In tonight’s video we discuss optogenetics and what blue lights do to the genetically altered. This will make you look again at the new blue/purple LED lights going up in big cities around the world and it will make you pay attention to airport scanners.

MOB is the Jab and here is more proof

LED Street Lamps

Graphene Oxide, 5G and Jabs

Vaccinated Bluetooth Enabled Chip



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  • We need to realize soon they will say you need …. To use the new digital ID . We now see ALL THOSE satan WORSHIPPING CHANNELS WHO ALL SAID ITS NOT TMOTB, SAYING THIS DIGITAL ID WILL BE TMOTB, ,NO IF IT DOES ANYTHING IT WILL STILL REQUIRE THE SELF ASSEMBLING CHIP THAT WAS IN “ALL”THE VACCINES.. DONT KID YOURSELVES satan knew he had one shot at getting the elect to take his mark. Yes some didn’t have ALOT of the other deadly ingredients but the Bluetooth codes Chip I’m sure was in them all. It’s so hard to read comment sections when God’s elect link to sites and people that said to get the vaccine Mark ‼️ I mean many better wake the ..ll up! How can you link to ANYONE, THAT TOOK THE MARK AND SAID ITS NOT THE MARK?
    MYSELF, I try to never say or link to anything that I know can alter anyone’s salvation. In 2008 when I was ordianed I knew the consequences of my words and others salvation. I knew to choose your words correctly because ANYTHING you say to others that makes them sin against God you will also be held accountable. I SIN ENOUGH FOR 10 PEOPLE, not that I try, I CAN’T AFFORD TO ALSO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYONE ELSES.
    I realized how you know when someone took the vaccine but hides it, if they travel to certain countries that required a vaccine passport you know they are closet marked demons. You can travel to some without it but the paperwork is crazy and that person will tell everyone what they had to do just to go there. The list of these demons leaves only a few channels that are not marked.

  • optogenetics, an interesting phenomenon.
    About two years back I set a game camera on porch to watch the local fox playing with DIL’s cat at night.
    Well, during the day using the tractor to spread dirt and work on grading the yard noticed an odd behavior.
    The tractor would have a very bright light on on the tires and few frames later it would be back to normal. What??? then i began to look at the background images. Yup, trees would seem to be bright, the next image was back to ‘normal’.
    So something in the sky is flashing bright burst of energy/light and the human eye cannot perceive this.
    Yet the game camera does an excellent job of capturing this plus the sun with a black center during sunset and at times even spiritual entities it seems. One image of an owl towering over a 65′ tall oak tree almost twice the height!

    So yeah, so much happening that one needs to take a break away from it all. It’s just so overwhelming.
    You should hear the owls complain at night as the come to monitor my nightly activities. Binding their works and commanding them to leave in the name of Jesus and moments later, no owls, nice and peaceful. Oh never heard of monitoring spirits?
    Best learn quickly the works of the enemy of your soul, lots to learn.
    I’m still in kindergarten!
    Grace and peace to all….

  • What We found amazing is that all the street lights in our 5k population farming community got all LED street lamps. But, weird part is we’re at the house often and NEVER saw a bucket truck doing the replacement. Hmm….never saw trucks doing any city lights…yeah how’d that happen?
    A now forgotten u-toob channel years ago did a video on global optigenetics and described the same thing I light changes from sun as mentioned in my last post.
    So this optigentics thingy is pretty deep.

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