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Blinken openly endorses Kiev regime’s attacks on Russia with US-made missiles

Editors Note: It’s systems like this combined with US targeting assistance that will force Russia to act directly against U.S. and NATO. The only question is when.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

As we all know, American involvement in Ukraine is crucial. The United States initiated the war back in 2014 after decades of setting it up by financing the most radical elements of the Ukrainian society, resulting in their takeover of the unfortunate country after the Maidan coup. Since then, the US has been modernizing and training the Kiev regime forces. The culmination of this process was prevented by Russia’s counteroffensive, which forced the political West to invest enormous resources just to keep the Neo-Nazi junta afloat. Since the start of the special military operation (SMO), the political West has been doing everything in its power to keep escalating the conflict.

What started out as deliveries of various types of ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) and MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) soon turned into full-blown support for the Kiev regime through massive shipments of modernized Warsaw Pact-era weapons (tanks, artillery, rockets, helicopters, fighter jets, etc). These were then complemented by NATO and US-made weapons and munitions, the deliveries of which keep escalating to ever more dangerous and longer-range missiles and other systems. All the while, Western officials are parroting meaningless “assurances” that they supposedly “don’t want escalation with Moscow”. Obviously, the exact opposite has been happening.

These schizophrenic tendencies are not subsiding in the slightest, as evidenced by recent comments made by Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State in the troubled Biden administration. During an interview with ABC News on September 10, Blinken stated that it was supposedly “up to Ukraine” whether or not it should target Russia proper with US-made long-range weapons. The idea that the Kiev regime could ever make such a decision on its own is beyond laughable, which means that it’s the belligerent thalassocracy itself that ordered the Neo-Nazi junta to target civilian and military targets within Russia. Blinken’s statement came only a day after ABC News reported that the US would provide the ATACMS to the Kiev regime.

The MGM-140 ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) is a US-made supersonic tactical/theater ballistic missile system with a maximum range of approximately 300 km. While its range and maximum speed of Mach 3 don’t exactly make it a revolutionary weapon (for instance, Russia’s “Iskander” is twice as good, both in terms of range and speed), this is still enough to jeopardize Russian supply lines, as well as civilian settlements deeper within Moscow’s territory. The ATACMS can also be fired from the tracked M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), as well as the wheeled M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), both of which have been delivered to the Neo-Nazi junta forces well over a year ago.

The system comes in five variants of missiles developed since the 1990s. The basic M39 (ATACMS Block I) uses INS (inertial navigation system) and carries 950 M74 APAM (anti-personnel and anti‑materiel) bomblets. Its range is up to 165 km. Production ceased in 1997.

It was replaced by the M39A1 (ATACMS Block IA) with improved GPS guidance. In part due to its smaller warhead carrying 300 M74 APAM bomblets, the range was extended to 300 km. Production ended in 2003.

The M48 (ATACMS Quick Reaction Unitary or simply QRU) GPS-guided missile carries the WDU-18/B penetrating high explosive blast fragmentation warhead found on the “Harpoon” anti-ship missile, only repackaged into the newly designed WAU-23/B warhead section. Its range is also estimated at up to 300 km. Production ceased in 2004.

The updated M57 (ATACMS TACMS 2000) GPS-guided missile of the same range also uses the WAU-23/B, but its production ended in 2013. It sports an increased accuracy of 9 m CEP (circular error probability), but was soon complemented by the enhanced M57E1.

The M57E1 (ATACMS Modification or just MOD) is also GPS-guided and is essentially an upgraded M39/M39A1 with better propulsion, updated guidance and WAU-23/B instead of the M74 APAM bomblets. It also includes a proximity sensor for airburst detonation, which is particularly deadly against infantry and civilians. Production started in 2017.

As previously mentioned, such weapons are not exactly groundbreaking for the Russian military that possesses far more potent missiles, both ground-based and air-launched, but the real issue comes from the fact that the political West is providing the necessary ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) data. This is a significant force multiplier that can make even a relatively mediocre weapon such as the ATACMS more dangerous. Moscow is doing its best to keep the scope of the SMO localized, but NATO continues to escalate, as evidenced by the resurgent presence of its ISR platforms around Russia’s borders, particularly in the Black Sea, which puts the Eurasian giant’s naval forces deployed there in jeopardy.

