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The Mark of the Beast and Tribulation vs Wrath

Today I’m going to post a few videos about the subjects listed in the title, the mark of the beast and the Great Tribulation vs God’s wrath. I tried to put one of them on the main YouTube channel last night but the sound cuts off after 2 minutes, which is another way that they are censoring us now. Couple that with the fact that even Brother James Key has received 2 community guideline strikes on YouTube (for hate speech no less, which is what the Bible is being labeled) and we can see where all of this is going.

I’m also including the interview that Nathan Leal did with Dr. June Knight. There’s a lot of great information Nathan shares in that interview and he takes some calls from people as well. We’ve been given a Hollywood version of what the end times should look like and in reality it’s unfolding in front of our eyes and most believers can’t see it! The son of perdition has been revealed, but once again the believers can’t see him and in fact EMBRACE him. Yes I am talking about Donald Trump. If you think he’s finished you have another thing coming, but that’s for another video and blog post.

Take what you see and hear in the videos below up in prayer and get your answers from the Holy Spirit. Always test the spirits and research what you’re being shown. God bless you all and have a great day!

Great Trib vs Wrath of God
Mark of the Beast
More on the Mark of the Beast
Nathan Leal Interview on the Seals

And there you go! That is a TON of great information all in one place! Please share this post and website to get the word out as time is short!

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Russia Has Invisible Clone Robots

Between this and the fact that they’re bringing the Nephilim back into cloned bodies (as in the days of Noah) mens hearts will truly be failing them for fear of those things that are coming upon the earth! Luke 21:26. These videos are from Tamara Desiree Magdalene the Lioness of THE YESHUA YouTube Channel. First up the Russian Invisible Clones story.

Next up is a video Tamara got from the dark web that includes troops doing battle with the Reptilian race. WARNING! May not be suitable for some viewers!

Last but not least is my report on the GMO Super Soldiers that were spotted on the battlefield in Syria back as early as 2016. They were such an issue that the Syrian ambassador to the UN got involved and asked the US to withdraw their GMO super soldiers!