Russia Has Invisible Clone Robots

Between this and the fact that they’re bringing the Nephilim back into cloned bodies (as in the days of Noah) mens hearts will truly be failing them for fear of those things that are coming upon the earth! Luke 21:26. These videos are from Tamara Desiree Magdalene the Lioness of THE YESHUA YouTube Channel. First up the Russian Invisible Clones story.

Next up is a video Tamara got from the dark web that includes troops doing battle with the Reptilian race. WARNING! May not be suitable for some viewers!

Last but not least is my report on the GMO Super Soldiers that were spotted on the battlefield in Syria back as early as 2016. They were such an issue that the Syrian ambassador to the UN got involved and asked the US to withdraw their GMO super soldiers!


  • That is frightening. Reminds me of when Jeremiah talks about the mighty men, marching and sounding like chariots on mountaintops, they climb up the walls into our homes. I thought giants were bad enough but these humanoid things are monsters!

  • first off, jesus only has 1 name , its not yeshua., , yes it looks like end times, but we should not live in fear., the vaccine is dna altering right?, thats eye opening enough. the lines are being drawn in the sand really tired however of all the people claiming to be christians , calling jesus other names, and with all the false bible versions., the second video, has good info., i will reveiw the links. however where did the syria info come from? take care and may the lord jesus christ bless you be careful of rick wiles tru news, hes already been exposed, going way back by song of the bride, utube, , , that doesnt take away from what they are doing, but we must be careful, of all the shills and false bretheren out there.

    • I agree with you on Jesus name and I’m very tired of the blind teachers who keep dividing the Church over such ridiculous and fruitless arguments. I appreciate the concern about Rick Wiles but I am well aware that he is sold out. The news about Syria came from the Syrian ambassador himself, it wasn’t something Rick made up. The Syrian ambassador to the UN has made those statements not once but twice, about 2 years apart. I made that video back in 2018 when the news broke but it goes along with what was in the other 2 videos. Clones, reptilians, super soldiers etc are all part of the same satanic system. God bless and thanks for the comment.

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