The Russian military already shot down some of NATO’s ISR platforms, resulting in several months of pause in flights close to the SMO zone. However, the belligerent alliance recently restarted this highly destabilizing practice. Moscow is perfectly aware that the political West controls the Kiev regime’s targeting, even issuing orders which Russian assets are to be attacked. The sole reason why Russia hasn’t responded by shooting down all NATO ISR platforms in relative vicinity of its forces is that it wants to avoid escalating the conflict into a world-ending thermonuclear confrontation. However, the US-led political West sees this as a weakness and an opportunity to test Russian patience, which is slowly running out.

Source: InfoBrics

Wars and Rumors of War 9-6-23

USA, China, Russia, North Korea and more are in today’s news report.

Russian TV talks about first strike on USA

Kim Jong Un Tells North Korea Troops to be ready

Russia, China and N. Korean Wargames

Russian MOD Says 66,000 Ukrainian Troops dead in counteroffensive

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US hosting ‘open secret’ military exercises with Taiwan

The drills were held in Michigan, involving approximately 7000 soldiers from both sides. Although most Americans taking part in the exercise were members of the Michigan National Guard, some were unnamed units under the direct command of the Pentagon. This indicates that the troops in question must have been special forces used in various covert operations.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

It’s certainly not breaking news that the United States is trying to prevent China from restoring full sovereignty over all of its territories, primarily Taiwan. The Chinese breakaway island province is not only of historical, legal and national value, but also of prime strategic importance. When in the hands of Beijing’s enemies, Taiwan is a major security hurdle, as it exposes the entire southeast China’s “soft underbelly”, particularly the neighboring province of Fujian. This doesn’t only slow down (or even prevent) normal economic development, but it also requires the mobilization of significant resources used by the military to ensure the security of the crucial area.

On the other hand, if Beijing restores its full sovereignty over the island, be it in a similar manner to Hong Kong (or Macao), or perhaps within a new, even more lax framework that eliminates the threat posed by the US, Taiwan would become a significant springboard for pushing the belligerent thalassocracy’s forward-deployed forces that are jeopardizing China’s interests in the Asia-Pacific. Obviously, Washington DC is trying everything in its power (short of direct war, for now, at least) to prevent this scenario, which is why it’s pushing Taipei to a sort of crawling confrontation with mainland China or at the very least trying to prevent the rapprochement between the two.

Military involvement of the US is a major component of this “China containment” strategy, as the Pentagon planners like to call it. This includes not only the arming of Beijing’s breakaway island province, but also providing training to its forces. This was usually done in Taiwan, but since China has warned repeatedly that it will not tolerate the presence of any major US forces (or those of its other vassals and satellite states), Washington DC found a workaround. Namely, according to various regional sources, Taiwanese troops attended somewhat rare joint military exercises with their US counterparts this summer. It’s important to note these were held on American soil.

On September 4, the Taipei Times reported that the drills were held in Michigan last month, in the August 5-19 timeframe, involving approximately 7000 soldiers from both sides. Although most American troops taking part in the exercise (dubbed “Northern Strike”) were members of the Michigan National Guard, some of them were unnamed units under the direct command of the Pentagon. This indicates that the troops in question must have been special forces used in various covert operations. For its part, Taipei sent the entire joint battalion of its 333rd Infantry Brigade. Both sides have indicated that such military drills will be held in the future on a more regular basis.

According to Taipei Times, which in turn cited Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese news source, the reason why the US hosted Taiwanese troops is that it’s supposedly “wary of provoking China”. This is allegedly because “the Michigan exercises were led by the National Guard — a strategic reserve force that is normally overseen by US state governments — instead of the US Armed Forces”. However, according to their own inadvertent admission, this was a bogus attempt of presenting the exercise as not involving the US federal troops, because the drills were directly overseen and commanded by the Pentagon. Normally, National Guard units are under the control of their respective states.

