Headline News 8-3-23

Today’s video has a ton of information packed into it to include:

  1. WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them rights over EVERYTHING
  2. Ukrainian Troops QUIT using NATO tactics because THEY DON’T WORK LOL
  3. Israeli reservists refusing to show up
  4. Dr. David Nixon confirms nanotech in long term insulin
  5. 79 year old white farmer murdered in S. Africa and much much more!

Dr. David Nixon

Right Wing Govt. Israel

Biden to Arm Taiwan

IDF Reserves Not Reporting for Duty

Ukraine Abandoning West Military Tactics

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Zelensky to be assassinated?

79 Year Old White Farmer killed in S. Africa

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One comment

  • This World 🌍 is So Evil!
    I can remember when My Dad, Always said…
    ” TV is The Evil, Conduit” for Satan !!
    ” America” , If we Can All it that, ….
    Is the Center of it all!! Sadly a ” Truth” ,…
    Nobody wants to Hear That,…. And Actually Listen 👂 to the ” Evidence!!”
    Matthew 24 Indeed
    Everything is Literally Biblical Proportional Events Indeed brother 💯
    Keep up the Great Work 👏👏💪💪
    Soldier 🪖 On 💪 Brother
    ” I believe in You 💯”
    ” We All have Sinned and Come Short”
    Jesus is King 👑
    The Only True King 👑
    By His Stripes, We are Healed 🙏
    Proverbs 3:4-6

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