The Fake Alien Invasion Incoming and War News from Around the World

two alien inside car wallpaper

The fake alien invasion looks to be coming soon! The mainstream media is all over these UFO shoot down stories and they want our attention to be focused on them. Why?

We also cover the war in Ukraine, escalating tensions in the South China Sea and the US blows up the nordstream pipeline.

Main Story on Aliens

US Says Citizens should leave Russia NOW

US admits to blowing up Nordstream

UFOS going on for Years

Chinese Military Charges Across Taiwan Strait

USA Directing HIMARS Strikes for Ukraine

Zelenksy Leaves Europe with no guarantees

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  • Watch “” Childhoods End “” 3 part Series!!

    It’s a real eye opener…..

    The Vail is Becoming thinner indeed…
    But it’ involves the One World Order …

    I Can’t Stress Enough…. The Governments of the world, Are involved!!!

    Think about it….. These things have been recorded around the world for the last few years!! Like Never before…….

    But, Not a Peep on the News!!?? For the last 5 years?? Especially!!

    The world is looking at WW 3 ….

    Movies and Series …. Have been Predictive Programming for decades…

    We are Literally… On the Edge of a Razor blade..

    We’re already at War and it’s a Spiritual War that’s going to become very Real, Very Soon…

    The Mainstream narrative is keeping people looking the wrong way….

    Nobody is ready for it!!

    Brother Johnny is Spot On folks 💯

    Great Work Brother 💯👍

  • For years you heard of pilots getting close to UFO’s and poof they’re gone. Now all of a sudden the US can shoot down 3 in a week. … (Not happening) … Be ready we’re getting close to the phase of their “plan” … Blessing to you and yours (+)

  • I believe the person you were trying to think of in this video could be the following person:

  • How can I reach this channel regarding trump as Antichrist? I have urgent news you are going to want to Hear!!!

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