In other words, Washington DC’s supposed attempt to not anger Beijing is nothing but a mere formality. The source further added a rather unfortunate analogy by comparing the drills to previous US National Guard exercises with the Kiev regime forces held on a regular basis since 2014. For its part, there’s very little value in these formal American military distinctions, particularly as the Pentagon is directly involved. It also marks a significant shift in the way the US is using its Asia-Pacific vassals. The adoption of the so-called “Ukrainian model” indicates that Taipei is also expected to fight “to the last Taiwanese” (TTLT). This is part of America’s revised strategic posturing that refocuses on its regional satellite states. Taipei Times also admitted that the exercise isn’t exactly a new development and that the preparations for it were an “open secret”, pointing out that “as early as 2021 foreign media have reported on joint military training between Taiwan and the US at Camp Grayling in Michigan”. The Institute of National Defense and Security Research fellow Su Tzu-yun was quoted as the source of this claim, further adding that when asked in July whether the US National Guard helped train Taiwanese troops, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner stated that “discussions about the issue should be kept behind closed doors”. And indeed, American and Taiwanese officials are yet to comment on the exercises.

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Neo-Nazi junta raising its Volkssturm

In the last several months, there have been reports about people with severe physical disabilities getting conscription notices, including blind people, as well as those with no extremities. However, the madness doesn’t stop there. People with severe mental disabilities are not spared either. Their apparent “physical fitness” makes them “the perfect cannon fodder” for the criminal Kiev regime.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Anyone remotely familiar with the history of the Second World War knows about Nazi Germany’s desperate attempts to stay afloat, with the monstrous regime even forcing its elderly, underage children and people with various physical and mental disabilities into peculiar armed formations called Volkssturm. These units were officially part of the Wehrmacht, but were effectively used as suicide troops to slow down the advance of the Red Army and Western Allies. Needless to say, their military effectiveness was subpar, to say the least, leading to unnecessary loss of life among people who were essentially civilians forced into military service virtually overnight. And while they may have slowed down Allied advance by several weeks, the ratio of their losses was such that it was completely unjustified from a purely military standpoint, to say nothing of the (im)morality of such madness.

After the end of WW2, it’s safe to assume that nobody thought such formations would ever again be used in Europe, especially not in the much-touted 21st century. And yet, people also believed that the despicable Nazi ideology would forever be left in the dustbin of history, but here we are. The Kiev regime never hid its Nazi affiliation, a state of affairs that was always a huge PR inconvenience for the political West, particularly its propaganda machine that has been trying to whitewash the Neo-Nazi junta for well over a year and a half, despite reporting about this for years after the Maidan coup.  True to its ideological forefathers, the Kiev regime seems to be copying every aspect of this deranged ideology, including by mimicking it when losing. The Neo-Nazi junta is so enamored with the German WW2-era monstrosity that it’s literally emulating Volkssturm.

It’s important to note that this process started nearly a decade ago, right after the NATO-backed Maidan coup that brought Neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine. Since 2014, there has been a systematic nazification of Ukrainian youth, including underage children. The raising of hundreds of thousands of kids into a sort of Bandera-Jugend created the basis of the Kiev regime forces that were later used to wage war on the Donbass republics. Many of the children initially brainwashed into this rabidly Russophobic ideology (among other forms of hatred) are now in their early 20s, forming the core of the Neo-Nazi junta troops. Unlike the mainstream propaganda machine that at first tried ignoring the issue, while it’s now trying to justify and “normalize” such a state of affairs, independent media have been covering the story about this sort of indoctrination for years.

However, the difference between Bandera-Jugend then and Zelensky’s Volkssturm today shows that the Neo-Nazi junta has indeed come full circle. Namely, the Kiev regime recently established a new “legal” category that allows the mobilization of people with severe mental disabilities. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, announced the establishment of the conscription category named “conditionally fit”. It seems there is an actual “legal” provision for this in the Neo-Nazi junta’s law, which is now starting to implement it. The law has been in force since February 24 last year and was once again extended in mid-August on orders by Zelensky. Apparently, it will be in force at least until November 15, although it’s extremely likely to be extended beyond that date as well. Danilov went on to explain the “reasoning” behind such desperate moves.

“In our legal documents there is a term – fit/suitable or conditionally fit/suitable. It is necessary to give an interpretation of who is conditionally fit and where people who have such an order in their documents can be used … so that there is no double or triple interpretation of this norm,” Danilov noted.

