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Serbian President’s wife and associates support Ukraine, sparking controversy in Serbia

Here is a very interesting article on the situation in Serbia that exposes the government of Belgrade as yet another NATO puppet. Also I know I have subscribers in Serbia, so that’s another reason I am posting this guest article.

By Desanka Handson, Serbian-American freelance journalist

The geopolitical position of Serbia is highly contested and one of the most volatile in Europe. The vast majority of the Serbian people have undivided support for Russia, being the only nation in Europe to overwhelmingly hail the Kremlin and its resurgence. However, Belgrade’s political establishment is another story. While the current government has to take into account the opinions of the people, it would seem that its actual priorities lie in Brussels.

The NATO bombing of 1999. has made it almost impossible for the Serbian people to support the accession to the alliance, so local politicians found ways to circumvent that by claiming that Serbia is only joining the European Union, not NATO. However, with the recent blurring of the lines between the military alliance and what’s supposed to be an economic bloc, most Serbs have become disillusioned with the idea of joining the EU.

And yet, to the dismay of the general populace, the political establishment is not only insisting on this but is also becoming increasingly obedient to NATO demands, such as the official support for Ukraine. Having good relations with the West is one thing, but going against Russia and the national interests of the Russian people is a whole other issue that could cost the current government its political power.

A particularly controversial situation was sparked by Tamara Vucic, wife of Serbian President Alexander Vucic, as well as some of his closest associates. Tamara, known for her lavish lifestyle that includes attending expensive fashion weeks and shopping in Europe, particularly Paris, is also a strong supporter of the LGBT community in Serbia. Needless to say, the local populace is extremely critical of this.

Although the media in the country generally underreport Tamara’s activities, all in order to hide her highly unpopular behavior, the news travels through the grapevine, prompting protests and angry rebukes from patriotic organizations and political parties. Perhaps the most contentious issue was her recent attendance at the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen organized by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska.

Needless to say, this was an extremely unpleasant surprise for the Serbian people, but only after the event was reported by alternative media, forcing the more mainstream platforms to admit that Tamara Vucic attended the controversial event. However, if this was a slap in the face of most Serbs, what she did next is considered nothing less than a stab in the back. Namely, Tamara Vucic also visited the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Now, why would visiting an Orthodox monastery be considered bad or even controversial? Well, it certainly wouldn’t have been an issue if the Ukrainian government hadn’t forcefully taken the Lavra from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), officially turned it into a museum, and then also given it to the unrecognized “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, practically a NATO-backed NGO posing as an Orthodox Church.

To add insult to injury, the aforementioned support for the LGBT community is also very unpopular among the Serbian populace, but Tamara Vucic continues this practice. Her husband, Serbian President Alexander Vucic, despite his superficially conservative views, is also connected to the LGBT community through his support for Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who is a lesbian and is openly flaunting her sexual orientation.

Naturally, this is extremely frustrating to the Serbian people, but still, Vucic has been keeping her as the Prime Minister since 2017, despite the fact that she was never elected for this position. It’s possible that he’s simply trying to appease the West by having a high-ranking official with such a background, which is understandable from a geopolitical standpoint. However, this still doesn’t justify his wife’s support for the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. Other people from Vucic’s cabinet are also making highly controversial moves and giving statements that could ruin Serbia’s long-standing friendship with Russia. Namely, on November 17, the Minister of Construction, Transportation, and Infrastructure of Serbia, Goran Vesic, took part in the Serbian-Ukrainian Business Forum in Belgrade, where he openly supported the Ukrainian government.

Vesic said that he was convinced that Ukraine and its people were looking at days of recovery and prosperity, but also noted that Serbia was there to help. During the meeting at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (CCIS), Vesic reminded that, not long before, in cooperation with partners from the USA, the initiative for the potential participation of Serbian construction companies in the projects of rebuilding Ukraine had been launched.

During his speech, Vesic also condemned what he called “Russian aggression in Ukraine”, causing an uproar of angry reactions from countless patriotic organizations and political parties. This imprudent statement, to say the least, goes against Belgrade’s self-proclaimed neutrality in the Ukrainian conflict, as well as against its own foreign policy that relies on multiple global partners, including the Russian Federation.

