WW3 Updates, Israel’s New Extremist Govt. and the Marburg Virus Becomes Front Page News

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All of that and more is in today’s video. The links will be below. Prayed up and prepped up, things are moving FAST NOW!

Russia Says War with USA is CLOSE

Russian Bombers Norway

Israel’s New Right Wing Govt.

New Treaty for Partitioning Ukraine Possible

NATO Weakened by Shipping arms to Kiev

US General Warns UK No longer has fighting force

Marburg Virus in the news

Attorney Todd Calendar Says Marburg will be activated via 5G in the Vaccinated

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  • Thank you brother for all your work. Regarding whether they will release Marburg, Bird Flu, or SEERS (the simulation they just did for 2025), those under the blood covenant of Christ have nothing to fear–see Psalms 91; no pestilence will come near them. The clear distinction will be made between those who belong to Christ and those who do not–see Malachi 3:18. Be of good courage everyone!

  • Two Words…. “” Great Delusion “” Ongoing Indeed brother 💯

    The Seed War
    We’re already in a War like Never before Seen
    ( Scriptural ) Biblical Proportion Prophecy Unfolding Right in Our face 👀
    In real Time 💯

    Israel doesn’t acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ!!! As Thier Messiah!!! Or Savior

    Everything you’ve been reporting On is literally biblical Prophecy brother 💯

    Great Work 💯

    God bless you and your dedication to the Truth Indeed brother 💯

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