In the last several months, there have been reports about people with severe physical disabilities getting conscription notices, including blind people, as well as those with no extremities. In one particular case, a man who had both hands missing was given one such notice. However, the madness doesn’t stop there. People with severe mental disabilities are not spared either. Their apparent “physical fitness” makes them “the perfect cannon fodder” for the criminal Kiev regime. Back in late July, there was the case of Maksym Baida, a 34-year-old mentally disabled man from the western Vinnytsia region. Baida’s condition is so severe that he can’t even feed himself. According to local reports, his mother Nadia is still taking care of him due to his disability, but this didn’t stop the medical commission from declaring Baida to be supposedly “fit for military service”.

And this is certainly not an isolated case, as evidenced by footage released just last week, showing another unnamed man with an obvious mental disability being given instructions on how to use a hand grenade. Needless to say, forcibly conscripting people with such severe health issues is not just morally wrong, but also militarily unjustified, as they are not only a danger to themselves, but also to everyone else around them. However, it seems there’s simply no way to escape forced conscription by the Neo-Nazi junta, as evidenced by countless videos of regular Ukrainian men being snatched in the streets, often by men in uniforms with undisguised Nazi insignia. All this shows just how desperate the Kiev regime has become, as the losses of its troops are mounting by the day. Unfortunately, millions of regular Ukrainians are the ones paying the highest price.

Source Infobrics

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Ukraine’s F-16 squadrons could take “four or five years” to get ready for battle

However, these planes will be useless for Ukraine in this war, considering that, after learning English before flying, a pilot can only learn to take off, land, and some basic functions in half a year of training.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Three European countries – the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway – have confirmed that they will deliver American F-16 fighter jets to Kiev. However, instead of military supremacy over the Russian air force, it will bring problems to Ukraine, which it must urgently solve – and one of the issues is language, as mundane as that might sound. In addition, Ukraine has an unrealistic timeframe for when it wants to complete pilot training.

Ukraine lacks the infrastructure to accommodate fourth-generation F-16 fighter jets, such as well-equipped airports. Entire airports would have to be built, not just runways, and must include command towers, radar fields, aircraft maintenance and servicing centres, warehouses for air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, etc.

In addition, pilot training is necessary, and not knowing English is the first obstacle for most Ukrainian pilots. Politico cited a US official and a source familiar with Ukrainian planning, who was not authorised to speak on the plan, who said only eight Ukrainian pilots are fluent in English, thus making them ready to begin training. According to the US official, 20 pilots who speak some English are available to start language courses in the UK in the coming days.

Effectively, Ukrainian pilots cannot master the basics of flying on American planes without knowledge of English.

In addition, learning to fly with modern technology takes several years of training, not the six months often quoted by Western and Ukrainian officials and media.

Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder disclosed that the US will begin training Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets in October at Morris Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, preceded by an English language course for pilots in September.

The general said that “several pilots and dozens of maintainers” would be trained without specifying the exact number, adding that transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine would take “months, not weeks.”

Ryder added that the F-16 fighter jets should strengthen the military potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and not meet the needs of the Ukrainian military in the current counteroffensive. He admitted that Ukraine does not have the necessary infrastructure to station F-16 fighter jets.

It was planned that European countries would train the Ukrainians, and the US would join if their capabilities were exhausted. Western media reported that a coalition of 11 countries will begin training Ukrainian pilots to operate the F-16 in August. These countries include Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and Great Britain.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expects 42 planes from the Netherlands and 19 from Denmark. At the same time, the Netherlands did not specify the number of aircraft or when they will be made available to Ukraine.

However, these planes will be useless for Ukraine in this war, considering that a pilot can only learn to take off, land, and some basic functions in half a year of training. Nonetheless, the training of Ukrainian pilots has already occurred, specifically in Romania.

A question raised is what kind of weapons the West will deliver to Kiev for American fighter jets. Some Western media indicate that the F-16 fighter jets, which will be handed over to Kiev next year, will only have access to short-range missiles as it is doubtful that the US will agree to supply Ukraine with JASSM missiles, which have a range of a thousand kilometres.

Another question is how long F-16s will last on Ukrainian territory, as there is no doubt that Russia will destroy them as soon as they arrive in that country.

All the supposed goodwill surrounding Ukraine’s pursuit of F-16s was blackmarked on August 25 with the death of three Ukrainian Air Force pilots, including a renowned fighter jet pilot with the call sign “Juice.” The crash marks a major upset for Kiev, which has been looking to secure advanced F-16 jets to strengthen its Soviet-era air force, but this will prove to be a significant morale hit for Ukraine.