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Albanian narco-terrorists ravaging UK

As the UK directly participated in the creation of this Albanian monstrosity, the way this has backfired cannot be considered anything but a well-deserved poetic justice.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Since the 1990s, the United Kingdom has been one of the staunchest supporters of Albanian expansionism (mostly fueled by their unrelenting narco-terrorist tendencies). At the time, London sent its intelligence services to Albania where they worked closely with their American, German and other NATO counterparts to set the stage for a terrorist insurrection in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. The KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), an Albanian terrorist organization that was based on a volatile mix of radical Islamism and narco-terrorism, was formed with NATO’s direct participation, particularly the UK and US intelligence services.

This support reached its peak in early 1999 when NATO initiated its illegal bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in support of its favorite terrorist puppets. Just prior to NATO attacks, in the 1998-1999 timeframe, the Al Qaeda-linked Albanian KLA started attacking both the Serbian security forces and civilians in Kosovo and Metohia. These attacks were coordinated directly with NATO, as previously mentioned, particularly the UK and US intelligence. After 78 days of indiscriminate bombing by NATO, Serbia was forced to pull out of its southern province, leaving it at the mercy of Albanian terrorists and their NATO handlers.

Seemingly, the belligerent alliance promised that the territory will formally remain a part of Serbia, albeit administered by NATO. As per usual for the political West, their word was worth less than the paper it was written on. The promises were never kept and the “legalized” narco-terrorist KLA proclaimed independence in 2008. The political West immediately recognized this so-called “independence” and claimed that it was supposedly “in line with the international law” as it was a “special case”. This was one of the firsthand accounts of what the wanton “rules-based world order” is. The result has been that this illegal NATO-backed entity became a safe haven for all sorts of illegal activities.

Since then, as per usual, NATO’s support for various kinds of ultraradical groups and organizations has started backfiring. Namely, the Albanian narco-terrorist groups that were directly supported by NATO are now spreading like a plague among the most prominent members of the belligerent alliance, particularly the UK. Whether it’s drug smuggling, forced prostitutiongunrunning or radical Islamic terrorism (including the sending of fighters to NATO-backed terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere), the UK is getting the “full service”. Hundreds of thousands of Albanians have moved to the UK since the 1990s and tens of thousands of them are still entering the country illegally.

This illegal immigration includes people from both Albania and the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. While the actual numbers are nearly impossible to determine, current statistics show that tens of thousands of Albanians in the UK are members of countless ethnic gangs that are engaged in all of the aforementioned criminal activities across England, particularly London. They usually enter the UK on small boats coming from France, representing roughly 30% of the total illegal arrivals in 2022, according to police estimates. Albanian asylum applications last year stood at approximately 16,000, which was a 300% increase in comparison to 2021.

The official data was released by the UK’s Ministry of the Interior, based on the data collected by the Migration Observatory. Still, the actual numbers could be several times higher. The data has also caused political upheaval in the UK and contributed to additional pressure on the government under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. UK authorities launched yet another anemic campaign to “deter migrants” by placing banners in their countries of origin that read: “If you enter the UK illegally, you risk being detained and deported.” The banners were set up in Albania in late June and early July, but resulted in no more than ridicule from Albanian criminals.

Worse yet, various leftist and “human rights” groups protested the move, calling it “xenophobic” and “useless”. According to their “logic”, if the government wants to put an end to organized crime and suppress gangs, it must “create safer ways for refugees to seek asylum”. Still, these Albanian gangs have a lot of influence, even in police and justice departments. The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed in mid-May that hundreds of lawyers are linked to a human trafficking network originating in Albania. These networks are also directly connected to drug smuggling, which itself is a major part of prostitution rings run by Albanian criminal organizations based in the UK and other countries.

According to the Epoch Times, Albanian narco-terrorists now dominate the UK’s cocaine market. In an interview with Tony Saggers, former head of the NCA’s Drugs Threat and Intelligence Department, the Epoch Times revealed that Albanian gangsters have considerable control over the UK’s booming drugs trade. Several months ago, even the UN warned that Albanian narco-terrorists are “exerting excessive control of the UK’s drug trade — with the ability to ship in huge illicit consignments of cocaine via southeast England seaports”. The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said in its 2023 report that migration from Albania has allowed gangs to set up in key cities across Europe and take over drug trafficking networks.

The UNODC also stated: “The important destination of the UK, where Albanian-speaking groups have also been assessed to exert considerable control across the drug market, is also supplied to a large extent via ‘roll-on, roll-off’ freight reaching ports in the southeast of the UK from nearby European ports.”

