The Whore of Mystery Babylon with her Golden Cup

Today we will conclude our series on the Mark of the Beast. Up until now we have focused more on the physical side of the mark such as the technology being used and how it works to tie the vaccinated into the Beast system. In part 4 we will focus more on the spiritual side of things and show you how this all ties together to make the mark of the beast!

In this video from Leeland Jones you will hear how the GOLDEN CUP (that is in the whore’s hands) is where the evil mixture of the pharmakeia lives. We will also learn how this all goes back to the seed war that began in Genesis 3:15 and how it has continued through the millennia up until today. The fallen angels of Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch were up to the same type of evil when they corrupted the seed of men by mating with human females. Not only that but they were manipulating the genes of plants and animals as well (chimeras).

The mixture of the whore’s cup is the mingling of the serpent’s and the womans seed and is the final attempt at corrupting God’s creation once and for all. Through this BEAST system, Lucifer will force everyone to worship him which is what he has desired since he fell. The people won’t repent because they have taken the mark after they were deceived (Rev. 19:20), but as believers we can overcome by keeping our faith in Jesus Christ and by keeping Gods commandments! Remember that those who endure until the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13) In the end we win!

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  • Awesome teaching and l will continue sharing this teaching to my Family and especially to my co-workers at the hospital where l work starting September 8 they are mandating every one to take the vaccine and those that refuse have to take a nose swipe every other week so thank YOU that u open my EYES thru your Teaching and the help of the Holy Spirit which took time to Digest it and will continue 🙏 for u

  • The Lord told me that people are acting like Wilderbeast during their migration..As beast they just do, because their actions are instintual..He went on to say, the Wilderbeast follow each other in a out of control behavior., and before you know it, they all plunge over the cliff to their death. In other words, the government has caused the problem (covid) and know they have the determined solution. We as the Wilderbeast are All running out of control (blindly) not knowing that Satan’s desired results, is the plunge (VAX) over the cliff to our death…

  • Well I’m convinced now and heartbroken. My daughter has taken one, says she isn’t going to take any more but she is a nurse and I think she might fold to the pressure just like she already did. I’m so perturbed that I don’t want to even take the two medications I have been taking for many years now. I want to repent of it all. Very eye opening.

  • So what about those who’ve taken vx, repented but don’t proceed further with the coming Quantom dot?

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