A look at disasters around the world in August 2023

Are you paying attention yet? Time is so short! Seek Jesus Christ now while there’s still time. Everything you know is about to change. Prayed up and prepped up.

Remember this is just one month of this year.

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  • Anyone Else Seeing…
    “” Biblical “” Yet?!!

    Soldier 🪖 On 💪 Brother 💯

    • I see, but not many do. They say: Ya, its a fire, what do you expect. .. They don’t have a clue what the truth actually is … Blessing to you and yours (+)

  • This is very grievous and utterly sad. All these cataclysmic worldwide disasters and lives lost are Biblical because this is the tribulation. And yet people who refuse to let go of their strong delusion continue to skip through the tulip garden singing, “Tra La La” until they perish. Repentance isn’t that far away nor hard to come to. Soon, time here on earth will no longer be available. Come Lord Jesus, come.

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