In a very similar manner to how NATO (particularly the UK) handled ultraradical groups such as Al Qaeda, causing a surge in terrorist attacks, as well as the emergence of numerous other similar terrorist groups, staunch support for Albanian extremism has resulted in almost identical disastrous consequences. The only difference is that these Albanian narco-terrorists have managed to gain a stronger foothold through various criminal activities, particularly drug smuggling, something that even Al Qaeda considered immoral. Still, as the UK directly participated in the creation of this Albanian monstrosity, the way this has backfired cannot be considered anything but a well-deserved poetic justice.

Source: infobrics.com

Image source: infobrics.com

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German deindustrialization continues unabated due to Berlin’s suicidal energy policies

The planned destruction of the western economic powers like Germany and the USA continues. Prayed up and prepped up! Johnny

Recent survey by the BVMW (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses) showed that over a quarter (26%) of all CEOs of medium-sized companies are considering shutting down their businesses, while over a fifth (22%) have expressed readiness to move their companies abroad.


Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

For close to a year and a half, the German economy has been going through a sort of unraveling, primarily due to suicidal subservience to its masters in Washington DC. Since the start of Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe, Berlin has been experiencing a plethora of major economic problems that soon translated to societal and political ones, causing further instability in the country. In turn, this has started causing issues with investments and the overall business climate in Germany, as relevant people and companies started losing confidence in Berlin’s capacity to keep its economy stable.

“The German economy is losing its DNA as a place to do business and foreign investors are keeping their distance, instead focusing their attention on developing markets as a result,” Toralf Haag, the CEO of German Voith Group, warned.

Haag, the head of the German technology company, gave an interview to Die Welt, in which he discussed the rapidly emerging economic problems affecting Germany. He told the newspaper that his Voith Group has been able to weather the storm so far and protect itself from the recession the German economy has been in since the last quarter. However, Haag also expressed worry regarding the German economy’s future, specifically in terms of competitiveness, energy security and foreign investment. He complained about “Germany’s aggressive energy transition away from traditional energy production such as coal and nuclear to renewables”, calling it “problematic”.

“There are ambitious goals, but only insufficient incentives and support to be able to achieve these goals. What we need is less bureaucracy, faster approval procedures and faster implementation. The way it is currently running, it will not work in the long run,” Haag stated.

When asked about the current state of business and investment opportunities in Germany, he wasn’t very optimistic, not only about the prospects for his company (based in Heidenheim, operating primarily in energy, automotive and paper industries), but the overall situation.

“Investment decisions in Germany are becoming increasingly difficult,” Haag said, adding: “To be honest, at the moment we tend to choose Eastern Europe, Asia or the USA when it comes to new production facilities because the costs for energy and personnel are particularly high in Germany while at the same time bureaucracy and regulation are increasing.”

He lamented that the Voith Group was forced to hire another 30 people in the management in the last year or two just to be able to handle all the new regulations and obligations introduced due to the ever-growing red tape.

“I would like to invite the employees from the ministries to check what effect their specifications have directly inside a company – whether they are practicable and sensible. In order for Voith to make significant investments in Germany again, the framework conditions must change fundamentally. Unfortunately, I don’t see that at the moment,” Haag stated.

He said that the danger of Germany’s further deindustrialization is “very great”, primarily because of the reduction of industrial activity due to the tendency of many German companies to relocate to other countries.

“We now see almost every day that industrial companies are no longer investing in Germany but in other regions of the world. Administration and engineering may remain in Germany, but production, which is particularly valuable for an economy, is increasingly taking place elsewhere,” Haag complained, further adding: “As a result, the German economy is not only losing its DNA but also any potential for the future. With its well-paid jobs, industry is the guarantor of prosperity. The prosperity achieved so far cannot be maintained with administrative jobs and the service sector alone.”

Indeed, Germany’s deindustrialization is an ongoing process that is virtually irreversible at this point. Haag’s concerns are backed by the official data and statistics on the actual state of Germany’s economy, particularly its industrial capacity. German industry has always been the main driving force of its economy, particularly its automotive and high-tech industries, all of which are highly dependent on stable energy supplies. However, while Haag blamed the obsessive transition to alternative energy sources (particularly renewables) for the major issues Germany is experiencing, he failed to mention Berlin’s subservience to Washington DC and the resulting halt in Russian energy imports.

