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Funding Goal has been met and a Russia/NATO war update

Thank you 🙏 so much for your prayers and support. I’m always humbled when God moves and things change in a day or even a “in a twinkling of an eye” !

Thank you once again and here is a war with Russia update.

Here’s NATO and US troops in Moldova 🇲🇩 and it’s dated 2 days ago. This was a scheduled exercise and it doesn’t seem to show thousands of troops but rather hundreds.

I found this official press release that says it’s just a small scale exercise. https://www.europeafrica.army.mil/ArticleViewPressRelease/Article/3522645/news-release-us-romanian-and-moldovan-forces-conduct-exercise-rapid-trident-in/

Meanwhile as I reported the other day Russia is saying that NAT9 is now directly involved, not only with their intel and guidance but also with tank crews, snipers, special forces and more. More info as I get it but I am of the belief there’s been a lot more build up of NATO troops than we think.

Prayed up and prepped up!

WHO Pandemic Treaty gives them power over everything

Telegram link: https://t.me/mrn_death/50224

⚡️⚡️⚡️Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to “take over everything in the world, stating that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health.”

In addition to this, it would abolish human rights protections, introduce censorship and digital passports, require governments to promote a single “official” version, and allow the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. “We are undergoing a soft test… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and a biosafety program.”

A “soft coup”, for now. You can bet the beat downs will commence when people start rioting and looting because they’re starving. That’s what’s next in the USA after the big market crash. Stay tuned


French invasion of Niger could turn into all-out Franco-African war

If Paris doesn’t intervene, the uprising in Niger could lead to a complete collapse of the neocolonial system it left in place in the 1960s. The dilemma inevitably results in a geopolitical catch-22, as leaving things as they are could also encourage others to revolt against Western neocolonialism elsewhere in Africa and possibly beyond.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Ever since the Nigerien military under the command of General Abdourahamane Tchiani took power on July 26, there has been an exponential increase in tensions between Niamey and its former colonial masters in Paris. This has gone to the point where France is now seriously considering invading the West African country. The exploitation of “former” French colonies has continued unabated for over half a century even after they were granted a semblance of independence and Paris has been the main beneficiary of this one-sided relationship. Combined with France’s inability to deal with various terrorist insurgencies in the region, this unadulterated neocolonial theft has been the primary reason behind a series of popular uprisings in the Sahel.

Paris is now faced with a strategic dilemma. If it lets Niger continue its path toward actual independence, France will be unable to continue exploiting the country’s natural resources. Namely, several of its former colonies have served as a source of massive wealth extraction and given the recent troubles Paris is facing, these resources might be more important than ever. On the other hand, recent geopolitical changes in the area have left France largely impuissant. After the defeat of its nearly decade-long intervention in Chad last year, Paris has been left with bases in Ivory Coast, Senegal and Gabon. Neither of these can be used effectively as a staging ground for an invasion due to the limited number of troops stationed there.

However, even if France was to somehow find enough soldiers to launch the invasion, none of the three countries border Niger. Gabon is the least logical option, as Cameroon and Nigeria stand between it and Niger, leaving only bases in Senegal and Ivory Coast as viable possibilities. And yet, this is where the issues of basic geography for Paris stop and actual geopolitical ones start. Namely, in order to effectively use its forces from both countries to reach Niger, France needs to go through Mali and Burkina Faso, both of which have already stated that any military action against Niamey will be tantamount to aggression against them. In other words, if France wants to attack Niger, it will also need to attack two more African countries.

A possible alternative for Paris could be the use of its neocolonial influence in the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States, also known as CEDEAO in French and Portuguese). However, this leaves its members at risk of more anti-Western uprisings, as the belligerent power pole is deeply unpopular in the area. Some members of the ECOWAS, such as Nigeria, might be the best geographical option, but given the fact that Paris has little to no influence in Abuja, this is extremely unlikely. Not to mention the fact that Nigeria has more than enough problems of its own and the last thing it needs is to serve as the staging ground for a neocolonial invasion. Logically, this leaves Chad as the only option, but this too is a very long shot.

To make matters worse for France, Algeria has joined the chorus of Niger’s allies. The French archrival that spearheaded the independence of many of its “former” colonies in the 1960s is effectively an African superpower, heavily armed and highly motivated to never allow Paris or any other Western (neo)colonial power to establish a firm foothold in the region. This still leaves Chad as the only viable option for an invasion, as the country was an instrumental staging ground for virtually all French military operations in the area, including the illegal invasion of Libya. However, reaching Chad at this point is easier said than done and this still leaves most of the geopolitical issues unresolved. Also, all geographical considerations remain.