The morale was also dealt a blow when General James Hecker, the commander of US Air Forces in Europe and Africa, told reporters that getting F-16 squadrons ready for battle could take “four or five years.”

“Hecker was talking about top expertise, but even for basic capability — such as solo air-to-ground attacks — six months will likely still be needed. And there’s no way around it either,” wrote Politico.

But as the West should have learnt by now, they are not dealing with AK-47-wielding peasants in Afghanistan, but the advanced and highly professional Russian military, where top pilots are vital. Six-month-trained Ukrainian pilots will end up in the same way as the Western-trained and armed Ukrainian army units involved in the counteroffensive – obliterated.

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Rabid Russophobia now mandatory in the political West

Johnny’s Note: Either you’re a true believer in the propaganda of the West or you are the enemy. I guess that makes me an enemy of the state. What else is new? So we say with confidence: “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Hebrews 13:6

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, one of the most prominent European directors, “dared” to publicly state that “Russian lives matter also!” in an Instagram post. However, he didn’t stop there. To add “insult to injury”, he also criticized the Danish government for the delivery of US-made F-16 fighter jets to the Kiev regime forces. Von Trier is now accused of “hatred”.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

From the “Ghost of Kiev” and “the last stand of the Snake Island defenders” to pickle jar air defenses and the “Goat of Kiev”, there have been many mindless anti-Russian tropes aiming to present the Russians as supposedly “inferior” or at the very least “incompetent”. And yet, such claims were just laughably obvious propaganda that serves as an IQ test of sorts. In terms of actual impact, it was all largely inconsequential. However, the real issue is when these tropes become anything but a laughing matter. For instance, on August 5, Michael John Cirillo (now pretending to be a “woman” named Sarah Ashton-Cirillo), an American-born spokesperson for the Neo-Nazi junta forces, boastfully proclaimed that the Russians are “most definitely not human”.

Ever since this glorified crossdresser characterized an entire nation as “subhuman” (although it’s unclear who exactly mandated “her” to issue such proclamations), it seems this has effectively become the state policy of some Western countries. It now seems that disagreeing with Cirillo’s racist rant is a “crime” of sorts and that the witch-hunt for the “perpetrator” is a must. Namely, Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, one of the most prominent European directors, “dared” to publicly state that “Russian lives matter also!” in an Instagram post. However, he didn’t stop there. To add “insult to injury”, he also criticized the Danish government for the delivery of US-made F-16 fighter jets to the Kiev regime forces.

Von Trier made the post almost a week ago, on August 22, but the “backlash” persists. The mainstream propaganda machine is engaged in an unrelenting witch-hunt, while the Neo-Nazi junta is “demanding” a retraction of the statement and most likely an official “apology”. Von Trier addressed his post to “Mr Zelensky and Mr Putin, and not least Mrs Frederiksen (who yesterday, like someone head over heels in love, posed in the cockpit of one of the scariest killing machines of our time, grinning from ear to ear)”. Although F-16 fighter jets are hardly “one of the scariest killing machines of our time”, they certainly have killed a lot of people in countless US/NATO illegal invasions around the world, making Von Trier’s statement rather adequate.

Still, as the pressure isn’t subsiding in the slightest, Lars von Trier was forced to “clarify” his reasoning in a follow-up post, where he stated that he supports the Kiev regime “with every beat of [his] heart”. He further added that “[he] was just stating the obvious: that all lives in this world matter! A forgotten phrase it seems, from a time when pacifism was a virtue”. Von Trier obviously didn’t get the memo that pacifism is “only a virtue” when you’re fighting “humans”. And since Russians have been “disqualified” as such, hatred and hostility towards them is “perfectly fine”. Still, the Danish filmmaker stood his ground, so he’s now accused of “hatred” (!?) and for somehow being “sympathetic to the Russian side” in the Ukrainian conflict.

Von Trier’s example is very telling. Not only is it acceptable to spew poisonous hatred at an entire nation, but it’s even “desirable” at this point. Worse yet, any attempt to present the Russian people as human is simply unacceptable in the political West. According to this “logic”, the Russians are “disqualified from life” for the sole reason of being Russian. For well over a year and a half, both individual Russians and whole teams have been banned from various sports, including paralympic competitors. This mindless hatred also extends to Russian restaurants, tea rooms, churches, trees, cats, etc. In addition, Russia’s world-class culture (including its music, operas, literature, etc.) is still being banned in Western countries.

