Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

two test tubes

And more news about a potential NUCLEAR WAR between NATO and Russia after Ukrainian drones attack the financial district in Moscow yesterday. All of that and more are in todays video podcast.

Rumble Video link

Bitchute Video Link

Main Story on Chinese Biolab

Russian forces repel Ukrainian attacks

Ukrainian terror attack on Crimea by drone stopped

Russia threatens use of nuclear weapons…again

US Troops given combat pay for serving in Ukraine

Ukrainian troops surrender to Russians by the hundreds!

US Hunts for Malware put in place by China

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  • Re: “Cali Biolab”-Where were the scientists? WHO were the scientists? Did Cali HS even speak with them? “COVID/Pregnancy tests” sounds like a cover story-their ‘Legend’, as it were to hide what they were really up to. I agree with you, one Biolab found. How many other labs are there yet to be found? Will we learn they are akin to Chinese restaurants-in every town/city? Also, WHAT did the dead mice actually die from? Will they be tested/autopsy? Then, will that info be released? lol..
    Re: “UKR Surrender”…?-watch the video closely, it’s a prisoner swap, in my opinion.
    Thanks Dude-you sound healthy and well. Pray you stay that, and safe/successful.

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