Namely, the Nigerien capital of Niamey is located in the southwestern corner of the country, close to the border with Burkina Faso. Thus, even in the unlikely case that none of its neighbors intervene, Niger is still left with a comfortable window of opportunity to resist the invasion. This could end in a disaster for France, as yet another military defeat in the areawould inevitably lead to a complete collapse of the neocolonial system it left in place in the 1960s. On the other hand, if Paris doesn’t intervene, this will happen anyway, albeit at a somewhat slower pace. Either way, the dilemma inevitably results in a geopolitical catch-22, as leaving things as they are could also encourage others to revolt against Western neocolonialism elsewhere in Africa and possibly beyond.

As for France’s NATO allies, they’ve been largely quiet and non-militant, including the United States (a rather uncommon feature in their usually belligerent foreign policy). Washington DC has a military base in the central part of the country, the Niger Air Base 201, run by US AFRICOM (African Command), but its operational capabilities are mostly limited to drone strikes, with the troops deployed there largely composed of a skeleton crew that provides basic security. Coupled with the recent cooling of US-French relations, this makes it highly unlikely that the Pentagon would give the go-ahead for any sort of American involvement in a possible French invasion, even though it’s in Washington DC’s interest to keep Western neocolonialism in Africa alive for as long as possible.

Poland uses Suwalki Corridor rhetoric to disguise its own expansionism in Western Ukraine

Belarus is only taking defensive measures because there is a growing threat posed by Poland’s militarization.


Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

Poland is taking advantage of the current moment of tensions to expand its ground forces and advance the militarization of its borders, focusing mainly on provoking Belarus. The Polish government accuses Minsk, without any proof, of trying to annex the Suwalki Gap, a land corridor that separates Belarusian territory from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. As a “response”, Warsaw recently announced the creation of a new military unit in the northeast area of the country, creating new risks of friction on the border.

The formation of the unit was announced on the 23rd of July by the Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak. He claims to be concerned about the security of the country’s eastern flank, saying that Minsk and Moscow are plotting a “provocation” in the Suwalki Corridor. According to him, Warsaw hopes to neutralize possible threats by sending a large number of soldiers and weapons to the Augustow region, maintaining combat readiness in the face of an eventual foreign military incursion.

“We care about the security of the eastern flank! A sapper battalion will soon be created in Augustow (…) We know very well that Polish soldiers are the best guarantee of our Homeland’s security”, he told journalists, adding that northeastern Poland is “important from the strategic point of view”, hosting “American, British, Romanian, and Croatian [soldiers] training side by side”.

In fact, the measure, although irresponsible, was already expected. Poland has insisted on the tale of a Russian-Belarusian “threat”, especially after the recent arrival of soldiers of the Russian private military company (PMC) “Wagner Group” in the territory of Belarus. Wagner’ssoldiers are currently maintaining a vast special training program with the Belarusian armed forces, sharing the real combat experience gained by the PMC during the special military operation. What the Polish authorities conveniently hide, however, is that Belarus is only promoting this type of militarization because it is constantly being provoked by Poland itself.

For example, Warsaw openly hosts, trains and funds dissident troops of Belarusian expatriates linked to the neo-Nazi militia “Bypol“, formed during the attempted coup d’état against Aleksandr Lukashenko in 2020. Bypol’s soldiers make clear their intention to attack Belarus and start a civil war to overthrow Lukashenko. The Polish government, as well as other NATO countries, is fully involved in these plans, which is why Minsk’s recent military moves have a defensive, not an offensive, aspect. Belarus acquired Russian nuclear weapons and received troops from Moscow simply to reinforce its defense and deterrence capacity in the face of Polish threats.

In this sense, when Polish officials identify the security measures taken by Minsk as a “threat”, they are only producing justifications to continue their own military provocations. In other words, Warsaw is making a vicious cycle of false accusations and irresponsible military measures, which, in the end, only results in a substantial increase of tensions, risking real confrontation, as militarized borders always tend to have frictions.

