WEF and the UN Team up to Accelerate Agenda 2030

This goes right along with everyone including Russia and Ethiopia implementing digital IDs at the same time as well. You’d better wake up folks, so called agenda 2030 is looking more like AGENDA 2024 at the latest! All of that and more is in today’s video podcast! P.S. Its good to be back!

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Biden Admin outlawing gas generators

America’s is smeared with feces

Better Get Ready for CBDC

Ethiopia mandating digital ID

WEF/UN Agree to accelerate Agenda 2030

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  • Brother, l really appreciate your work here, yet l stopped listening because of that sudden noise from hell that blasts out of my speakers at the beginning. It’s like suddenly screaming in your ear. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, thank you much though for this site.

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Hi Johnny glad your feeling better!!
    I don’t know ….people aren’t waking up….i talked to someone today they said they’re sooo glad covid is gone and vax worked….omg..then they said I hope the next pandemic isn’t as bad as covid…i don’t even waste my energy trying to explain…just God help them

  • This will be the New AI Controlled Currency 💵
    We’ve been Training the AI system for Decades and Didn’t Even Know it…
    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏
    The World is Literally On Fire 🔥
    In Every way
    The system is Building Apartments like Crazy Now
    Within 1 Mile of Me…
    700+ apartments building Right now!!
    ” Own Nothing and Be Happy””
    Matthew 24 !!!
    Soldier On brother 🙏 💪💪👏👏💯💯

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Hi Johnny
    Glad your feeling …my 1st comment didn’t go through..my internet went off..as usual.
    Believe me people aren’t waking up..spoke with someone I hadn’t seen in a long time..they said they’re soo glad covid is gone and vax worked.
    They felt next pandemic won’t be that bad …omg…i don’t even waste my energy trying to explain..may God help them.
    Thanks again

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Sent comment twice won’t go through..sensored ? Well they’re not waking up atleast in my area..i don’t even waste energy on explaining…may God help them
    Thanks again Johnny

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