit”. It seems there is an actual “legal” provision for this in the Neo-Nazi junta’s law, which is now starting to implement it. The law has been in force since February 24 last year and was once again extended in mid-August on orders by Zelensky. Apparently, it will be in force at least until November 15, although it’s extremely likely to be extended beyond that date as well. Danilov went on to explain the “reasoning” behind such desperate moves.

“In our legal documents there is a term – fit/suitable or conditionally fit/suitable. It is necessary to give an interpretation of who is conditionally fit and where people who have such an order in their documents can be used … so that there is no double or triple interpretation of this norm,” Danilov noted.

In the last several months, there have been reports about people with severe physical disabilities getting conscription notices, including blind people, as well as those with no extremities. In one particular case, a man who had both hands missing was given one such notice. However, the madness doesn’t stop there. People with severe mental disabilities are not spared either. Their apparent “physical fitness” makes them “the perfect cannon fodder” for the criminal Kiev regime. Back in late July, there was the case of Maksym Baida, a 34-year-old mentally disabled man from the western Vinnytsia region. Baida’s condition is so severe that he can’t even feed himself. According to local reports, his mother Nadia is still taking care of him due to his disability, but this didn’t stop the medical commission from declaring Baida to be supposedly “fit for military service”.

And this is certainly not an isolated case, as evidenced by footage released just last week, showing another unnamed man with an obvious mental disability being given instructions on how to use a hand grenade. Needless to say, forcibly conscripting people with such severe health issues is not just morally wrong, but also militarily unjustified, as they are not only a danger to themselves, but also to everyone else around them. However, it seems there’s simply no way to escape forced conscription by the Neo-Nazi junta, as evidenced by countless videos of regular Ukrainian men being snatched in the streets, often by men in uniforms with undisguised Nazi insignia. All this shows just how desperate the Kiev regime has become, as the losses of its troops are mounting by the day. Unfortunately, millions of regular Ukrainians are the ones paying the highest price.

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Headline News 8-3-23

Today’s video has a ton of information packed into it to include:

  1. WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them rights over EVERYTHING
  2. Ukrainian Troops QUIT using NATO tactics because THEY DON’T WORK LOL
  3. Israeli reservists refusing to show up
  4. Dr. David Nixon confirms nanotech in long term insulin
  5. 79 year old white farmer murdered in S. Africa and much much more!

Dr. David Nixon

Right Wing Govt. Israel

Biden to Arm Taiwan

IDF Reserves Not Reporting for Duty

Ukraine Abandoning West Military Tactics

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Zelensky to be assassinated?

79 Year Old White Farmer killed in S. Africa

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WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them power over everything

Telegram link:

⚡️⚡️⚡️Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to “take over everything in the world, stating that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health.”

In addition to this, it would abolish human rights protections, introduce censorship and digital passports, require governments to promote a single “official” version, and allow the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. “We are undergoing a soft test… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and a biosafety program.”

A “soft coup”, for now. You can bet the beat downs will commence when people start rioting and looting because they’re starving. That’s what’s next in the USA after the big market crash. Stay tuned


Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

two test tubes

And more news about a potential NUCLEAR WAR between NATO and Russia after Ukrainian drones attack the financial district in Moscow yesterday. All of that and more are in todays video podcast.

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Main Story on Chinese Biolab

Russian forces repel Ukrainian attacks

Ukrainian terror attack on Crimea by drone stopped

Russia threatens use of nuclear weapons…again

US Troops given combat pay for serving in Ukraine

Ukrainian troops surrender to Russians by the hundreds!

US Hunts for Malware put in place by China

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The New World Order is in Place and Here is the Proof

person paying using her smartwatch

Everyone from the UN to the IMF are united in their cause to get the New World Order government in place and much sooner than most people think. In America 70% of people surveyed had never heard of a CBDC let alone know that they are on the horizon! Find out how close we truly are in today’s video! Prayed up and prepped up, time is very short!

8 Signs Article

World coin and World ID

IMF Pushing for Global CBDC

World Government Shock Needed

Funding for May/June

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China exposed and humiliated Lloyd Austin in Singapore

US and Canadian warships challenged by China in the Taiwan Strait.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

The incident in the Taiwan Strait and the criticism the defence ministers of China and the United States levelled at each other at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore shows that confrontation is escalating in the Asia-Pacific region between the two Great Powers.

