Mark (cháragma) of the Beast, know them by charaktēr

This is an excellent video on the Mark of the Beast by Leeland Jones. In this video Leeland discusses what the mark truly is and how it’s NOT a physical mark on your right hand or forehead but is something else entirely. What’s refreshing is that Leeland also talks about the Seal of God and what that is and how you are supposed to use it. I pray that this helps clear up some of the confusion on this important topic.

I will also be reposting the FunVax videos below that Leeland and I posted back in 2020 that gives you more detail on the vaccines being the MOB.

First up God Gene VMAT2 Fun Vax

Funvax is next

Vaxxing Spirituality God Gene

MOB Playlist

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  • Yes! Good explanatory video! He already predicted three years ago that the pharmakeia would be the mark and come with the fifth trumpet “locust”. The sting (kentron)

    God bless!

  • man yall just go on and on, every now and then, a little bit something real, , in bible, , get real. big whopa doo. ,, alls been exposed long ago for who they are, and what they believe, , ,ya gotta be kidding right?, , hey man, new agers where predicting, , like 12plus yrs ago, online for real., , , who knew?, i aint a newager, and no false christian neither, ,, waste of time, , , ,, too much focus, , forever, all sites, world, , once while like , , something comes in, like , hebrew roots movement , , jesus real name duh, ,, , average man, woman has no time for, , jesus only real, bilbes, have been perverted forever, all, get over it, waay more than just forever mere mans translators , strongs concordance , a useless joke forever, , strong delusions, all over the place, , but i digress, .all just proves how real, god, creator of heaven and earth really is, , and his only begotten son jesus christ, and he warned us, , famine of the word forever, nuff said. ,

  • chameleon, by petra, , , hear it, , , not just us as individuals, but , forever, , exposing ,talking about the , christianity church world forever, come out come out, of her, my people, ,, , , , , the church world forever, chameleon., god bless, that song came to me just right after the post., god bless .

  • It is proven that dna can be changed by pharmakeia! Researchers in Scandinavia have succeeded in demonstrating this in a lab environment. Leeland´s channel is in a class of its own and we have a lot to learn from his teaching. We need to be strong in our faith so that we do not bow to this system.

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