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Breaking News! Trump Says he will be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests to “Take Nation Back”

Here we go everyone, it appears that the Antichrist Donald Trump is making his move and will now seek to imitate the persecution of Jesus Christ. It’s all in today’s video and in the Tweets and links below.

Blessings to you all, prayed up and prepped up at all times! Things are going to be wild weasel from here!

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My Video on Rumble

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high angle photo of robot

From the video description: The fake false “Jesus revival” or “truth movement” will do nothing but give you useless knowledge and false hope pertaining to your eternity! No matter what preps you or I do, without the Holy Spirit of the living God in you by Christ Jesus and him alone, you will be deceived, trapped, snared, subverted, betrayed, destroyed and separated from God for eternity! Please consider what you are dealing with and call on the name of Jesus with a sincere and humble heart. He will reveal himself to you, in Truth! His grace and peace be with you all!

Johnny’s Commentary: I completely agree with many fish as he discusses the false “Jesus revival” or “truth movement” with all of it’s preps…none of it matters unless you are SEALED BY GOD by having His living Holy Spirit within you by Christ Jesus! This is why I always say PRAYED UP first when I say “prayed up and prepped up!” We are in a spiritual war first and foremost and you will be deceived by the events that are coming this year unless you have a STRONG RELATIONSHIP WITH Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Believe me when I say that without HIS strength and grace I would not physically be here. Not only has He helped me overcome my health issues but our home would have been destroyed by huge dust devils TWICE if I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus! Both times I rebuked it using Jesus’ name and the funnel clouds went POOF, gone except for some fluttering debris! My neighbor Kim witnessed one of those events and said “it was coming right for your trailer John!” I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! So can you if you have that relationship.

Also here is another video he posted last week about ChatGPT changing the world. I already see many believers playing with this evil thing. What part can light have with darkness? As I’ve already shown you these things are DEMONIC and using AI to deceive and trick people into thinking they’re good.

If you don’t believe us then how about Dr. Evil himself Klaus Schwab? Here he is telling you how everything will change and that whoever controls AI rules the world. Too bad for them that God has other plans!

Many Fish Bitchute Channel

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Whistleblower says FBI plotting to CRIMINALIZE Christianity

Folks it’s all coming together and FAST! To go along with this story look at the new Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, one of many new Abrahamic covenant religious centers around the world. The NWO complete with it’s new religion AND religious POLICE (FBI) is all falling into place. Here is the story from Newstarget.com.

n a recent appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin blew the lid on the federal agency’s latest assault on religious freedom.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made it a priority, Seraphin revealed, to root out “terrorists” in “radical traditional Catholicism,” which it sees as a threat to the country.

“They have found a gateway in what they think is fringe Catholicism in order to move into Christians in general and declare them to be the actual criminals in this country or the potential terrorists,” Seraphin stated.

The FBI is not at all concerned about escalating violence in major American cities; the unmitigated flood of illegal aliens across the southern border; or the left-wing civil unrest and rioting brigades that destroy the country after false flag events like the George Floyd “murder” – no, the FBI is instead focused on targeting Christians.

Seraphin’s comments come after a leaked internal document from the FBI’s Richmond office showed that the agency is now spying on “radical traditionalist Catholics and their ideology.”

The FBI’s justification for targeting traditional Catholics is that they have “a preference for the Catholic Mass in Latin instead of the vernacular and a number of more traditional views on other world religions can amount to an ‘adherence to anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ and white supremacist ideology’” – watch the segment below:

Christian persecution is coming to America, and the FBI is leading the way

According to Seraphin, traditional Catholics are the scapegoat, or the vehicle, through which the FBI plans to segue into targeting all Christians. He says the entire leaked document from the Richmond office:

“… basically is written from the perspective of somebody who thinks there are significant abortion rights that need to be defended and also an LGBTQ agenda that has to be pushed down the American people’s throats and these are antithetical to Catholicism.”

After Seraphin outed the agency and its agenda, the FBI reportedly withdrew the document in question and backed off, at least publicly, on its anti-Catholic, anti-Christian stance. The FBI also released the following statement about the issue:

“While our standard practice is to not comment on specific intelligence products, this particular field office product – disseminated only within the FBI – regarding racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism does not meet the exacting standards of the FBI.”

