Vaccinated Elderly Woman Suffers the “Death Spin” but lived to tell the tale of the demons she saw…

She said the worst part was how real it all was, even the horrible smells!


  • I do hope she repents and asks for JESUS to heal her. HE alone can cleanse her temple!

    • Yes, psalms 51.
      She described marine spirits that attacked her. Key point to noticed she could not even call upon the Lord.
      I hope many pay attention to this. The time will come when man will not be able to repent even if they wanted to.
      Came across this a few minutes ago:

      The grain of rice chip is decoy. Th quantum dot will handshake with via BT with the nano circuits assembled inside the jabbed person.
      Unless they repent and not take the Q-dot they will not have to will to resist taking the next step.
      We need the body of Christ to step up in intercessory prayer and fasting for the lost sheep living among the tares (Ps58).
      The reality of Ps91 die offs give me the fear of the Lord.
      We already had one person lose control of vehicle and drive into a Rent-A-Center store.
      We only have a few thousand in our farming community.
      Cannot imagine the metro areas!

      • WildHorse NeoScota

        Count me in. I have said from the first time I saw these people spinning before death, they were seeing the demons coming for them.
        The scariest part as you say, is being unable to call for Yeshua. Had demonic attack dreams like that and it is terrifying.

      • I agree. Been praying 4 family and friends to repent and find the LORD asap. I woke up one night with the words “Pray 4 ME to rob the enemy I’d his assumed victory”. So that is what I am doing. I know it is not HIS will that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance”…so I know I am praying according 2 HIS will. Need 2 fast more though.

  • This story is about to get alot of attention. Peace

  • tinkering w our DNA is an affront to our creator. the archons will take the contaminated DNA out of the gene pool by consuming the energy.

  • I doubt it. She sounds like a freak and no you do not see this after life.

  • Can you please link the full video as I would like to watch the full video. Thank you! 🙂

  • Makes me think about…
    The fact that Satan has been planning everything ,… Since the Garden of Eden …

    Imagine What We don’t know about…. Yet !!

    Seek Jesus Christ…. While you can Still Find Him!!

    Because…. This Generation….. Will SEE biblical Prophecy in Real Time 💯

    “” No Time left “” is an understatement!!

    May God continue to bless you for Exposing the Truth Indeed brother 💯

  • the morphone for her broken hip would have caused hallucinations. it is very communion elderly given morphine.

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