Albanian narco-terrorists ravaging UK

As the UK directly participated in the creation of this Albanian monstrosity, the way this has backfired cannot be considered anything but a well-deserved poetic justice.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Since the 1990s, the United Kingdom has been one of the staunchest supporters of Albanian expansionism (mostly fueled by their unrelenting narco-terrorist tendencies). At the time, London sent its intelligence services to Albania where they worked closely with their American, German and other NATO counterparts to set the stage for a terrorist insurrection in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. The KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), an Albanian terrorist organization that was based on a volatile mix of radical Islamism and narco-terrorism, was formed with NATO’s direct participation, particularly the UK and US intelligence services.

This support reached its peak in early 1999 when NATO initiated its illegal bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in support of its favorite terrorist puppets. Just prior to NATO attacks, in the 1998-1999 timeframe, the Al Qaeda-linked Albanian KLA started attacking both the Serbian security forces and civilians in Kosovo and Metohia. These attacks were coordinated directly with NATO, as previously mentioned, particularly the UK and US intelligence. After 78 days of indiscriminate bombing by NATO, Serbia was forced to pull out of its southern province, leaving it at the mercy of Albanian terrorists and their NATO handlers.

Seemingly, the belligerent alliance promised that the territory will formally remain a part of Serbia, albeit administered by NATO. As per usual for the political West, their word was worth less than the paper it was written on. The promises were never kept and the “legalized” narco-terrorist KLA proclaimed independence in 2008. The political West immediately recognized this so-called “independence” and claimed that it was supposedly “in line with the international law” as it was a “special case”. This was one of the firsthand accounts of what the wanton “rules-based world order” is. The result has been that this illegal NATO-backed entity became a safe haven for all sorts of illegal activities.

Since then, as per usual, NATO’s support for various kinds of ultraradical groups and organizations has started backfiring. Namely, the Albanian narco-terrorist groups that were directly supported by NATO are now spreading like a plague among the most prominent members of the belligerent alliance, particularly the UK. Whether it’s drug smuggling, forced prostitutiongunrunning or radical Islamic terrorism (including the sending of fighters to NATO-backed terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere), the UK is getting the “full service”. Hundreds of thousands of Albanians have moved to the UK since the 1990s and tens of thousands of them are still entering the country illegally.

This illegal immigration includes people from both Albania and the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. While the actual numbers are nearly impossible to determine, current statistics show that tens of thousands of Albanians in the UK are members of countless ethnic gangs that are engaged in all of the aforementioned criminal activities across England, particularly London. They usually enter the UK on small boats coming from France, representing roughly 30% of the total illegal arrivals in 2022, according to police estimates. Albanian asylum applications last year stood at approximately 16,000, which was a 300% increase in comparison to 2021.

The official data was released by the UK’s Ministry of the Interior, based on the data collected by the Migration Observatory. Still, the actual numbers could be several times higher. The data has also caused political upheaval in the UK and contributed to additional pressure on the government under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. UK authorities launched yet another anemic campaign to “deter migrants” by placing banners in their countries of origin that read: “If you enter the UK illegally, you risk being detained and deported.” The banners were set up in Albania in late June and early July, but resulted in no more than ridicule from Albanian criminals.

Worse yet, various leftist and “human rights” groups protested the move, calling it “xenophobic” and “useless”. According to their “logic”, if the government wants to put an end to organized crime and suppress gangs, it must “create safer ways for refugees to seek asylum”. Still, these Albanian gangs have a lot of influence, even in police and justice departments. The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed in mid-May that hundreds of lawyers are linked to a human trafficking network originating in Albania. These networks are also directly connected to drug smuggling, which itself is a major part of prostitution rings run by Albanian criminal organizations based in the UK and other countries.

According to the Epoch Times, Albanian narco-terrorists now dominate the UK’s cocaine market. In an interview with Tony Saggers, former head of the NCA’s Drugs Threat and Intelligence Department, the Epoch Times revealed that Albanian gangsters have considerable control over the UK’s booming drugs trade. Several months ago, even the UN warned that Albanian narco-terrorists are “exerting excessive control of the UK’s drug trade — with the ability to ship in huge illicit consignments of cocaine via southeast England seaports”. The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said in its 2023 report that migration from Albania has allowed gangs to set up in key cities across Europe and take over drug trafficking networks.

The UNODC also stated: “The important destination of the UK, where Albanian-speaking groups have also been assessed to exert considerable control across the drug market, is also supplied to a large extent via ‘roll-on, roll-off’ freight reaching ports in the southeast of the UK from nearby European ports.”

In a very similar manner to how NATO (particularly the UK) handled ultraradical groups such as Al Qaeda, causing a surge in terrorist attacks, as well as the emergence of numerous other similar terrorist groups, staunch support for Albanian extremism has resulted in almost identical disastrous consequences. The only difference is that these Albanian narco-terrorists have managed to gain a stronger foothold through various criminal activities, particularly drug smuggling, something that even Al Qaeda considered immoral. Still, as the UK directly participated in the creation of this Albanian monstrosity, the way this has backfired cannot be considered anything but a well-deserved poetic justice.


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