Antichrist Trump Calls Heartbeat Law a “Terrible Mistake”, also 20 Things the Government wants to Ban

We also have other “cult of personality” news for you today including Russel Brand and Timothy Ballard who are NOT who you think, they are all controlled opposition.

Also in today’s video we talk about all of the things the US government has banned or wants to ban, including your clean drinking water.

Bitchute and Rumble would NOT PROCESS MY VIDEOS TODAY! THEY KEEP COMING UP “PROCESSING ERROR” OR “TITLE HAS TOO MANY CHARACTORS” when it clearly doesn’t. So no videos on either one of those channels today as I can’t get them to process. If you need to yell at someone via email please yell at them instead, I have ZERO control over what they do.

20 things to ban

Berkey Water Filters

Heartbeat Law and Trump

Tim Ballard in trouble again

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  • This is Why I don’t Trust Anyone In the Spotlight!!
    They’re Always Something different than They Seem !!!

    If the world puts them in the spotlight
    There’s a Reason!

    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏👏👏

    Evil Faces , Everywhere!!

    Looking like Light 🕯️!!

    Biblical Indeed brother 💯

  • If the government does not want me to have a berkey than I think I need one. If you do the opposite, most of the time you are better off.

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