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US hosting ‘open secret’ military exercises with Taiwan

The drills were held in Michigan, involving approximately 7000 soldiers from both sides. Although most Americans taking part in the exercise were members of the Michigan National Guard, some were unnamed units under the direct command of the Pentagon. This indicates that the troops in question must have been special forces used in various covert operations.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

It’s certainly not breaking news that the United States is trying to prevent China from restoring full sovereignty over all of its territories, primarily Taiwan. The Chinese breakaway island province is not only of historical, legal and national value, but also of prime strategic importance. When in the hands of Beijing’s enemies, Taiwan is a major security hurdle, as it exposes the entire southeast China’s “soft underbelly”, particularly the neighboring province of Fujian. This doesn’t only slow down (or even prevent) normal economic development, but it also requires the mobilization of significant resources used by the military to ensure the security of the crucial area.

On the other hand, if Beijing restores its full sovereignty over the island, be it in a similar manner to Hong Kong (or Macao), or perhaps within a new, even more lax framework that eliminates the threat posed by the US, Taiwan would become a significant springboard for pushing the belligerent thalassocracy’s forward-deployed forces that are jeopardizing China’s interests in the Asia-Pacific. Obviously, Washington DC is trying everything in its power (short of direct war, for now, at least) to prevent this scenario, which is why it’s pushing Taipei to a sort of crawling confrontation with mainland China or at the very least trying to prevent the rapprochement between the two.

Military involvement of the US is a major component of this “China containment” strategy, as the Pentagon planners like to call it. This includes not only the arming of Beijing’s breakaway island province, but also providing training to its forces. This was usually done in Taiwan, but since China has warned repeatedly that it will not tolerate the presence of any major US forces (or those of its other vassals and satellite states), Washington DC found a workaround. Namely, according to various regional sources, Taiwanese troops attended somewhat rare joint military exercises with their US counterparts this summer. It’s important to note these were held on American soil.

On September 4, the Taipei Times reported that the drills were held in Michigan last month, in the August 5-19 timeframe, involving approximately 7000 soldiers from both sides. Although most American troops taking part in the exercise (dubbed “Northern Strike”) were members of the Michigan National Guard, some of them were unnamed units under the direct command of the Pentagon. This indicates that the troops in question must have been special forces used in various covert operations. For its part, Taipei sent the entire joint battalion of its 333rd Infantry Brigade. Both sides have indicated that such military drills will be held in the future on a more regular basis.

According to Taipei Times, which in turn cited Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese news source, the reason why the US hosted Taiwanese troops is that it’s supposedly “wary of provoking China”. This is allegedly because “the Michigan exercises were led by the National Guard — a strategic reserve force that is normally overseen by US state governments — instead of the US Armed Forces”. However, according to their own inadvertent admission, this was a bogus attempt of presenting the exercise as not involving the US federal troops, because the drills were directly overseen and commanded by the Pentagon. Normally, National Guard units are under the control of their respective states.

In other words, Washington DC’s supposed attempt to not anger Beijing is nothing but a mere formality. The source further added a rather unfortunate analogy by comparing the drills to previous US National Guard exercises with the Kiev regime forces held on a regular basis since 2014. For its part, there’s very little value in these formal American military distinctions, particularly as the Pentagon is directly involved. It also marks a significant shift in the way the US is using its Asia-Pacific vassals. The adoption of the so-called “Ukrainian model” indicates that Taipei is also expected to fight “to the last Taiwanese” (TTLT). This is part of America’s revised strategic posturing that refocuses on its regional satellite states. Taipei Times also admitted that the exercise isn’t exactly a new development and that the preparations for it were an “open secret”, pointing out that “as early as 2021 foreign media have reported on joint military training between Taiwan and the US at Camp Grayling in Michigan”. The Institute of National Defense and Security Research fellow Su Tzu-yun was quoted as the source of this claim, further adding that when asked in July whether the US National Guard helped train Taiwanese troops, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner stated that “discussions about the issue should be kept behind closed doors”. And indeed, American and Taiwanese officials are yet to comment on the exercises.

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WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them power over everything

Telegram link: https://t.me/mrn_death/50224

⚡️⚡️⚡️Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to “take over everything in the world, stating that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health.”

In addition to this, it would abolish human rights protections, introduce censorship and digital passports, require governments to promote a single “official” version, and allow the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. “We are undergoing a soft test… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and a biosafety program.”