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that Poland is evidently using a distraction strategy as far as territorial rhetoric is concerned. Warsaw alleges that Moscow and Minsk want to attack the Suwalki Corridor, but at no time was there any pronouncement by the Russian and Belarusian authorities suggesting such an intention. On the other hand, Poland has very clear intentions of territorial expansionism. The country has always aimed to control land portions of western Ukraine, taking advantage of the presence of ethnic Poles in the region. 

Projects in this direction have advanced recently. For example, in April, Polish President Andrzej Dudaannounced his wish to remove “physical borders” with Ukraine, building a “confederation”. In the same vein, several Russian intelligence reports clearly point out that Warsaw plans to initiate an operation to gain definitive control over western Ukraine. Russian and Belarusianofficials classified these plans as unacceptable and established a redline that cannot be violated if Poland really wants to remain free of military consequences.

So, by accusing without evidence Moscow and Minsk of planning a raid on the Polish-Lithuanian border to gain direct access to Kaliningrad, Warsaw is just trying to disguise its own expansionism, shifting the focus of public opinion. Western media cooperate with this kind of story, spreading rumors and fake news that there is an invasion about to happen in the Corridor – something similar to what was done over eight years with the claim of “Russian plan to invade Ukraine”.

The problem is that these rumors can become self-fulfilling prophecies as they justify measures that provoke precisely this type of scenario. Russia did not want to intervene in Ukraine, but it became inevitable. Likewise, Russia and Belarus do not want a military confrontation with Poland, but perhaps this will become necessary in the future if Warsaw does not stop its war intentions.

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Prophecy, a Dry Time

I got this in an email today and it’s another reason to stay in Gods word. One day soon it will be illegal to own and read from and you’ll need to be able to recall it when necessary. Write it on your heart.

Jeremiah 51:47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.

48 The heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD



I will speak to My children only to uplift and encourage them during the COMING PERSECUTION.  I will warn when My children need to escape, and I will lead them to safety. 


There will be A DRY TIME OF MY WORD being read – as all Bibles will be confiscated and destroyed.  The beast will have anyone who possesses My Word in print – arrested and killed.  You will be a threat to the new world order.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and only those who are well grounded in Me will hear My voice.  All that is to come has been revealed and written down by My watchmen and prophets.  Many people in My body do not believe I still use watchmen and prophets to warn those in My body. 


REPENT NOW! for your lack of faith and not believing!  I can do all things for the glory of the Father.


My son, A DRY TIME IS COMING, and the SHOUTING OF MY WARNINGS WILL CEASE, as all those who believe will have acted.  I have said many times to REPENT NOW, for you do not know when you will be standing before Me. 


The events foretold will come quickly and in succession – one after another.  There will be much death and destruction.  DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARE as many in My body will be.




My son, hear now and say to these stiff-necked people – LEARN OF ME.  Take My mantle upon you and hide My Word in your heart.  Write My Word upon your heart and in a book that can be hidden.  Soon the forces of evil will declare My Word as HATE SPEECH and will impose fines and penalties to ALL who possess it. 


A DRY TIME is coming, and that will be when the DARKEST OF THE DARK TIMES are upon you. 


REPENT NOW! and study to show thyself approved. 


BRACE NOW! and prepare, My children, for DRY TIMES ARE COMING.


I love you all, and I WILL WATER YOU IN THE DRY TIMES.   



Lord Jesus


U B Ready

UK requests for taking extreme care of ‘Challenger 2’ tanks make them useless for Ukranian army

It seems the UK is now “expressing frustration” at the way its MBTs are being used, complaining that the “guarantees” given by the Kiev regime forces are “simply insufficient”. Afraid of heavy losses, as demonstrated by the disastrous performance of German MBTs, long considered the best in NATO, London is looking for ways to limit their usage by the Neo-Nazi junta forces in order to prevent a similar fate for its prized MBTs. 


Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

It has been only a few weeks after the entire world saw the absolute debacle of NATO’s much-touted heavy armor. The event was accurately predicted by various independent experts and analysts mere days before the wanton counteroffensive. At that point, it became obvious that decades of close cooperation between the former Ukrainian military and NATO were effectively pointless. This also includes nearly a decade of much more intensive cooperation between the belligerent alliance and the (then newly installed) Neo-Nazi junta that focused on interoperability and the implementation of NATO standards.