It turns out that the racist, anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) played a key role in developing the document. The SPLC considers traditional Catholics as a radical hate group, and the FBI used this assessment to craft its agenda.

As you may recall, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions told America during his brief time in the White House that the SPLC uses the “hate group” designation as a weapon and has “wielded it against conservative organizations that refuse to accept their orthodoxy and choose instead to speak their conscience.”

“They use it to bully and intimidate groups like yours which fight for the religious freedom, the civil rights, and the constitutional rights of others,” Sessions added in a statement to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

“I know of one FBI agent personally who quit / retired after being told to go against American citizens, and I’ve heard of many more who did the same,” wrote one of our own readers in the comment section.

“Yes, I recently spoke with a retired FBI agent who is also a Purple Heart recipient and he is appalled by the actions of the agency,” responded another.

The latest news about the corrupt FBI can be found at FBI.news.

There is a False Apocalypse Underway and it will Fool Billions!

While I don’t agree with everything written in the book “The False Apocalypse”, I definitely agree that we are about to witness a false “darkness to light” movement that will deceive the world and is part of Satan’s master plan.

Donnie Darkened over at Twitter showed me this book called “The False Apocalypse” and I’m glad he did as it confirmed some things I had already been researching. The “new age” that everyone expects to happen won’t unfold the way we have been taught and in this post I’m going to show you some of what I’m talking about and I will leave you a link to the book “The False Apocalypse”. It’s a FREE download that will allow you to read about half of the book.

First up some Tweets from @donniedarkened to show you what I mean.

Now add people like Alex Jones, David Icke, Russel Brand, Joe Rogan and others like them with major social influence and BOOM you have a “darkness to light” movement. This is what I truly believe is going down right now and Donald Trump will emerge as the one who leads the movement as he exposes (as planned) the so called “swamp creatures” he used to call out all of the time.

Now I will leave you with the link to the free portion of the book ‘The False Apocalypse” as the author, John Blanchette shows us that things won’t unfold the way we think or the way we’ve been taught. I’m still going through this portion of the book myself and when I’ve got a better grasp on the whole thing I will do a video on it. One thing I will say for now is this; Satan is the Father of Lies just as Jesus said he was so this plan of his makes perfect sense. Satan won’t make it obvious, he will ALWAYS use deception to get his way.

For now click the link and download the book. Once again it’s FREE so take advantage of the opportunity! But I warn you it will definitely challenge some of your long held beliefs about the end times so take it up in prayer as always. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o718mhbk2se8olg/AABd4mnEqg_91mWBd-Y546bIa?dl=0&preview=The+False+Apocalypse+(FREE+SAMPLE).pdf

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See What the Talmud and Cabala Really Teach and How much they Hate anyone not like them!

I’ve been falsely accused of being many things including a Zionist because I won’t “expose the Jews” on every single video or blog post. The Zionists (they’re not real Jews, or Judeans) are using prophecy and scripture to manipulate the worlds population into accepting them as your ultimate rulers with the Antichrist at its head. This “conspiracy” has been planned out over the centuries culminating into what we’re witnessing in the world today.

So here you go, if you really want to know how the Jews feel about you and Jesus Christ then this video and post are for you. I know the teacher in the video is 7th day Adventist but I don’t care, his information on the Jews, Talmud and the Cabala are dead on and that’s why I’m presenting the video. I don’t follow their beliefs in Ellen G White and so on but they are very well informed about these subjects.

All of the material below (minus my commentary and the video) was from Henrymakow.com. Johnny

Template for Covid Communism is Judaism

Jews were the first victims of Judaism. Now, through Freemasonry, humanity is.

“Live and let live”  is my credo. So I wonder what compels some people to want to despoil others.

The answer in this case is Cabalist Judaism which is based on robbing and enslaving the goyim and any Jew who fails to comply.


The Jewish Talmud consists of hundreds of laws governing the minute details of daily living.

See the COVID protocols in this light. We’re told where we can go, where to stand, what we can do, and who we can see. The mask signifies obedience.

People who fail to comply are infidels who must be quarantined and ostracized. 

Get it? We have been inducted into Judaism, except in another form.  Judaism is a Satanic cult — Communism.

A satanic cult is about control. It exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick.

The mask symbolizes this new version of an ancient occult dogma. The hand sanitizer ritual signifies obedience. 