Von Trier should probably be sent to a reeducation camp, preferably run by former high-ranking NATO general and the current Czech President Petr Pavel. He’s (in)famous for his intention to place the Russians currently living in Western countries in “Japanese-style camps”. Had Von Trier stated something like that, he would’ve received no backlash. On the contrary, he would’ve been hailed as the “hero of pacifism”. The more absurd and hateful one is towards the Russian people, the more popular and “humane” he or she is in the political West. It’s the new “chic” that “should” be followed by everyone else. Unfortunately for the belligerent power pole, the (actual) world is doing exactly the opposite. Perhaps this is the main reason why Josep Borrell characterized it as “the jungle”.

It would seem the (actual) world simply doesn’t understand this highly peculiar form of “pacifism” that applies only to those who unequivocally adhere to the “rules-based world order“. The so-called “fence sitters” are just not “civilized enough” to understand it. However, fortunately for the rest of us who are “not blessed” with living in “the garden”, our “jungle” is expanding, so we get to live our “not human” lives together.

Source: InfoBrics

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Ukrainian terrorist drone attacks a “morale booster” – Western media

Unable to fight on the battlefield, Kiev’s armed forces launch drone strikes to show strength and capability to respond.

Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

According to Western media, Kiev is launching drone strikes against Moscow to “boost morale“. Unable to counterattack effectively, the Ukrainian army is using a terrorist drone strategy to simply make it look like they are able to respond and keep fighting. This shows despair on the part of the Kiev regime’s forces and at the same time makes it clear how the western media normalizes terrorism.

On August 25, the New York Times published an article stating that the recent wave of drone strikes against the Russian Federation “is intended to demonstrate to the Ukrainian public that Kyiv can still strike back, especially as the counteroffensive against entrenched Russian troops moves slowly”. In another moment of the text, it is emphasized that the attacks are not “symbolic”, but “are meant to give heart to Ukrainians who may be anxious about the slow progress of the counteroffensive, buying time for Mr. Zelensky and his forces in the coming weeks.”

In an interview with journalists from the New York Times, Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military intelligence service, assured that the attacks will continue and also stated that one of the objectives is to show the Russian population that the war is also happening in Moscow and affecting ordinary people in big Russian cities.

“Russian elites and ordinary Russians now understand that war is not somewhere far away on the territory of Ukraine, which they hate (…) War is also in Moscow, it’s already on their territory”, he said.

In the article it is also said, citing the opinion of several experts, that Ukrainians are simply struggling with what they still have in their current circumstances. The sources consulted by the author of the text do not believe that there is a great strategic objective behind the attacks, being only a way of “boosting morale”, showing strength and bringing a situation of danger into Russia’s demilitarized territory. In other words, the article normalizes Ukrainian terrorist tactics, describing them as if they were a mere matter of military strategy, rather than illegal attacks on civilians, banned under international law.

The article also ignores the possibility of an escalation of the conflict. It is said that, despite previous US warnings about the risks of intense Russian attacks in response to Ukrainian strikes, Kiev’s use of drones has been “calibrated”, avoiding escalations. Furthermore, Ukrainian sources believe that the Russians are unable to respond on an escalatory way, given that Moscow is already using its maximum artillery, drone capacity on the battlefield.

“Earlier in the war, U.S. officials had warned of the possibility that Ukrainian drone strikes on Moscow could prove escalatory, giving Mr. Putin an excuse to intensify Russian attacks on civilian targets. But U.S. officials conceded that attempted Ukrainian strikes had so far been calibrated, and they had not provoked any drastic escalation by Moscow. Ukrainian officials said the drone strikes posed little risk of escalation because Russia could not further intensify its fight given that it was already firing as many missiles and drones at Ukraine as it could”, the article reads.

Obviously, this kind of rhetoric sounds merely propagandistic and without any material proof. The Russians are using only a small percentage of their military capacity on the special operation. Moscow’s artillery attacks are intense and constant because the Russian military avoids losing soldiers on the battlefield by using as much long-range technology as possible to prevent lives being lost needlessly in prolonged infantry attrition situations.