However, the Kiev regime forces’ performance against even the conscripted (although battle-hardened) Donbass militias within the Russian military has not only left much to be desired, but is essentially quite poor in comparison to the massive amount of funds the Neo-Nazi junta is getting. And although the counteroffensive is still ongoing, resulting in largely insignificant gains (that are still firmly under Russian fire control), the results for heavy armor have been catastrophic, to say the least. The mainstream propaganda machine initially kept trying to conceal the horrible losses of NATO-sourced tanks and armored vehicles.

However, ample battlefield footage published by alternative platforms (particularly those on Telegram) made this an impossible task. As a result, the delivery of Western-made weapons, munitions and other equipment that was previously spearheaded by countries such as the US, UK, Poland, the Baltic states, etc. seems to be slowing down. Although London was the first to pledge heavy armor and long-range missiles, as well as banned depleted uranium munitions that can leave disastrous consequences, it is now quietly backing down from its commitments to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian”.

Namely, the UK command is now seeking “guarantees” from the Kiev regime forces that will “ensure” no UK-supplied “Challenger 2” MBTs (main battle tanks) are destroyed or captured by the Russian military. Apart from the effectively impossible ROE (rules of engagement), London wants the Neo-Nazi junta to follow other strict requirements that also apply to their every movement even in western parts of Ukraine, which is hundreds of kilometers away from the frontline. This includes special requests for storage to prevent long-range strikes, which effectively makes the “Challenger 2” the most pampered weapon system in the conflict.

“Imagine the propaganda coup of a captured, intact Challenger 2 being paraded in Red Square in Moscow! It doesn’t bear thinking about,” British Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Crawford told the British Daily Express a few months back.

It seems the UK is now “expressing frustration” at the way its MBTs are being used, complaining that the “guarantees” given by the Kiev regime forces are “simply insufficient”. Afraid of heavy losses, as demonstrated by the disastrous performance of German MBTs, long considered the best in NATO, London is looking for ways to limit their usage by the Neo-Nazi junta forces in order to prevent a similar fate for its prized MBTs. Interestingly, Washington DC seems to be doing the exact same thing, as it has also been strangely quiet, a stark contrast to the previously boastful pledge to send its M1 “Abrams” MBTs.

Back in January, I argued that Western heavy armor, including the British “Challenger 2”, American M1 “Abrams” and German “Leopard 2” are simply not suitable for the Kiev regime, as they weren’t designed to either fight in such terrain or under such conditions (complete lack of air superiority and extremely limited or even nonexistent CAS (close air support)). The same goes for the US-made “Bradley” armored fighting vehicle (AFV) and French AMX-10 wheeled tank destroyers. Western-made tanks are infamous for their size and weight, being up to 30% bigger and heavier than their Soviet/Russian counterparts.

Weighing 75 tonnes with additional combat armor modules, “Challenger 2” is nearly twice as heavy as the Ukrainian T-64BV (38 tonnes), which is the Kiev regime’s most commonly used tank. Extensive Soviet WWII-era experience and the pedological properties of the former USSR’s western areas prompted the superpower to build lighter tanks, as heavier vehicles would nearly always get hopelessly stuck in an ocean of mud caused by the infamous rasputitsa. Video and photo evidence shows even Russian and Ukrainian tanks getting bogged down, forcing their crews to abandon the vehicles to avoid ATGMs.

And indeed, even highly mobile targets have been picked off by infantry armed with ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) such as the Russian 9K135 “Kornet”, making immobile heavy armor a much easier target, even for artillery that is normally used against stationary objects. Even the much lighter Soviet-era APCs (armored personnel carriers) have trouble moving through the steppe mud, making it virtually impossible to conduct off-road maneuvers for either side. In turn, this forces military units to use roads, making them easier targets for warplanes, drones, artillery, attack helicopters and the aforementioned ATGM-armed infantry, etc.

With this in mind, fielding the much heavier Western-made tanks such as the “Challenger 2” (and other NATO-sourced armor) has proven to be not only militarily useless for the Kiev regime, but also quite deadly for countless forcibly conscripted Ukrainians that have been pointlessly killed during recent counteroffensive operations against the Russian military. With that in mind, by denying or at least postponing the usage of its “Challenger 2” MBTs in Ukraine, the UK might be sparing the lives of many Ukrainians. Of course, this is being done completely inadvertently, as London is one of the most prominent proponents of the “to the last Ukrainian” approach.

US going to send cluster munitions to Kiev in new military package

The measure is highly controversial and dangerous, canirresponsibly escalate the conflict.


Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

A serious measure is about to be taken by American authorities in their policy of unrestricted support for Kiev. According to CBS News on July 5, Washington is considering sending cluster munitions to the neo-Nazi regime in its new military assistance package. Anonymous sources familiar with government affairs told the outlet that the decision on this issue could be announced in July.

The cluster munitions that the US government is considering sending are the so-called “dual-purpose improved conventional munitions, or DPICM”. According to Laura Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, mentioned by CBS, these weapons would be “useful” on the battlefield, despite restrictions on their use imposed by domestic and international law.

“Our military analysts have confirmed that DPICMs would be useful, especially against dug-in Russian positions on the battlefield (…) The reason why you have not seen a move forward in providing this capability relates both to the existing Congressional restrictions on the provision of DPICMs and concerns about allied unity. But from a battlefield effectiveness perspective, we do believe it would be useful”, she said.

By “impositions,” Cooper is referring to US laws and congressional regulations that prohibit the export of cluster munitions. Likewise, by “allied unity”, she is referring to how NATO partners would react to the US measure, as these weapons are banned by a 2008 UN convention signed by more than 110 countries. In practice, the US would be violating both its domestic norms and international law, but Cooper believes that there would be no major consequences for the country, as there now appears to be a “consensus” that cluster munitions are “useful”.

The request for these weapons is old, but until now the US has maintained a rational stance on the matter. Both the Kiev regime and pro-war politicians within the US Congress have been pressing the Biden government for months to approve the supply of cluster munitions, ignoring the anti-humanitarian aspect of the measure and all the consequences this could bring to the civilian population of the disputed territory.

For example, in March, a group of pro-war Republican senators launched a campaign in favor of cluster munitions, urging the Biden administration to “not hesitate” to send them to the Ukrainian regime. At the time, they said the government should ignore “vague concerns about the reaction of allies and partners and unfounded fears of ‘escalation'”. Apparently, now this reckless speech has reached hegemonic status among American politicians, increasing the chances of approval of the request.

In fact, what makes cluster munitions so controversial and restricted is the detail that they contain a great number of small projectiles inside, which spread in the air after the shot, reaching a much higher number of victims than conventional weapons. There is, however, an even bigger problem, which is the fact that not all “bomblets” detonate at the time of attack, often falling in places far from the front and exploding sometime later, when touched by a civilian. This generates insecurity and unnecessary human suffering in the long term, mainly affecting innocent people without military involvement.

In addition, US officials also seem to ignore the numerous reports made by international organizations about evidence that Kiev has already used cluster munitions several times against civilians in the disputed areas. In reaction to the news that Washington was about to sendsuch weapons, Human Rights Watch published an article on July 6 called “Ukraine: Civilian Deaths from Cluster Munitions“, which reads:

“Ukrainian forces have used cluster munitions that caused numerous deaths and serious injuries to civilians, Human Rights Watch said today (…) New Human Rights Watch research found that Ukrainian cluster munition rocket attacks on Russian-controlled areas in and around the city of Izium in eastern Ukraine during 2022 caused many casualties among Ukrainian civilians”.

Also, last March the UN had already published a report on the subject reporting some cases of use of cluster munitions by Kiev: 

“The Commission has found instances where Ukrainian armed forces likely used cluster munitions and rocket-delivered antipersonnel landmines to carry out attacks in Izium city, Kharkiv region, from March to September 2022 (…) The three following examples illustrate the use of weapons that bear the characteristics of cluster munitions in the city of Izium during that period. On 9 May 2022, an attack struck a residential area, killing three people and injuring six. On 14 July 2022, an attack hit the area around the central market, injuring two older women. On 16 July 2022, several submunitions impacted a residential area, including a kindergarten, where about 250 people had sought shelter, killing two older persons”, the report reads. 

Considering that cluster munitions are banned in US and internationally by the UN, and that there is already evidence that Kiev is using them against civilians, there does not seem to be any justification for Washington to take such attitude. Perhaps NATO’s “unity” will be really unaffected by US war intentions, as the bloc has also remained silent in the face of previous dangerous initiatives such as the supply of British radioactive weapons to Ukraine.

The alliance seems totally committed to the US’ project of total war against Russia, but this does not change the fact that the action Washington is about to take is illegal and unjustified.

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By allowing these munitions to be used in Ukraine (where they are sure to be used against the civilian population), shows you that the US government is an international terrorist organization. Period.