A “soft coup”, for now. You can bet the beat downs will commence when people start rioting and looting because they’re starving. That’s what’s next in the USA after the big market crash. Stay tuned


Hunter Biden Plea Deal FALLS APART LOL

The sh*t show called politics in DC continues. I’m posting this story because it shows you how all of the news today is a giant FARCE! All of this garbage was planned long before the 2020 “election” and the stage play was designed to make Trump look like the hero when he comes back to power. This is another facet to the “Great Awakening” movement that will being people to the false light of Lucifer as they reveal the “evil” the “other side” is doing. Don’t be fooled, they are 2 sides of the same coin.

I’m copying and pasting the text of the Tweet below for those of you who don’t have a Twitter account.

BREAKING UPDATE: Before Hunter Biden’s plea deal collapsed, Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the case’s top prosecutor if the deal meant Hunter would be IMMUNE from prosecution for other possible crimesincluding those related to representing foreign governments. The prosecutor said NO, then one of Hunter’s attorneys jumped up and said “then there’s no deal!” Reporters present in the courtroom have said the judge seemed highly skeptical of the “unusual deal” from the get-go, as it offered Hunter Biden BROAD immunity from prosecution in perpetuity. The judge questioned why it was filed under a provision that gave her no legal authority to reject it. She then asked Leo Wise, the top prosecutor, if there was any precedent for that kind of deal being proposed. He replied, “No, your honor.WAS THE BIDEN DOJ TRYING TO PUSH AN “UNDER THE TABLE” DEAL?

Yeah duh lol.

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Prophecy, a Dry Time

I got this in an email today and it’s another reason to stay in Gods word. One day soon it will be illegal to own and read from and you’ll need to be able to recall it when necessary. Write it on your heart.

Jeremiah 51:47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.

48 The heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD



I will speak to My children only to uplift and encourage them during the COMING PERSECUTION.  I will warn when My children need to escape, and I will lead them to safety. 


There will be A DRY TIME OF MY WORD being read – as all Bibles will be confiscated and destroyed.  The beast will have anyone who possesses My Word in print – arrested and killed.  You will be a threat to the new world order.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and only those who are well grounded in Me will hear My voice.  All that is to come has been revealed and written down by My watchmen and prophets.  Many people in My body do not believe I still use watchmen and prophets to warn those in My body. 


REPENT NOW! for your lack of faith and not believing!  I can do all things for the glory of the Father.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and the SHOUTING OF MY WARNINGS WILL CEASE, as all those who believe will have acted.  I have said many times to REPENT NOW, for you do not know when you will be standing before Me. 


The events foretold will come quickly and in succession – one after another.  There will be much death and destruction.  DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARE as many in My body will be.




My son, hear now and say to these stiff-necked people – LEARN OF ME.  Take My mantle upon you and hide My Word in your heart.  Write My Word upon your heart and in a book that can be hidden.  Soon the forces of evil will declare My Word as HATE SPEECH and will impose fines and penalties to ALL who possess it. 


A DRY TIME is coming, and that will be when the DARKEST OF THE DARK TIMES are upon you. 


REPENT NOW! and study to show thyself approved. 


BRACE NOW! and prepare, My children, for DRY TIMES ARE COMING.


I love you all, and I WILL WATER YOU IN THE DRY TIMES.   



Lord Jesus


U B Ready

China exposed and humiliated Lloyd Austin in Singapore

US and Canadian warships challenged by China in the Taiwan Strait.

Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

The incident in the Taiwan Strait and the criticism the defence ministers of China and the United States levelled at each other at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore shows that confrontation is escalating in the Asia-Pacific region between the two Great Powers.

Hours before US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin delivered his speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue on June 3, the US and Canada deliberately caused tensions as their warships passed through the Taiwan Strait. In response, the Eastern Theatre Command of China’s People’s Liberation Army organised a force to escort and monitor Western warships. The Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army spokesman, Colonel Shi Yi, noted that the US and Canada intentionally risked, provoked, and undermined regional peace and stability maliciously.

The US military’s Indo-Pacific Command said a Chinese warship crossed a US destroyer in the Taiwan Strait, forcing the warship to slow down to avoid a collision. Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue forum, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin claimed that Washington “[does] not seek conflict or confrontation […], but we will not flinch in the face of bullying or coercion.”

However, he could not explain why American warships were thousands of kilometres from home and sailing off the coast of China. Austin then promised that the US would continue regularly deploying warships and aircraft through the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea to emphasise that these are international waters.