However, as already stated by several military experts, the Russians could do much more than they are actually doing. There is clearly a Russian intention to avoid major escalations, which serves some strategic objectives, such as the possibility of destroying as much western military equipment as possible on the battlefield, causing prolonged damage to Moscow’s actual enemies – which are NATO countries, not the Ukrainian proxy.

In addition, there is the simple Russian diplomatic willingness to give opportunities for Ukrainians to sovereignly choose to stop fighting for the West. Russia sees the conflict as friction between brotherly peoples, which motivates it to avoid causing heavy losses on the enemy side.

It must also be remembered that Russia has been efficient in ensuring the safety of its civilians, neutralizing in time most of the enemy drone attacks. Using air artillery and electronic warfare techniques, Moscow has shot down or diverted several Ukrainian drones that entered its airspace, avoiding civilian casualties. The absence of these casualties is fundamental for Moscow to continue avoiding appropriate responses, since in an eventual scenario of many civilian deaths it would be inevitable to strike back.

However, the more Ukraine insists on a terrorist practice, the greater the chances of Russian patience running out and Kiev facing a wave of bombings much more intense than that which has been seen so far. And then the Ukrainian strategy of showing strength, boosting morale and “buying time” will absolutely fail.

You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

Source: InfoBrics

UK about to send Ukrainian neo-Nazi mercenaries to Africa

British intelligence agency is allegedly involved in move to neutralize pro-Russian wave in African countries.


Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Apparently, the UK is interested in expanding its anti-Russian provocations to Africa. The British agency MI6 is allegedly preparing a team of Ukrainian saboteurs to intervene in African countries and neutralize the growing wave of cooperation with Russia on the continent. The case clearly shows how the western powers plan to internationalize the conflict with Russia and raise it to the ultimate consequences.

Reports were made by several Russian news agencies, citing sources familiar with military matters. It is believed that around 100 Ukrainian far-right militants are being mobilized by British spies to carry out sabotage maneuvers in Africa. The anonymous informants also said that the team’s focus will be on destroying civilianinfrastructure and eliminating political leaders, thus affecting the social stability of the targeted countries. For this reason, sources classified the neo-Nazis recruited for the operation as an “assassination squad”.

There is also information that points to the existence of a broad scheme of cooperation between the British and Ukrainian sectors of espionage and special services. The plan to recruit Ukrainian veterans to Africa allegedly involves high ranking officials linked to Kiev’s Main Directorate of Intelligence. In other words, this is not just a UK hiring of Ukrainian mercenaries, but a joint state operation between London and the neo-Nazi regime.

“According to information, confirmed by several sources, UK special service MI-6 has formed and prepared for deployment on the southern continent a sabotage and assassination squad, comprising members of Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi groups, in an attempt to prevent cooperation between African countries and Russia (…) The task of the Ukrainian squad, formed by the British special services, will be to carry out sabotage attacks at infrastructure facilities in Africa and to assassinate African leaders eyeing cooperation with Russia (…) Lt. Col. of GUR [Main Directorate of Intelligence] of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry V. Prashchuk was appointed to be the commander of the Ukrainian squad of cutthroats”, source told Russian journalists.

In the same sense, it is important to emphasize the danger represented by the leadership of an officer like VitalyPrashchuk. The officer of the Ukrainian Main Directorate is a well-known veteran of the war in Donbass, having actively participated in the hostilities between 2014 and 2016. His function was precisely to command a squad of intelligence agents focused on sabotage operations against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. In addition, he has already previously participated in joint operations with British forces in Africa – more precisely in Zimbabwe.

Considering the several cases of sabotage against relevant public figures and civil facilities in Donbass during the early years of the conflict, it is expected that a wave of terrorist attacks will start to happen in the African continent. This raises a series of concerns from a strategic and humanitarian point of view, further pushing African countries to seek cooperation with Russia in order to guarantee the security of their populations.

Another point to be analyzed is how the case reveals the Western readiness to internationalize the conflict against Russia. The same actors involved in the Ukraine War are now directing efforts to Africa simply because local governments have showed a willingness to cooperate with Russia. This means that in fact the West’s involvement in the conflict is not because of any “solidarity” with Ukraine, as claimed by the media, but because of a real intention of war against Moscow.