The results have been catastrophic, to say the least. Last week’s survey by the BVMW (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses) showed that over a quarter (26%) of all CEOs of medium-sized German companies are considering shutting down their businesses, while over a fifth (22%) have expressed readiness to move their companies abroad. The reasons cited for such decisions were largely the same as those mentioned by the Voith Group’s CEO. As a result, the country’s industrial output experienced a dramatic plunge in the first quarter, including adrop of nearly 11% in March alone, the largest monthly reduction in years. In addition, the growing inflation (currently standing at 6.8%) is exacerbating the problem.

By February this year, Germany has experienced a “price shock” of over 40% due to its anti-Russian sanctions policies, in what can only be described as perhaps the worst case of a boomerang effect in the history of Western sanctions warfare against the world. Russian energy imports were probably the best possible energy source for Germany, particularly as Berlin was trying to increase the share of renewables in its energy production. These imports made it possible to rely on natural gas as a relatively clean source, while renewables played an auxiliary role. However, with the suicidal anti-Russian sanctions in place, as well as the US terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, Germany’s energy security was gone virtually overnight.

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Latest Kosovo escalation shows just how ‘stabilizing’ NATO’s illegal presence is

This is yet another proof that the US readiness to engage with the most radical groups to further its geopolitical goals is bound to backfire virtually every time. The illegal entity in Pristina was founded by a volatile mix of Islamic and narco-terrorists with close links to Al Qaeda and even ISIS. Washington DC itself has had them on its list of terrorist organizations until 1998. 

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The last days of May saw a dramatic escalation of violence in the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. The illegal narco-terrorist entity in Pristina tried to “enforce law”, as its frontman Albin Kurti stated, by imposing the will of 3% of the population that took part in the “election” (boycotted by the indigenous Serbs). The illegal vote, or as the Washington DC neoliberals would say “fair and legitimate election”, showed that the Serbs completely reject the so-called “government” imposed by a foreign (NATO) occupation force.

On May 29, the heavily armed “police” of the narco-terrorist entity tried to impose the ethnic Albanian “mayors” in Serbian-majority municipalities, but failed after local Serbs pushed back. However, after the heavily armed (and armored) Pristina henchmen failed miserably despite facing a completely unarmed crowd of protesters, they called the even more heavily armed NATO occupation troops to aid them in “enforcing law”. In other words, armed Albanians called on armed NATO troops to “save” them from unarmed Serbs. And yet, even then the local Serbs decided to take matters into their hands, quite literally, we might add.

In order to protect their vassals, the NATO-led KFOR (Kosovo Force) installed barbed wire and set up perimeters around all municipal buildings in which Pristina henchmen were hiding from the Serbs. KFOR initiated violent action against unarmed Serbian civilians in order to disperse the crowd. One of the Serbian representatives, Dragisa Milovic, deputy director of the local hospital, sustained severe injuries and was hospitalized. Heavily armed KFOR/NATO troops used stun grenades and tear gas, causing the gathered civilians to react, first barehanded and then armed with whatever they picked up from the battered KFOR enforcers.

That was when several “special police” henchmen of the narco-terrorist entity in Pristina deliberately discharged several shots from an automatic rifle in the direction of the gathered Serbs, striking Dragisa Galjak twice from behind, resulting in critical injuries. This prompted an angry response from the Serbs, who fought back even harder, albeit mostly barehanded. Worse yet, sniper rifles were spotted in several locations, as the “special police” directed them toward the gathered Serbs. KFOR soldiers did nothing to remove them, despite promises given to both the Serbian government and the locals that they will protect the Serbs and prevent Albanians from escalating.

The result was that at least 52 Serbs were hospitalized after sustaining injuries of varying degree, three of them severely wounded. At least 41 members of KFOR were injured, three of them seriously. It should be noted that NATO troops escalated the initially bloodless and largely harmless brawl into a nearly deadly clash by using batons and rubber bullets, as well as failing to prevent the Albanian henchmen from using firearms. This ended up backfiring as even more angered Serbs joined the protest in response to the escalating violence of both the occupation forces and their narco-terrorist clients.

