BREAKING NEWS 3-24-23 US Forces Fighting with Iranian and Syrian Regular Army Forces

Something HUGE is going down as the US just sent up 3 refueling tankers in Iraq as well. A larger attack on Iran may be coming very soon if the escalation continues. All of the links are below todays video.

Main story with updates


US relocating Fighter Jets

UK Sending DU Munitions to Ukraine

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  • 3 DOOMSDAY PLANE TOOK OFF. Three Strato-tankers just went airborne over Iraq. Putting that much air refueling capability into action signifies a big air operation is about to take place. Something big is happening.Receiving Intel that upwards of Twenty missiles have struck at three different US Bases inside Syria:Missile strike continues at this moment and it is targeting the American base in the Koniko and Khasham field near the town of Al-Jafra, northeast of Deir Ezzor, which is used by US army.US AND Coalition war planes are now striking back. Warplanes are said to be taking off from the US base in Qatar. Planes are heading towards Syria. to hit Iranian militias numerous American casualties…

    the US Conoco Oil Field base in the outskirts of Deir ez-Zor

  • Great Work Brother 💯 👍

    The Kings of the East, Shall be Drawn to the mideast, like Fishhook in the Mouth!!

    Stretching America to thin ,Is the Whole Idea 💡

    Reminds me of
    Sun Tzu
    In China….
    70 years ago..
    Where China was a third world country!!

    “” The Supreme Art of war
    Is to subdue the Enemy
    Without, firing a shot “”

    China is very patient!!

    But, China and Russia will be pulled into the Mideast…

    There’s So much more taking place in the world 🌍

    Everything happening is literally biblical Prophecy in Real Time 💯

    Soldier On brother 💯

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