In his book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years Israel Shahak explained that Judaism fostered  a “closed society… one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole history of mankind.” 

The coercion anti-vaxers experience is comparable to what Jews have felt for centuries from their own rabbis and communities. 

“Jewish women who cohabited with Gentiles had their noses cut off by rabbis…In religious disputes, those considered heretics had their tongues cut out.” 

Communists are not interested in winning adherents based on its merits. Their god is Satan. Communists are concerned only with obedience/observance.

That’s why they control information and discourse. 
“Some may call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen Weiss.

“Anti-Communism is Antisemitism.” Jewish Voice, July – August 1941.

See and hear for yourselves in the video below what the Talmud and the “Jews” (yet they are not semetic at all) have to say about Jesus Christ and what they really think about Christians and/or “Goyim” or non Jews who they consider animals. The Jews currently in Israel DO NOT FOLLOW THE OLD TESTAMENT! Johnny

from Nov. 6, 2020by Henry Makow Ph.D.
Where does the drive to control and exploit others originate? 

shahak-cover.jpgIsrael Shahak’s book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion (1986) provides the answer.  From the second century until roughly the eighteenth, Jews were under the heel of their rabbis and wealthy leaders.They werea “closed society… one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole history of mankind.” (14-15)

This is the template behind the NWO; only now everyone, not just Jews is being enslaved. 

Since the late Roman Empire, Judaism was enforced by physical coercion. Rabbinical Courts ordered fines, flogging, imprisonment, and even death for Jews breaking any of the hundreds of laws governing every aspect of daily life.  
“Jewish women who cohabited with Gentiles had their noses cut off by rabbis…In religious disputes, those considered heretics had their tongues cut out.”

The rabbis and rich Jews were in alliance with the Gentile aristocracy who enforced this tyranny and shared in the spoils. They were aligned against poor Jews and peasants alike. The rich Jews always flourished in oppressive feudal regimes because, as bureaucrats, bailiffs and tax farmers,  they “mediated the oppression” of the peasants.  

According to Shahak, classical Judaism is inspired by the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato’s Laws 942. 
Judaism adopted the objectives Plato described in the following passage. (Shahak, p.13)

The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that no one should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war, he must always live with his eyes on his superior officer…In a word, we must train the mind to not even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it. 

israel_shahak1.jpg(left, Israel Shahak, 1933-2001)

Shahak says the words “rabbi” and “officer” are interchangeable.  In Communism, the sons of rabbis built a new worldly religion that mirrored the fanaticism and oppression of classical Judaism. 

After visiting Bolshevik Russia in 1920, Bertrand Russell wrote to Lady Ottoline Morrell: “Bolshevism is a closed tyrannical bureaucracy, with a spy system more elaborate and terrible than the Tsar’s, and an aristocracy as insolent and unfeeling, composed of Americanized Jews. No vestige of liberty remains, in thought or speech or action.” (The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, paperback ed. 354) 
Shahak says Israel too is a “closed society” frankly dedicated to Jewish supremacy and hatred of non-Jews. Jewish culture evinces little honest self-examination lest Judaism’s true malevolent character be exposed.  Shahak writes:

“Classical Judaism had little interest in describing or explaining itself to its own members … The first book on Jewish history proper (dealing with ancient history) was promptly banned and repressed by the highest rabbinical authorities… As a consequence, 200 years ago, the vast majority of Jews were totally in the dark about … Jewish history and Jewry’s contemporary state; and they were quite content to remain so….Jewish studies are polemics against an external enemy rather than an internal debate…When a whole society tries to return to totalitarianism, a totalitarian history is written.” (p. 20-22) shut-up-obey.jpgSimilarly, the West is returning to this Jewish model of totalitarianism. Mainstream discourse is tightly controlled. Pundits who stray from the party line are fired or forced to atone. We have become Jews under the yoke of Judaism (i.e. Communism.)

 Illuminati insider Christian Rakowski said the illuminati bankers created the Communist state as a “machine of total power” unprecedented in history.

In the past, due to many factors, “there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached.”
Judaism is concerned with meaningless observances and legalities rather than morality or faith. The Talmud regulates “every aspect of Jewish life, both individual and social…with sanctions and punishments provided for every conceivable …infringement of the rules.” (Shahak, p. 40)  

 Far from being monotheistic, the Old Testament implies the existence of many Gods, and the Jewish Cabala includes many prayers and duties designed to propitiate Satan. Other reasons for saying the Cabala is satanic are found here and also here.
Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power.

