UK about to send Ukrainian neo-Nazi mercenaries to Africa

British intelligence agency is allegedly involved in move to neutralize pro-Russian wave in African countries.


Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Apparently, the UK is interested in expanding its anti-Russian provocations to Africa. The British agency MI6 is allegedly preparing a team of Ukrainian saboteurs to intervene in African countries and neutralize the growing wave of cooperation with Russia on the continent. The case clearly shows how the western powers plan to internationalize the conflict with Russia and raise it to the ultimate consequences.

Reports were made by several Russian news agencies, citing sources familiar with military matters. It is believed that around 100 Ukrainian far-right militants are being mobilized by British spies to carry out sabotage maneuvers in Africa. The anonymous informants also said that the team’s focus will be on destroying civilianinfrastructure and eliminating political leaders, thus affecting the social stability of the targeted countries. For this reason, sources classified the neo-Nazis recruited for the operation as an “assassination squad”.

There is also information that points to the existence of a broad scheme of cooperation between the British and Ukrainian sectors of espionage and special services. The plan to recruit Ukrainian veterans to Africa allegedly involves high ranking officials linked to Kiev’s Main Directorate of Intelligence. In other words, this is not just a UK hiring of Ukrainian mercenaries, but a joint state operation between London and the neo-Nazi regime.

“According to information, confirmed by several sources, UK special service MI-6 has formed and prepared for deployment on the southern continent a sabotage and assassination squad, comprising members of Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi groups, in an attempt to prevent cooperation between African countries and Russia (…) The task of the Ukrainian squad, formed by the British special services, will be to carry out sabotage attacks at infrastructure facilities in Africa and to assassinate African leaders eyeing cooperation with Russia (…) Lt. Col. of GUR [Main Directorate of Intelligence] of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry V. Prashchuk was appointed to be the commander of the Ukrainian squad of cutthroats”, source told Russian journalists.

In the same sense, it is important to emphasize the danger represented by the leadership of an officer like VitalyPrashchuk. The officer of the Ukrainian Main Directorate is a well-known veteran of the war in Donbass, having actively participated in the hostilities between 2014 and 2016. His function was precisely to command a squad of intelligence agents focused on sabotage operations against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. In addition, he has already previously participated in joint operations with British forces in Africa – more precisely in Zimbabwe.

Considering the several cases of sabotage against relevant public figures and civil facilities in Donbass during the early years of the conflict, it is expected that a wave of terrorist attacks will start to happen in the African continent. This raises a series of concerns from a strategic and humanitarian point of view, further pushing African countries to seek cooperation with Russia in order to guarantee the security of their populations.

Another point to be analyzed is how the case reveals the Western readiness to internationalize the conflict against Russia. The same actors involved in the Ukraine War are now directing efforts to Africa simply because local governments have showed a willingness to cooperate with Russia. This means that in fact the West’s involvement in the conflict is not because of any “solidarity” with Ukraine, as claimed by the media, but because of a real intention of war against Moscow.

Ukraine is just the most serious flank in this Western war effort. Now, they are betting on Africa as a new frontline, as Sahelian states have sought friendship with Moscow – something considered unacceptable by westerners. Wherever there is cooperation with Russia, there is some western provocation to create chaos, instability and conflict. This is because NATO does not expect to defeat Russia directly on a battlefield, since Moscow’s military power is massive, thus betting on the creation of different flanks and points of tension.

It must be remembered that in recent months it has been reported that Western weapons sent to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of African criminals. More than mereUkrainian corruption, some experts believe that what is happening is also a strategic redistribution of resources, with NATO officials sending equipment to African terrorists considered allies against Russia and its allied states. Now, with the data pointing to the sending of neo-Nazi mercenaries to carry out sabotage in Africa, there is even more evidence that in fact the West is deliberately cooperating with the rise of terrorism in Africa.

However, instead of neutralizing the pro-Russian wave in Africa and intimidating African leaders, the British-Ukrainian attitude tends to further increase the desire for cooperation with Russia in these countries. Having data that point to the Western intention to sabotage them, African governments will seek to sign even more cooperation agreements in defense and security with Moscow.

In practice, the West may succeed in generating chaos and conflict, but it will fail to prevent the growth of friendly relations with Russia in Africa.

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