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Will Donald Trump’s Peace Plan be the “Covenant with Many?”

That is a great question but with everything else going on in the world today (wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, fires, weather, Wuhan Virus, etc) it is very possible. The fact that it comes at such a time as this is incredible and tomorrow the world will as we know it will change once again.

Everyone is expecting the Palestinians to hate this deal and who can blame them? From what I’m seeing it all favors Israel and essentially puts the Palestinians on a reservation and ditches the 2 state solution. Israel will get to keep most if not all of their settlements in the West Bank and it will be Annexed. This plan isn’t sitting well with the Israeli settlers as they don’t want ANY Palestinians left there at all.

Below is a video by of the press conference with Netanyahu and Trump today. God bless and stand firm.

US Now Considers Israeli Settlements Consistent With International Law

Of course nothing could be further from the truth than that statement but nonetheless U.S. Sec. of State Pompeo declared it anyway. It appears that the US government will continue to make up international law to favor it and Israel’s conquests around the world. After all it was just last week when President Trump said we were indeed taking Syria’s oil. All to fund the moderate rebels of course. Yeah right.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

From RT.com

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a U-turn in policy toward Israeli settlements in the West Bank, declaring Washington no longer sees them as inconsistent with international law.

Pompeo said the US will no longer adhere to the 1978 State Department legal opinion on the settlements, and insisted that it would not lead to the US’ isolation from the rest of the global community on the issue. 

The US’ top diplomat said the Trump administration will leave the status of the West Bank to Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate.

Pompeo said the decision came as a result of a “legal review” and was not intended to send any message, though the move is likely to anger the Palestinian side and human rights groups who have condemned the settlements and say they undermine peace efforts.

The Trump administration has been a staunch ally of Netanyahu’s government and consistently taken Israel’s side on major issues, calling into question Washington’s ability to be a neutral arbiter in any peace process. In 2017, Trump recognized the contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the US embassy there from Tel Aviv. Last year, Trump recognized Israel’s 1981 seizure of Syria’s Golan Heights as legitimate.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also condemned the move, saying through a spokesman that Pompeo’s statement “totally contradicts” international law and called on other nations to “declare their opposition.”

The US embassy in Jerusalem issued a travel warning to Americans shortly after Pompeo’s comments, warning those traveling through Jerusalem, the West Bank, or Gaza to maintain “a high level of vigilance” and to take “appropriate steps to increase their security awareness in light of the current environment.”

The statement warned that individuals or groups opposed to the policy change may target US government facilities and US citizens.

Who Really Censors the Internet?

It Isn’t Google

So is it Google, YouTube or Facebook or is it someone else, maybe a NATION STATE that is censoring videos that get us the truth?

In the video below you’ll see who it is and how it’s done. I left this video unlisted for now because it keeps getting pulled off of YouTube or it gets age restricted. You deserve to know the TRUTH of who and what is behind the extreme censorship of everything we read/watch today. God bless and stay vigilant.

US Senators Meet With Jewish Leaders in Semi-Secret…Who Do you Think Came First?

By Alison Weir

An article in the Times of Israel reports that “Jewish leaders are meeting with Senate Democrats today.” According to the report, this is an annual event. A quarter of the Senate was in attendance (see list below).

All except one of the organizations represented by the Jewish leaders at the meeting advocate for Israel.

Several of the organizations participating are focused on preventing the erosion of support for Israel among Democratic voters. Recent polls show that the large majority of progressive Americans now support Palestinian human rights.

Many of the meeting participants, both Senators and Jewish leaders, are particularly known for their pro-Israel work. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calls himself a “guardian of Israel.”

To see the list of Senators who were in attendance, check out the rest of the story here: IsraelPalestinenews.org


The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the USA is planning a “tactical assault” in Iran to be focused on it’s nuclear program. While this bombardment would be massive in scale it will focus on a uranium enrichment facility. What type of weaponry they’ll use has not been reported however tactical nuclear weapons have been discussed in the past!