Interestingly, the US ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, announced that Washington DC was kicking the narco-terrorist entity out of the US-led “Defender Europe” military exercises, citing “concerns” over its treatment of the ethnic Serbs. This came after the US State Secretary Antony Blinken criticized one of their longest-running puppet regimes and blamed it for the rising tensions, a rather odd rarity as the belligerent thalassocracy has done everything in its power to ensure the area is forcibly taken from Serbia. Only later it was revealed that one of the illegitimate Albanian “mayors” refused to meet ambassador Hovenier. This likely resulted in a stark reminder from the US who actually rules Pristina, as the US embassy there is the true “government of Kosovo”.

“We have asked [Kosovar ‘Prime Minister’ Albin] Kurti to take steps toward reducing tensions in the north. He has not responded to these requests and we are analyzing what our other actions will be,” Hovenier said.

This is yet another proof that the US readiness to engage with the most radical groups to further its geopolitical goals is bound to backfire virtually every time. The illegal entity in Pristina was founded by a volatile mix of Islamic and narco-terrorists with close links to Al Qaeda and even ISIS in recent years. Washington DC itself has had them on its list of terrorist organizations until 1998. Only a year later, the US attacked Serbia (then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) to prevent the bogus “genocide” that never happened and in support of the Albanian terrorist group known as the KLA, which stands for “Kosovo Liberation Army” (UCK in Albanian). The KLA’s only goal was (and obviously still is) the ethnic cleansing of the Serbian province from any non-Albanian elements.

NATO has invested billions into dismantling former Yugoslavia, first by providing weapons and “advisors” to separatist forces in Croatia and Bosnia in the early 1990s and then directly attacking Serb/Yugoslav forces there in 1994 and 1995, in support of the ethnic cleansing campaigns against Serbs, primarily by Croat forces. However, this wasn’t enough for the political West, so they directly attacked Serbia proper in 1999, when NATO initiated an intensive 78-day bombing attack, dropping over 20,000 tons of bombs (equivalent to the payload of the “Fat Man” nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki) in over 40,000 sorties (several times more than against ISIS targets in the Middle East) that also include mass usage of depleted uranium.

In recent months, Serbia has come under tremendous pressure from both the US and EU to renounce Kosovo and Metohia, as the political West has been trying to secure its southeastern flank during its aggression on Russia. The rising tensions have pushed Serbia to place its military on high alert several times since last year, including the deployment of its units closer to the contact line with the areas controlled by the narco-terrorist entity. The Serbian government has promised its citizens in the province that it will protect them and prevent yet another NATO-backed ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia.

Why is Georgia reluctant to send weapons to Kiev?

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

In 2003, the former Soviet Transcaucasus republic of Georgia became yet another victim of a Western-backed color revolution (the so-called “Rose Revolution”) which ended the longstanding rule of Eduard Shevardnadze. The coup d’état brought a fervently pro-NATO faction to power in Tbilisi, led by the controversial Mikhail Saakashvili. By 2008, Georgia was effectively transformed into a loyal NATO proxy in the South Caucasus region, serving as the very first springboard for the political West’s crawling encroachment on Russia’s post-Soviet geopolitical backyard. That year, Saakashvili was promised “unequivocal support” for an attack on the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, including a direct assault on Russian peacekeepers deployed in both areas.

Moscow’s swift response caught both the political West and its Tbilisi puppets by surprise, as they most likely expected Russia to endlessly keep pulling back its red lines. In mere days, the NATO-trained and equipped Georgian forces suffered a crushing defeat. Tbilisi never fell only due to Moscow’s desire to avoid further bloodshed and a possible escalation beyond the region. At the time, apart from NATO, Tbilisi was supported by Ukraine as well, which also suffered its first NATO-backed color revolution in 2004. Kiev even sent several weapon types to Georgia, including the “Buk” mid-range SAM (surface-to-air missile) system previously operated by the Ukrainian military. The agreement was never made public, making it unclear if the weapons transfer was a Ukrainian donation or if Tbilisi paid for the armaments in question.

As the current Kiev regime is faced with the prospect of a decisive defeat in Donbass and beyond, it is desperate to acquire weapons wherever it can, in particular Soviet-era armaments which its troops can use almost immediately, as they require no additional training or complex logistics. Numerous countries which operate Soviet/Russian-made weapons have been under tremendous pressure to deliver these to the Neo-Nazi junta. This is particularly true for NATO-aligned post-Soviet and former Warsaw Pact member states which still operate sizeable arsenals of such weapons and equipment. Georgia is no exception to this and apart from Soviet-era weapons, the Transcaucasus country is also being pressured to deliver its Western-made armaments, specifically “Javelin” ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) it acquired from the United States in recent years.