The reaction of Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu to this announcement was like a warning to the US. Commenting on the incident, the minister stressed that Beijing has no problem with “innocent passage” but will prevent the use of freedom of navigation patrols to carry out its propaganda, power, and provocation. Meanwhile, “it is necessary to prevent efforts to ‘have some countries’ impose their own rules on others through an international rules-based order but with their selective approach.”

The US and its allies deliberately timed their passage through the Taiwan Strait to coincide with the Singapore forum to exert military and political pressure on China. This could not have been a worse time for the US-Canada exercise as it proved to Beijing once again that Washington is not sincere in wanting to find peace and is instead pursuing an anti-China coalition. 

As the US is effectively flaunting its military might, and its actions at sea are completely in sync with the Singapore meeting, Shangfu had every right to refuse meeting with the US defence secretary on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue summit when the suggestion was first pitched. Meanwhile, the Chinese Defence Minister is actively negotiating with his European counterparts.

In addition, before the Shangri-La Dialogue, China had yet to receive any positive information from the US on the issue of Taiwan expressing its desire to improve relations. Therefore, China’s position is completely reasonable. Beijing does not talk to Washington on military matters, while the US regularly tries to downgrade bilateral relations. Essentially, China has shown that it is not only unwilling to bear pressure but will respond.

China responded to the American-Canadian provocation with sharp counterattacks. It was no coincidence that the Chinese warship came within 150 metres of the US destroyer and Canadian frigate. Although China has mostly responded to provocations through diplomacy and economic responses, its leaders now hint at the possibility of using military means to protect its interests and sovereignty, especially as the country can defend against actions that cross red lines.

At the same time, the Chinese Defence Minister reassured neighbouring countries of Beijing’s intentions, and he has also undermined US efforts to discredit China by portraying it as a threat to regional security. China’s position on security issues has always been clear and consistent – it considers countries that are promoting regional and global security cooperation as its partners. This was stressed by Shangfu in Singapore, who also clarified China’s position on the global security situation and stressed the need to build a better-shared future for the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s proposal for a community with a common future in the Asia-Pacific region promotes peaceful development and meets the region’s common interests. The Taiwan issue is certainly a most important problem to China, and China will defend its fundamental national interests in this regard. Therefore, China will certainly not tolerate US-Canadian provocations and grandstanding in their backyard and will continue sending strong military messages.

This was again stressed in Singapore by Chinese Lt. Gen. Jing Jianfeng, a senior member of Shangfu’s delegation, who accused Austin of “overtly or covertly making false accusations against China.” Jing also highlighted that the US has been “deceiving and exploiting” regional countries to advance its self-interests to preserve “its dominant position” in Asia-Pacific.

Jing stressed that the US has been preserving old alliances that are “remnants of the Cold War” and is now establishing new pacts, like the AUKUS agreement with Britain and Australia and the QUAD grouping with Australia, India, and Japan. He says this is “to divide the world into ideologically-driven camps and provoke confrontation.”

In this way, Austin was exposed by Shangfu and Jing in Singapore, something that surely humiliated the US in front of regional countries. Not only was the US humiliated, but it, along with the rest of the attendees at the dialogue, saw that China was completely willing to use its military to defend its sovereignty and interests.

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Taiwan under American nuclear umbrella? Excellent move if US wants WW3

By including Taiwan in the US nuclear umbrella, the question of war between Beijing and Washington DC would become “when” instead of “if”.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

After years of belligerent moves aimed at undermining China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity virtually everywhere, be it Hong Kong, Xinjiang, South/East Sea China or Taiwan, the United States is showing no signs of ever stopping with its aggression against Beijing. As if billions of dollars worth of weapons earmarked for China’s breakaway island province weren’t bad enough, including at least 400 anti-ship missiles and the latest F-16 Block 70/72 fighter jets, reports now indicate that Taipei and Washington DC are in talks about Taiwan gaining the protection of the US nuclear umbrella in a similar manner to Japan and South Korea.

According to RealClearDefense, citing local sources, Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu announced that the island is in talks with Washington DC about possibly being brought under the US nuclear umbrella. RealClearDefense warns that the move would likely be seen by Beijing as a clear escalation and would likely greatly increase the potential for a future war with China. This assessment can only be considered an understatement, as the Asian giant is essentially guaranteed to respond directly to such escalation. Being under the American nuclear umbrella entails several key changes that would be absolutely unacceptable to China and would certainly provoke an adequate reaction.