Got Jesus? He’s coming. Revelation 3:3.

FBI Releases (Partially) Photos of Dancing Israelis on 9/11

When I have told the tale of the dancing Israelis from 9-11-01 on my previous podcast I got blasted in the comments saying I was full of it and that the story was “urban legend”. This was despite me posting testimony from the police officers who pulled them over and detained them. This despite numerous eye witnesses who called the police enraged over seeing them dancing and high-fiving when the towers were struck.

If you’d like or need a history lesson on what happened with the “dancing Israelis” and the events surrounding their arrest here is a good article here.

Today I came across this new video by the Corbett Report detailing newly released (redacted and limited) evidence including photos of the dancing Israelis. He also has another 20 minute video documenting the case and proving that it is no urban legend.

Iran and The Persian Gulf Are the Super Hot-Spots

I took some time away this weekend and it was good. Productive and relaxing all in one. I kept my eye on things but it was relatively quiet. I was going to broadcast from my car today but for some reason, the sound kept going bad or going away altogether. YT is messing with us again but in new ways. I have heard other channels say that they have to turn the gain way up on their mics/mixers so I’m not alone.

Iran and the Persian Gulf is the super hotspot at the moment. Anything can happen at any time. Iran for its part doesn’t want a war but they’re in a spot where one can happen at any time as we saw today with the 4 ships that were sabotaged off the coast of the UAE. We still don’t know where that story is going or if it will disappear. If it disappears then it wasn’t meant to happen yet or it’s related to something else entirely. If it gets blamed on Iran or its proxies then that should happen sooner rather than later. Within 24 hours we should know which way they will take this story.

Syria is another hotspot that not many others are talking about. The big issue in Syria is the Idlib province. There you have a large gathering of Jihadis, Turkish Army, Syrian Arab Army, FSA, YPG (Kurds), Russia, Hezbollah and more. The bombs and the bullets from the Syrian/Russian side are getting closer and closer to the Turks for one. The Turks have never had any intention of enforcing a buffer zone on the terrorists. The constant attacks from the terrorists in that zone are all the proof one needs. At some point, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iran will all have to come to an understanding or there will be conflict. It’s something I will keep my eyes on.

Last but not least are Israel and the Palestinians. The “Deal of the Century” is about a month away from being announced and the world awaits the details and the subsequent reactions of both parties. The leaks have stated that there will be land swaps and Jerusalem will be a shared capital. There is also a lot of Saudi and other gulf state money being poured into it and the Palestinians will be given a “take it or leave it” type of offer. This same stipulation would apply to Israel as well in order to give it some teeth and give the Palestinians assurance that Israel will hold up its end of the bargain. You can read the details on a blog I did last week here.

There is a lot going on in the world at one time as we’ve discussed many times on this channel. Do you know where you’re going when you leave this life? This is just one chapter and it’s a short one. The next one is for all eternity. Make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior today. He’s waiting.

I’m Having Flashbacks to August 1990…

Which is when Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi forces to take Kuwait which signaled the build-up to the first gulf war called “Desert Shield” which of course turned into Desert Storm. Now the Pentagon has been formally tasked with the deployment of 100,000 plus troops to the Persian Gulf.

This and the new Russian bomber deployments in their far east don’t bode well for the USA. You can catch it all in today’s video.

Israeli Paper Claims to Have Details on the “Deal of the Century” on the Middle East

4D Chess

US President Trump and his administration have been working on the so-called “deal of the century” for some time now, but few details have been leaked to the press about its contents. The White House promises that the deal will become a permanent solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Hayom newspaper claims to have obtained a draft of the American “deal of the century’s” propositions to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that has allegedly been circulating around the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The document, leaked to the newspaper by an anonymous source, states that the agreement will be signed by three parties — Israel, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the Hamas movement.