A particularly important point of contention between Tbilisi and Kiev seems to be air defense. The Neo-Nazi junta is insisting that the “Buk” SAM and other weapons it sent in the past nearly two decades were delivered free of charge, as military aid to Georgia, and that it would like to see them returned. However, Georgia denied this, with its Defense Ministry criticizing “the incorrect information spread by experts or individual media outlets from Ukraine”, insisting that the SAM system was purchased. “It seems that Ukraine handed over ‘Buk’ air defense systems to Georgia for free, which is not true,” the official statement reads, adding that Tbilisi “had received the ‘Buk’ systems in 2007 through a multi-million-dollar purchase. This was done under a secret agreement, which is why we cannot provide more specifics.”

The government in Tbilisi also reiterated that, although Georgia is providing humanitarian assistance, it has “repeatedly stated its clear position on supplies of weapons and dual-use goods to Ukraine.” This also includes the decision not to send the aforementioned stocks of US-made “Javelin” ATGMs, despite NATO’s and Kiev’s insistence. Although this is causing a lot of frustration in both Brussels and Kiev, Georgia is concerned that sending weapons to the Neo-Nazi junta wouldn’t only undermine its own security, but would also risk provoking Moscow’s reaction. The “Buk” SAM system is the country’s most capable air defense asset and it’s extremely unlikely Georgia would be able to find a timely replacement, leaving its airspace almost completely unprotected.

The Kiev regime’s air defense network, once one of the world’s most extensive and capable, has been nearly wiped out by the Russian military, prompting the political West to try and acquire as many SAM systems as possible and hand them over to the Neo-Nazi junta forces. This includes both Soviet-era systems, as well as Western-made SAMs, but these have shown very limited capabilities against Russia’s long-range missiles and drones. Most NATO members provided systems that are either too short-ranged or effectively obsolete. Although Washington DC promised to deliver more up-to-date air defenses such as the much-touted “Patriot” SAM, the system’s impact is most likely to be negligible, particularly as the first batteries are expected to become operational no sooner than 2024.

Urging Georgia to provide the “Buk” is a clear indicator of NATO’s and Kiev’s desperation. However, Tbilisi has been very reluctant to further antagonize Russia, as it realizes that it cannot count on the political West to come to its aid if Moscow decides to retaliate. This could include anything from economic sanctions to direct retribution, both of which ruined Georgia’s economy in the aftermath of the 2008 war. The political West’s tendency to (ab)use various ethnic or other groups (or even entire countries) to achieve its goals against geopolitical adversaries is well-known and extensively documented. Tbilisi was unlucky to learn this the hard way and its cautious approach towards Russia serves as a testament to that. The Georgian people were the ones to pay for the 2008 lesson of just how unwise it is to needlessly provoke the Eurasian giant to the north, especially for the sake of those who don’t care what consequences the proxy could suffer.

Putin Interview: “The time of the East has come” as the West Becomes Social Outcast with Gender Bending and Pride Parades

As I’ve said many times the power structure has been shifting from the West to the East since the end of WW2. Now we are witnessing the demise and destruction of the EU and America as per the Freemason/Jesuit/Zionist Playbook. Here is more on the story from warnews 247 in Greece which is now blocked here in the USA. Thanks to my EXPRESS VPN I can get access through other countries. Translated to English for your convenience.

n Part 2 of the most important interview of the last 20 years by the president of Russia B.Putin, there is talk about the rise of Asia and the disintegration of the West due to the policies adopted by the governments.

It is characteristic that the interview ended and B. Putin stopped talking after almost 4 hours. Complete the event with the words “Success is assured”

At the beginning, the Russian president delivered a keynote speech (42 minutes), and then the Russian head of state answered questions from club members for almost three hours.

Read also: B. Putin’s historic speech: The unipolar world is over – Saudi Arabia has asked to join the BRICS! – Ukraine has a “dirty” bomb ready (Part A’)

B. Putin’s special reference to Iranian General K. Soleimani and the way in which he was assassinated by the Americans ” even though he was a representative of the Iranian government in Baghdad” stands out.

They have no limits. They are not ashamed of anything. You can judge Suleimani as you like but he is an official of another state. They murdered him on the territory of a third country and said “yes we killed him”.