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Are Lavrov’s concerns about nuclear-capable F-16s for Kiev really ‘baseless fearmongering’?

The F-16 is designed to be capable of launching nuclear strikes, usually with B61 thermonuclear bombs. The units deployed by NATO members such as Belgium and the Netherlands operate F-16 fighter jets capable of delivering nuclear weapons, specifically as part of their nuclear sharing agreements with the US. And it’s precisely these countries that still operate F-16s and could very well be the first to send them to the Kiev regime.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Back in late May, the United States government “finally gave in to pressure” and decided to greenlight the delivery of F-16s to the Kiev regime. As a result, NATO’s European members were given the legal basis to deliver these old fighter jets to the Neo-Nazi junta. The troubled Biden administration has been mulling the move for months, while Ukrainian pilots have been conducting training in several NATO countries, including the US itself. Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a stark warning to the political West regarding the delivery of nuclear-capable US-made F-16 fighter jets to the Kiev regime.

“We can expect anything from the leaders of the United States and other Western countries whom Washington has brought to its heel. They are proving the truth of this statement now that following the supplies of modern long-range artillery and tanks, they are getting ready, in earnest, to supply the F-16 jets. Some say they will make two squadrons available, others say eight. They are gearing up to continue the escalation of the war against us,” Lavrov stated and then added a stark warning: “We must keep in mind that one version of the F-16 can carry nuclear weapons.”

The Russian Foreign Minister made these comments mere days after troops from NATO took part in incursions into Russia proper, accompanied by escalating drone strikes against targets as far as Moscow itself. However, the mainstream propaganda machine was quick to decry Lavrov’s warnings as supposed “disinformation” and “baseless fearmongering”. The Business Insider claims, citing Hans Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, that “Lavrov’s comments were misinformation, perhaps even disinformation”.

“It’s misinformation because he’s saying things that are not real and using it in a way to, I assume, create public concern or fearmongering about Western intentions,” Kristensen told the Business Insider, adding that “Lavrov is using the nominal capability of the F-16 aircraft to say that the ones that might be sent to Ukraine could also be converted to nuclear, but that’s not the case. The F-16s that Ukraine is going to get — if and when it gets them — they’re not from the units that have the nuclear mission. There’s no way at all that any nuclear state in the West would give nuclear weapons, or nuclear weapons capability, to Ukraine. It’s completely out of the question.”

The F-16 is designed to be capable of launching nuclear strikes, usually with B61 thermonuclear bombs. The units deployed by NATO members such as Belgium and the Netherlands operate F-16 fighter jets capable of delivering nuclear weapons, specifically as part of their nuclear sharing agreements with the US. And it’s precisely these countries (in addition to Denmarkand others) that still operate F-16s and could very well be the first to send them to the Kiev regime. On the other hand, members such as Poland and Romania are extremely unlikely to do so, as the move would undermine their own security. This further reinforces the idea that the jets destined for the Neo-Nazijunta will be capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

This alone makes Lavrov’s concerns all the more factual, rather than “disinformation” and “baseless fearmongering”. Russia has repeatedly warned that the Kiev regime could attempt to acquire nuclear weapons, or at the very least a so-called “dirty bomb”. Such plans were publicly announced by the Neo-Nazi junta’s top officials themselves, including its frontman Volodymyr Zelensky, which is another proof that Moscow’s warnings are not to be dismissed. In addition, Russian intelligence services have found crucial evidence pointing out that the US has been conducting experiments and deploying “sensitive nuclear technologies” in former Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs), such as the Zaporozhye NPP, possibly to even attempt a nuclear false flag operation.

Although the US is by far the largest operator of F-16 fighter jets, it still hasn’t announced plans to deliver them to the Neo-Nazi junta forces. Washington DC’s propaganda machine insists that this is supposedly because “the US is reluctant to do so to avoid escalation with Moscow”. However, this is a moot point, as the belligerent thalassocracy has so far done everything in its power to antagonize Russia through a series of moves that have pushed the world dangerously close to a world-ending thermonuclear conflict. Still, this doesn’t seem to stop the US from going ahead with such plans, at the very least covertly. National Security Council coordinator John Kirby recently admitted this, stating that “the US has been forward-looking about future capabilities and needs”.

