Escalations are Exploding in the Middle East as Russia Conducts HUGE Nuclear Exercise


Also did you know that both Israel and Iran are both run by Freemasons who are bringing us into WW3? All of that and more are in todays video report!

Israel and Iran run by Freemasons

Middle East Escalations

Egyptian Forces in Sinai and Secret Israeli Plan

Sudden Mobilization of Russian Forces

Gaza War Zech 9 and Amos 1

This is Armageddon Joel 3

Rumble Video

Bitchute Video

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One comment

  • Using the way back machine found Fritz Springmeier web site and his books.
    Undetectable mind control and his news letters.
    How chilling and telling,what was written in the 90s is now unfolding.
    Yes, he writes of how both world wars were funded by 🇺🇸 usa. Our government knew germany, nor Korea nor Nam could actually defeat the US. So the theatrics began with covert funding, arming and technology transfer so the other side could conduct a long protracted war.
    So the P2 Masons and the rest have run war game scenarios and know exactly how this is to play out. (A conclusion i surmised after reading books on Gen. Patton. He was not a player)
    Yes, real people die, it is a deadly script but a script at the highest level.
    When people get emotionally involved with opinions and rage, the demons feed off of the spirt of the person affected.
    The Lord has been teaching me much for these end times.
    I pray for brothers and sisters to learn of the warfare we are involved in.

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