What the hell is this? Where do we live?”

With this special reference, B. Putin seals the now strategic alliance with Iran.

“The time has come for the East and Asia”

B. Putin emphasized:

-Westerners have the illusion that there is only Western civilization in the world. They find it difficult to adapt to the new reality, but they will be forced. The majority of the world’s population is in the East.

-There are two Wests, the traditional West, mainly of Christian values, with which we have much in common and even ancient roots, and the cosmopolitan West, which functions as a tool of the liberal elites.

-The West, losing its superiority, turns into a minority, but its rights must be guaranteed unconditionally

-Losing its global dominance, the West is turning into a worldwide pariah. New trends, gay parades, dozens of new races of foreigners have been imposed on Western societies. Their right. But they have no right to want to impose the same on other countries.

 “If Western culture wants to introduce dozens of genders and pride parades, let them do it. But they have no right to demand that others follow in their footsteps.”

-Human dignity is the foundation on which we must build our future. Traditional values ​​are not a fixed set of claims, in any case they are unique to each nation, they should not be imposed, but respected

-The neo-liberal (ie internationalist) ideology has crossed the line. Neo-liberals have begun to declare that an open society has enemies and that their freedom must be curtailed or destroyed.

– We see that complex demographic, political and social processes are happening in Western countries (including the Great Restart). This is their internal affair. Russia does not interfere in these matters and will not intervene. Unlike the West, we are not invading someone else’s backyard.

-The Western economic blitzkrieg against Russia has failed.

Heavy attack against the West

The Russian President V.Putin launched a series of tirade against the West from the Valdai Forum.

As he claimed, the US and NATO are doing everything to escalate military operations in Ukraine.

“Westerners play a dangerous, dirty and bloody game.

They are fueling the war in Ukraine, sending politicians to Taiwan, destabilizing global food and energy markets.

As to the latter, I have no doubt.

It is due to a series of systemic mistakes committed by the Western authorities,” he said, adding:

“The West wants to dominate the world, it wants to define the destinies of the world.

For this he plays a dangerous, dirty and bloody game.

It questions the sovereignty of peoples and nations, their identity and uniqueness and is not interested in the interests of other states.

It is no accident that she says that her culture … should be recognized as universal.

That’s how they behave.

And they insist through their politics that they all accept these values ​​unconditionally.

She is blinded by colonialism.

Backed by the West, the Kiev regime publicly repudiated the Minsk agreements.
NATO expansion was unacceptable to Russia, all our efforts to convey this idea were ignored.

The coup organized there led to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

And, unfortunately, behind their arrogance, many European countries do not notice that they themselves have already become vassals, often without the right to vote.”

The dominance of the West is over

Referring to Ukraine, he stressed that the developments since the start of the military operation signal changes in the existing world order, adding that the dominance of the West is over.

He even added that from now on Asia’s voice in world affairs will be stronger.

The Russian president stressed that he is constantly mindful of the losses of Russian soldiers on the battlefield, but stressed that Moscow had no choice but to launch the “special military operation”.

Referring to nuclear weapons, he emphasized that the risk of using nuclear weapons will always exist as long as they exist.

“Ukraine has historically developed as an artificial state,” the Russian president said.

Putin, when asked if what is happening between Russia and Ukraine can be considered a civil war, said: “Partly, yes.

The Russian and Ukrainian people are united, this is a historical fact.

Ukraine is an artificial state.”

“two choices”

According to the Russian president, humanity has two options: either to continue to “accumulate all the problems that are sure to overwhelm us all” or for nations to work together “to find solutions”.

Putin asserted that Russia is not an enemy of the West, but emphasized that he will not tolerate dictates and orders from it.

“Western elites have no right to impose their way on others, no one can dictate to our people how we should build our society.

Westerners are indifferent to laws and rules, considering other people as second class.

They use economic sanctions and “color revolutions” (aka coups) against their opponents, as they cannot compete fairly with the rising economic and political power of Asia.

The US discredited the international financial system by using the US dollar as a weapon, and estimated that other countries’ moves to reduce their dependence on the dollar would be accelerated.

Westerners, however, are hypocrites.

They sell their businesses for a dollar to their administrations and whisper in their ear, we won’t be late, we’ll be back soon.

The latest developments are “tectonic shifts in the world order,” he said and added that we are facing one of the most “dangerous” and “unpredictable” decades after World War II,” the Russian president concluded.