According to CNN, back in March, the US hosted two Ukrainian pilots at a military base in Tucson, Arizona, where USAF has been evaluating their skills to assess how much time they would need to learn to fly various American military aircraft, including the F-16. Still, while Washington DC is directly taking part in these efforts, it’s obvious they want to make it look like they’re not, which would explain why the US doesn’t want to send its own jets, but expects its overseas vassals and satellite states to do so.

And while the F-16’s capabilities against Russian jets such as the Su-35S or MiG-31BM are questionable at best (to say nothing of the Su-57), it’s not impossible that Washington DC is trying to give the Kiev regime a nuclear capability to deter a potential Russian counteroffensive that might ensue as the Neo-Nazi junta’s own offensive is failing miserably.

Mainstream propaganda finally admits whitewashing Nazi affiliation of Kiev regime

Astonishingly (although unsurprisingly), the NYT somehow managed to find the “evil hand of Putin” behind all this with claims that “in the short term, that threatens to reinforce Putin’s propaganda and giving fuel to his false claims that Ukraine must be ‘de-Nazified’ — a position that ignores the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish”. 


Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The unashamed glorification of Nazism has been the “new normal” in former Ukraine for nearly a decade now. And while even the mainstream propaganda machine has been reporting on it relatively regularly until early 2022, ever since, there’s been a disturbing trend of whitewashing amid attempts to portray the Neo-Nazi junta as some sort of “heroes of the free world”. Worse yet, it was Russia and its leadership that have been openly portrayed as the “new Nazi Germany”. Still, such analogies are quite laughable as it was the other side that has effectively institutionalized celebrating actual Nazis as “national heroes”.

Mainstream propaganda machine flagships such as The New York Times have recently been forced to admit their central role in whitewashing attempts that had long been obvious and known to virtually all independent analysts and media outlets. On June 5, NYT published a surprisingly honest report headlined “Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History.” This rather unexpected admission comes after years of countless people trying to point out the obvious adoration of Nazi insignia and symbolism among the Neo-Nazi junta forces, particularly the volunteer battalions that have been fighting the Donbass republics since 2014.

The sheer amount of footage, reports and other rather conclusive evidence about this makes anyone thinking otherwise willfully blind and/or ignorant. However, even in this case, the mainstream propaganda machine hadn’t engaged in honest reporting to try and expose (or at least criticize) the Kiev regime forces for what they are, but to complain about the fact that they’re not hiding this well enough. This obviously suggests that the real problem for the political West is the clear lack of PR optics from the Neo-Nazi junta. This is why numerous members of its armed forces are being asked to cover their openly Nazi symbols.

The NYT report expresses frustration over the PR effects of having so many Kiev regime soldiers displaying their Nazi symbols so proudly. However, even in this case, the mainstream propaganda machine is still trying to justify their favorite puppet regime by suggesting that countless photographs and videos of Neo-Nazi junta forces displaying their ideological forefathers’ insignia are merely “unfortunate” or even “misleading”. For instance, the report admits that “in each photograph, Ukrainians in uniform wore patches featuring symbols that were made notorious by Nazi Germany and have since become part of the iconography of far-right hate groups”.

Despite this admission, once again, we can see the obvious whitewashing attempt to imply that the Kiev regime forces have “inadvertently” adopted this from the aforementioned “far-right hate groups” instead from the Wehrmacht or their many European allies. The authors then begrudgingly admit that this has forced mainstream media editors and writers to delete footage of soldiers displaying Nazi insignia. However, even this admission is then wrapped into another layer of propaganda, as the report claims that “the photographs, and their deletions, highlight the Ukrainian military’s complicated relationship with Nazi imagery, a relationship forged under both Soviet and German occupation during World War II”.

Here we see yet another attempt to equate the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany while once again whitewashing the openly Neo-Nazi Kiev regime. Not to mention there’s nothing “complicated” about someone displaying the swastika or insignia of various SS units. Quite the contrary, it’s disturbingly simple to accurately assess the ideological affiliation of soldiers using such symbols. However, the NYT claims these are being displayed “only with some regularity”.

“In November, during a meeting with Times reporters near the front line, a Ukrainian press officer wore a Totenkopf variation made by a company called R3ICH (pronounced “Reich”). He said he did not believe the patch was affiliated with the Nazis. A second press officer present said other journalists had asked soldiers to remove the patch before taking photographs,” the NYT report states.