New State and Shared Capital

According to newspaper, the deal will suggest the creation of a Palestinian state on the lands of the West Bank and Gaza Strip that will be called “New Palestine”. The document doesn’t specify the political structure of a new state, but indicates that democratic elections will be held within a year after its creation to form a government, with each Palestinian receiving the right to cast a vote.

At the same time, Israeli settlements will remain under Tel Aviv’s control with addition of several other settlements. Israel Hayom didn’t specify the settlements that will be added.

Both Israel and New Palestine will use Jerusalem as their capital, the newspaper indicated, citing the plan. However, the city will not be divided, but instead “shared” by the both states. Jerusalem will still be controlled by the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality, but New Palestine will handle education, paying municipal taxes in return, the purported US deal said. The status quo in handling the holy sites in the city will remain in its current state.

Jerusalem’s Arab population will reportedly become full-fledged citizens of New Palestine, as opposed to the existing system of permanent residency documents, which can become invalidated if a person leaves the city for a lengthy period of time. What is more, Israeli citizens won’t be eligible to buy the homes of Palestinians and vice versa, the newspaper added.

The Fate of the Gaza Strip

According to the alleged deal, the Gaza Strip’s borders with Israel and Egypt will be open for the flow of goods and citizens. What is more, a 30-metre-high “bridge” connecting the Gaza Strip and the West Bank will be built. Half of the bridge’s construction will reportedly funded by China, while the other half will be equally funded by South Korea, Australia, Canada, the US, and EU.

Israel Hayom indicated, citing the document, that Egypt will lease New Palestine’s lands near Gaza Strip within five years of the state’s creation. The last is suggested to serve as a base for the construction of an airport, factories, as well as serve for commercial and agricultural activities. At the same time, the alleged deal says Palestinians won’t be able to build houses on the leased land.

No Palestinian Military

The alleged American deal suggests that New Palestine will not have any army with police being the only force, armed with light weaponry. The document suggests that New Palestine and Israel will ink a defence agreement with the latter ensuring protection of the former from external aggression and will be paid in return.

At the same time, the alleged deal will demand all Hamas personnel to give up their weapons. Both Hamas and Israel will release their prisoners one year after the elections in New Palestine, the newspaper indicated, citing the document. Hamas members will continue to receive salaries from supporting states until their structure is replaced with a newly formed government, according to the alleged plan.

The US deal will reportedly suggest dividing the planned $30 billion investments needed for national projects in New Palestine for the first five years between the US, the EU and Gulf States with the latter paying 70% of it, as they will allegedly be the main beneficiaries from the deal.

What is notable, the allegedly leaked document indicates that the US will be ready to cancel all of its funding to the party, which violates the signed deal, be it Hamas or even Israel.

An anonymous senior White House official has refused to confirm the authenticity of Israel Hayom’s document, calling it “speculative” and “inaccurate”. The so-called “deal of the century”, announced by Trump, has been in the works for some time, but few details have made it into the media, with Hayom’s publication being the most detailed so far.

The newspaper indicates that many of the points in the document resonate with statements by Trump’s Middle East advisor Jared Kushner, while at the same time it contradicts some of the previous leaks, which also haven’t been confirmed by US officials.

The “deal of the century” is supposed to become a solution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, which began with the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. This conflict has led to several full-scale wars between Israel and its Arab neighbours. Although no wars against Israel are being waged right now, the Jewish state regularly reports being attacked by Hamas missiles coming from the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Sputnik News

Johnny’s Commentary I don’t know if this report is completely accurate or not but some of the details here are interesting. Will the Palestinians accept it or reject it? There will be no more right of return for the Palestinians should they accept and the Saudis are apparently telling them “take it or leave it”.

It will be interesting to say the least and I have to wonder if this deal comes before or after a war with Iran? One has to wonder how that factors into it because war with Iran is coming. Israel has stated they will NOT allow Iran to go back to their full processing capability. Iran has state that the world has 60 days to back off or they start processing again.

War with Iran may have been averted for now but it’s coming. Whether it’s before or after the deal of the century remains to be seen. Stay prayed up and prepped up!


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