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“Europe is Living in a State of Emergency” German Chancellor Olaf Soltz

German Chancellor Olaf Soltz is also warning Germans to have emergency food and water supplies and candles to light their homes in the event of nuclear warfare or cyber attacks. Here is more on that story from Warnews247, translated from Greek for your convenience. My video report on this subject and MUCH MORE is also below.

Chancellor Olaf Solz (SPD) has issued an urgent warning about the danger of a nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war. Referring to the possibility of using nuclear weapons and the threats of the Russian President, he said in an interview with the stern magazine of Hamburg:

“Internationally, at the moment we are in a dangerous, even dramatic situation.” The whole continent is currently living in “excellent condition”.

That is why “transparency is very important now. “Many are afraid that the war will spread to EU countries as well. You can not talk over your head and pass your heart.”

Europe is in a state of emergency”
“Europe is living in a state of emergency, it is literally a matter of life and death ,” said German Chancellor Olaf Soltz .

Referring to the potential of Russian nuclear weapons and the threats of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the chancellor stressed that “in view of the war, everything must be taken into account and we must not have any illusions about Putin.” It’s the German government’s job, he says, to prevent the use of such weapons.

“This is why decisions require a vigilant mind. We should not act hastily, hoping that things will not get so bad. “It’s literally a matter of life and death .

“Have candles in your house”
At the same time, Greeks living in Germany spoke to the Star’s main news bulletin about the German Interior Minister’s suggestion and revealed that further instructions were given in addition to the food list.

They said about:

” They alerted the people and said that they should also have gas stoves in the house and candles in case the electricity is cut off for any reason.

What has caused a stir are the 600 shelters in Germany. These were deactivated and now they will use them again, they will prepare them again “.

“Have food for 10 days – The list of products”
In an interview with Handelsblatt, the minister said that “it is good for German citizens to be provided with basic food supplies in their homes.”

Nancy Feser justified the recommendation by saying that Germany was at risk of cyber-attacks, which could wreak havoc on key water and electricity infrastructure.

He even referred to a list published by the German Civil Protection, which presents an example of an emergency food supply.

“The goal is to be able to survive for ten days without going shopping,” said the German interior minister.

“10 liters of water and liquids, 3.5 kilos of cereals, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, 1.5 kilos of meat, fish, eggs,” he said.

In fact, he advised the citizens to create stocks gradually and not to go shopping en masse and to create panic and shortages in the market.

Speaking specifically about the supplies that citizens should have, the minister said that citizens should refer to a special list of the German Civil Protection regarding the supplies that one should have.

-Drinking liquids: 20 liters
-Cereals, cereal products, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice: 3.5 kg
-Vegetables, legumes: 4 kg
-Fruits, nuts: 2.5 kg
-Milk, dairy products: 2.6 kg
-Fish, meat, eggs or whole eggs powder: 1.5 kg
-Fats, oils: 0.375 kg

Germany is also reactivating and resupplying cold war nuclear bomb shelters, many of which were closed down and not maintained for many years.

At the same time, the minister stressed the importance of Civil Protection, to which he gives “high priority”.

“We must step up now to deal with the various crises – pandemics, the effects of climate change, the dangers of war,” said the German interior minister. necessarily.

For these reasons, according to the German minister, it is important to prepare the country and its citizens at many levels, not only materially but also by creating stocks of food or medical supplies.

This affects not only technical issues, “but also supplies for food, medicine or medical supplies,” he said.

Speaking more specifically, he noted that “if the power is cut off for a longer period of time, it is definitely useful to have an emergency supply in the house.”

At the same time, Fischer revealed that an inventory of the country’s shelters is being made.

“There are still 599 shelters in Germany,” he said, adding that “there are shelters that are used differently today.

It makes sense to reactivate some of them. “

Folks I can’t stress enough how close we are to all out nuclear war and not just in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. There are also major tensions building between Israel and Russia as well which does not bode well for the Middle East, but that’s for another article.

The bottom line is this…when governments start telling the people that they better be prepped up, then you know the shite is about to hit the fan and hard! When this war happens it will hit hard and fast and communications including mobile phones and internet will be wiped out. Ham radios will work but to what extent we don’t know because no one has used them in a nuclear fallout situation.

Stay ready, prayed up and prepped up at all times.