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When the ‘Big One” Hits the Cascadia Subduction Zone, It’s Game-Over for Seattle

Local media outlets in Western Washington have been talking a lot lately about the Cascadia Subduction Zone. A recently published simulation shows how the state would be impacted by a magnitude 9 earthquake:

For one, large tsunami waves would barrel in and out of the Washington coast, including through inland waterways that connect to Seattle and its surrounding communities. Though the size of these waves would certainly vary, Washington’s Chief Hazards Geologist Corina Forson notes that they would generally be “incredibly tall,” and thus devastating.

Another concern is what’s known as trough, which is when water levels suddenly recede following an earthquake, following their rapid return ashore.

“That’s one of the things we struggle with messaging,” Forson told KING5, which used the example of the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that pulled water out from the beach before sending it roaring back, killing many.

“When you see the water recede, that could be an indication that the tsunami wave is coming,” she adds.

Another concern is the fact that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is located right next to the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate, which plunges underneath the North American plate. A large section of the Juan de Fuca plate is missing underneath central Oregon, or rather tearing apart and splitting the plate, which has raised more concerns about how a cascading seismic event might impact both states.

Apart from the Cascadia, Seattle is also threatened by the seismically active Seattle Fault and South Whidbey Island Fault. So just be ready, because those three fault lines are overdue for a large earthquake.

Original article on Strangesounds.org

Water in Hawaiian Volcano Could Cause Explosive Eruptions!

From the AP newswire….

HONOLULU (AP) — For the first time in recorded history, a pond of water has been discovered inside the summit crater of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, a development that could signal a shift to a more explosive phase of future eruptions.

After a week of questions about a mysterious green patch at the bottom of the volcano’s Halemaumau crater, the former home of a famed lava lake, researchers confirmed the presence of water on Thursday, officials with the U.S. Geological Survey told The Associated Press on Friday.

“The question is what does this mean in the evolution of the volcano?” USGS scientist emeritus Don Swanson said.

Halemaumau has never had water since written observations began, he said, so the pond is unusual.

Scientists aren’t exactly certain what will happen next, but when lava interacts with water it can cause explosive eruptions.

One possibility is that lava could slowly heat up the groundwater and eventually create a new lava lake, Swanson said. Lava could also interact with the water table and create small explosions.

“The other possibility is that magma rises rapidly,” Swanson said. “That could produce a larger explosion.”

USGS officials stressed that there is currently “no reason to think hazards at the summit have increased or decreased” because of the discovery of water.

But Swanson said in June that the presence of water could be a significant switch in the long-term activity of the volcano.

Kilauea has a history of alternating between long periods of explosive eruptions and times of slower, so-called effusive phases.

Explosive periods are exactly what they sound like, centuries of massive explosions that send hot debris racing down the hillsides and towering columns of rock and ash high into the atmosphere.

Effusive periods, which Kilauea has been in for about 200 years, are marked by slower, steady lava flows that — in comparison — trickle out of the ground.

The next explosive period, researchers believe, will be preceded by a massive collapse of Kilauea’s caldera floor.

An eruption that was ongoing for more than 30 years came to a dramatic end last year when lava exploded from Kilauea’s flank and covered a huge swath of land, destroying hundreds of homes in one of the largest eruptions in recent history.

That eruption came with a significant drop of the caldera floor. Halemaumau crater collapsed nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters) over the course of several months, but Swanson said he would expect a larger, “sort of wholesale collapse of the caldera floor” to trigger a prolonged explosive period.

“If it really is a transition then there will have to be repeated collapses, ever-deepening the caldera floor, before we would get into one of these larger scale events,” Swanson said.

Swanson said that while researchers have never observed water on the caldera floor before, there are Native Hawaiian chants that describe the presence of ponds appearing just before explosive events.

“It’s really not scientific evidence but it nonetheless enhances the interpretation,” Swanson said.

Researchers have data going back about 2,500 years that shows this transition between explosive and effusive stages.

“We know from mapping the deposits and studying them that there have been several of those (explosive) events between about 1,500 and 1,790 and several events between about 200 B.C. and 1,000 A.D.,” Swanson said. “Kilauea is the only volcano for which we’ve recognized these cycles so far and I think that’s because it’s been so intensively studied.”