“But some members of these groups have been fighting Russia since the Kremlin illegally annexed part of the Crimea region of Ukraine in 2014 and are now part of the broader military structure. Some are regarded as national heroes, even as the far-right remains marginalized politically,” the whitewashing continues, with the authors further adding: “The iconography of these groups, including a skull-and-crossbones patch worn by concentration camp guards and a symbol known as the Black Sun, now appears with some regularity on the uniforms of soldiers fighting on the front line, including soldiers who say the imagery symbolizes Ukrainian sovereignty and pride, not Nazism.”

So, once again, unashamed glorification of Nazism is “not really Nazism” because it “symbolizes Ukrainian sovereignty and pride”. Such assertions are an obvious insult to millions of Ukrainians themselves who have been brutally murdered by the Wehrmacht, not to mention the numerous SS units that committed the most heinous war crimes in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, in addition to the rest of Europe. Still, it seems rabid Russophobia “justifies” such policies. The report then states:

“In April, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry posted a photograph on its Twitter account of a soldier wearing a patch featuring a skull and crossbones known as the Totenkopf, or Death’s Head. The specific symbol in the picture was made notorious by a Nazi unit that committed war crimes and guarded concentration camps during World War II… …The patch in the photograph sets the Totenkopf atop a Ukrainian flag with a small No. 6 below. That patch is the official merchandise of Death in June, a British neo-folk band that the Southern Poverty Law Center has said produces ‘hate speech’ that ‘exploits themes and images of fascism and Nazism’.”

Astonishingly (although unsurprisingly), the NYT somehow managed to find the “evil hand of Putin” behind all this with claims that “in the short term, that threatens to reinforce Putin’s propaganda and giving fuel to his false claims that Ukraine must be ‘de-Nazified’ — a position that ignores the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish”. However, the fact that the Neo-Nazi junta frontman is of Jewish ancestry means nothing, as the infamous neoliberal billionaire George Soros, whose role has been instrumental in many Western-backed “color revolutions”, openly admitted that he was collaborating with the Nazis, leading to the deaths of his Jewish compatriots.

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Preparing to Wage a Nuclear War? Nuclear Attack F-16 Fighters to Ukraine

Nuclear War is on the Drawing Board of the Pentagon. Deploying “Conventional dual-capable and nuclear fighters”

By Manlio Dinucci

Dear Readers, Please forward this important article by Manlio Dinucci. 

The World is at a dangerous crossroads. 

US-NATO is preparing to wage nuclear war. 


The United States has begun a training programme for the Ukrainian Air Force in the use of F-16 fighters. Several European NATO countries participate in this programme: Denmark, Holland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, and Portugal. Other countries have offered to help with the training. The same countries will supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters. They are conventional dual-capable and nuclear fighters.

An F-16 aircraft was used in the B61-12 nuclear bomb test firing, which the US is already deploying in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Probably, the B61-12 bombs are also supplied by the USA to Poland: Polish F-16 fighters have been participating in NATO nuclear attack exercises since 2014.

Vladimir Kozin – chief expert of the Moscow Political-Military Studies Centre – declares, in an interview on Grandangolo TV programme, that there is a deep suspicion based on precise facts, that US nuclear weapons have also been deployed in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, or could be rapidly sent to their territories and also to that of Poland. 

These countries participate in the “Baltic air patrol“, close to Russian territory, with dual conventional and nuclear capability aircraft. In addition, US strategic bombers, certified to carry nuclear weapons, are engaged in “exercises” over the Baltic Sea and other areas adjacent to Russian territory,

After having unsuccessfully proposed negotiations to the USA and NATO to reduce the risk of a nuclear conflict in Europe, Moscow is deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus in a position close to the US-NATO nuclear bases in Europe in agreement with Minsk. 

To Grandangolo’s question:

Do the tactical nuclear weapons deployed by Russia in Belarus have a range beyond Poland and therefore constitute a deterrent to US nuclear weapons deployed in Italy and other European countries?”, 

Vladimir Kozin replies: 

Yes, Russian tactical nuclear weapons that will be deployed in Belarus and possibly in the Kaliningrad region and the Crimean Peninsula can achieve various military objectives in Poland, Italy and many other European NATO member countries.

The US-NATO escalation against Russia brings Europe ever closer to the threshold of nuclear war. The political-media complex falls a curtain of silence on all this as not to alarm European public opinion and prevent it from reacting.

Original article in Italian https://www.byoblu.com/2023/06/02/allucraina-gli-f-16-da-attacco-nucleare-grandangolo-pangea/

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