The Damar Hamlin Psy-Op

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This guy narrating this video nails it! It’s all a psyop/show! The Hamlin story (line of Ham) is about them faking a resurrection and getting everyone to pray FOR THEM and participate in their ritual! Look at all of the hand signs Damar has been using…personally I think most if not all NFL players got a saline syringe but we shall see.

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  • I was duped but MrE clearly cuts through this BS. Thanks for posting, I must be more cynical going forward.

    • You’re welcome. I was confused at first myself because I kept asking “who benefits from this if it’s fake?” And then I found this video and another article I put on telegram.

  • MrE is who the Lord used to deprogram me from the world of hot babes.
    They were ALL MTFs!
    Not asking anyone to believe me. You have to have the Lord open your own eyes.
    Who benefits from this? Good question.
    ALL the global satanist do. It is a ritual where human energy is harvested for increasing their power. Along with the innocent blood spilled in the molech clinics.
    Fritz Springmeir and Cisco wheeler book on undetectable mind control explains in in very explicit details.
    Not for the faint of heart. In fact one should pray for protection and wisdom prior to reading it. Free pdf available on line also as amazon.
    Once deprogramming is done, the Lord told me enough, come learn of me.
    Today he revealed a few wonderful deliverance pastors using the baphomet hands. I was sick.
    Then Matt. 7:21-23 was brought to mind.
    Did we not cast out demons in your name.
    Folks this put the fear of God Almighty in me.
    Listen these men no doubt say and present themselves as one that loves Jesus. Get it?
    I love Jesus my Yahusha Redeemer.
    So how thin is this spiritual line of one that knows Jesus and one being told, “I never knew you?”.
    Serious question folks, selah on this for a while.
    Am currently spending time asking Him for mercy and wisdom. Cause i may have been getting too cocky thinking I’m good and they are not!
    Grace and Peace to all…

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