The Taipei Times reported that local defense experts find this a “positive for Taiwan”. On May 23, Institute for National Defense and Security research fellow Su Tzu-yun stated: “Taiwan’s national security doctrine explicitly rejects the development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, despite the nation facing the threat of such weapons being used against it. The extension of an ally’s nuclear umbrella over Taiwan would be significantly beneficial to Taiwan’s security.”

The nuclear umbrella is a deterrence policy stemming from the (First) Cold War and entails a nuclear power to guarantee the usage of its nuclear weapons to retaliate if its ally was exposed to a nuclear attack by any third party. This also includes the option of hosting US nuclear weapons, as was the case with countries such as South Korea between 1958 and 1991. Taipei’s Foreign Minister Wu made the comments about this possibility during a session with the Legislative Yuan (Taiwanese parliament). However, he declined to give any details about the talks and whether Taipei itself had asked the US to bring the island under its nuclear umbrella or if the initiative came from Washington DC.

“Regarding the discussion of this issue with the United States, it is not suitable for me to make it public here,” Wu said, as reported by The South China Morning Post.

Most US allies and satellite states/vassals are under the protection of its nuclear umbrella, including Japan, South Korea and every member of NATO, with nearly half a dozen member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey) even having nuclear sharing programs with Washington DC. As previously mentioned, giving the same or similar guarantees to China’s breakaway island province would require the US to use thermonuclear weapons in case of hostilities between Beijing and Taipei. It should be understood that in case Washington DC goes ahead with such an agreement, the question of Taiwan would become much more than just an issue of respecting Chinese sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law.

As per the (rather correct) assessment of The South China Morning Post, this idea is “an unthinkable prospect” for Beijing. Indeed, such a move would further internationalize the Taiwan dispute, as well as accelerate the potential formation of “Asia-Pacific NATO”, while jeopardizing China’s strategic security. Although the US has encountered significant hurdles with attempts to form yet another iteration of the North Atlantic geopolitical monstrosity, the belligerent thalassocracy likely believes that including Taiwan in its global nuclear umbrella would push others in the region to be more accepting of the idea of an “Asia-Pacific NATO”. How likely this is to work is up for debate, however, what it would surely cause is a dramatic surge in the potential for escalation and yet another step toward a world-ending thermonuclear conflict.

Although there is still hope that cooler heads might prevail in the Pentagon, the sheer number of warhawks in the US establishment makes the prospects of such escalation all the more possible and no less disturbing, particularly as top US generals are openly talking about the “inevitable war with China”. Such belligerence has already pushed China and Russia to further strengthen their already close ties in all aspects, be it economic, military, scientific, etc. The troubled Biden administration has already vowed to send troops and intervene if hostilities between China and its breakaway island province were to happen, which in itself was a borderline declaration of war. However, by including Taiwan in its nuclear umbrella, the question of war between Beijing and Washington DC would become “when” instead of “if”.

Call it “decoupling” or “de-risking”, US economic war against China doomed to backfire

If forced to “pick a side”, most countries may end up “decoupling” from the US instead.

Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts

At the G7 summit in Hiroshima, much was talking about “de-risking” from China – which seems to be the new preferred terminology. The summit joint statement said: “we are not decoupling or turning inwards. At the same time, we recognise that economic resilience requires de-risking and diversifying.” In the same spirit, US President Joe Biden, on May 21, stated: “we’re not looking to decouple from China, we’re looking to de-risk and diversify our relationship with [it].”  The US state department describes “de-risking” somewhat more clearly as “the phenomenon of financial institutions terminating or restricting business relationships with clients or categories of clients to avoid, rather than manage, risk.”

Journalists Keith Johnson and Robbie Gramer in turn, writing for Foreign Policy, define de-risking this way: “decoupling refers to the deliberate dismantling and eventual re-creation elsewhere of some of the sprawling cross-border supply chains that have defined globalization and especially the U.S.-China relationship in recent decades.”

“De-risking”, it seems, is about reducing Chinese “control” of global supply chains without isolating it “too much” – however much that is. Diplomatic rhetoric aside, one should understand it as part of the larger context of economic nationalism and economic warfare, while the US considers pivoting to the Pacific. A recent development such as the UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership is also part of a deeper anti-Chinese Western strategy, as it is accompanied by other initiatives such as the AUKUS deal – the military alliance that has been described as the “Asian NATO”. Here, geopolitical and geoeconomic agendas converge. There are fractures within the Western bloc, though, as “strategic autonomy” gains momentum within Europe itself.

