The Mark of the Beast is the Jab and Here is MORE Proof

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: Revelation 13:16.

I don’t know what it’s going to take for some of you but here is a blog post with more evidence to show you what this is and what it’s doing to people. They say a picture is worth a thousand words well then here are some VIDEOS to go with the photos and info I’m about to show you. First up is todays info packed video!

FANTASTIC MUST SEE Intra-Body Nano-Network Presentation by Mik Anderson

Diagram of the intra-body nano-network

The nano-network is a set of objects and elements with the ability to interact with each other through signals in the form of pulses, electromagnetic waves, and electric fields, being also able to operate in the molecular spectrum. These components may be already assembled or pending self-assembly when the conditions of temperature, magnetism, and environment are suitable. Within the nano-network, two types or strands can be distinguished: 1. The one that is fixed in the brain, 2. The one that is fixed in the rest of the body. Read the rest by CLICKING HERE.

Next up the circuitry

Image Courtesy Dr. David Nixon. Pfizer drop dried on a slide for 2 months is a continual microchip factory

In this weeks Dr. Ana’s Science of Light Show I interview Dr. David Nixon, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz and Electrical Engineer Matt Taylor.

Here is the link to this important video:

Irrefutable Proof of Self Assembly Structures in C19 Shots – Time Lapsed Videos Show Microchip like Structures Assembling and Disassembling

We all are part of an international collaborative team effort to shed light on the self-assembly nanotechnology in the C19 injectables. In this interview we present Dr. David Nixon’s time lapsed video footage showing that microchips assemble and disassemble and then reassemble again – possibly indefinitely continuing this process. This never before seen time lapsed footage from of microscopy images proves that this extremely advanced technology can easily be overlooked – but when carefully and patiently researched, can be documented. There is a virtual blueprint to this technology that controls intelligently this assembly and disassembly process. Read the rest by CLICKING HERE.

Last but not least is the video on the body scanners.

Bitchute link

Quantum Computer/AI Post w Anthony Patch

Golden Cup of Pharmakea w Leeland Jones

My video on Bitchute

Trump father of vaccines

Pope says vaccines are humanity’s friend

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  • So are all the people who took this vaxx now damned to hell?

    • Not an easy answer to this. Satan does not work quickly, but like rat poison very slowly so one does not catch on. This first step is very deep but not the end product.
      So, one may still repent as king David in Psalms 51. However, if one follow closely on these presentations the person’s self-will is greatly diminished to entirely gone.
      This is where scripture says they blasphemed God and repent not, well they no longer can.
      Now we know why!!! Just ponder on this because only the jabbed person and Yah can know the real answer.

  • Hometown Homemade

    Pls set up P.O. Box asap. Don’t do any payments online.

  • Plus the Millions of Street lights….
    Purple, 5g for the software that china uses!!!
    People won’t be able to Travel ANYWHERE,…
    The A.I. Will Shutdown your Car or Truck…. If it Can’t Read you!!!!
    This is very Real folks 💯
    Everything is Run by the Self Aware Super Artificial intelligence,…. ” Sentient ” .,.. as Trump Called it back in 2019-2020!!!! Live on TV!!!
    We’ve been Eating, Drinking and Breathing…. Graphene for years now!!!

    I challenge everyone to See…
    “” The Feed “” Series from 2019 !!!!
    If you can SEE….
    You’ll be shocked about Predictive Programming!!

    The last days are Here folks 💯

    All of the people I’ve warned about this Vax….
    That took it…. Are Now either Dead or Having Major Health Problems!!
    And telling me that they wish they’d listened to me 💯
    Thank You for keeping us updated and Informed brother 💯❤️🙏👍

    • Odd circumstances, all our street lights got replaced, yet do not remember ever seeing them ! We do not venture out often so odds are we should have at least spotted the city electrical trucks, or a contractor! Now the purple lights, yeah not everywhere but enough of them that some neighbors have questioned them. I hesitate informing them because, well, wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. i no longer trust any of them.

      • All of ours have been Changed!!
        In the North Carolina Mountains!!
        They don’t look normal anymore

  • The glowing hydrogel is a smart gel as it is programmed

  • Your work is much appreciated, and most of what you post is spot on. But the jáb is no more the Mark of the Beast than Zyclon B was 80 years ago. The component of renunciation required by Rev 13 is missing, as is the angelic warning slated to precede it. In the case of the Mark, everyone gets the same juice, resulting in the same biological result (Rev 16:2).

    What’s happening now is a ramp up, an experiment to test the processes required to implement the Mark. Not everyone gets the same jáb. Saline batches are in circulation so we will have non symptomatics to look at.

    The Mark will come with straight coercion, not with trickery as at present. Many innocent and well meaning people were tricked by the jãb, who took it for the noblest of reasons: “to protect others”.

    Here’s where I venture into conjecture. I think far fewer died than was expected. I think what Jesus said at the end of Mark’s gospel and Paul’s campfire incident have been at play in all this, and the powers that be are perplexed. Hence the absolute coercion to come when the Killer puts his boot down in Revelation 13.

    The main thing is that Jesus is coming. “He driveth furiously.” (2nd Kings 9, a prophetic picture of what’s to come).
    The hope of repentance is still with us. He wants us to accept his pardon and fall in behind him, as did the two messengers chronicled above.

  • If we stop the hydrogel these circuits in body will be absorbed. The hydrogel is what is making these active

  • Love you Johnny in Jesus Christ name , I’m not trying to hump your leg by any means I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you do keeping us informed . I know when the LORD is done with this world and we make it to heaven you’re going to have many precious stones in your golden crown . You are truly a good servant of the the LORD of host . Jesus Christ …. Peace be with you and the family brother John . God Bless you ….also I will be able to donate after the Tuesday 16 of Nov. things are a little squeaky tight as of right now ….

  • Ivan not so terrible

    The Pfizer patent states Hybridisation of RNA segments of Luciferase, which means the infusing of RNA named Lucifer-ase into the Genome, “The name of the beast”, this is why it is the “Abomination that causeth desolation’,
    The forehead mark was those things they shoved deep into the “inner” forehead, the tips containing Luciferase and hydrogel which is comprised of Graphene Oxide as one of it’s main ingredients.
    And of course we have the number of the Beast, the 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons Graphene Oxide, and then we have the Son of Perdition “Donald Yohann Trumpf” his real full name, count the number of his name, “he will honour the God of forces with Gold and Jewels”, it’s no surprise he has “Apollyon The Destroyer” painted on the ceiling of his pad on top of his tower that is encrusted with Gold and Jewels, he made the peace deal with many the “Abrahamic Accords”.
    All “Classes’ of people not ALL peoples, “might” buy and sell, the jib passports fulfilled this ‘might’ being the key word.
    “Daily” in strong’s also means Employment, the Lockdowns fulfils this, the word Sacrifice was added later to the scripture, most likely to confuse.
    Revelation concerning the “Mark’ has ALL been fulfilled, i just laid it all out for you here.

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