Hours before US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin delivered his speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue on June 3, the US and Canada deliberately caused tensions as their warships passed through the Taiwan Strait. In response, the Eastern Theatre Command of China’s People’s Liberation Army organised a force to escort and monitor Western warships. The Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army spokesman, Colonel Shi Yi, noted that the US and Canada intentionally risked, provoked, and undermined regional peace and stability maliciously.

The US military’s Indo-Pacific Command said a Chinese warship crossed a US destroyer in the Taiwan Strait, forcing the warship to slow down to avoid a collision. Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue forum, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin claimed that Washington “[does] not seek conflict or confrontation […], but we will not flinch in the face of bullying or coercion.”

However, he could not explain why American warships were thousands of kilometres from home and sailing off the coast of China. Austin then promised that the US would continue regularly deploying warships and aircraft through the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea to emphasise that these are international waters.

The reaction of Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu to this announcement was like a warning to the US. Commenting on the incident, the minister stressed that Beijing has no problem with “innocent passage” but will prevent the use of freedom of navigation patrols to carry out its propaganda, power, and provocation. Meanwhile, “it is necessary to prevent efforts to ‘have some countries’ impose their own rules on others through an international rules-based order but with their selective approach.”

The US and its allies deliberately timed their passage through the Taiwan Strait to coincide with the Singapore forum to exert military and political pressure on China. This could not have been a worse time for the US-Canada exercise as it proved to Beijing once again that Washington is not sincere in wanting to find peace and is instead pursuing an anti-China coalition. 

As the US is effectively flaunting its military might, and its actions at sea are completely in sync with the Singapore meeting, Shangfu had every right to refuse meeting with the US defence secretary on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue summit when the suggestion was first pitched. Meanwhile, the Chinese Defence Minister is actively negotiating with his European counterparts.

In addition, before the Shangri-La Dialogue, China had yet to receive any positive information from the US on the issue of Taiwan expressing its desire to improve relations. Therefore, China’s position is completely reasonable. Beijing does not talk to Washington on military matters, while the US regularly tries to downgrade bilateral relations. Essentially, China has shown that it is not only unwilling to bear pressure but will respond.

China responded to the American-Canadian provocation with sharp counterattacks. It was no coincidence that the Chinese warship came within 150 metres of the US destroyer and Canadian frigate. Although China has mostly responded to provocations through diplomacy and economic responses, its leaders now hint at the possibility of using military means to protect its interests and sovereignty, especially as the country can defend against actions that cross red lines.

At the same time, the Chinese Defence Minister reassured neighbouring countries of Beijing’s intentions, and he has also undermined US efforts to discredit China by portraying it as a threat to regional security. China’s position on security issues has always been clear and consistent – it considers countries that are promoting regional and global security cooperation as its partners. This was stressed by Shangfu in Singapore, who also clarified China’s position on the global security situation and stressed the need to build a better-shared future for the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s proposal for a community with a common future in the Asia-Pacific region promotes peaceful development and meets the region’s common interests. The Taiwan issue is certainly a most important problem to China, and China will defend its fundamental national interests in this regard. Therefore, China will certainly not tolerate US-Canadian provocations and grandstanding in their backyard and will continue sending strong military messages.

This was again stressed in Singapore by Chinese Lt. Gen. Jing Jianfeng, a senior member of Shangfu’s delegation, who accused Austin of “overtly or covertly making false accusations against China.” Jing also highlighted that the US has been “deceiving and exploiting” regional countries to advance its self-interests to preserve “its dominant position” in Asia-Pacific.

Jing stressed that the US has been preserving old alliances that are “remnants of the Cold War” and is now establishing new pacts, like the AUKUS agreement with Britain and Australia and the QUAD grouping with Australia, India, and Japan. He says this is “to divide the world into ideologically-driven camps and provoke confrontation.”

In this way, Austin was exposed by Shangfu and Jing in Singapore, something that surely humiliated the US in front of regional countries. Not only was the US humiliated, but it, along with the rest of the attendees at the dialogue, saw that China was completely willing to use its military to defend its sovereignty and interests.