The central banking cartel is the ultimate monopoly. It has an almost global monopoly over government credit. Its goal is to translate this into a monopoly over everything — political, cultural, economic and spiritual. One world government = Rothschild monopoly = Communism. Communism is really monopoly capitalism. The Illuminati own orcontrol everything.


Unknown to most Jews and Gentiles, Judaism is not the Old Testament religion people think it is. Every satanic cult has a cover. Like its manifestations — Communism, Zionism and Freemasonry– it is based on the Talmud and Cabala, which seek to supplant God and redefine reality. The Cabala reinterprets and contradicts the Old Testament.  Only the “initiates” are privy to this secret. 

stupid-goy12.jpgAs banker Otto Kahn put it, the Jewish leadership plot to become God and “remake the world.”   “We shall purify the idea [of God] by identifying it with the nation of Israel, which has become its own Messiah. The advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel… ” 
The New World Order is about inducting humanity into Cabala Judaism, which is Satanism disguised as “secularism.” Here are ten examples of this satanic possession. A satanic cult is the template governing change. It is the explanation for the invasion of privacy by the NSA, and the creation of a false reality which includes staged “massacres” aimed at disarming the people. 
Organized Jewry is a Trojan Horse for this agenda, but thanks to Freemasonry, most other governments, religions and organizations have also been subverted. Anti Semitism is a red herring designed to deflect blame from the Illuminati bankers and high ranking Freemason onto innocent Jews. Most everyone today is duped, manipulated and compromised.
For most of their history, Jews were held in mental and physical bondage by Judaism. The NWO is a recrudescence of this satanic feudal tyranny not only for Jews but for humanity as a whole. 
In Shahak’s words: 

 “Israel and Zionism are a throw-back to the role of classical Judaism, writ large on a global scale…The road to genuine revolution in Judaism–to making it humane, allowing Jews to understand their own past, thereby re-educating themselves out of its tyranny–  lies through an unrelenting critique of the Jewish religion.” p. 74

The Rise, the Wound, and the Return of Donald Trump: a case for the biblical Antichrist. (A thread)

I found this on Twitter and once again I found myself compelled to share it with you all. This is from @DonnieDarkened on Twitter and this thread does a great job of putting the story together of Donald Trump being the Antichrist. It also covers the solar eclipse in August 2017 and what that really told us in regard to the Biblical timeline and much much more!

I’m putting it here on the website because I know many of you don’t use Twitter for one reason or another and the Twitter account for Don’t Speak News was terminated a month ago. This thread will now be an important part of a new video I am working on with regard to Trump and him being the antichrist. As always take it up in prayer Acts 17:11. Here is the thread.

What timing dontcha think?

Now for me this next one is HUGE! I remember reporting on all of this news on the day that it broke and it floored me and the audience I had at the time! Donald Trump blasphemes not once but TWICE on the same day calling himself the “chosen one” and then he retweeted the “like the second coming of God” and the “King of Israel” later that evening.

He makes the effort to turn around and LOOK UP when he said he’s the chosen one! If that’s not blasphemy then what is???

Then of course there’s the infamous “snake poem” that Donald Trump LOVES to repeat at rallies even to this very day! Like it says “silly woman you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!” Some of us knew but sadly many fell for this charlatan.

Oh and Donald doesn’t need forgiveness from God either. Remember that one?

Then he doubles down and mocks communion…

That brings us to the Qanon movement or Q for short. What can I say about this psyop that hasn’t already been said? Now it’s making a comeback and Trump may come along with it soon. I will stop here for now and continue with more commentary and a video very soon.

I pray that this information gets to those of you who need it. God bless you all and please understand the time that we’re in and who this man really is and what/who he represents! He’s Satans man and he’s coming back to the world stage very soon, just as his books foretold!

Here is a playlist from my YouTube Channel on this subject as well.

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Pope Francis Retirement Rumors Explode as He Cancels Trips and Cardinals Gather…

As I was finishing my video on WA I came across this Tweet From Megyn Kelly.

Then I did a little digging and here is what I found from TMZ and other sources…

Pope Francis may be hanging it up soon — stepping down as the leader of the Catholic Church — at least that’s the buzz in and around the Vatican.