These long periods are marked by large explosions that occur every few decades — or even centuries — with smaller explosions in between, Swanson said. And while explosive eruptions don’t normally feature fast-moving lava flows or massive fountains of molten rock, they are still very dangerous.

Swanson said big explosive eruptions commonly produce pyroclastic surges — walls of hot air, ash and rock. In 1790 one such eruption killed a large number of people at Kilauea’s caldera, Swanson said.

“These surges can move at hurricane velocity across the landscape and they are among the most dangerous kinds of eruptions,” he said.

Swanson said none of this will happen overnight, and he hopes that modern monitoring techniques will give the public plenty of warning.

“I’ve been stressing that the current activity at Kilauea, or lack thereof, can go either way,” Swanson said. “We can either return to what was going on before, or this could be the preamble to some more significant change in the volcano that leads to explosive activity.”

Original Story from the AP HERE.

Prayed up and prepped up. Revelation 3:3

Earthquake Swarm Hits Seattle WA Area, 4.6 Shakes City

The earthquakes appear to be spreading out and the entire West Coast is being affected! There was also another 4.9 in Southern California, a 5.2 off the west coast of Mexico and surface explosions in Oregon. Prayed up and Prepped up! Revelation 3:3

From King 5 News

We Knew You Were Coming, Welcome to the End Times!

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,”  2 Peter 3:3

We knew you were coming. It was predicted almost 2,000 years ago. The Bible is the only book that has ever gotten prophecy right 100% of the time. The scripture above says that you’d be here so welcome to the end times.

Oh I know you don’t believe in the Bible. You call it a “book of fables written by old men and it was meant to control everyone by religion”. While the word of God has been perverted in many different ways by men that doesn’t mean it’s a book of fables. Men have misused it to make it fit their own selfish vision, some for financial gain, others for power but that’s not how it was supposed to be. What’s written in it are history, prophecy, war, both spiritual and physical, but also words of LIFE, eternal life and victory at the end of the age when Jesus returns! They’ve found the tomb and they’ve checked, He’s not there!

Jesus predicted many things in Matthew 24. Go read it today as its meaning is plain and easy to understand. In that chapter Jesus tells the disciples about the end times and what they or we would experience on a scale never seen before. What do we hear about everyday? Record setting, historic, unprecedented are all words we hear about events on a daily basis now, weather in particular. Record setting floods, storms, rivers of hail, snow in July, record setting heatwaves around the globe (Anchorage had 90 plus degrees for a week!) and now we’re seeing some big earthquakes around the ring of fire.

It’s time to start taking the warnings seriously. We here in America have lived in a pleasure bubble for far too long and now it’s popping. We’re going to experience judgement on a scale never before seen. The earthquakes that have happened recently in California should be a wake up call! That was a prelude to what’s coming. The only questions are when and where? The Pacific Plate is moving north while the North American plate moves south. They’re grinding together so hard that they may be causing a massive gas leak in Alaska!

Don’t risk your eternal life! Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Saviour today! All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! He died for your sins and the gift of grace is FREE! Jesus paid the price so you don’t have to! Surrender to Him today and experience the peace that surpasses human understanding, even in this dark time.

This is ONLY a Possibility

Disease, Famine, War and Signs in The Sky 5-21-19

It’s all here. To say that we’re in the birth-pangs of the tribulation is an understatement. Every time I turn around I read another article that speaks of “unprecedented” or “historic” weather events. Floods, fires, storms and other natural disasters have gone off the charts in frequency and intensity.

Then there are the wars and rumors of wars. The United States has bases scattered around the world in places that we probably can’t name off hand. With Trump and his band of psychotic Neocons leading the charge we can be rest assured of more chaos at the very least, total destruction at the very worst.

Today was another example of their psyop called controlled chaos. On the one hand they have Trump tweeting about Iran’s destruction while on the other hand saying that “Iran is on hold”. My best guess is that we can expect more of the same type of chaos and limited warfare until after Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is unveiled to the world. Hold on because it gets bumpy from here.

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