Donald J Trump is leading the False “Darkness to Light” or “Great Awakening” Movement

As the darkness of the Great Reset is being revealed there is a movement towards what they’re calling “the Great Awakening” as everything about the dark side is being revealed. Donald J Trump will be the leader of this so called “awakening” as you will see in today’s video. Prayed up and prepped up, business is about to pick up in a big way!

This is the Twitter Thread I Used in the video

Characteristics of the Antichrist

Fundraiser for March 2023

Trump Responds to Meme he is the savior of the West

Super Trump Song

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Rumble Version of my Video

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  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Thank you and Holy Spirit for confirming what I believe..Trumps going to to fool is written. Many in my family don’t Believe me at All..makes you feel bad but God has us covered in his Holy Armor
    ..Blessings and Protection to you and yours

  • Suspicions ..
    Confirmed indeed brother 💯

    I just shared this with some people
    And they said…
    I hope he does come back????

    Wow 😳🥺😳🥺

    Great Work Brother

    Soldier On brother 🙏

  • well i dont get caught up in this that and the other, so , whether its trump, or someone else, , already know, , its just gonna be, at some point, near future, as far as this awakening movement, , already been exposed, , , dang it, , scriptures and word of god, people, , gods holy spirit, his mercy and grace, all the way, , , real life ,here now, , in lives of evryday beleivers, , forever the message of the bible.,, , wow psalm 37?, just to believe and know.. .

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