Nanotech Found in Both Vaxxed and Unvaxxed

Here is a quick video summary of the latest reports from Dr. Anna and others from the Reese Report.

Interview with Dr. Ana

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  • Hi Johnny, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I can’t get Dr Anna’s video to play.. thanks Johnny please advise as I would like to view all your info. It’s always such a revealing of truth.🕊️🤍

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Hi Johnny
    Great report..not surprised because you keep us well informed..thank you so much!
    This strange thing I noticed may fit in with how they have “nano tech”,and other trickery they use on us, every where and is on everything.
    I bought a shirt for my husband and of course washed it first..then I noticed tag on back said ..Common Identity ..
    Then on bottom of shirt had small tag it said COMMON IDENTITY and on other side of tag it had a Globe with Grid lines..coincidence? Strange that as I was reading report then did laundry and saw this..we can’t get away from this evil ..thank God we can still this spiritual battle…
    Thanks Johnny!

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