I’ve written before on how deindustrialization is increasingly seen today as a national security matter. While China appears to have turned geoeconomics into the very center of its geostrategic approaches (deriving political power from economic power),  the US in turn has been weaponizing economic policies and the very world economy and financial system itself.

In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to insulate industries from geopolitical disputes. Beijing aspires to becoming a tech superpower, and the American Establishment simply won’t have it. This is the context of the current chip war, for instance, which is about geopolitics as much as it is about geoconomic competition. The blowback of this warfare is that it has been hurting key US allies, such as Taiwan itself. Washington’s economic policies in that regard can only aggravate the ongoing supply chain crisis and complicate the bottleneck, ultimately hurting the US itself. The United States may try to enforce a blockade of Chinese technology as much as it can, but supply chains remain hard to trace.

Despite all the talk about the wonders of the “post-industrial” world, manufacturing and industrialization still hold the key for the 21st century emerging powers and great powers alike. So-called “neoliberalism” is in fact quite dead, while “old-fashioned” protectionism, subsidies and procurement mandates are on the rise. Economic nationalism is once again relevant; amid the New Cold War, this means one should expect to see an increase in industry and trade wars, as one can already see with Biden’s own subsidy wars against Europe itself. Such a scenario can make economic warfare even more dangerous as it already is, for it potentially turns things into existential challenges for the interested parties. While so much is talked about “de-risking”, it might be particularly risky to corner a great power such as China like this.

As American investor Balaji Srinivasan has recently remarked regarding China, the US simply is not in a position of strength: the Asian giant remains the number 1 trade partner for a large part of the world. It has in fact a larger place in global trade than the US had even in the post-WW2 boom, and US geoeconomic strategy simply does not seem to grasp this hard truth, according to Matthew Pipes who is a managing consultant at the Krebs Stamos Group and also a Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute.

As journalist Gavin Bade writes, in his Politico piece, Washington seems to believe the world can sort itself into “two trading groups”, one led by the US and the other led by China – something which did not come about even during the cold war years. As I have written, emerging powers such as Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and India are showing the world that a new age of non-alignment and multi-alignment has come to stay – these nations have been successfully avoiding the new cold war trap of “alignmentism”, while successfully pursuing their own interests.

American diplomatic pressures for alignment are thus doomed to backfire – if forced to “pick a side”, most countries may end up “decoupling” from the US instead.

Microsoft Sounds the Alarm on the Chinese Attacking Communications in the USA

security logo

You have to ask yourself is this why at least 50 US Senators have been issued Satellite phones from DHS? China will definitely be one of the scapegoats when the US communications and power grids go down. Also more news on Ukraine, Russia and the USA in today’s video report.

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New Health Treaty Regs

Ukraine uses US Military Vehicles to Attack Russia

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Charles Lawson – What is it like in HELL??? Very Powerful Sermon

YT link https://youtu.be/7rjFygmCpDc

This is definitely what we need to be sharing and talking about NOW as time is so short!

At the end of the day it’s the GOOD NEWS of John 3:16 that they don’t want us speaking about! Only Jesus Christ can save you from hell and death. He said it himself “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but by me.” John 14:6

I’m still dealing with major neck/back issues which has led to these migraines. I will post what I can when I can. Thank you for the prayers 🙏and advice.

Pentagon ‘leak’ theatrics continue as US finds scapegoat

The US propaganda machine wants us to believe that a 21-year-old intelligence technician who just graduated and held the rank of airman was privy to top-secret intelligence on the Kiev regime’s offensive plans, Russia, South Korea, China and other global hotspots. 

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The pseudo-WikiLeaks 2.0 has just been stepped up a notch as the FBI arrested the perpetrator who shared the “secret docs” through a Discord server. The 21-year-old Airman First Class Jack Douglas Teixeira of the Massachusetts Air National Guard was apprehended on April 13 for his involvement with the “top-secret leak”. The controversial “Pentagon docs” contain what the US mainstream propaganda machine claims is “an array of national security secrets, including the breadth of surveillance the United States is able to conduct on Russia”.

