NATO Will Hold Its Biggest Air Exercise In its History June 12

Is this the start date for WW3? All of that and more wars/rumors of war news in today’s video.

Fundraiser for May/June 2023

Moscow Cutting Ties with UK

WW3 Start Date

NATO Exercise

Ukraine Drone attack

Ukraine Counteroffensive

USAF and Chinese Jet Near Miss

China won’t talk to US



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  • Meanwhile here in murica this just flat out pissed me waaaaay off and all these co called “Christian” businesses like eHarmony etc. They can go pound sand…..Aaaaaaargh…..i can spit nails…..

  • Russia will be watching to see how those planes are loaded.

  • Hello Johnny, I looked in the strongs, number 23, both languages, Hebrew and Greek, know their language and how they use Scripture against us and the masses, hidden right in our faces, it never lies, they always do it and they have to for themselves to stay in their gain, they’re strangled in their own wickedness and unrighteousness, that’s how they blaspheme the Holy Ghost and go against the Holy works of the Father and Jezus Christ.

    From H1 and H622; father of gathering (that is gatherer); Abiasaph, an Israelite: – Abiasaph.

    From ἄγαν agan (much) and ἄχθος achhos̄ (grief; akin to the base of G43); to be greatly afflicted, that is, (figuratively) indignant: – be much (sore) displeased, have (be moved with, with) indignation.

    Thanks again for your dedication and all your efforts you put into your website + channels and your videos Johnny, you’re much appreciated, God bless you John and yours around you and all the believers in their hearts and they that know Jezus Christ and the Holy Father by a personal testimony, I pray for all the gift of the Holy Spirit to endure what’s coming on this earth, Love and be Thankfull towards the Father and do His work through and with Jezus Christ, who gave Himself for us after the will of the Father who Anointed Jezus Himself as our King and Saviour for all to be with Him in the Kingdom of the Holy Father in the New Heavens and the New Earth, be sure to produce the Fruits of the Spirit, humble yourselves and be vigilant and watch over eachother, we have to see the bad fruits in others and the ones who want to produce the good fruits and want to preserve them by and for others, don’t be offended by others or fall over others ones mistakes and try to make certain assumptions Spiritualy to keep Holy Spirit standing for all, God Blesses through Jezus Christ, always, wait for Him, through His Holy Spirit and with the Scriptures He always gives the Right answer, in any situation or with any concious question we come across in our minds of todays thinking, we have to walk the Spiritual walk that is Holy to endure this times, we have to pay attention as Jezus warned and commanded us Himself, we have to follow through and endure the wickedness around us and the destruction that comes out of that, over the whole earth.

    Peace, Grace and Mercy for all, stay in the Love of the Father with Jezus Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

    • H622
      A primitive root; to gather for any purpose; hence to receive, take away, that is, remove (destroy, leave behind, put up, restore, etc.): – assemble, bring, consume, destroy, fetch, gather (in, together, up again), X generally, get (him), lose, put all together, receive, recover [another from leprosy], (be) rereward, X surely, take (away, into, up), X utterly, withdraw.

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