US escalating its WW3 brinkmanship by directing Kiev regime’s HIMARS strikes

While both the US and the Neo-Nazi puppet regime insist that the role of the US is “strictly advisory” and that Kiev could use the HIMARS on its own, they admit they “don’t want to waste valuable ammunition and miss”, so they “usually choose not to strike without US confirmation”.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On February 9 the Washington Post published a report claiming that the Kiev regime forces “never launch HIMARS rounds without detailed coordinates provided by US military personnel situated elsewhere in Europe”. This also seems to include other NATO member states, while Washington DC gives the final authorization for any given HIMARS attack. This effectively means that the political West (particularly the United States) is a party to the conflict in Ukraine and although this was clear from the very start, there was still no conclusive evidence to support such claims. However, the latest reports are an indisputable confirmation that NATO personnel is directly targeting both Russian soldiers and civilians.

According to the Washington Post, at least one senior US and three Kiev regime officials confirmed the reports. This doesn’t only include the HIMARS, but also similar platforms such as the M270 MLRS (multiple-launch rocket system) used by other NATO member states. The unnamed senior US official acknowledged “the key American role in the campaign” and stated that “the targeting assistance served to ensure accuracy and conserve limited stores of ammunition for maximum effectiveness”, further adding that “the United States provides coordinates and precise targeting information solely in an advisory role”.

The conclusion is quite laughable given the fact that the so-called “advisory role” of the political West has been rather decisive and as direct as it could possibly be (short of WW3, albeit this is also now in question). The aggressive US-led alliance is still posing as “not a party to the conflict”, but the level of involvement of both Washington DC and Brussels leaves no doubt that Moscow effectively sees both as direct military threats and that the Eurasian giant is now holding back only due to its desire to prevent direct confrontation which would inevitably lead to a world-ending thermonuclear exchange. Russia is perfectly aware this is the political West’s most important proxy war since World War Two and that the belligerent power pole has been planning this for decades (if not longer).

Washington Post further claims that the US officials consistently declined to comment on how exactly they provide coordinates for the HIMARS attacks, citing “concerns about operational security”, instead “highlighting the limitations of American involvement”. A senior Kiev regime official also stated that their military personnel identifies targets they want to attack, as well as their location, and that information is sent up the chain of command. Senior commanders then relay this to their US counterparts for more accurate coordinates. And while both Washington DC and the Neo-Nazi puppet regime insist that the role of the US is “strictly advisory” and that Kiev could use the HIMARS on its own, they admit they “don’t want to waste valuable ammunition and miss”, so they “usually choose not to strike without US confirmation”.

As previously mentioned, this admission alone should be enough to present the US as a party to the conflict, despite the rather comical attempts to justify and exonerate Washington DC. Worse yet, for nearly a year, the Neo-Nazi junta has been insisting on getting longer-range weapons from NATO, which would enable strikes deeper within Russia. The systems currently fielded by the Kiev regime forces have an official range of up to 80 km, but this too has been called into question, as there is ample evidence that it could be double, since the Neo-Nazi junta has routinely been launching strikes from as far as 150 km. Although neither the US nor Kiev have yet confirmed which type of munitions are being used for these longer-range strikes, various sources indicate that it could be an updated version of the GMLRS guided rockets [Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System].

For the time being, it seems the Neo-Nazi junta still hasn’t received the ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile Systems) system capable of strikes at ranges of up to 300 km, but given the political West’s propensity toward a “very liberal” understanding of what truth is, such claims are indeed highly questionable. Various intelligence sources now suggest that the Kiev regime uses not just the standard M30 and M31 munitions, but also the new ER-GMLRS rockets. The US pressed these weapons into service (production began only in early 2022) and then secretly transferred them to their favorite puppet regime. On the other hand, the mainstream propaganda machine is trying to whitewash Washington DC, insisting that the US “consistently refuses to allow the delivery of longer-range missiles to avoid escalation with Moscow and drag us directly into the war”.

As previously mentioned, such claims are hardly taken seriously in Russia given the sheer magnitude of the inconsistency between America’s claims and actions. What’s even less credible is the Kiev regime’s insistence that “it would not use the longer-range missile to strike across the border inside Russia” given the fact that it has already launched several attacks up to 700 km within Russia. Despite ample evidence that the Neo-Nazi junta couldn’t be trusted, it claims it would be limited in longer-range attacks by Washington DC’s will to provide targeting data. The unnamed Kiev regime official stated that “you’re controlling every shot anyway, so when you say, ‘We’re afraid that you’re going to use it for some other purposes,’ well, we can’t do it even if we want to”, while another senior Kiev official addedthat targeting Russian forces “goes through an American installation on NATO soil” and described the process as “very fast”.

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