Antichrist Trump is a Descendant of the King of Jerusalem

silhouette of statue near trump building at daytime

This video from Brother James is 6 years old but it explains the lineage of Trump’s bloodline and how he and his family are connected to the old king of Jerusalem. Now it makes sense why the Jews officially crowned him as the King of Jerusalem on July 10, 2023. Many Rabbis consider Trump to be from King Davids lineage so look out, the Antichrist is here and he’s almost ready for center stage! I don’t believe there will be any election in the USA in 2024. More on that later.

Here is Trump from 2019 saying he’s like the “second coming of God” to Israel based on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital etc. Look for that statement around the 2:25 mark of the video below.

Finally here is the full length video of Trump’s speech and his being presented with the crown of Jerusalem. The speech begins around the 19 minute mark and Trump is presented with the crown at the 47 minute mark. Yes I watch these things so you don’t have to do so!

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One comment

  • I don’t normally watch the ” Rallys” but…
    I watched the Pennsylvania rally last night…
    He actually Said…
    ” The Last Battle,… Is In 2024″ !!
    I noticed,…
    You have to Really Listen 👂 to the Wording!!
    Kept Saying…
    Quote; “”” 10% ” to ” Putin” … And Only 3 people,… Know what that Means!! “” Unquote
    He’s telling the world,… What’s Coming!
    10 kingdoms!
    Wow 😳 Just WOW 😳
    Certain People are Wanting a
    “” Place at the ” Table”” …
    Buckle up Folks!
    Deception Abounds!

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