Special op to end in days if NATO stops shipping weapons to Ukraine — Medvedev

The special military operation would end in several days if the US and its vassals stop sending weapons to Ukraine, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday, answering a question from TASS.

“In NATO, primarily the US and its vassals, stop shipping weapons and munitions to Ukraine, the special military operation would end in several months; and if they stop shipping their weapons now, then the special op will end in mere days,” Medvedev said.

“Actually, any war, even a world war, can stop very fast,” he continued. “Either if a peace treaty is signed or if one does what the US did in 1945, when it used its nuclear weapons and bomber to Japanese cities – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They have, indeed, ended the war campaign back then, at a cost of lives of almost 300,000 civilians.”

In other news Belarus’ President Lukashenko said Putin promised him that any attack on Belarus would be considered an attack on Russia itself. Lukashenko also pointed out that NATO was quickly building up forces on the border with Belarus in Poland and in the Baltic countries.

“We have a joint group. Part of it is on the western border of Russia. I asked him (the Russian president – TASS) to avoid using part of that group. To keep it in reserve just in case, if something happens. His reply was: ‘I promise you that any attack against or just one step across the border into the Belarusian territory would mean that they attack Russia’,” Lukashenko cited Putin as saying.

Also a French General forecasted the utter failure of the so called “counteroffensive” being attempted by Ukraine. Jean-Bernard Pinatel also said that the ratio of losses in equipment and personnel is 5 to 1 in favor of Russia (at least).

“Ukraine’s counteroffensive is doomed to fail as the Russian military has the edge over its adversary in all respects, Jean-Bernard Pinatel, a retired French general and the owner of the company called LexisNexis Business Information Solutions, said in a video interview provided to TASS.

“I absolutely do not believe in the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. The Russians have a significant air superiority. But they also have an advantage on the ground. Even the Ukrainians themselves admit that they fire 4,000 shells a day, while Russia fires 20,000,” said Pinatel, who specializes in Russia and the Middle East.

The general also said that the ratio of losses in equipment and personnel is 5 to 1 in favor of Russia. According to Pinatel, the Kiev regime is severely hampered by its lack of human resources.

“What we are witnessing today is a confrontation between a nuclear power and a country that, of course, is sponsored by the Anglo-Saxons, but which does not have significant technical and human potential,” he said. “And I don’t think that the biggest disadvantage Ukraine faces is so much the amount of military equipment, which, by the way, is not always of high quality, because the West supplies Kiev with outdated equipment. Ukraine’s greatest vulnerability is its people, or rather a lack of them. Its best fighters have long been dead.”

The general said he believes that, provided NATO doesn’t directly step into the conflict, Kiev’s defeat is only a matter of time. The West’s policy of prolonging the Ukrainian conflict “is only leading to more casualties,” Pinatel said.

“Conversations about helping Ukraine until it wins are completely stupid and nonsensical. It will achieve nothing and will only increase the number of deaths among young Ukrainians and Russians,” he said.

However, the US and Europe do not care, the retired French general said, because their main goal is not the victory of Ukraine, but the weakening of Russia.

Johnny’s Commentary

As I’ve said before the war in Ukraine is just the beginning and it’s designed to kill off the Slavic people, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian etc. You can see that story here: https://dontspeaknews.com/2023/06/15/the-real-origins-of-the-russia-ukraine-war/

That being said it certainly appears we are headed for the next phase of the shooting war. As I reported HERE yesterday, both Russia and Ukraine are accusing the other of getting ready to blow up the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. If that happens then NATO is on record saying that it would invoke Article 5 which commits them all to war against Russia. There would be no more proxy war using Ukrainians as the cannon fodder, but rather they would finally be fighting each other directly, NATO troops vs Russian troops of which we’ve already seen small scale skirmishes.

Russia for their part says that if NATO invokes article 5 that they would begin launching nuclear weapons. Why? Because Russia knows and even admits that it can’t defeat NATO in a full blown conventional war without them so I would expect those to be deployed right away. Great Britain has already been looking for Russian subs off of their East Coast (they didn’t tell the public) as they feared Russian retaliation for giving long range missiles to Ukraine.

British news services did NOT carry any information about this search, nor did they even report the vast parts of the ocean closed-off for the intense searches.  The British public was left blissfully unaware.

As I’ve said many times there won’t be any warnings when the missiles start flying towards the US and Europe. The powers that be want maximum death and carnage and they don’t want survivors so I would expect the major population centers and key military bases to be hit in the US. As you can see from the UK the governments of the world don’t give 2 rips about you and me, just themselves and those they deem worthy of survival.

Stay ready guys, this could erupt without warning at any moment. No fear, just stay PRAYED UP and PREPPED UP!

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  • The caesars of the world may not care about us but Jesus does. Remember his holy name can cast out all manner of demons including the ones disguised as aliens. I have prayed he will cast out the demons tormenting you electronically and physically, I hope you put on the armor of your faith in him and pray too. Remember he said mountains can be moved with faith, take refuge in him.

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