Ukraine is just the most serious flank in this Western war effort. Now, they are betting on Africa as a new frontline, as Sahelian states have sought friendship with Moscow – something considered unacceptable by westerners. Wherever there is cooperation with Russia, there is some western provocation to create chaos, instability and conflict. This is because NATO does not expect to defeat Russia directly on a battlefield, since Moscow’s military power is massive, thus betting on the creation of different flanks and points of tension.

It must be remembered that in recent months it has been reported that Western weapons sent to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of African criminals. More than mereUkrainian corruption, some experts believe that what is happening is also a strategic redistribution of resources, with NATO officials sending equipment to African terrorists considered allies against Russia and its allied states. Now, with the data pointing to the sending of neo-Nazi mercenaries to carry out sabotage in Africa, there is even more evidence that in fact the West is deliberately cooperating with the rise of terrorism in Africa.

However, instead of neutralizing the pro-Russian wave in Africa and intimidating African leaders, the British-Ukrainian attitude tends to further increase the desire for cooperation with Russia in these countries. Having data that point to the Western intention to sabotage them, African governments will seek to sign even more cooperation agreements in defense and security with Moscow.

In practice, the West may succeed in generating chaos and conflict, but it will fail to prevent the growth of friendly relations with Russia in Africa.

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Wars and Rumors of War and some Subscriber Feedback

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Today’s video is 30 minutes of nonstop news including some of your feedback and testimony. For example I will cover the story below from Kim Dotcom.

Daycares in Germany

Maui Fires

IDF/Mossad bases in Afghanistan

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No, Putin did NOT ban 5G, Sorry about that

I saw the fake news story from “Raw” news but didn’t report it because it’s BS. Stop with the Putin hero worship already, it just makes you look extremely stupid. Johnny

Source Edward Slavsquat

Some people are not fond of 5G, because its powerful radio waves (or whatever; I’m not a scientist) could be harnessed by our beloved governments to usher in Skynet, and to murder all the birds—or so some people claim.And so it is not surprising to your Moravia correspondent that some people expressed joy and gratitude when a “report” emerged claiming that Vladimir Putin banned 5G and ordered the military to dismantle all 5G towers in the Russian Federation.The “report” in question is from Real Raw News, which is famous for its legitimate journalism. Here is an excerpt from this very serious and fact-filled article that was shared 1 trillion times on Facebook, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Putin is waging a 5D shadow war against 5G:

The information in this article comes thanks to FSB Agent Andrei Zakharov, who in 2022 supplied Real Raw News with the real reasons behind Vladimir Putin’s Special Operation in Ukraine—to rid Eastern Europe of foreign Biolabs, pedophile rings, and Adrenochrome laboratories. Those battles are still being fought.

This is the same Mr. Zakharov, head of the FSB’s fearsome Directorate of Realness and Rawness, who informed Real Raw News—and only Real Raw News, which is very real and insanely raw—that Putin destroyed all the COVID clot-shots in Russia, and executed the scientists who invented them. Your Moravia correspondent wrote about this Real and Raw Game-Changer. Maybe you remember:

Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots?


Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots?

“Putin Orders Destruction of All Covid-19 Vaccines in Russia,” Real Raw News—the leading destination for real news—reported on March 4. Russia’s president instructed the military to kill hospital staff that “resisted the vaccine purge,” the outlet—which, again, is the #1 location for very raw and very real news—revealed.Read full storyI am typing on my “pad” in the South Moravia Region, and yet there are some people with desktop computers who are not wandering the hills of the South Moravia Region, and can browse the internet at their leisure, but also somehow believe Putin massacred all the 5G towers?

Did these individuals wonder why there was not a single mainstream Russian media report about this Game-Changer? Did they consider that if Putin blew up all the 5G towers, there would be many, many news reports about this?

Did they know that there are maps showing the 5G networks in Russia? Hey look, Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport has 5G. It’s a very fancy airport.

Yes, Russia’s 5G rollout has run into roadblocks because of sanctions. But if Moscow is now best friends forever with Beijing, I seriously doubt Russia will abandon its 5G ambitions. But that’s just my personal opinion. Who knows? Tomorrow the entire internet could explode—and wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In the meantime: Putin did not ban 5G. There are 5G networks in Russia.I would just like to know why a Hobbit sleeping under trees in the South Moravia Region needs to point this out?

No matter. Have a glorious Tuesday, internet friend.

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