Apparently, Teixeira posted the “classified documents” in an invitation-only Discord (mainly gaming-focused platform) chat group called “Thug Shaker Central”. According to the Washington Post, which reportedly talked to other members of the group, “classified Pentagon documents containing intelligence collected by the US and several other countries were posted by a man claiming to be a ‘military base’ worker”. The chat room apparently had no more than 20 members, mostly young men, who discussed video games, memes, movies and politics. It also included users from both Russia and Ukraine.

At some point during 2022, a user known as OG posted “a message laden with strange acronyms and jargon” and claimed to “know secrets that the government withheld from ordinary people”. One of the unnamed members of the chat group told the Washington Post that “at the time, few people read the note” and added that “OG claimed he spent at least some of his day inside a secure facility of a ‘military base’ that prohibited cell phones and other electronic devices and copied the classified documents”, but insisted OG wasn’t hostile to the US or working for any foreign government.

The Washington Post report also presented OG as somewhat of an anarchist, since he supposedly “thought US law enforcement and intelligence were a sinister force that sought to suppress citizens and keep them in the dark” and complained about “government overreach”. The claim could very well be an attempt to portray OG as “a disgruntled serviceman who simply wanted to share dirty state secrets with the American people”. This would reinforce the idea that OG was supposedly acting on his own, further covering up the role of US intelligence in the so-called “leak”.

The Washington Post report never mentioned OG’s real name, but other media later revealed that he was indeed Jack Teixeira. Despite their own claims that he wasn’t involved with foreign intelligence, the US propaganda machine, never the ones to let a perfect opportunity for Russophobia to slip by, were quick to blame Russia for the “leak”. Reuters insists that three “anonymous” US officials “confirmed that Russia or pro-Russian groups could be behind the leak”. Expectedly, no evidence whatsoever was presented to back up such claims. But then again, why worry? Who could possibly even contemplate the idea that any US official would ever lie about anything?

The New York Times also reported extensively on Teixeira’s case. According to NYT, Airman Teixeira was trained as a cyber transport systems specialist, a job that could also entail keeping his unit’s communication networks running. He was assigned to the 102nd Intelligence Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base. NYT report admits that “military officials refused to disclose information on what in Airman Teixeira’s duties would necessitate him having access to daily slides about Ukraine, much less the daily deluge of intelligence reports from the CIA, NSA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence”.

Some US officials told NYT that Teixeira could also have gained access to “secret docs” through daily emails on a classified computer network, where those emails might’ve been automatically forwarded to other people. On the other hand, members of the Discord group chat told NYT that the aforementioned documents were “purely informative”, but started to get wider attention only when one of the teenage members of “Thug Shaker Central” took them and posted a few dozen “secret documents” to a public online forum where they were picked up by several Russian-language Telegram channels.

In short, the US propaganda machine wants us to believe that a 21-year-old intelligence technician who just graduated and held the rank of airman (equivalent of private in the US Army) was privy to top-secret intelligence on the Kiev regime’s offensive plans, Russia, South Korea, China and other global hotspots. NYT itself also reluctantly admitted that “the arrest raised questions about why such a junior enlisted airman had access to such an array of potentially damaging secrets, why adequate safeguards had not been put in place after earlier leaks and why a young man would risk his freedom to share intelligence about the war in Ukraine with a group of friends he knew from a video game social media site”.

US media claim that the Pentagon was completely unaware of the “leak” and learned of it only after the documents began surfacing on Telegram and Twitter. Apparently, the Pentagon even tried to hack and delete some of the posts about the documents, “but was ultimately unsuccessful”. Again, it’s quite bemusing that an institution wasting well over $850 billion every year is incapable of removing such “crucial information” from several Telegram channels almost exclusively run by civilian enthusiasts with no budget. The sheer amount of logical disparities indicates that this particular case is highly controversial (at best), while there’s an extremely strong possibility it’s all an elaborate counterintelligence operation.

Apart from the more obvious geopolitical benefits such as pressuring countries like Egypt to distance themselves from Russia or further disrupting Moscow’s relations with the traditionally pro-Russian Serbia (once again accused of weapons shipments to Kiev), there is a very strong domestic incentive to push the “leak” narrative. For instance, the infamous CNN argues that “the leak spotlights major ongoing US intelligence vulnerabilities“, which can hardly be interpreted as anything else but an attempt to strengthen government control in the US. The “leak” could also be used to accelerate the adoption of the truly totalitarian RESTRICT act that the disillusioned former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard described as PATRIOT Act 2.0, only worse.

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