There’s some unusual activity going on … and the backdrop to all of it is the Pope’s frail health. He’s been confined to a wheelchair recently … the result of debilitating knee pain.

The Pope also just canceled a trip to Africa scheduled for next month.

What’s fueling the resignation rumors is a meeting of cardinals that the Pope just scheduled … it’s highly unusual.

And, there’s this … back in May, during a meeting with bishops, Pope Francis addressed his knee issues, saying, “Rather than operate, I’ll resign.”

Italian newspapers are all abuzz over the Papal resignation rumors, but so far no official word. Source TMZ

So is he going to step down??? I think we will know sooner rather than later this time out. If Francis steps down Brother James Key and others are saying it will be Pope Sixtus the Sixth who will take over and become the false prophet. Here is that video.

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Meet “The Giant”, a 35 meter (112 ft) LED Statue Coming to 21 Cities Around the World

“The Giant” coming to 21 Cities

When I got through the article and the video I thought about Revelation 13:14-15 right away. Are these things how the Antichrist will project himself around the world? It sure got my attention on a spiritual level and I was brought right to Revelation 13. Just sayin. Of course let’s not forget Daniel 3 either.

From Broadway World:

The most exciting visitor attraction concept of the 21st century has been launched. Entitled, The Giant, it features the world’s tallest moving statue (35 metres/112 ft). The Giant was conceived by The Giant Company based in Dublin, Ireland; the idea was initially inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gullilver’s Travels.

Supported by Enterprise Ireland and CRBRE, the concept for The Giant includes the multi-storey statue mounted on a plinth housing an exhibition. The statue will be embedded with millions of addressable LED pixels giving it the ability to instantly take the form of any person from historical figures such as Albert Einstein or (famous woman Amelia Earhart) to stars of today from Lionel Messi to Beyoncé. Each hour the Giant will transform into each country’s national heroes and celebrities. The Giant’s arms and head can move to a diversity of positions and the images of the men and women appearing on the statue can speak or sing.

More than a visual wonder, visitors to the attraction will explore several fully immersive exhibits that feature state-of-the-art technologies including augmented and virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence. The exhibits are designed to be entertaining, educational and engaging for all age groups. Another feature of The Giant is the viewing tower where visitors can literally stand on the shoulders of a giant and look out over the city from a dramatic vantage point.

Below is the video by the Today Show that I put over on the YT channel. Let me know what you think about this thing! Prayed up and prepped up!

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You just can’t make this stuff up. From Israel 365 news.

Dominion, glory, and kingship were given to him; All peoples and nations of every language must serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not pass away, And his kingship, one that shall not be destroyed. Daniel 7:13 (The Israel BibleTM)

Rabbi Isser Zalman Weisberg, a rabbi at Machon Mishne Torah who is a follower of the Chabad branch of Hassidic Judaism, commented on the still uncertain outcome of the presidential election. 

A bump in the road…


The rabbi began his video by citing media sources claiming that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Rabbi Weisberg emphasized that “nothing legally happened” since the media do not determine the winner of the election. The victor is officially certified by the Electoral College and then by the Senate, House of Representatives, and the National Archives.  Representatives from each state’s electoral college meet in their respective state capitals on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. 

“This year, it falls on December 14, in the middle of Hannukah, a miraculous time for the Jews” Rabbi Weisberg said. “Then on January 6th, the Senate and the House assemble at one p.m. in a special session in the capital to declare the results.”


“There are many times in our history when it looked like the end was near and then suddenly yeshuat hasehm k’heref ayin (the salvation of God is like the blink of an eye),”’ the rabbi said, citing Pesikta Zutreta, a commentary on the Book of Esther (4:1)

“In reality, except for himself and his wife, I don’t think one single American voted for Joe Biden. They voted to remove Donald Trump. It makes no difference to them who occupies his seat… As long as the person who occupies the Oval Office will allow the radicals of the left and BLM to continue in their unholy war to evict God and the Ten Commandments from the heart of America. Joe has already begun to use deceptive powers granted to him by the primordial serpent.”

Read the rest for youselves here: https://www.israel365news.com/160613/rabbi-trump-will-remain-in-power-to-fight-as-final-kingdom-described-by-daniel/