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Saudi Arabia set to join BRICS’ New Development Bank

NDB seeks to counter the influence of Western-dominated multilateral banks – Bloomberg.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

The strengthening of ties between the BRICS bank and Saudi Arabia, the world’s second-largest oil producer, is undesirable for the West as it again signals another advancement in the de-dollarisation of the global economy. In the last week of May, Saudi Arabia held talks to join BRICS’ New Development Bank as its ninth member, a decision that is not only economic but also with political motive.

Saudi Arabia’s benefit from joining the NDB is clear, given the potential for increased trade, especially Saudi exports. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest oil suppliers, and BRICS countries produce many different goods. Therefore, such cooperation can be considered mutually beneficial. Saudi membership in the NDB will expand the internal market of the BRICS countries, which means opening new opportunities for economic development in these countries.

As Bloomberg reported on May 30: “The New Development Bank, the lender created by the BRICS group of nations, will widen its membership as it seeks to boost its capital and counter the influence of Western-dominated multilateral banks.”

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the region, and its neighbour, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is already a member of the NDB. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has also expressed interest in joining BRICS. The BRICS summit in South Africa in August will discuss expanding the grouping, which could open the path for the Arab country to join.

“In the Middle East, we attach great importance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are currently engaged in a qualified dialogue with them,” the NDB told the Financial Times in a statement.

Talks with Saudi Arabia come as the NDB prepares to formally evaluate its funding options, which were questioned after the West imposed sanctions on Russia following the launch of its special military operation in Ukraine.

Membership will likely be granted as it would strengthen Saudi Arabia’s bonds with BRICS countries, especially when the country is pursuing closer relations with all powers, particularly China. Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed a “new era” in the countries’ ties when he visited Saudi Arabia in 2022. Most importantly, Beijing in March brokered a historic agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations, something which irked Washington.

The NDB has lent $33 billion to more than 96 projects in the five founding members — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — but the bank has expanded its membership to include the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bangladesh. Although Egypt and Bangladesh represent major emerging markets and economies, Saudi Arabia, like the UAE, would represent another rich shareholder in the NDB.

“[Fundraising options are] the most important thing at the moment,” said Ashwani Muthoo, director-general of the NDB’s independent evaluation office, which was established last year.

Muthoo declined to comment on the Saudi accession talks but said the board wanted to examine alternative instruments and currencies to bring in resources, something that Saudi Arabia can offer.

It is recalled that Mikhail Mishustin said on a visit to China in May that Moscow saw “one of the bank’s main goals” as defending the bloc from “illegitimate sanctions from the collective West”. This fact interests Saudi Arabia as it breaks from servitude to the US to become a sovereign Middle/Regional power instead.

It is recalled that China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in October 2022 that BRICS leaders agreed on expanding the bloc and expressed support for the discussion on the standards and procedures of expansion. Wang also noted that China would work with other BRICS members to jointly advance the expansion process so that more partners will join the BRICS family.

By being first accepted into the NDB, Saudi Arabia’s path to joining BRICS would be opened. As said, Saudi Arabia will likely join the NDB as the banks have a strong will to expand their membership, which will signal the Arab country’s eventual accession into the bloc.

Dilma Rousseff, the bank’s president, said at the NDB’s annual meeting in Shanghai on May 30, “The world is going through a transformation process and it’s not about one currency against any another one. NDB will continue seeking funds in the dollar market but also in the Asian market.”

The fact that the NDB is comprised of the most powerful and richest countries outside of the Western bloc has Washington concerned as it poses the greatest challenge to dollar hegemony. With the current level of the NDB project funding in local currencies at 22%, the bank is well on course to meet its goal of 30% by 2026. This percentage will only continue to grow as the years pass, and the addition of Saudi Arabia will contribute to this effort. Thus, the Middle Eastern country will actively participate in de-dollarization.

Call it “decoupling” or “de-risking”, US economic war against China doomed to backfire

If forced to “pick a side”, most countries may end up “decoupling” from the US instead.

Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts

At the G7 summit in Hiroshima, much was talking about “de-risking” from China – which seems to be the new preferred terminology. The summit joint statement said: “we are not decoupling or turning inwards. At the same time, we recognise that economic resilience requires de-risking and diversifying.” In the same spirit, US President Joe Biden, on May 21, stated: “we’re not looking to decouple from China, we’re looking to de-risk and diversify our relationship with [it].”  The US state department describes “de-risking” somewhat more clearly as “the phenomenon of financial institutions terminating or restricting business relationships with clients or categories of clients to avoid, rather than manage, risk.”

Journalists Keith Johnson and Robbie Gramer in turn, writing for Foreign Policy, define de-risking this way: “decoupling refers to the deliberate dismantling and eventual re-creation elsewhere of some of the sprawling cross-border supply chains that have defined globalization and especially the U.S.-China relationship in recent decades.”

“De-risking”, it seems, is about reducing Chinese “control” of global supply chains without isolating it “too much” – however much that is. Diplomatic rhetoric aside, one should understand it as part of the larger context of economic nationalism and economic warfare, while the US considers pivoting to the Pacific. A recent development such as the UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership is also part of a deeper anti-Chinese Western strategy, as it is accompanied by other initiatives such as the AUKUS deal – the military alliance that has been described as the “Asian NATO”. Here, geopolitical and geoeconomic agendas converge. There are fractures within the Western bloc, though, as “strategic autonomy” gains momentum within Europe itself.

I’ve written before on how deindustrialization is increasingly seen today as a national security matter. While China appears to have turned geoeconomics into the very center of its geostrategic approaches (deriving political power from economic power),  the US in turn has been weaponizing economic policies and the very world economy and financial system itself.

In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to insulate industries from geopolitical disputes. Beijing aspires to becoming a tech superpower, and the American Establishment simply won’t have it. This is the context of the current chip war, for instance, which is about geopolitics as much as it is about geoconomic competition. The blowback of this warfare is that it has been hurting key US allies, such as Taiwan itself. Washington’s economic policies in that regard can only aggravate the ongoing supply chain crisis and complicate the bottleneck, ultimately hurting the US itself. The United States may try to enforce a blockade of Chinese technology as much as it can, but supply chains remain hard to trace.

Despite all the talk about the wonders of the “post-industrial” world, manufacturing and industrialization still hold the key for the 21st century emerging powers and great powers alike. So-called “neoliberalism” is in fact quite dead, while “old-fashioned” protectionism, subsidies and procurement mandates are on the rise. Economic nationalism is once again relevant; amid the New Cold War, this means one should expect to see an increase in industry and trade wars, as one can already see with Biden’s own subsidy wars against Europe itself. Such a scenario can make economic warfare even more dangerous as it already is, for it potentially turns things into existential challenges for the interested parties. While so much is talked about “de-risking”, it might be particularly risky to corner a great power such as China like this.

As American investor Balaji Srinivasan has recently remarked regarding China, the US simply is not in a position of strength: the Asian giant remains the number 1 trade partner for a large part of the world. It has in fact a larger place in global trade than the US had even in the post-WW2 boom, and US geoeconomic strategy simply does not seem to grasp this hard truth, according to Matthew Pipes who is a managing consultant at the Krebs Stamos Group and also a Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute.

As journalist Gavin Bade writes, in his Politico piece, Washington seems to believe the world can sort itself into “two trading groups”, one led by the US and the other led by China – something which did not come about even during the cold war years. As I have written, emerging powers such as Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and India are showing the world that a new age of non-alignment and multi-alignment has come to stay – these nations have been successfully avoiding the new cold war trap of “alignmentism”, while successfully pursuing their own interests.

American diplomatic pressures for alignment are thus doomed to backfire – if forced to “pick a side”, most countries may end up “decoupling” from the US instead.

Microsoft Sounds the Alarm on the Chinese Attacking Communications in the USA

security logo

You have to ask yourself is this why at least 50 US Senators have been issued Satellite phones from DHS? China will definitely be one of the scapegoats when the US communications and power grids go down. Also more news on Ukraine, Russia and the USA in today’s video report.

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Main Story

US Aid to Ukraine

USA About to Default on Debt

New Health Treaty Regs

Ukraine uses US Military Vehicles to Attack Russia

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