Attny Todd Callendar: Marburg Will Be Activated in the Vaccinated Via 5G ~ FEMA Camps and Mandatory Shots For the UNvaccinated

glass bottles and models of virus

Hey everyone! Thanks to a subscriber I found this video featuring Todd Callendar who reveals the plan for activating the vaccines using 5G, how the US constitution is GONE and if you’ve had the shot you are now OWNED BY BIG PHARMA! I also copied and pasted the links to all of the information. Prayed up and prepped up, this is the END GAME! Jesus Christ is returning SOON.


Attorney Todd Callender joins the The Prather Point to discuss the next PLANdemic (the Marburg pathogen), which will be the excuse used to force the unvaxxed into quarantine camps (FEMA) where kill-shots will be administered.
He also says that those who received the Covid shots already have the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which can be activated via 5G frequencies. Those who have Marburg will then become zombie-like, because it affects frontal cortex brain function.


Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has Likely Killed a Billion People

Todd Callender: The Role of Hospitals, Covid Injections And 5G In Genocide

Todd Callender: “Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS”

GOING VIRAL: CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse

Coming ~ Marburg, 5G & Mind Control – Maria Zeee With Attorney Todd Callendar and Dr. Peter Chambers

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