Breaking News! Russia talks up a New BRICS Currency to Rival US Dollar Hegemony

All of that and more war news on Russia, China and the USA are in today’s short video. Time is short, prayed up and prepped up!

New Currency for BRICS Nations

EU to Criminalize Cash

Australian Megabank Limits Cash

US not ready for war against China and Russia

Brazil and China agree to trade outside US Dollar

Rumble version of my video

Bitchute Version of my video

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  • I have faced reality and have now moved away from from the Vesten world because I got blessed with a job in a secure country.. The climate is cold here but I see the writing on the wall, so it’s absolutely worth it

  • In Other Words…. “” Tried to Tell Everyone, But They Don’t want the Truth “”

    The Truth is..,

    To uncomfortable!!

    Great Work Brother 💯👍

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