The REAL Origins of the Russia/Ukraine War

The real instigators of this conflict remain hidden in the shadows as they always do, manipulating both sides to kill one another off which is what I and others are calling “the culling of the Slavic peoples”. Yes it’s the hidden hand of the Khazars running things behind the scenes, getting revenge against the Slavs for destroying the Khazarian empire around 970 AD. In fact scholars and archaeologists found the ancient Capital of Khazaria back in 2008 and it was mainstream news! It’s NOT some fringe history theory that’s posted on some fringe website, it’s just history you aren’t supposed to speak about. Here is the article:

Now here is my video with today’s news first as the Ukrainian defense minister admitted today that Ukraine was ordered by NATO to “kill as many Russians as possible” in order to get their unlimited weapons supply, soon to include NUCLEAR CAPABLE F-16 FIGHTER JETS!

Rumble Video

Bitchute Video

NATO orders Ukraine to Kill Russians

Funding for May/June

Decolonize Russia

Russian FM Says the West wants Russia divided

Who were the Khazars

Russian and Ukrainian History

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