The CIA Warned Us and now its here, Geoengineered Transhumanism

The Bible warns us too, in Revelation 13: 16-17. Look at where this stuff migrates due to body temperature changes in the body…the forehead under the hairline or the back of the hand! All of that and more in today’s shocking video. You’ll be floored when you see how far along things are and how fast it’s moving! Oh and they’ve made it all “legal” by using the public health laws against us by reclassifying men, women and children as military targets.

It’s not a medical experiment to make you well, its a kill shot designed to kill you or force you to comply with their agenda by transforming and controlling you.

Weaponizing Laws for Genocide

CIA Warns of Future Bioweapons 2003

Geoengineered Transhumanism Book by Elana Freeland

Interview of Elana Freeland, Author of the above book

Bitchute Version of my video

Rumble Version of my video

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  • Folks, It’s time to get in the fight and Support this Soldier on the very Real battlefield!!

    If anyone wants to actually SEE the Predictive Programming of Everything John is Showing and telling us…
    Watch all of the intros of ” Fringe ” . series.. 2009-2013 !!
    Watch the “” Words ” used in all 7 intros….
    Watch the Images ….

    Brother, You have been Nailing it!!

    Everything happening in Real Time Now has been predicted by literally everything we have been watching …. Over the years!!

    Everything you’ve been showing us is the Truth Indeed 💯

    And Everything taking place in Geneva Switzerland, this past week is going to have profound effects on everyone in the world 🌎

    Our bodies and Minds are the Target 🎯

    Jesus Christ is the Only Answer to the Evil taking place …

    Time is very short indeed 💯

    Thank You for Standing on the Wall and fighting the Fight….. Faithfully!;

    Great Work Brother 💯

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  • Thank you Johnny!
    You are right, we need the seal of God.

    5g, nano bots, vaxx, UV light in the Bible?! Yes! The 7 trumpets

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  • Thanks Johnny. I ordered my copy of this book when you were suggesting it! It was supposed to come today, but it was delayed in transit. So tomorrow or Tuesday and I can’t wait. Yes, time is short, very short. I knew or had a feeling that Musk was just a distraction. Blessings brother! Keep up the good work! 🙏💜

    • You’re welcome and I know you’ll love the book once you get it but it will blow your mind, so be ready! I had no idea how advanced this program is and how pervasive it’s become. This stuff is everywhere and yes Musk is totally controlled opposition.

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